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img_4689 LUNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Auckland-New Zealand- September 2016- with the Jade rabbit- photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

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On, during the month of September 2016 it has been interestingly stellar in the urbanic suburbian neighborhood Auckland, New Zealand night sky, as rolling over for the spring season that just rolled in towards summer…  looking in evening night sky from west at least seven in the evenings on a clear night sky you’ll see the three planets of Mercury, Venus, then least forty light minutes ago is the Planet Jupiter as the trio settles early in after sunset evenings.. Following as you look above it’s the constellation of Scorpio in which when it’s was a new moon, clusters of both open and globular was spectacular crispy sharp as when it was still aired wintery ……. As in both for the wintery planets Mars and Saturn still in the constellation Scorpio as you look progressively through the night skies you’ll see the planetary path from those two planets move…

As for the moon, Luna she’s been interesting with the upcoming, also been with the Mid-Autumn festival, with the two eclipses one recently the Harvest moon, also the African ring of fire solar eclipse.. But the very attention of the moon Luna that’s been gaining traction lately is the Jade Rabbit where the head of the bunny is the sea of tranquility in where its surrounding location is populated by Apollo lunar module landing sites, its bunny ear is the Serenity..

As for exploration there was multiple launches, Delta fives, from United Launch Alliance with worldview four, ORISIS-Rex, as too with SpaceX, JCSAT-16, also from the ESA, Also the Chinese as well with the CNSA- China National Space Administration with their space station upgrades with Tiangong two spacelab….


“…………Look they’re piloting their AT-AT remotely..!”  – Jyn Erso

As you’ve seen the last Chapter, Chapter two where the rebel crew of the rebellion have informally introduce themselves to finding the Death Star Mark one plans of the well still the box Lego “Star Wars” without a single clue of which part goes where in the frustrated imperial meanwhile trying random build that death that’s no moon monstrosity…….  In where the Rebellion was chased by the imperial Stormtroopers in a Indiana Jones, or Tomb raider Lara Croft Trench run in pursue for the part one of the Death star’s building instruction at Jedha’s township farmers market, as they escape with the box saying building instructions only saying part one of two… following to finding Parts two of two they find themselves in the finding the part two instructions in a crashed imperial shuttle on planet Eadu..  However there’s one thing that that the crash site is surrounded by Stormtroopers, with one remote control AT-AT Walker… In which one part of the rebellion group have secure that remote, while the other goes in for the part two building instructions..  However in the process the part rebellion group gets surrounded by imperial troops Captain Cassian Andor – K-250 (Kay Tuesso), taken away to the Star Destroyer with the find of the part one of two building instructions… With one thing has Director Orson Krennc changed his hair, or he’s been losing weight lately…?

LucasFilms is running a contest currently at the moment starts off in 30th September 2016 in which you and your friends whom win will go into attention of “A Star Wars Story- Rogue one” also a tour towards LucasFilms in San Francisco in which will be screen on the cinematic large screen… Of your team two minute rouge one premise video.. Also the visit of Rancho Obi-Wan…

In this this two minute clip features most of the new installments of merchandising form the film from Lego to Hasbro collaborated with a creative team Tongal and fans featuring the new merchandising …. The contest runs through till 21 October 2016. For more about the contest here..

As for this month of 15th September 2016 launch calendar for the “PROC China – CNSA- China National Space Administration”’ has launched the next development stage of its CCCP Mir Space Station type design space station in which, the Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) two space station module was set to be launched within the launch calendar 2015, but Tiangong one has is set backs of failure to reach its destination therefore Tiangong two will be installed during the month.. then it’ll be crewed by a manned mission of in the following months of October 2016 during the Shenzhou eleven follow two unmanned mission resupply vehicle of Tianzhou one ….  The Tiangong two Space Station Module was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China’s Gansu Province… on timely for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations holidays in Asia as it traditionally its family centrically celebrations of lunar calendar with the full moon with the Jade Rabbit also with other celebrations like the moon cakes..

Tiangong two has a three crew size capacity holding at a maximum of twenty days of food, and environmental support resources… in which the CNSA- China National Space Administration Mir type like design Space station is known as project 921-2 is finalised in construction year of in between 2020 towards 2022 with a decade life cycle…..  The launcher rocket for the Tiangong two, is the Long March 2F, is which main core is composited of two. The first stage is a liquid fuel rocket, also the secondary stage as well too, carrier launcher Long March 2F, has four liquid fuel boosters all consisting of burning of N2O4/UDMH – Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine of its main liquid fuel of choice -…

STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek - Temporal Summary timeline

STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek – Temporal Summary timeline

Given that you’ve being living, or reliving on “Star Trek Online” then this awesome Temporal Summary infographic is one of the best so far, of explaining the various storylines, the stories Arcs, from various aspects of movies and Episodes of Star Trek that inspired the progressive events that you live in from the batten Earth of 2063 with the Zehram Cochrane of a heavy modified Titian Two Nuclear Missile converted into Earth’s first warp Ship naming the Phoenix with the Vulcan accepting that the Humans are already becoming that species , from that point of becoming with greatness in eventuality into founding the United Federation of Planets with the Captain Archer as the Co-founders…

The “Star Trek Online-Temporal Summary” shows two timelines where in the Original Prime Universe towards a point in time on a time reference with the Borg type Roluman massive freighter namely Narada, with Team Nero enters the scene in search for Ambassador Spock, in the year 2233 where he destroys a ship USS Kelvin, in creating an alternative timeline reality- The Kelvin Timeline named with  those two timelines converging in the year 2409 in where you’re currently living in when you’re starting off in your career in either faction of your choosing Federation, Klingon or Roluman affiliated factions..

Also the Temporal infographics, is colour co-ordinate in representing the various series from Star trek-Enterprise-Red, The original Series-purple, The Next Generation-Teal, Deep Space Nine- Green,  as to the Adventures of USS Voyager –Amberic yellow…  through is the Kelvin timeline in blue..  Throughout the whole events is the one you encounter is the one you live in year 2409,- White, experiencing, living the whole of the two timelines as it converges in that year….. The Original Prime Universe also The Kelvin Timeline



Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi “……………….The Force will be with you, always………”

Coming soon on this September 2016, for season pass holders is the expansion pack for “Star Wars Battlefront”  is one of the long awaited expansion packs  is the storyline of the Death Star Trench run.. That if you remember long back in the mid eighty’s with the ray tracing arcade version of that iconic moment in the second trilogy..  As part of the expansion of the storyline maps of five, in space and on ground is taking on with your Advance modified Red Five Luke Skywalker’s  X-Wing as you battle it out among others in the Trench run to shove a proton torpedo in that slightly small Death Star’s Exhaust tunneling..  as you evade the various onslaught of barracking walls of Tie Fighters that’s heading you way.. also you get to play on the opposing side, as you take, relive Darth Vader moments in Tie Advance fighter.. to destroy the Death Star..

On ground it’s with two extra bonus weapons that’s with the expansion pack is with the new K-16 Bryar Pistol or the TL-50t Heavy Reapter so take your weapons poison of choice.. as you adventure with the two new characters within the storyline map or with your favorite huggable Wookie Chewbacca or the infamous fearsome Bounty Hunter Bossk…  The expansion pack is available for PC, PS4, also Xbox One..


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