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In a MMORPG create a character, in a Massive Multiplayer Online, Role Player Game…  The character that you create it represents you, the very essences, or the variant nature version of you.

One of many representations of you is creation or the customization of your clothing on your character. In this MMORPG you get to choose yourself in a  that variant essence’s of you  in either gender Female or Male…  also the specific physical attributes that represents you in that world.. In “Moonlight Blade” a MMORPG produced by “Tencent Games”… you customized representative you essence self in Ancient china… in which the gameplay is more of in a movie leveled lattice storylines in Chinese.. In somewhat akin to Skyrim…

In Moonlight blade demonstrated by “You tuber ‘… You get to choose the various specific abilities skillset classes… akiness to like Mage, warrior…. Watching the customization through the User interface is quite relatively simple to use… with the various types of hair styles… Facials, makeup.. The body, looking at the facial, body the texturing is simply extremely detail..  as watching there’s not much as the extremely of customizing of the body type, clothing details like “Star Trek online” “Star Wars the  old republic“ or “War of Warcraft”.. But it gives you that some time moment in creating that representative you… to get you ingame quickly…at the moment this is 3rd closed beta testing with the advance customization disabled given there might be more. …

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