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Tucker, Scott, Daystrom are surnames of great iconic Starship engineers also Miracle workers in their very own rights in different eras of Starfleet’s history in which…  These three Starfleet ships are delicate to them… in which three variants of the same class in which is delicate to various departments in Operations-Scott class, Science-Daystrom Class, also Tactical-Tucker class…

The Tier six Miracle worker class cruiser is slightly longer, heavier than the ordinary Jupiter carrier, Nebula Class in which the Nebula is 4242.3 meters long in which makes the roughly least in between 600 to 700 meters long in which is almost the least the standard length of the Galaxy or towards the Sovereign class Starship In which heavier than to the Andromeda class in which is the successor towards the Galaxy class.  All three variants are very structurally engineering hulling sound and strong, in which the variants are delicate to engineering… it’s universal consoles includes with Ablative salvage pods, Delayed Causality plating, Crimson Force field.. In with an extra in which you have the three sets gives you at trait of Innovation- Ship Mechanic…

#StarTrekOnline | Scott, Daystrom, and Tucker – the Tier six Miracle workers Class- how to get this look- Daystrom with Scott Class warp nacelles with Tucker class top engineering hulling – Photographer @KevinJamesNg

All three have different abilities, in which have different consoles arrangements in which picking the right ship for your skill sets in mind in which contributing towards your advantage at the most in switching what type of consoles that you have in set also what you have at the moment… . Operations-Scott class- , Science-Daystrom Class, also Tactical-Tucker class…

The ship is itself highly maneuverable in which the ship has combinations of drawn elemental looks from the Intel Battlecruiser, Chimera heavy destroyer, Jupiter class, but it looks like it also draws from the inspirations of from the Constellation class in which with the four heavy warp nacelles. With the main hulling of the saucer been minimal with a heavy engineering section that resembles the looks of Excelsior class with a hot road look with those four heavy warp nacelles…  in which on the top elevation looks like the Crossfield Class, excelsior, also Constellation class..

Each Tier six Miracle worker class cruiser Variant has baseline statics from Star Trek Online

Tier: 6

Faction: Starfleet

Rank Required: Vice Admiral

Hull Strength: 45,000 at level 50 and 60,000 at level 60

Shield Modifier: 1.15

Fore Weapons: 4

Aft Weapons: 4

Device Slots: 4

Operations -The Scott Class Tier Six- Captain Montgomery Scott –USS Enterprise

“Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical/Miracle Worker, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1 Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker, , 1 Ensign Science, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal- Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science, 1 Universal- Console – Universal – Ablative Salvage Pods ”

Science –Daystrom Class Tier Six- Doctor Richard Daystrom – Daystrom institute

“Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical/Miracle Worker, 1 Ensign Engineering, 1 Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal -Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 4 Science, 1 Universal- Console – Universal – Delayed Causality Plating”

Tactical –Tucker Class Tier Six- Chief Engineer Charles Tucker NX01 Enterprise

“ Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Ensign Engineering, 1 Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker, 1 Lieutenant Science/Miracle Worker, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal- Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science, 1 Universal- Console – Universal – Crimson Forcefield…”

Base Turn Rate: 6

Impulse Modifier: 0.16

Inertia: 50

+10 to Weapons and Shields, +5 to Engines and Auxiliary

“Innovation” Ship Mechanic

Starship Mastery Package (Cruiser)

Absorptive Plating (+Kinetic and Physical Damage Resistance)

Rapid Repairs (+Regeneration)

Enhanced Plating (+Energy and Radiation Damage Resistance)

Armored Hull (+Maximum Hull Capacity)

Stay At Your Posts (Starship Trait)

Cruiser Communications Array

Command – Strategic Maneuvering

Command – Shield Frequency Modulation

Command – Weapon System Efficiency

Command – Attract Fire


As Star Wars Battlefront two is set to release on 17th November 2017, in which also Star Wars The Last Jedi set to screen on 13th December 2017 14th December in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in which set in between thirty years apart from the Battle of Moon Endor in which from the destruction of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi..  In which that destruction of the second Death Star seemingly impossible for a Commander of the Inferno Squad, in which that disbelieve is Commander Iden Versio- Janina Gavankar ….  Also the disbelief of the Death of the Emperor.

As a single player you’ll experience through her storyline in which you’ll understand from her perspective in as the events that’s leading up towards the destruction of Death Star, along with the Mother, Father Relationship storyline…  in which that storyline started with escaping from being held captive then reiterating back in rebuilding the Empire from what’s left of it.. In which you’ll storyline with key figures, vehicles, also critical moments of the three Trilogies as you build up your skill sets during the single player storyline as you become in rebuilding towards the First Order…

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC



During New York Comic Con in where it was held during the duration of 4th to 7th October 2017, at the Jacob K.  Javitia Center located on Eleventh Avenue between 34th and 40th street…. In which if your follow mobile telecommunication Verizon’s work in which they sponsor a series of shows online in which one is Star Wars in which officially features various works also fandom of the Star Wars Universe..

In which one of many Star Wars exhibits that was held during New York Comic Con, as in the previous years you may notices there was flash mob prank in where in a typical Hipster Café was setup to become in a multi of scenes where one actor played her part very well in which she displayed psychic kinetic energy in throwing things around when she gotten upset over something.. in which the same premise was set up in which the stage with live unsuspecting guest from New York Comic Con with the Star Wars The Last Jedi from the First Order in search for someone within the Comic Con as they sign up for events specials they’re unsuspecting being pursued by the First Order Stormtroopers in which they elusively evade them with the help from the resistances. Until Kylo Ren comes along angered that that he failed to find that particular person… he turn on a remaining Resistance fighter which was a decoy then force choke him..


On the 19th October 2017, from France, Toulouse – Blagnac Airport, is the first flight of the #FWW #MSN1795 is also the Long Haul airliner of Airbus 330Neo in which the first flight is the certification out from a set of three certification testing out from three A330Neo constructed in which testing flight, cabin also the electronics systems of the A330Neo..

The certification begins with the A330neo team of six test pilots crew, Thomas Wilhelm, preparing for the morning with the flight testing details in which preparation for any flight is important… In which the test flight preparations started earlier in which to get to know new aircraft with simulations in which testing out tweaking any issues in which the test flight went as smooth as given the previous weather …  as with the testing team in the control room to monitor all flight data during the test flight in which asses any changes that may need in the production model..

The Airbus 330neo with the standard wing span of 64 meters comes in two series the 800 in which the 800 is length wise of 58.2 meters with the extend range of 13,900 Kilometers with a typical seating of 257 passengers, the 900 series is 63.66 meters long with a short range of 12,130 Kilometer range due to additional in length also weight..  Although it from the A330 series, it’s  a whole new aircraft series in its own right which means it features most of the taken design elements form the A350 XWB, A380 series with the cabin Airspace  technologies with the next generation of comfort, ambiances services and design… among with its features it has 3.7 meters  Sharklets in which features the aircraft wings, also the aircraft to reducing the drag also fuel consumption while increasing lift…

It’s a whole new aircraft design in which it seemingly pencil dress sleeker than the previous A330’s in which with the new wing designs inheriting most of the A350 XWB design elements with a larger Roll Royce Trent 7000 series engine given a different engine nacelles.. Inheriting most of the A350XWB’s designs is the wider seating with eighteen inches wider… with identical standard displays in the cockpit in which makes It efficiency in translating from one series to another without having to relearn the functionally..

As the certification begins also its first flight on 19 October 2017, for the first milestone moderate long haul aircraft Airbus 330 Neo series airliner its number one FFWW MSN1795 that was constructed assembled together from the famous five team of Beluga aircraft in bringing critical parts of assembly in which constructed without the pair of newly Highly performance of Roll Royce Trent 7000 engines that’s yet to be installed before the painting process for the A330Neo’s livery.. From Airbus Toulouse Blagnac aircraft assembly manufacturing….  To its paint house..

As it’s younger smallest sister the Airbus 320Neo already began its certification this year with the options of having either the Pratt or Witney – PW1100G-JM engines or CFM International’s LEAP-1A engines… …..  Where in this case the new series of A330neo’s engine is a newly installed Roll Royce Trent 7000 series engine… in which increasing lift with the new wing tip with the reduction of drag with the extended wing of 3.7 meters it’ll increase the lift also reducing the drag also fuel consumption….


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