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On during this month of April 2020, it will be the first  mid -April dedicated honouring launch for the Expace, 中國製造 Expace Technology Corporation- a CASC -china aerospace science and industry corporation company also one of sixty plus private space carrier rockets companies in China is preparations for   Kuaizhou 1A Carrier Rocket in which also be preparations for  dedicated honouring launch for the International Heroes of Wuhan also the people of China whom help dedicated their lives in subduing Covid 19 –Corona Virus outbreak.. also the Carrier Rocket company is located in the former imported cased incident of  epicentre located in company based in WuhanHubeiChina. Its corporate compound is located at the Wuhan National Space Industry Base space industrial park….

Launching from the Jiuquan Satellite launch center in which is among many of the CNSA –China National Space Administration launch centre complexes in located in the Gobi Desert –Inner Mongolia Dongfeng Aerospace City in the China –People’s Republic of China…. During this week at Jiuquan Satellite launch center, in which team from the Xingyun satellite Project” of a 130 team strong in which testing the Xingyun satellite Project” will be launched on the Kuaizhou 1A Carrier Rocket.. With a special dedicated livery on the carrier rocket fuselage honouring the heroics …With the images also written in Chinese of “Wuhan –China”…..

The provision of the Xingyun project – developed by the members to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province to prepare for the launches of Xingyun-2 Wuhan and Xingyun-2 02….. The goal of the Xingyun project, initiated by Aerospace Xingyun Technology, is to manage 80 low-Earth-orbit satellites to boost the uses of fast connectivity. The space capsules will support monitoring in the fields of transport, energy, disaster relief, forestry, and engineering machinery.

The carrier rocket for April’s missions is Kuaizhou 1A which has completed eight commercial launches so far. The surface of the vehicle will be painted with a picture of medical workers to respect the work and sacrifices that medics have gone through amid the Covid-19 outbreak……..

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On 24th March 2020 Tuesday, CNSA –China National Space Administration had launched one of its international iconic Long March 2C- Chang Zheng 2C Carrier Rocket  in which launching from one of many CNSA China-People’s Republic of China launch complexes.. In which launching from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province in South West China…. Launching on a spring time morning 1143 Beijing time……

Successfully sent a group of new remote sensing satellites into orbit is the Belonging to the Yaogan-30 family, this group of satellites the remote sensing 30th 06 group of satellites have entered the planned orbits and will be used for electromagnetic environment detection and related technological tests….


The provisionments of the 遥感式; Yaogan satellites in which are design as remote sensing  earth sciences satellites in which have multiple installation equipment onboard, with scientific experiments, land surveying, agriculture , disaster monitoring ..  developed also manufactured by the SAST- Shanghai Academy of Space Flight Technology in collaboration with the CAST- China Academy of Space Technology …..


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During this month of March 2020 in which at Hainan Province- at Wenchang Space launch center in the China-People’s Republic of China.. In which there’s been progressive developments of construction of the Long March five – Chang Zheng five Carrier Rocket……During the CNSA – China National Space Administration launch 2020 calendar, the CNSA in with the Belt and Road initiative  Alliances with the ESA- European Space Agency also with United Nations Outer Space Affairs, ROSCOMOS in developing the next Country’s Space Station in which are currently finalizing there modules component construction in which contain in that construction experimental modules in which it’ll be carried onwardly with the Long March 5B,  in which it’ll be the first time the CNSA they will launch the Long March 5B into space..  Into a Launching Low Earth Orbit in a in between Attitude of 350 to 450 Kilometers above Earth’s orbital inclination of forty two too forty three Degrees…



Among with the Space Alliance with CNSA taking the lead, is ESA, Russian ROSCOMOS also the United Nations Outer Space Affairs Office among with the Belt and Road initiative countries in developing preparing together for deep space missions and manned mission to towards the moon and Mars….

Launching from Launch Complex one, Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Hainan in the first  second quarter calendar is the first foundation core module of the Tianhe- Harmony of Heavens, Tainhe will provided the environmental life support, living quarters with three crew members also it’ll provide the main bridge of the Space Station with Navigational Guidance’s controls in which that compartment is one of three compartments of the station the second the non-habitable service section, then the docking section hub unit.. the primary Environmental living section consisting of living quarters, kitchen, toilet, fire control equipment Atmospheric processing providing control equipment, computers with scientific, multiple purpose communications installations.. Also with a small Remote Manipulate Robotic MIR Lyappa Arm to assist in adjoining the other five further modules that have yet to arrive in completing the first stage of the station…… the Docking mechanism is compatible with the Russian also ESA’s aswell due that that the International Space Station is based on the ROSCOMOS’s Mir Space Station Design in which formalised docking mechanism standards..  As the Tianhe is constructed it’s too first to house three selected Taikonauts, Cosmonauts, and European Space Agency Astronauts as the station grows with more module it can accommodate more to its design criteria limit..

The long March five –Chang Zheng five is the largest currently, in which soon there are other larger variants of the Long March Ultra Heavies in the process with more heavy more challenging payloads to cater towards more expansive missions also constructions of more expansive larger CSS China Space Station in which in collaboration with its Belt and Road Partnerships countries and organisations.. ..


Manufactured by CASC- China Aerospace and Technology Corporation CALVT China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, at Tianjin City … in which is the sister organisation towards CNSA…China Academy of Space Technology  …. Given lesson learnt from the second, third modified the Long March five Y3 in which is powered up Main propulsion system is an engine on Hydrogen and Oxygen YF-77 Engines in which is core.. As for the secondary it’s the YF-77D in which the external Boosters are of YF-100 Engines Kerosene fed… Chang Zheng 5- The Long March 5 is the heaviest rocket in China’s fleet, and one of the most powerful launcher’s in the world. The Long March 5 can deliver up to 14 metric tons — nearly 31,000 pounds — to geostationary transfer orbit, a popular target orbit for large communications satellites. The launcher’s lift capability to low Earth orbit is around 55,000 pounds, or 25 metric tons…  once deployed Shijian 20 – spacecraft will use its own propulsion system to circularize its orbit at geostationary altitude more than 22,000 miles -nearly 36,000 Kilometers over the equator…..

CNSA -China National Space Administration – Command Core Module – Tianhe Space Station shown on the Air Show China- in Zhuhai..

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On ninth of March 2020 launching from Xichang Satellite Launch center from South-western China – People’s Republic of China CNSA – China National Space Administration …. Launching from one of its many launch centers from Sichuan Province… launching from a Monday’s evening at 1955 Hour Beijing Time.. … The BeiDou third generation BeiDou Navigation Satellite System…  was launched by the iconic Long March 3B Carrier Rocket known as ChangZheng 3B..  In which the three thousand Staff whom work for the launch center works bravely has Heroes overcoming the difficulties during the Novel Corona Virus, Covid 19 epidemic to ensure mission success..  In which the BeiDou Navigation system provides an important role in combatting the against the Novel Corona virus

This is the fifth fourth of in for the completion of advance Navigation BeiDou Constellation  in which the last geostationary satellite of BDS-3 will be launched in May, by which time the whole system will be completed, according to the China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO)… the Constellation network consisting thirty satellites in which consist of twenty four earth orbit satellites, three GEO- Geo Stationary Earth Orbit also the same number in Geosynchronous Earth-Orbit Satellites..

The BDS-1 offered limited coverage and navigation services since 2000 mainly for users in China and neighbouring regions, and was decommissioned at the end of 2012.

The BDS-2 began providing positioning, navigation, timing and messaging services to civilian users in China and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region in December 2012.

The BDS-3 has been designed for global coverage constellation. The first BDS-3 satellite was launched in March 2015. At the end of 2018, it started to provide global services……

BDS – BeiDou satellite constellation, in which provides  satellites experimental variants have entered, in which the next generation ones deployed replace the older generation earlier ones in service.. Providing servicement since year 2000 turn of the century onwards till the next generation of BDS systems comes to replace the network…

… Providing data, navigationally observational communications towards the Belt and Road Initiative countries in providing that delivery is the Long March 3B Carrier Rocket ….. The Carrier Rocket Long March 3B- 3B/E plus YZ1- YuanZheng one the secondary stage, is one of CNSA’s major reliable unmanned work trucks…Manufactured in China’s ancient capital Xi’an by China…

Manufactured, designed by CNSA’s network companies, CAST- China Academy of Sciences Technology, also CALVT- China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology branch… Each BeiDou3 advance atomic clock in which it timely beats with the Rubidium Atomic clocks in which the frequency vibrations of the Rubidium atoms gives an extreme advance ultra-stable accurate timing….. BeiDou satellite network system name was inspired form the seven stars that occupied the big dipper that points towards the star Polaris, the Northern Pole Star… In which northern hemisperers navigate from also in Chinese legend it’s also the Fortress Mouth of the Tortoise gate the only entrance toward the upper domain, the gate of Heaven……  In which during the duration of 2020 the BDS constellation network would have an excess of thirty satellites servicing the provision requirement needs of the Belt and Road Initiative…..

With a coverage of the Asia Pacific region with a accuracy within ten meters that will get tighter towards as each generation innovates…in providing navigational communicational  services towards the Belt and Road initiative countries within 35 Satellite network by 2020…. in which the BeiDou Satellite Constellation system in which has been, installed since the year two thousand servicing the Asia Pacific region in the year 2012 from serving China… in which the system provides towards more than fifty countries with a total population of three billion people… Since year Two Thousand, since providing that service it helped rescuing more than ten thousand fishermen… Also provide monitoring the structural integrity of highways, pipelines, dams, bridges also various infrastructures…  As part of it Data Communications package It provide more than three hundred million smart phones in which thirty three percent of the Smart Phone market have now currently connected towards the BeiDou Constellation network..  Towards year 2020 the BeiDou Constellation system providing advance first high quality rated leading services for a global services..


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On 8th March 2020 it was International Women’s Day in which is  is celebrated on the 8th of March every year around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights… within that celebration two China’s – People’s Republic of China- China female PLASSF – People’s Liberation Army Strategic Support Force Takionauts colonel 王亞平Wang Yaping also Lieutenant colonel 海洋 Liu Yang….  Of CNSA – China National Space Administration.. Both sends their messages in honouring  paying their highest respects of the brave international heroes in holding their post  also of the women compatriots whom fighting heroically to protect lives from all walks of life on fighting the front lines at the epidemic  of Covid-19 virus in China …..

[ CNSA- China National Space Administration Takionaut – colonel 王亞平Wang Yaping # 致敬 大大 她 #] for International Women’s Day

“I see you who are treating patients on the front line of epidemic resistance, I see you who are walking the streets and serving the people, and I see you who are holding their posts in all walks of life. # 愿 你 Being gentle in this world # We are all guarding everyone and our families in a retrograde and persevering manner, and we have given this Women’s Day the most special, authentic, and warmest meaning. “White angels fighting against the epidemic Pay high respects

【航天员王亚平#致敬了不起的她# 】“我看到抗疫一线医治病患的你,我看到走街串巷服务群众的你,我看到各行各业坚守岗位的你。愿你被这个世界温柔以待# 我们都在以逆行与坚守的方式守护着大家与小家,更赋予了这个妇女节最特别、最本真、最温暖的意义。”向奋战在抗疫一线的白衣天使致以崇高敬意


[CNSA- China National Space Administration Taikonaut – Lieutenant colonel, PLASSF 劉洋 Liu Yang sends blessings to # 最美 她 #] on International Women’s Day..

When the epidemic was raging, countless female friends resolutely went backwards and went to the epidemic area to fight heroically and protect their lives. Female compatriots from all walks of life resumed work and resumed work to fight the epidemic. Pay the highest respect to the sisters who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic! Best wishes to all female compatriots. # 致敬 了 大大 的 她 # Whether it is a spring breeze,

【航天员刘洋为#最美的她# 送祝福】在疫情肆虐的时候,无数女性朋友毅然逆向而行,奔赴疫区英勇战斗、守护生命。各行各业的女同胞们复工复产,同心协力抗击疫情。向奋战在抗疫一线的姐妹们致以最崇高的敬意!向所有女同胞送上节日最诚挚的祝福。致敬了不起的她# 无论是春风送暖的日子

Images and visuals are from Weibo

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