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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, a group of Hong Kong selected thirty junior high school students in becoming aspiring-inspiring   Taikonauts-Chinese Astronauts in which they got to experience of what life of an Taikonauts life is   Astronauts in an educational trip during the 2017 year.. in which during that year which INNOTECH 2017 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the most featured articles is the CNSA-Chinese National Space Administration and their important  work they do in which featured the guest speaker Wang Yaping: China’s second female astronaut whom made living history as part of the crew of the Shenzhou nine crew..  In which the Chinese Central government offer Hong Kong Students in the region to take part in the soon to be first upcoming civilian Taikonaut program….. Within the decade..

Their journey takes them in meeting up with at the Hong Kong Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui next to the Hong Kong Cultural Center opposite to the famous hotel The Peninsula Hong Kong… in where there chartered transportation takes them to Hong Kong International Airport among with their families… in which they depart on Cathay Dragon-Cathay Pacific’s Domestic airliner..  From there they embark onwards towards mainland China towards where they spend visiting Beijing Aerospace city also Jiuquan Satellite Launch center in where CNSA launch their Long March carrier rocket program.. From there they did various fun team building working exercises in which constructing a rocket to launch to understand the key concepts.. They visited China Astronaut Research Training center in which located in Beijing in which they got to experience the real training of what the crews train undergoes.. as they tour through China’s Capital Beijing they got to visit NAOC-China Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences in which they got educated like how the Astronaut training undergoes also earning various merits.. As the lesson draws in they got to wear the real EVA suits that they used in space..  In which NAOC-CNSA- Astronaut Center of China’s staff assisted the students in wearing them,  Onwards they under goes the various physical training at the Environmental Control and Life Support Tech where they learning about the environmental and life support systems… in which taking real exams like as did with the training..

At the Hong Kong Space Museum with the 2017 group of thirty students undertake the important learning aspirations of being a Taikonaut -Chinese Astronaut..

Among with the fun nights they got to hang around with the national hero’s key members of the CNSA staff also with the Taikonauts of the Shenzhou nine missions also the National Hero Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping… as the journeys progressive they visited various launching complexes from historic to its current in where what goes behind the scenes..

From there after days of educational fun training, it was time to head off to another destinations one of China’s previous Capitals Xian… In where the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) was establish … visiting the terracotta tomb guardians army of the fallen Qin Shi Haung also the Ming Dynasty fortress walls of the inner city in which replaced the aging Qin Dynasty fortifications ……

China’s second female Taikonaut also a National hero Wang Yaping..

The key sponsors for the timeless education endeavoring experience in the selection process is the Hong Kong Space Museum,  Hong Kong Government- Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Astronaut Center of China, JSLC  in which provided the training , transportation, accommodation for all participating students.

Given that you’re interesting for the 2018 selection for the Young Spaceman Experience Camp 2018, in be held on from 30th July to 6th of August 2018 … in which local Hong Kong schools can nominate two students with the forwarding documentations forwarding date before 31st May 2018 or hand in person to the Hong Kong Space museum.. In which they will be selected by interviewing process.. Whom have a key interest in inspiring interest in astronomy and space science, and deepen their understanding of China’s space industry and Chinese culture.


In the eyes of children, what exactly do parents do when they go to work?

Recently In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Staff from the world Leaders in MTR’s networking systems the MTR HongKong Corporation are invited to take their children to work, in which to share their experiences of what their work responsibilities are.. In which children have awesome amount of creativity imaginations in trying to understandingly explaining what their parents Jobs roles are but their Parents reactions are timeless… In bringing the family to work in which makes to see how hard their parents work.. Also creates a timeless bond between family, families.. Also when children tries to explain to Sketching what their parents might do..

On a Spring Florida Wednesday 18th April 2018, SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 launching of Space X Falcon Nine Reusable, with those nine mightily Merlin Engines from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in which is about least than fifteen Kilometers away from that NASA-KSC’s Iconic Launch Complex 39A that launched the Mighty Saturn five rockets also the STS-Space Transportation Systems – The Space Shuttle..

#SpaceX #NASA | #TESS joyed excitingly as the #FalconNine says “Of Course I still love you” ……………. into eight minutes and twenty seconds.. landed..

On that Wednesday, it launch the Daughter of Kepler TESS- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in which its parent was design as the Exoplanetary hunting telescope that scanned the universe in the Milky way Galaxy for Exoplanetary systems.. with new systems onboard it’s expected to find scan utilizing the transiting dipping diming method of finding Exo-Planets in outside Exo- system  orbiting around the its parent star.. In which with higher greater degree of magnification of finding smaller rocky Exo-planets than of the Sol-System of Earth or smaller.. Than Kepler did…

As Falcon nine launched towards MECO- Main Entry Cut Off… Towards separations between first stage and the second in which two minutes and thirty two seconds…. Then six minutes and twenty nine seconds into the launch the falcon nine reusable stage one begins is re-entry burn then carefully automated guided towards the Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “Of Course I still love you”.. in which with the live footage shows two streams from the Falcon Nine as it carefully lands relearning those steps also the awaiting for where landing on the SpaceX livery marks the spot..into eight minutes and twenty seconds.. landed..


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong#HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport is gearing up as a major world leading innovator International mega hub in connecting as the first port of East Meets West…. In which Hong Kong International Airport has been voted the world’s leader in the busiest Cargo Airport for the eighth consecutive year also the more than the third busiest International Passenger Airport… In ground breaking records exceeding every year of 4.5 million tonnes of cargo with an annually increase of nine point two percent.. Also handling with increasing more of than seventy two million passengers..

Connecting the planet, industries of assortments also connecting- reconnecting lives in providing a world leading smart International Airport experience to travellers adventuring planetary wise.. in which provides its pride in managing efficiently  passengers,  Cargo……  The HKIA communities within also externally drives Hong Kong Region’s Economy exponential growth in creating, innovating leader as bridge to the future…  also Hong Kong international Airport is least than five hours towards the half the planets population with HKIA’s extensive flight network covering all the 220 destinations planet wide  connecting with more than 110 Airliners….

HKIA is also reconnecting –connecting on another layer a Multi modal transport hub covering all the key cities within the PRD- Pearl Delta River also Macao.. Enabling convenient effective journeys towards and from the China.. Via High velocity ferrying also around the clock buses services..

Life well travelled of rows of Cathay Pacific Airways’s Boeing 777-300ER- Photographer @KevinJamesNg

As A Major Hub, Hong Kong International Airport plays an massive integrated engine into the Hong Kong’s Regional Economic Growth As a mega Hub for the Belt and Road Initiative, in which is connecting every single point of everyday lives as provisionments of providing as a supporting innovator developer for producer with professional services for the Financial services, Trading Services, tourism… as that industries grow Hong Kong International Airport is already now constructing the third runway to meet further demands of increasing economic growth..  HKIA is also known as a cultural hub holds organised community and cultural activities to enhance that connection..

Also as developing the now future, it’s people whom works within, externally are the most important assets.. , in which the construction of the HKIA has been forward innovative ahead of its time as innovator with energy saving designs utilizing with Natural Lights- LED lighting also  of sustainable development  of environmental protection with carbon reduction also creating an Aviation Authority it has an HKIA Aviation  Academy it trains the next generation  whom works within in the industries in which providing constant employment.. also it’s about family as its providing at mind with ease facilities like day night care for families, parents whom works within the HKIA..


Coming very soon in the OrbitalATK in its fleet of carrier rockets is the newest sister The OmegA in which is designed home-grown manufactured for the EELV- US-Air force Evolved Expendable Vehicle program exclusively… In which is design to have a payload capacity for 10.100 Tonnes for a GTO – Transfer Geostationary Orbit … for a lighter payload load for GEO- Geostationary Equatorial Orbit ..

The newest sister- OmegA… Features the naming from the First letter from two companies in collaboration with ATK.. With O then the A…. in which she is named after a starry object in the night sky only can been seen in the Southern Hemisphere in which One of many Observatories New Zealand’s Auckland Observatory-Stardome is one great viewing spot to view the globular cluster as you look into the Constellation Centauri area where the Southern Cross is right next to Epsilon Centauri…   looking least sixteen thousand light years ago back in time with a clustering of ten million stars with a diameter of least 160 Light years across…

OrbitalATK’s newest sister for a larger class rocket carrier inspired by Omega Centauri- That starry Globular Cluster next to the New Zealand Flag – Southern Cross …..

 Featuring as a three stage rocket with a six clustered Strap on GEM63XL/T boosters strapping onto stage one (CASTOR 600 or 1200) powered up by a Aero Rocketdyne RL10C engines with the secondary (CASTOR 300) stage among with the tertiary stage in which has the thrust vector control system….   In which depending on the mission specs OmegA can be modified as a two stage launching various payload, or various numerous…..

Carbon Fibre composites as its main shell construction in which cost effective also in which reduces the time to  manufacturing operationally as it is printed onsite.. Providing low costing for customers in affordability.. the initial OmegA configuration flight is expected to launch within the early year of 2021 calendar in which certification of the EELV program later quarterly year in which latter for the heavy configuration flight certification is expected for the 2024 launch Calendar.. in which it be interesting to see how it completes fairly with American internally National Commercial launch Provides as likes of SpaceX, ULA- United Launch Alliance also RocketLab.. on the payload specifications requirements..

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