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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong |#ACGHK- Ani-Com and Games #HongKong 2017……….

August 18, 2017

Ani-Com and Games 2017 Hong Kong-  sits in during in between 28th July to 1st August 2017 in which was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai,  in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong….  In which this year is sat in between two floors, in which it was on in between halls one and three… for this year’s convention…  Animation comics Games Expo is akin towards the San Diego Comic Con but on a smaller scale due to the SD-Comic Con covers more than five convention centres, But extremely larger than to New Zealand Auckland’s Armageddon in the ASB expo- Pavilion size with more audiences and population to cater for…


This year’s Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong has been very much highly covered in social media live-stream in between the SCMP- South China Morning Post also on TVB’s Social Media live streaming in covering all genres, also in-depth talks from someone whom hosting it that’s will to explore out from their comfort zone also hosting someone whom knows the genres very well..


On the first floor of the Ani-Com&Games 2017, it is dedicated towards with many various exhibitors… in which mostly with new featured products from mechanising, from films in which Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars have been for runners for this years to gaming this years is featuring is Hot Toys featuring very detail articulate … that coming into the market, with Cosplaying, also intense Cosplaying contest aswell among with the many exhibitors as to new gaming products with Sony Playstation Virtual Reality , as to Microsoft Xbox in gaming in 4K among with many other activities as card gaming..


As part of the twenty anniversary of Hong Kong as a Special Administration Region… there’s an exhibition that’s running in between 20th June to 30th November 2017 in which is Infinitely Hong Kong – Impression … in which is run by the City Gallery  sits in 3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong (Next to City Hall Lower Block).. In which this stand up outdoor stand up Mobius strip infinity structure based on the infinity symbol has seen from above in which creates an introductionally Art structure arc way for an internal exhibition works that’s within the City Gallery in which sit at Central explaining a brief of what’s in store inside the Hong Kong Impression ….. Previously been inside the City Gallery its very welcoming pleasantly with innovative exhibitions and works..

Within the City Gallery, in which sits in central next to City Hall, showcases many elements of evolution and developments life of Hong Kong in covering three floors of the whole Gallery. In which the first floor exhibits the Annex History and uniqueness of Hong Kong showing Hong Kong next Century, it’s living environment as to protecting is unique heritage… apond the second floor it showcases elements of strategic picture, infrastructure also its sustainability with its Transportation and communications with multi- social media sharing elements… as with the third floor it has exhibition works of how Hong Kong is the world leaders in land reclamation with the leading  innovation techniques that they used … among with this hall is the future planning of Hong Kong towards the next few centuries….  As well there’s planning it comes with consultation process in learning of the development of the Coastlines and Skylines,  in which the three floors covers a permanent exhibition..

On a Friday 18th August 2017 ULA- United Launch Alliance , on a geo synchronous transfer orbit launch from Cape Canaveral Air force Station from Launch complex 41at launch window time at 0803 morning Eastern Date Time with a forty minute window…… The Partnership Payload is NASA- National Aeronautic and Space Administration’s TDRS-M Tracking Data Relay Satellite –M series high data communications tracking satellite that provides the Space Network with a life cycle of fifteen years’ service…

The Launcher carrier Rocket is the Atlas V 401 powered with the RD 180 Engine with the secondary stage of the Centaur powered with the RL 10C Engine…

TDRS-M Tracking Data Relay Satellite –M, is the provision communications with its sisters in providing communications in support provisions of providing communications with various ground stations on Earth in between The Space Network with various spacecraft like the Space Shuttle mission, the International Space Station then with the Commercial Crew-Resupply Mission also onwards with the SLS- Constellation lunar- Martian- rover missions also with the Hubble Space Telescope as well the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope…..


On an instantaneous 14th August 2017  Florida  SpaceX  have successfully launched a commercial resupply services mission, its twelfth- CRS 12– From that NASA- KSC- Iconic launch Complex 39A – Florida in which launched the Saturn five rockets also the Space Shuttle …… The launched occurred on a clear 14th August 2017 afternoon day on 1231 Eastern Day time without any technical issues. The launch is a SpaceX traditional launch in where it’s the first stage of the Falcon nine reusable launcher is return to land at the Cape Canaveral Air force Station ten minutes after the LC39A Launch on landing Zone one.. Dragon with its resupply Cargo is expected to dock with the International Space Station on the 16th August 2017…

Dragon reusable payload consist of 2900 Kilograms of supplies, consist of food,  critical materials of nature to provide 250 science research investigation for the Expedition 52 and 53 Station Crew also last minute payloads for time critical moments.. Also there’s an Argument reality equipment to assist the crew of the space station…. Also a commercial supercomputer in which to test the electronics in space…..


As Airliners move towards from the industrial to more organic environmental interior designs, with the softer round ergonomically nature in mind…. In which to simulate the nature’s environments like that you’re back with the comforts back at home…. One Innovative features of many that’s being applied in the Airbus 320 PAS Airspace Cabin, is the Mood lighting in which to simulate sunlight throughout the day from sunrise to sunset in that provisionment is the introduction of Mood lighting…  Also a part of newest developments of the Airbus 320– PAS Airspace is the redesign of the cabin windows in which to allow more external lighting with natural light… also with more passenger comfort in mind to allow more of scenic viewing…

Other Innovations is the more carry on luggage space in which has been widening also the cabin width space to allow more seating comfort space… aswell the business class does comes with flatbed seating arrangements for long haul flights.. However the Airspace Cabin interior is customization to the airliner needs..

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