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On the 9th November 2023 in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China 0403  hours Hong Kong –Beijing Time China- People’s Republic of China launch the Chang Zheng – Long march 3B  Carrier Rocket launching from station form Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province….. in which中国 successfully launched the ChinaSat 6E satellite# At 19:23 on November 9, the Long March 3B carrier rocket lifted the ChinaSat 6E satellite into space at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and then sent the satellite into the predetermined orbit. The launch mission was achieved A complete success.

The ChinaSat 6E satellite was developed by the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It adopts the Dongfanghong 4 enhanced satellite platform independently developed by my country. The satellite is equipped with C, Ku and other multi-band broadcast communication payloads, and is the first to use the domestic No. Fourth generation digital transparency processing technology. This satellite is my country’s new generation of dedicated transmission satellite for radio and television. It will succeed the ChinaSat 6B satellite business and undertake the mission of radio and television broadcasting. At the same time, the satellite will realize the on-orbit demonstration application of my country’s fourth-generation digital transparent processing technology and Ku high-throughput payload for the first time.

The Long March 3B carrier rocket is developed by the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. This rocket is the first application of the special development and implementation of the “double improvement” of the Changsanjia series model’s carrying capacity and reliability, which is a milestone in the development of the model. The geostationary transfer orbit rocket carrying capacity of this rocket reaches 5.55 tons. The whole rocket has a total of 74 improvements, including 52 first-flight improvement projects. This mission is developed and organized and managed based on the first-flight model.

After completing the on-orbit test, the ChinaSat 6E satellite will be handed over to China Satcom, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, for operation and management. It is planned to be located at 115.5 degrees east longitude. Its radio and television resources mainly cover China, Southeast Asia, Australia and other regions, and its communication resources mainly cover China’s land and territorial waters, Central Asia and South Asia. It will provide important support for the construction of the “Belt and Road”, new infrastructure construction and the construction of Digital China.
This launch is the 496th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles.

As a “new star” for broadcasting, Vimicro’s 6E satellite can not only provide services for my country’s central and local 95 channels of satellite TV and 213 channels of digital audio broadcasting, but also expand satellite functions with a number of “new” capabilities, adding 8K ultra-high-definition High-definition business, user viewing range and user viewing quality will be greatly improved, helping my country’s radio and television broadcasting industry to flourish.

According to the designer of the ChinaSat 6E satellite from the Fifth Academy, in order to meet users’ high requirements for satellite coverage performance indicators, the development team adopted a variety of methods to reduce surface errors and improve antenna radiation characteristics; it also adopted power synthesis technology to meet the requirements for 8K ultra-high definition. Video transmission business requirements. At the same time, the development team configured four high-frequency bandwidth channels for the satellite, which increased the load power and significantly improved the data transmission rate. In addition, the current C-band continuous wave maximum output power traveling wave tube amplifier is used, which increases the power of the ChinaSat 6B satellite by 31%. For radio and television broadcasting projects, we will continue to improve the robustness of the platform by improving satellite transfer orbit autonomy and fault recovery capabilities, and selecting the best key products

[ Chang Zheng- Long March 3B carrier Rocket, carrying capacity digs 50kg geostationary transfer orbit carrying capacity increased from 5.5 tons to 5.55 tons] On November 9, the Long March 3B carrier rocket lifted the ChinaSat 6E satellite into space, and the mission was a complete success. The “upgraded version” of the Changsha 3A series rocket successfully made its first flight, achieving the goal of “double improvement”. The Long March 3B geostationary transfer orbit carrying capacity has been increased from 5.5 tons to 5.55 tons; there are 74 technical improvement projects, including 52 first flight improvement projects; the improvements involve all rocket systems.

According to Zhang Tao, deputy chief designer of the Changsanjia series rockets, the rocket has also helped improve the rocket’s carrying capacity by 50% by overall optimizing the flight trajectory plan, canceling the terminal velocity correction, optimizing the pre-cooling flow of the three-stage rocket engine, and canceling the booster cylinder in the engine. Kilogram.

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 | #October2023 |#StarTrek #星際迷航 | #StarTrekPicard # | #InquiryClass #Battlecruiser the Daughter of the #AvengerClass …….

“Right now I’m on the bridge of the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet has ever put into service. And I’ve got a fleet of them at my back.”   -Acting Captain William T. Riker of the USS Zheng He..

As seen in the last episode of the Star Trek Picard thirty years after the Supernova of the Star Hobus System in which the Roluman Star Empire home world orbits around… in which coming into service prior of year 2399 also to is year 2411, is one of Many Starfleet’s Powerful ship class is the Inquiry class in which is smaller than the Odyssey class in which the Inquiry Class is of 425 meters long … Taking notes from its mother … its youngest daughter from Arbiter towards its youngest Inquiry..  is designed from the same design heritage and lineage as a moderately size durable Starship .. The modern Inquiry Battlecruiser, like other ships of its lineage with aggressive durability ships, designed to charge into head-on confrontations and come out unscathed. To further these goals, it comes equipped with a Variable Assault Deflector Array to ensure that it can come out swinging and shrug off any retaliation. This is further tied into its Cruiser Commands, to ensure that its team is as prepared as possible to follow it in its charge full on…

The Inquiry Class designed from the Avenger class at Utopia Planitia.. In which is now known on orbiting planet Coppelius among with its fleet in protecting of a first contact protocol after the request from Ambassador Picard of a new species in the episode of ET in Arcadia Ego”…..  The Inquiry Class has a low frontal profile in which comes in all sides in which makes its nimble durable… in which +15 Weapons Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Engine Power helps to provides more fire power in which a Fleet warp engine to weapons warp core in which gives more decrease time on recharging on weapons cool down time in with increase of modifications to the retro manverung systems in which gives you more base turns also with helping you increasing  of inertia of 40  in which helping with a full frontal with a Fore Weapon: 5 forward Cannons torpedoes a three rear turrets after weapons in which basically this a tactical engineering Battlecruiser looking at the Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 2 Science, 1 Universal consoles as to the looking at the Bridge Officer Stations: Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal, Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intelligence…..

Console – Universal – Variable Assault Deflector Array –  The Variable Assault Deflector Array, or V.A.D.A., routes a massive blast of Phaser energy directly out the ship’s main deflector dish, causing significant damage to anything in front of it. For several seconds afterwards, the forward shield facing is significantly strengthened, repairing rapidly from any damage that comes towards it. Additionally, innovations based on the Cruiser Commands present on the ship allow activation of this Deflector blast to amplify the effects of your Cruiser Command on yourself and your teammates, granting boosts based on which command is active. The Weapons System Efficiency command grants a boost to Weapons Power, the Shield Frequency Modulation command grants a boost to maximum shield strength and shield regeneration, and the Strategic Maneuvering command grants resistance to movement-impairing effects.

This console provides a passive boost to Turn Rate and Phaser Damage. This console can be equipped on any starship, in any slot. You may only equip one of these consoles.

Starship Trait – Weapons Hot, Deflectors to full……..While this trait is slotted, whenever you activate Emergency Power to Shields, you will gain a boost to Weapon Haste that scales with your Shield Power and a temporary Secondary Shielding that lasts for several seconds. ……

Console Synergy…..This Deadly Maneuvers Set has been updated to support a 3-piece set bonus by having all three Avenger consoles on any starship. With any two consoles equipped, your ship has increased Weapon Damage and Flight Turn Rate. With all three consoles equipped, in addition to the previous bonuses, you now gain a Flight Speed and Maximum Hull Capacity.

In addition, the Inquiry-class Battlecruiser can equip the Cloaking Device found on the Dreadnaught Cruiser and Tactical Escort Retrofit, as can the other ships of the Avenger Line.


Inquiry Battlecruiser specifications via Star Trek Online..

Tier: 6

Faction: Federation and Federation-aligned

Required Rank: Complete the Tutorial

Hull Modifier: 1.45

Shield Modifier: 1.15

Fore Weapons: 5

Aft Weapons: 3

Device Slots: 3

Bridge Officer Stations: Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal, Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intelligence

Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 2 Science, 1 Universal

Base Turn Rate: 8

Impulse Modifier: 0.15

Inertia: 40

+15 Weapons Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Engine Power

Can Equip Dual Cannons

Innovation Mechanics

Cruiser Command Array

Command – Strategic Maneuvering

Command – Shield Frequency Modulation

Command – Weapon System Efficiency

Console – Universal – Variable Assault Deflector Array

Starship Mastery Package (Battlecruiser)

Absorptive Plating (+Physical and Kinetic Damage Res)

Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Critical Severity)

Enhanced Plating (+Energy Damage Resistance)

Armoured Hull (+Maximum HP)

Weapons Hot, Deflectors to Full (Starship Trait)

GamePhotography @KevinJamesNg 

#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BRI #June2023 | #天宫#Tiangong #ChinaSpaceStation #CMS #ChinaMannedSpace #神舟十六号 #Shenzhou16 Super awesome stunningly #EarthViews from the #TianheCoreModule

On the 30th  May 2023 clear 0931 Hours Morning Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time , the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration  from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center – Inner Mongolia –China – People’s Republic of China deployment of  the Chang Zheng –   The Chang Zheng – Long March 2F Yao 16 –Shenzhou 16  carrier rocket.. On which Takionauts Jing Haipeng, Zhu Yangzhu, and Gui Haichao took to the predetermined orbit. The first manned flight mission in the application and development stage was a complete success. The three astronauts will stay in the space station and “join up” with the crew of Shenzhou 15 to carry out on-orbit handover “face-to-face” meeting in which brings the total crew of six with a handover ceremony  from Shenzhou 15 towards 16..

On the week of 28th May 2023 .. Super blockbuster spectaculars earth views!  From the Shenzhou Sixteen Takionauts shooting awesome stunning the earth view mobile videography…..  The white bulkhead of the Tiangong -China space station, the bright sun wings and the clear blue earth make people fascinated. Although the Takionauts live in one side of the space station, through the portholes, they can see the brilliance of the stars, the sun and the moon sprinkled on the space station, reflecting the bright streamer. This beautiful scene is shared with us through the lens of Takionauts…..

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

#MadeInChina #中國製造 |# 成都 #Chengdu #SichuanProvince #成都科幻博物馆  #ChengduScienceFictionMuseum #June2023| an New International Landmark #ChengduScienceFictionMuseum opening soon in later year 2023..

成都科幻博物馆  Chengdu Science Fiction Museum …Set to opening in the later this year of year 2023 on the grand opening is the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum featuring two international iconic the structure is anticipated to stage the two most prestigious 81st annual events of the year….. The Hugo Awards and the Worldcon, presented by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS)…..

Located in the Cheungdu is the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province China, People’s Republic of China… . Chengdu’s history dates back to at least the 4th century B.C., when it served as capital for the Shu Kingdom. Artifacts from that dynasty are the focus of the Jinsha Site Museum. The city is also home to the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a conservation center where visitors can view endangered giant pandas in a natural habitat. 

The New Chengdu Science Fiction Museum is situated in on Jingrong lake within the Science and innovation New City of Chengdu’s Pidu District….. Integrating along the lakeshore the museum’s design designs defines nodes of activity connected by pedestrian routes and adjacent metro station  through the surrounding parkland into the heart of the building, creating a journey of discovery that weaves between indoor and outdoor plazas at multiple levels to link the museum’s Exhibition galleries, education facilities, cafes and other amenities …  

Both zodiac signs and architecture embody humanity’s romantic creations of space. When thoughts collide with the universe and creative architecture leaves its mark on the time, Aries architecture stands out with its powerful and unconstrained imagination. Join us as we explore the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, a masterpiece built by CSCEC and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The fluid shape of the roof radiates outwards, simulating an expanding nebula centered on a star. With its high level of flexibility, the museum can host a variety of exhibitions, conferences, and events.

Chengdu Science Fiction Museum The floating nebula roof of the Chengdu Science Museum is made of metal. The overall area of ​​the metal roof is 18,000 square meters, and the embedded lighting roof covers an area of ​​about 1,382 square meters, implying the age of the universe. 13.82 billion years, called “the eye of science fiction

The 59,000-sq-m building will aim for three stars, the highest rating of China’s Green Building Programme. Digital modelling will help ZHA create natural ventilation and lighting. Solar panels and a rainwater capture system will add to the building’s sustainability.

Landscaped with plants native to the region, the museum also collects and stores rainwater for natural filtration and reuse, enabling Jingrong Lake to become an integral part of Chengdu’s sustainable drainage system that will mitigate flooding and increase biodiversity throughout the city. 

The city is also the base for a massive 25-sq-km “Science City”, to be constructed along the Luxi River ecological belt, and is also the base for China Railways’ work on ultra-high speed maglev trains (see further reading).

The museum will be built on the shore of Jingrong Lake in Chengdu’s Technology Innovation Business District, begun in 2020 to house science-based industries such as intelligent manufacturing and IT.

Introduction: Uncover the high-tech behind the super project, tell the construction miracle built by the builders with sweat and wisdom, highlight the speed of China, convey the power of China, and witness the miracle of China! The second season of the CCTV-9 documentary “Strive for China”

Chengdu Science Fiction Museum Made by Zaha Hadid Architects The beautiful city of Chengdu, China is about to witness an architectural marvel of a Science Fiction Museum. While Zaha Hadid Architects have released the design and technical details, it is anticipated to open later this year. Upon completion, the structure is anticipated to stage the two most prestigious 81st annual events of the year. The Hugo Awards and the Worldcon, presented by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS).

project info:

name: Chengdu Science Fiction Museum 

location: Chengu, China 

architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) |  @zahahadidarchitects

design: Patrik Schumacher

visuals: ATCHAIN

total area: 59,000 sqm 

— ZHA members — 

project directors: Satoshi Ohashi, Paulo Flores 

project associate: Yang Jingwen 

project architects: Juan Liu, Magda Smolinska 

project lead: Sven Torres 

site architect: Meng Zhao 

project team: Andrei Cojocaru, Berkin Islam, Chu Zhou, Hao Wen, Jillian Nishi, Lianyuan Ye, Meng Zhao, Shang Li, Stefan Manousof, Sven Torres, Yang Liu, Yuling Ma, Xiaoying Li 

competition project directors: Satoshi Ohashi, Paulo Flores 

competition associate: Yang Jingwen 

competition project architects: Juan Liu, Magda Smolinska 

competition team: Andrei Cojocaru, Enoch Kolo, Jillian Nishi, Juan Montiel, Lianyuan Ye, Meng Zhao, Nan Jiang, Nastasja Mitrovic, Stefan Manousof, Yanran Lu, Yimeng Zhao, Yuling Ma 

competition sustainability team: Aleksander Mastalski, Carlos Bausa Martinez 

— consultants — 

local architect: China South West Architecture Design Institute

façade, M&E, MAP, and fire engineering: China South West Architecture Design Institute 

site supervision: Sichuan Feihong Engineering Management Consulting Co., Ltd. 

general contractor: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group 

landscape consultant: Hangzhou Landscape Design Institute 

exhibition design consultant: Chengdu Science Fiction Society

acoustic consultant and interior local design institute: SIADR

project management: CR LAND

lighting design LIGHTDESIGN, BPI 

images and visuals are from their respectives

#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BRI #June2023 || #酒泉卫星发射中心#JiuquanSatelliteLaunchCenter #力箭 #FangJuan the First Female #LaunchCommander for #LandSpace #Suzaku #Zhongke #Lijian #CarrierRocket Launch Complex..

力箭 Fang Juan …..Fang Juan, the No. zero Launch Commander of the launch missions of LandSpace Suzaku-2 and Zhongke Lijian-1 Carrier Rockets Launch Complexes. Previously she came to work in the test and launch department CNSA –China National Space Administration of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Inner Mongolia, China, and People’s Republic of China. ..  After graduating with a Ph.D. in 2012. She has successively served in various positions such as ignition operation and control command. In 2018, relying on her excellent professionalism, she stood out from many competitors, from her Colleagues with a nearly perfect score and became the center’s first “female zero” commander. During the third general inspection test of the LandSpace- Blue Arrow Suzaku No. 2 and the second Carrier Rocket, the second-level disconnection failed to fall off normally, resulting in the termination of the test process…… .

Some pictures of the test of the Blue Arrow Suzaku-2 Yao-2 and the Zhongke Lijian-1 Yao-2 rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center..

During the third general inspection test of the LandSpace- Blue Arrow Suzaku No. 2 and the second Carrier Rocket, the second-level disconnection failed to fall off normally, resulting in the termination of the test process…… .

LandSpace 蓝箭航天 One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China…   On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the party, the first phase of the Jiaxing LandSpace Blue Arrow Aerospace Center,   located in VIC International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing China – People’s Republic of China…. The company located in a gathering place for the aerospace industry chain laid out in Zhejiang, was completed and will soon be put into use. Established mass production capacity for medium and large rockets, and completed the first phase of Jiaxing Blue Arrow Space Center…. Blue Arrow Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. (Blue Arrow Aerospace) is a leading domestic commercial company for the creation and operation of aerospace transportation systems, established in June 2015, a national high-tech enterprise, Member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). Guided by the national strategy and guided by market demand, Blue Arrow Aerospace is committed to developing a series of medium and large launch vehicles with liquid oxygen methane as propellant, providing cost-effective and highly reliable launch services for the global market.

Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic aerospace enterprise with mixed ownership, and it is also the target enterprise that Oriental Aerospace Port focuses on introducing. Relying on the scientific research strength and resource advantages of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aerospace Flight Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology has been committed to the research and development and integration of space technology and aerospace vehicles as a platform for the transformation of major national scientific research projects, as well as the transformation and provision of technological achievements. Aerospace launch service. The Lijian-1 rocket project also adds a brand-new name card to the Oriental Space Port, which will surely promote the construction of the Oriental Space Port to take a solid step forward.

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