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Currently Flying newly minted and operating is Cathay Pacific Airways all new Airbus 350-1000 in which was delivered to On a clear summer French Toulouse 19th June 2018 Day, Airbus have delivered Cathay Pacific Airways has received its first Airbus 350XWB -1000 series Long Range Airliner.. It’s the second Airliner Carrier to taken delivery….

Onboard with the new Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus 350-1000 is new Airbus Airspace cabin experiences introducing into with new features with advance inflight WiFi, with new innovated seating economy arrangements with comforting seats that if you’re like seating in business class… with a scientifically designed cushioning head rest that rest your head while sleeping so you won’t need to bring a neck rest.. Among it with an extensive Cathay Pacific Airways Studio CX entertainment system with gaming, movies, inflight latest magazines that displayed onto you screen with over One Thousand hours of content.. in which you don’t have to do what this guy does in over packing for your flight..

As with the inflight WiFi it lets you to connect with the rest of the world, in which allowing you to share your inflight experiences with your socials, also help you keeping in touch with your love ones with recharging utilities for your devices…  also in which you can order snacks from you seat having send to you..also inflight shopping…


On 15th August 2018 Beijing, CNSA – China National Space Administration, currently launched a naming competition to name its upcoming Lunar Rover in which based on CNSA- CAST China Academy of Space Technology Chang’e four unmanned probe …… in which the Chang’e four Lunar Rover will be sent towards the dark side of the moon on December 2018 launch schedule The naming contest, is only selected from numerous of institutes and universities that are associated with the Chang’e four Lunar rover project..

In which an established communications network has been ready few months ago On 0528 Spring morning Beijing Time…  21st  May 2018 at the XiChang Satellite Launch Center in South West China, CNSA-China National Space Administration launched an reliable Long March 4C configuration Carrier Rocket in which is in preparations towards a later mission to Launch Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe that would land on the Dark Side of the moon in which Earth’s Moon Luna is Tidally Lock one side is constant facing Earth the other side is not due to the Earth’s history it slowly gradually stop the Moons rotation..

Ming Dynasty Era (1368–1644 AD) redention of her – Chang’e -the moon goddess….

The Launching towards the Dark side of the moon in which to establishment of communication with Queqiao- Known as the Magpie Bridge in which namely relating to the Jin Dynasty story with Cowhearder and Weaver girl in which the Magpie forms a Milky way bridge to  have the lovers to meet together …..  In which is the same way for making that communications relay point with the other side of the moon with Earth… in which Chang’e is the name of the Luna goddess in which relates towards the Mid-Autumn festival…..  in which related to a time in Imperial China History where there was massive famine where it was the weather environment was so unbearable to live in which it relates to it was so hot it felt like ten suns had heated up on Middle Kingdom –China in which a General whom Archery skills where unmatched that he fired his arrows towards nine suns therefore reducing the hot environment…after the events the Archer General Hou Yi was given the  elixir of immortality in which apparent someone was tempting to steal the elixir then Hou Yi wife intervene by eating the pill then she ascend towards the night sky toward the moon with.. in Hou Yi paid tribute to his wife with many offerings to her during the Mid-Autumn festival..

It is the first time that CNSA has sent a lunar rover towards the other side of the moon, also it’s the first time a Space agency has done so… Chang’e four Lunar Rover is the advance version of also its was currently a backup rover to its older sisters… Landing on the far side of the moon, is the proposal Von Karman Crater, with the flat basin Chang’e four mission profile is to measure the lunar surface temperature over during its mission duration, to measure the various chemicals and material compositions on that side of the moon… also the rover acts like a radio astronomy in low frequencies also cosmic ray structure identification  or solar weather Coronal Mass Ejection observation between the Sun and Earth..


Recently Last Month of July 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Various Hong Kong Banks have release with celebrations of new highly advanced Bank notes that extremely hard to counterfeit to the last detail… Among one of the many iconic international banks is HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation… in which among others Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Standard Charter Bank, Bank of China have release their new notes..

The new notes were in dominations of twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, One Thousand notes denominations….

The HSBC new Twenty dollar note features on the stories of Tea Gathering  family, that the family is the ground core of Hong Kong as it celebrates around an ever so tradition of Yum Cha in local Chinese restaurant with Chinese and Hong Kong Cuisine with Tea culture with Yum Cha with the iconic Dim Sum dishes ….

The HSBC new Fifty Dollar Note features on the Nature asspects of Hong Kong with the Butterfly and Flowers around the Tropical city region in which Hong Kong is only population occupied by twenty five percent remaining the seventy five percent with Tropical forest parks..

For the One Hundred Dollar Note its Cantonese Opera, in which there’s a variant of Chinese Opera in which one is the Peking Opera in which has been favoured by the imperial Qing Dynasty family of the Aisin Gioro Clan, in which is there’s been a very strong resurgent in Chinese Opera throughout Hong Kong Communities in which there’s a new theatre dedicated for it in West Kowloon Xiqu Center……

For the Five Hundred Dollar note it’s Hong Kong UNESCO global Geopark, The Hexagonal Rock Pillars in which is located in High Island in which form least than one hundred and forty million years ago standing next to the Sai Kung Town nearby the East Dam of the High Island reservoir in which this channel was used for the ancient marine time Silk Road that connects from Pearl Delta River towards Europe.. in which this neighbourhood became abundance fishing village community ….

Also The One Thousand dollar note is the financial success Hong Kong as it celebrates the working people whom made, make Hong Kong greater with Financial Metropolis as Hong the image Central is taken from a drone flown from Victoria Peak in which it celebrates the ever so increasing hard working strong growth of the Hong Kong People from Hong Kong Island beyond Tsim Sha Tsui towards Pearl Delta River for the Belt and Road Initiative …..


On 21st August 2018, from the AirbusArianespaceESA- European Space Agency– French Guiana, it is the twelfth flight of the Vega Carrier Rocket, it which it’s the fifth launch for the year….  The Vega Carrier Rocket carries with a scientific payload with weather instrumentation for advance weather forecasting… also flight VV12 is the demonstration flight in enhancing the Vega Carrier Rocket versatility also it adaptive to various mission specifications …

Launching from the Vega Launch Complex, on 21st August 2018, with the launch window time of 0620 Hours local time in the morning..  in which the mission launch duration from launch towards deployment of the payload satellite is fifty five minutes and fifty seven seconds..


The payload is a ESA-European Space Agency ESA’s Aeolus Satellite it’s a Weather Forecasting satellite that be deployed into SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit, in which will be place in 320 Kilometers above earth.. Manufactured by Airbus Defense and Space, with an operational life cycle of three years and three months based on Mars Express Design satellite platform in which that platform was modified towards weather forecasting specifications with the aspects of high data gathering of long term research of studying This Planet Earth’s atmosphere utilizing various instrumentation with a Doppler wind LIDAR called Aladin (Atmospheric LAser Doppler INstrument) – an advanced laser system designed to timely and accurately measure global wind-profiles from space. Aeolus will probe the atmosphere with pioneering ultraviolet laser pulses, which will enhance the understanding of tropical dynamics and processes relevant to climate variability.


“…….To know the city is to know the locals to know the rhythm of the city..That’s why I like taking public transport there.. “ Ashley Yue- Ding Ding Diaries..

Since 1904 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the Founded, Hong Kong Tramways have always been the benchmark hallmark inspiration of the world leading  MTR Corporation, in which it transported countless two hundred passenger per daily, 10.4 Million per year averagely….  Within the Hong Kong Tramway route is the countless untold stories that transited ride throughout tramways system on Hong Kong Island …. The “DingDing” in which iconically called for the stopping signal bell that it makes to signal a stop onto to the various stops in between from west to east side of Hong Kong Island..

In recollecting those untold Tramways stories, in which is like a time machine that collect stories from memorable timeless moments in everyone lives whom travelled within with those historic furnishings also whom one of the many passengers whom travels along the Ding Dings is Ashley Yue – HKFoodcawlers whom takes people on tours where most tourist miss the essential intricate details in food culture in which taking them to local hidden eateries where the Hong Kong food culture stared from the ground up.. In which her main tour takes place in either in various meeting points of the Hong Kong MTR stations or the Traditional of transportation is the tramway system where the tourist get to know the culture, the people well and experience the livings and environments of Hong Kong in a slower pace of a warp speed city…

Starting out her two years tours in the making… In which her tours are so very intricate where she takes her guest group to public housing estates to experience the living environments of Hong Kong in which after the tour her new founded group have a much better intimate understanding about the Hong Kong, Chinese culture grounding than before..  as much the riding the Tramways gives you an intimate reading as the sentences, paragraphs unfold on so many layers in where which one passenger whom was with Ashley Yue HK Food Crawlers group recently took the trams and could remember either where he started from either he was Sheung Wan or Sai Wan, he got on the tram and went to Sai Wan Ho, He was so excited after the ride, When he met me in the MTR Station which was our meeting point, in which he told me about the ride and felt superb.. He was a European, Dutch citizen… it was his first time on the tram… And the experience was special to him.  After the tour he said he must take the tram again…

In one case where. When asked about her most memorable Ding Ding story, it was “food” again. Ashley once took a spontaneous trip to Happy Valley, where she met the owner of a Chinese restaurant called Lotus Garden. Even though they only met a few times, the owner gave her a signature turnip cake as a gift for Chinese New Year.

… In which the Hong Kong Tramways have invited you to share your timeless memorable moments as you ride the Ding Ding’s in Ding Ding Diaries…

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