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On, Today its  13th December 2018, it’s the release, of the Doctor Who – Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor who Music Video in which today its fitting also its Taylor Swift Birthday aswell… The new redention of the iconic soundtrack that was composed iconically On 1963 an iconic theme score in which was composed by the Queen of electronic music that is Delia Derbyshire whom composed the trendsetting completely ahead of her time is the Doctor Who opening tune, also it’s other musical score works..

In which with hundreds of passionally hours, in composing, with what they have to ensemble the score at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop..  Composing from various methods from handcrafted mathematically creating, editing composing reels of electronic music before the synthesizer became to the scene.. in which inspirationally transcend onto Segun  Akinola in which was a mammoth undertaking due it was recomposed by Murray Gold whom then taking the composing to the next level, for bring Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor  emotional voice also her companions as they adventured journey thought time and space..  In which the Soundtrack Album towards the eleventh season emotionally scored those memorial moments are retold on the 11th January 2019..

As season eleven, was in production, a new score was required, in which taking over from Murray Gold, is Segun Akinola with a massive undertaking, in which he went back towards the inspiration of early days of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop days in composing the new iconic rendition opening score or Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor.. in which his role is to aid the emotional storytelling in a with a new soundscape approach towards the score, in with various genres hybrid.. Also the emotional music storytelling inspired by the conservation with the Executive writer Chris Chibnall, with Jodie Whittaker in what sets the tones… Drawing those notes in composing the emotional musical voice for the scene giving that extra layer of storytelling..

On 13th December 2018, Lucky number 13,  in which that’s tomorrow on a New Zealand day that’s the Number of the Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor- Doctor who or its Taylor Swift Favourite Number also its her Birthday on that day…. In which  it’s the launch of American Company – New Zealand- Auckland based Rocket Lab Carrier rocket provider in which the “#ItsBusinessTime “had provide a belated but launched second time round successfully … in which preparations for #ThisOnesForPickering has been well away on 21st November 2018 for its first stage Electron’s Rutherford engines.. For its NASA Launch services program….

The launch window for #ThisOnesForPickering Is in between the duration of 13th to 21st December 2018 from LC1- Launch Complex one at Mahia Peninsula, North Island  at Onenui Station …. Launching as part of the NASA Launch services program is this Rocket Lab’s third launching of an Educational Launch of Nano Satellites – ElaNa -19 Mission for NASA.. In which Rocket Lab is a part of the VCLS- Venture Class Launch services initiative in which is co-ordinated from NASA KSC – Kennedy Space Center, in which the made manufacturer of the CubeSats is being developed from Tyvak Nano Satellite systems..

Weather wise it’s expected to rain in which the where Launch Complex one is situated at Mahia Peninsula in where  there’s intense thunderstormically weather transcending towards from across the Tasman Ocean from western Australia that may hinder the December launch window between 13th towards the 21st Day of that month….

RocketLab 火箭實驗室 | #ThisOnesForPickering providing Launch Services Program to launch two cute educational CubeSats #ELaNa19 #ELaNaXIX – preparing for that lucky 13th December 2018 Mahia Peninsula Launch Complex one.. in which Tyvak Nano Satellite systems is the main nano satellite manufacturer..

#ThisOnesForPickering Hashtag branded in honour towards one of NASA’s Founding New Zealander fathers- Doctor- Sir William Pickering whom is also the patron of previous NZSA- New Zealand Spaceflight Association in which known internationally … in which he also collaborated with among founding fathers of a 1958 NASA to build Explorer one…

The Payload – ELaNa-19 will be deployed at an altitude of five hundred Kilometers above Planet Earth, at an eighty five degree inclination…. This is a first series of ELaNa-19 Cube Sats deploy out from a Constellation network of ten.  Within this network it’ll provide an educational learning tool backbone to whom uses the low cost platform for research, educational, investigative nature of data observational analysis collecting on Earth and Space Sciences applications and tasking’s the ELaNa-19 Constellation network communicating each other provides that provisionments..


NASA CubeSats are about to enjoy a dedicated ride to space. Electron is ready. A nine-day launch window for the NASA ELaNa-19 mission opens 13 – 21 December 2018, UTC. Lift-off from Launch Complex 1 is scheduled between: in which traffic air, road, marine are restricted during the time of launch.. 
04:00 – 08:00 UTC (13 Dec)
17:00 – 21:00 NZDT (13 Dec)
20:00 – 00:00 PST (12/13 Dec)
23:00 – 03:00 EST (12/13 Dec)


Thinking what to do adventuring together In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, in which there are Discovering numerous countless places in Hong Kong, in which as a couple you can wintery adventure during the winter season romantically.. In which you can take your couple photographically moments as you too write your stories together..  so here’s six favourite spots in twenty seconds..

Why not spend time on a Picnic together in formerly Hong Kong International Airport – Kai Tak, in which once was the most dangerous landings for commercial airliners in which it has a new lease of life in regeneration of a vibrant East Kowloon district in Hong Kong with able of parks and those day and night time scenes at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal…….

Or roam together nostalgically at one of thousands internationally architecturally photographic known sites at the Nam Shan Estate- Yau Yat Tsuen, sharing you stores with you socials..  In which is easy access towards the MTR Hong Kong in which is easy access transportation around the city region..

Adventuring Shopping together, at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok in where it’s an interesting experience in with a collection of assortment of clothing, quick fashion accessories in which you guys might find interesting then more together moments at Choi Hung Estates in which you can share your rainbow moments together with the iconic rainbow coloured residential buildings.. in which located in Tai Sin District in Kowloon..

Then seeing the iconic neon signs at D2 place that illuminate the after you two’s adventure why not watch the timeless sunset from the internationally iconic Hong Kong skyline at the Harbour City Ocean Terminal viewing platform , Tsim Sha Tsui in which you two’s can view the 270 degrees observation deck iconic sunrise and sunset.. Together sharing those moments also on socials..


On 8th December 2018 CNSA launched a Long March 3B to study the darkside of the moon with a Cute lunar Rover Change4..

On an Eighth December 2018, in the early Morning Saturday, launching from Xichang Satellite Launch center, in Sichuan Province- China from one of many of CNSA – China National Space Administration launch complexes… in which on the early hours of 0223 Morning Beijing time, it launched on the Reliable Long March 3B Carrier Rocket … in which that the Lunar Rover is been delivered towards the moon’s dark side, in which a previous communications satellite relay package mission has been sent  early this year in which it was launch on 21st May 2018, on a an reliable Long March 4C configuration Carrier Rocket…  in which creating a communications relay back to the CNSA’s Communications network towards it respective centres .. For the Belt and Road Initiative science organisations with Netherlands, Germany, Sweden also Saudi Arabia..

The Change4 Lunar Rover Probe is design like a rover explorationally mobile unit, in which its design as a very low receiving frequency astronomically Radio observatory, with various installations onboard  to procure, data analysis information by surveying the lunar landscape, also study various materials, chemical compositions within the surface..  Also to study Neutron radiation levels also Neutral Atoms …

In that prior mission on 21st May 2018 it was preparations towards a later mission to Launch Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe that would land on the Dark Side of the moon in which Earth’s Moon Luna is Tidally Lock one side is constant facing Earth the other side is not due to the Earth’s history it slowly gradually stop the Moons rotation..

The preparationally work Launching towards the Dark side of the moon in which to establishment of communication with Queqiao- Known as the Magpie Bridge in which namely relating to the Jin Dynasty story with Cowhearder and Weaver girl in which the Magpie forms a Milky way bridge to  have the lovers to meet together …..  In which is the same way for making that communications relay point with the other side of the moon with Earth… in which Chang’e is the name of the Luna goddess in which relates towards the Mid-Autumn festival…..  in which related to a time in Imperial China History where there was massive famine where it was the weather environment was so unbearable to live in which it relates to it was so hot it felt like ten suns had heated up on Middle Kingdom –China in which a General whom Archery skills where unmatched that he fired his arrows towards nine suns therefore reducing the hot environment…after the events the Archer General Hou Yi was given the  elixir of immortality in which apparent someone was tempting to steal the elixir then Hou Yi wife intervene by eating the pill then she ascend towards the night sky toward the moon with.. in Hou Yi paid tribute to his wife with many offerings to her during the Mid-Autumn festival..

On 8th December 2018 CNSA launched a Long March 3B to study the darkside of the moon with a Cute lunar Rover Change4..

It is the first time that CNSA has sent a lunar rover towards the other side of the moon, also it’s the first time a Space agency has done so… Chang’e four Lunar Rover is the advance version of also its was currently a backup rover to its older sisters… Landing on the far side of the moon, is the proposal Von Karman Crater, with the flat basin Chang’e four mission profile is to measure the lunar surface temperature over during its mission duration, to measure the various chemicals and material compositions on that side of the moon… also the rover acts like a radio astronomy in low frequencies also cosmic ray structure identification or solar weather Coronal Mass Ejection observation between the Sun and Earth..

In which with this mission experience there’s another sister on her way towards the moon in Change5 lunar Rover with a returnable sample launcher spacecraft module in which Change5 Lunar Rover Launch is expected to be launch by 2020.. in which it’ll Data procurement role will be more expansive than her current sister Change4, with more experiments installations onboard to study the Lunar landscape more closely..

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in which given that you’ve been to the CCB-Asia-Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival in which annually in between 25th to 28 October 2018, in which is located in Hong Kong Island Central where the iconic Ferris Wheel located nearby the Star Ferry terminal at Central Harbour Event Space 9 Lung Wo Road Central….. Celebrating Wine and Dine Festival that’s happens every year annually, that brings a collaboration of East meets West merging of international class standing cuisines delighted with food and drinks stalls from acclaimed Hong Kong restaurants, international Chefs, also industry experts.. Celebrating in the iconic Victoria Harbour skyline, featuring with over four hundred booths…

Among that campaign is the Spirit of Hong Kong, in which Cathay Pacific Airways is producing a series that makes Hong Kong Iconic East met West… in which for a Bartenders inspired goal is to owning their own Bar in the company of like mind bartenders… In recently voted “The Old Man” is one of those inspired Bars, voted the world best bars… The Bar is inspired by the writing works of iconic writer Ernest Hemingway…… Located at № 37 Aberdeen Street, Central.
Soho, Central, Hong Kong

Founded among with Head Bartender Agung Prabowo, in which he uses his Cocktail experiences that he previous work in creating an Ernest Hemingway inspired. Concept Bar in which located in Hong Kong Soho District… the Concept Bar inspired by works of Ernest Hemingway’s Novel “The Old Man and the Sea” the hidden messages within Ernest Hemingway works is never give up.. also Ernest’s works are inspired by exotic cocktails..  in which Agung Prabowo, and his three co-founders are inspired by his works, also always talk about owning their own bar in which they used to perform beverage arts in the Hong Kong Landmark Mandarin Oriental.. in which the trio keeps talking about owning their own bar so why not work together and working hard towards that actual Dream.

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