3D PRINTING | one way of planning see your expanding house…?

This is one way of pre-planning your next house extension is where “You Tuber Robert Cummings” thinking of an Architectural project of extension,  of extending a or his  house and how it would look like by presenting the first primary house structure with the “3D printed House” with the first floor then the second floor with the landscaped property of where the house is located so the client could see the how it looks likes or makes any minor or major  changes that may come into mind before  beginning on the landscaping on the surround ing property or any given any alterations that comes to mind before the real build comes in to real construction comes in to action… Robert produces onto the property plan where of the extension with the additional wing to the house… where it has been 3D printed also to demonstrate the same of the primary part of the wing also to get the view of that part of the property…also as tool for landscaping and Architects to determinedly the clients what they have in mind.. Instead of constructing traditional model making to where it takes time.. Where “3D printing takes” more an ever changing design role in where just in case if there’s that something that needs to be changed quickly….

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