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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #HongKong – Central- A man made canyons of oriental towering Canyons- A Gallery

July 26, 2017

Hong Kong Central -中環-  is located in the very center of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.. in which is more boarded into the western District of Hong Kong Island..  it is greatly opposite to the Central business area of Tsim Sha Tsui  across the Victoria Harbour- in its previous name of the district was formerly named Victoria City that naming of Central hasn’t been used, or it’s been rarely utilized for name..

Within the Central, it’s one of the many cores cities that within Hong Kong Region..  as existing today is still the main focus area for international First Class for Multi Nationals finances – technologies Corporations- also the many countries consulates also a massive networks of arrays of  Malls every level   to be located within that district… Central’s landscape is like the in Mainland China’s Grand Canyon in the Hubei Province in where organically through time the Hubei’s Canyon landscape carved out by wind ice into towering mountains landscape like in throughout Hong Kong Landscape in which is replaced with the Concrete, metal steel glass towering buildings within a tropical forest that surrounds Hong Kong Also the mountainous areas of New Territories…….


Central in Hong Kong, is also was developed by the People of Hong Kong, also from the day from the day of British arrived developing Central on Kowloon Peninsula in which Central could be knowingly extended outwardly towards Sheung Wan, Aberdeen Street –Wing Kut Street with Admiralty.. After 1997 during the handover the People of Hong Kong made the region stronger with long term planning in which Hong Kong Has gone through strength to strength more. As that strength in long term planning translated in the succession of continuous buildings- construction developments that played turn Hong Kong region’s building towering landscape that it’ll always keeping itself already always in tomorrow…

When I look at every individual building, also every single street in Hong Kong,  this case in Central each of its own has its own story to tell, in which its individual design has lot of to say about its functionally how it reacts to the street environment organically, in which that organically component is Feng Shui- wind- water.. Also within that Feng Shui component each building is design according to street layout in which given way of giving them more flow of good energy in some cases like other designs try to absorb that good energy also deflect negative energy… in which the street way orientated to that manner in which that…every street town planning has a it’s Feng Shui elements..

canyons of towering mountains with ever changing oriental night time lantern skyline..

Changes towards the night its view is always constantly changing throughout from the morning towards the later in the night with its neonic towering city landscape, the Symphony of Lights which begins at 2000 Hours Hong Kong Time every night… in which it lights up from Wan Chi towards the Central, in which most of the building neonic with a symphony light show in between Tsim Sha Tsui……


On Tuesday, 1st August 2017 from the Arianespace will launch two communications satellites within on payload carrier rocket in which that will be the Vega Flight VV10…..from its European Space Agency- French Guainía launch Complex….. Both Payloads are delicate to Earth Sciences in which are Earth Observatories Satellites for the Italy, France and Israel..  This Launch is the 10th Vega Launch that its first time launch of the Vega Carrier Rocket dates back to 2012, Guiana Space Center both payloads will be Launched in satellite passengers into two Sun-synchronous orbits (SSO)………

OptSat-3000  is OHB Italia, Israel Ministry of Science and Technology, the OptSat- 3000 is an Earth Observatory for the Italian  Ministry of Defense in which will provide the provisions of utilization of ultra-high resolution imagining of using radar and combination of high end optical installation equipment to study the Earth with analytically abilities..  The Satellite will be placed at satellite passengers into two Sun-synchronous orbits (SSO) at altitude of 450 Kilometres with a operations life of seven years..

Venµs is a elespazio, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) , is also design as an Earth Observation Platform satellite in Sun-synchronous orbits (SSO) at 720 Kilometres in Altitude  with an operation life of 4.5 years servicing..  its operationally provisionment is a collaboration of  Israel Space Agency (ISA) also French CNES space agency (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales).  Its provision is the Data observation collection of worldwide study of evolution of vegetation for environmental purposes in which will data observations collection, every day covering 760 square kilometers in which are utilized by multi spectra instruments also with that heavy amount of instruments it’ll detect any amount of data observation that’s not visible to human eyes..

Liftoff is scheduled for Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at exactly:

– 09:58:33 p.m., Washington, D.C. time
– 10:58:33 p.m., local time in French Guiana
– 01:58:33, Universal Time (UTC), on August 2
– 03:58:33 a.m., Paris and Rome time, on August 2
– 04:58:33 a.m., Tel Aviv, time, on August 2

“……A song created by recording the sounds of travel……..”

There’s Something Innovative with Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong’s National Regional Airline Carrier with Cathy Pacific also Dragon Air...  In which they created some innovated sounds in which is taken through the seamless travel sound bites of travelling on  a journey with thousands audio timeless moments components then assembling those sound audio moments in a harmonies bend of cool fresh melodies with groovy rhymes….

Why a sounds of travelling on a Journeys, Sounds is one of many elements of travelling of unfolding a stories before we see them, visually , Sound is the emotionally visually senses of feeling in remembering those emotions senses as we travel through adventures and time..

The emotionally visually Journey Takes place through as the passenger travels with in-between Hong Kong and its adventuring atmosphere… Transcending to Kyoto’s emotions. As the passenger’s crew take those thousands of emotions mixing in emotion visually into poetry Sound well Travel also matters in travel. ..



Hong Kong MTR- Your every action counts in making journey safe

On one Friday evening during the later hours after Friday, 10 February 2017,  1900 Hours Hong Kong Time after a long hours work in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, on a boarded out almost fill out train in Tsim Sha Tsui, when I heard the news that it was firebombed, hearing that correspondences through social media,   I was very concern for that someone also friends, also too whom others might be on the on that Hong Kong MTR Tsim Sha Tsui line..  that are they safe, seeming reading into more of the incident from the MTR App, also the SCMP-South China Morning Post through there social’s…. that Someone thrown a Molotov Cocktail-a Petrol bomb onboard a Friday evening fill train that I usually travel on that MTR line, since then that situation had been resolved with important lessons to learn from also to educate the population also the company involve to be more cautionary in security of safety..



Among the new Safety traveling on the Traveling on the MTR Systems not to bring dangerous goods onboard the trains or the stations itself as the MTR rely on passenger support and co-operation therefore if you see any dangerous goods here mention or persons carrying suspicious report to the MTR Staff to follow up the case promptly …..

Given if the there’s a fire on the station alert the station alarm station, and staff also assist anyone whom not comfortable…If you encounter any emergencies or spot at the fire at the station … Please Keep Clam also inform the staff- operate the fire alarm call point..  That they will make a series of operational arrangements to inform the government departments about the situation aswell to evacuate the station, Remain Claim and pay attention to the emergency announcement in which The Station is closed.. Please leave immediately using the nearest escalator or the staircase way to exit.. also offer anyone assistances when they in need of one..

Follow staff instructions to evacuate..  Also Safety on the Train depends on the co-operation and support from every passenger..  This goes for when you’re on the MTR Car’s aswell… inform your location in the car, what number of car.. To the operator, after pulling the alarm..  if is it safe do so use the fire extinguisher..  Open the ventilation windows when necessary..  Also resist the urge to capture, Photograph the event on your smart phone it’s too risky.. Safety comes first..  Follow Staff to evacuate..  Also in the event of an Emergency where evacuation from a train onto the track taking place, please use the nearest exit as directed by MTR Staff.. Also Do not take any bulky items place them on the seating area so it won’t block the flow of the passageway. Also don’t lift anything up due to potential electrical hazards due the high voltage equipment nearby..


As part of the continuing Hong Kong-SAR’S celebrations In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, is the ICBC (Asia) e-Sports and Music Festivalwhich in runs from fourth to Sixth August 2017…… with intense Music festivals also with a massive E-sports events at the Hong Kong Coliseum… As part of the E-sports is the Return of the Legends of in between gaming with Professional to amateur Gamers in gaming with the league of Legends tournament… In which it’ll be stream on Twtich.TV in multiple languages. In which team matches ranges from in between from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, and North America…… in which you also you get to battling  it out with the Professional Tournament Gamers from League of Legends pro-gamers to see if you have that what it takes to match their skill sets …Including the festivals is the SMTOWN Special Stage in featuring popular local and Korean artist… the SMTOWN Line-up.. with a massive Cosplaying also Cosplaying competition line up too…

Hong Kong- ICBC (Asia) e-Sports and Music Festival runs through the fourth to Sixth August 2017 at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 9 Cheong Wan Rd, Hung Hom, Hong Kong…..

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