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On 20th June 2019, launching from AirbusArianespace  launch complex number three –ELA 3 from the Kourou French Guiana.. it is the fifth mission of the seventy first mission of a Ariane five ECA variant carrier rocket launching with a full capacity payload of two satellites into Geo Stationary Orbit or GTO as termed.. Launching window will start at 20th June 2019, in between 6:43 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Kourou, French Guiana time late afternoon into the evening…

Launching from the Ariane five ECA variant carrier rocket, is the two Telecommunications Satellites in which T-16 manufactured by Airbus Space and Defense, in which its provisionments is to provide high degrees of broadcast communications for AT&T (DIRECTV) for services for SKY Mexico one also DIRECTV 15.. Being a very flexible broadcasting satellite it has an operation life cycle of fifteen years operating high powered broadcasting services in the KU and Ka Band Frequencies in the coverage for 99 degrees towards 119 degrees west…  broadcasting towards the of the American Continental regions of United States, Alaska also Puerto Rico  ….

The Second payload the EUTELSAT 7C is a communications Satellite, Manufactured by Maxar Technologies in Palo Alto California, in which one of their manufacture satellites have been launched from  a few days ago SpaceX falcon Nine reusable ……  Also a broadcasting communications Satellite, in which broadcasting market regions towards Africa, Europe also the middle East along with Turkey.. …..In which provisionments of providing over five hundred television channels services towards clients within those regions…  As the deployment of the EUTELSAT 7C Broadcasting satellite in which its sisters are positioned to form that broadcasting constellation.. in which EUTELSAT 7C is position at seven degrees East …..

In celebrating Airbus of its fifty years of since it’s founding on 18th December 1970, in which it was known as Airbus Industries GIE…. In those fifty years it has already surpass the Hundred and two year old Boeing Company… in operating manufacturing of high end commercial and military  aircraft also its space division of manufacturing of satellites, Arianespace carrier rockets  among with the ESA European Space Agency..

In that celebrating Airbus, of  the crew of Airbus decided to celebrated with a formation flight in which represents the core of the company’s production jetliner programming of the  A220, A320, A330, A350 XWB and A380 – along with the new company’s BelugaXL airlifter in which that fleet will increase the delivery of manufactured parts towards Toulouse Airbus assembly plant ..  among the its celebration the Space and Defense side also celebrated those fifty years in which it represented of  Four members from Airbus’ world-class product line of defence aircraft – the A330 MRTT Multi-Role Tanker Transport, A400M military airlifter, C295 tactical airlifter and Eurofighter Typhoon swing-role fighter – soar together  as both departments celebrated together..

On 13th June 2019  From Airbus aircraft delivery centre in Toulouse France it was the first delivery of the one of few Japan’s leading airlines Japan Airlines, in which other was ANA- All Nippon Airways in which recently took delivery of their A380’s of a fleet of five..  on a historic occasion in which Airbus and Japan Airlines celebrated the first delivery in first in fifty years, in which currently Japan Airlines fleet is majority complied of Boeing airliners..  which on ordering eighteen A350-900 also Airbus 350-1000 with a total of thirty one Airbus 350XWB fleet .. this fleet is the replacement of the current fleet of the ageing Boeing 747-400 fleet in replacement programme have undertaking of seven years.. as to date the Airbus 350 XWB is the number one wide body aircraft, in which is the successive..

Taking its first delivery, of the A350-900 A350WXB of its milestone event in which attendant by Japan Airlines representatives also from Airbus Director and Chairman Yoshiharu Ueki and Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer…… it newly assemble fleet soon in the making will be dedicated on a highly frequency flight routes domestically for the A350-900 series.. While the A350-1000 is dedicated for the long haul international flights… The first is the dedicated for the domestic fleet for Haneda –Fukuoka flight route in its first flight route starts at September 2019…..

The typical cabin layout of the all new Japan Airlines Airbus 350-900 is the a three class configuration with twelve seats of first class, ninety four in J-Class also with 263 seats in Comfort Economy …. It’s also that Japan Airlines have following Cathay Pacific Airways direction in using blending Aviation Fuels in which of a combination of convention and synthetic fuel in order to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions … in which most of Cathay Pacific’s A350 series fleet uses Biofuels as a first airliner to do to Carbon Dioxide Reductions.

Featuring with Airbus Innovative Airspace by Airbus Cabins in featuring extra layering of comfort in which new Airbus Airspace cabin experiences introducing into with new features with advance inflight WiFi, with new innovated seating economy arrangements with comforting seats that if you’re like seating in business class… with a scientifically designed cushioning head rest that rest your head while sleeping so you won’t need to bring a neck rest… as part of that comfort is WiFi systems in which connects you towards  the rest of the internet connectivity in which from keeping up with you socials towards  allowing you to work while you’re travelling on flight long haul..  Featuring with the advance Airspace Cabin environmental systems it features with the advance Air conditioning systems giving you that right temperature management among with mood lighting ensuring giving passengers that sense of minimizing jet lag as they fly inwardly towards their destination..Also fine tuning with its Rolls Royce Trent XWB Engines for that extensive range…..

Image credit is Airbus- Photographer P. Masclet-A Doumenjou-Master Films 



On a 12th Jun 2019 California OC’s 0717 Los Angles PDT- Pacific Date Time–  morning, it’s the launch of the CSA -Canadian Space Agency Canadian- RCM- RADARSAT Constellation Mission, launching from the west coast this time of Space X‘s Vandenberg Air Force Base, form California, launching from SLC-4E, Space Launch Complex 4E..  In which the launch three satellites will be deployed form the secondary stage, in least fifty four minutes after the launch…

As the deployment  of the three RADARSAT Satellites, into the deployment is the landing of the reusable Falcon Nine carrier rocket least eight minutes after lift-off, back on a non-traditional drone ship landing in which it’ll land back on Space X’s  Landing Zone 4- LZ-4… in which this a land based landing..

The currently first staging of the Space X –Falcon Nine reusable was previously used in Dragon’s first demonstration flight in March 2019, in which used again for this mission.. To deploy RADARSAT Satellites of three constellations, for Earth Sciences observation from space in which it utilised a three C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar –SAR Earth Observation Satellites…

The Manufacturer of the RADARSAT is MDAa Maxar Company… In which it’s provisionment of the constellation of the three satellites will provide Canadian also Arctic region observations of four times daily   also globally ninety percent.. also providing maritime surveillance, ecosystem and climate change monitoring, and helping disaster relief efforts. … Each satellite also carries an Automatic Identification System receiver, allowing improved detection and tracking of vessels of interest.  Also providing assists to farmers on maximising crop yields, reduction on energy consumption reduction of pollutants…. Also the second Is provide high quality resolution data on disaster relief also assisting on organize emergency response efforts and protect the local population….. .


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Happening on the 13th towards the 18th June 2019 ..  on the tenth year of the Chinese Opera Festival in Hong Kong, in which it’s the first time it’s held at the newly constructed awaiting Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon cultural district.. in which the Grand Theatre also it’s the Tea House Theatre where the programmes are going to be staged in which bringing enhancing new experiences to Audiences, also the centre providing with educationally entertaining, workshops, lectures, film screenings, also meeting the cast and crew in getting know the operatically art in various genres for the general audience also public ……

Among the various events in also out house of the Xiqu Theatre, along with the stage performances comes with various many Chinese opera house from Mainland China, also from Peking opera Master North and South, China National Peking Opera Company and Shanghai Jinqjiu Theatre Company, Experimental Theatre of Liyuan Opera of Fujian, Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre, Shanghai Yue Opera group , Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera: Jingkun Theatre and Shandong Peking Opera Theatre…. Wenzhou Opera Research Institute…..

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