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During the conclusion of the 2018 FIFA Soccer world cup in which France won against the Croatian team in which the New Doctor Who teaser trailer has a world cup theme to as in the background simulcast the soccer match as it introduce the three new companions into the thirteenth storyline featuring Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole also Mandip Gill..  The introduction reflects three back in time moments has Jodie Whittaker – The Doctor transcends back towards through time and space those three lost moments.. With the iconic walking  sweep .. The traditional tomato sauce bake beans breakfast…  Missing out the last slice of pizza.. Instead she receives a new box of pizza as time slows down… Also Child-Teen recollection ….

The new series of Jodie Whittaker 13th Doctor focus more of her story as she  – regenerated from the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi as the new series introduction she begins to explore also finding her TARDIS in which it’ll be interesting to see what the new desktop theme interior would look like adapting to her style.. In which we see on October 2018 – directed by Jamie Childs..  Jodie Whittaker introduction as the 13th was seen in the Christmas special of 2017, with a rebranding commissioned to little hawk …..

#iPhonePhotography #LunaPhotography | #Auckland #NewZealand – Wintery 26th June 2018- before the #FullMoon- A Gallery

July 15, 2018

Moon as seen previously on that month of 2018 June in first quarter with its timeless terminator lines


On a 26th June 2018, on wintery cold Winterfell  Auckland New Zealand night in which the air was frozen, cold it was as during that month it was like finding Wildlings from the North of the Wall of Westros to Hug for warmth..  During the moon of June was heading towards the Full Moon on the 28th June 2018, in which it lit up the whole night sky as it approached towards the second quarter of the moon. In which before the second quarter becomes whole, as it before it heads towards the Full moon, full Waxing Gibbous … also has it transiting in between the winter constellations of Sagittarius, Scorpio, towards the Libra then Virgo.. from early to modestly later in the night sky from east..


As the moon gathers towards the full moon, in which that form new moon towards the full moon there’s some interesting features that presented before the moon get white washed hiding its details of Cratered cased shadows of the in which those shadows stretches many Kilometers long enough to encompass any major cities on earth..

Among with before the full moon is the outlining of the craters in which during the first quarter is the line of craters in which some of the best features of a first quarter is the area where Tycho Crater is in which leading down to the Jade Rabbit in which is the Sea of Tranquillity, and Serenity in where Tranquillity is where NASA’s Apollo Astronauts landed on 20th July 1969 on the eleventh Apollo Mission in whereas Serenity is the last eighteenth Apollo mission..

In looking downwards from the from the line of where the Mare, transition from Latin is the Sea’s in where large early sections of the moon where it’s flat, where Mare Iridium in which you’ll explore some untouched regions of the moon where it’s least bombard with craters in which is excepted where there’s a large crater Copernicus is situated… among with Kepler..


Recently Cathay Pacific Airways have celebrated with a successfully Boarding Pass to Asia Los Angeles Campaign, in with great company of people whom with great excellent food with celebrated beverages… in an elegant Southeast Asian California restaurant Lukshon,  that’s been named the number four Los Angeles restaurant in the LATimes- Los Angeles Times, with brining South Eastern Asian Cuisine to the west with incredible attention to detail with bold unique flavourings. Among with that detailing with open kitchen with an intimate dining experiences located in 3239 helms avenue
Culver city, California 90232…

Celebrating the sixth Cathay Pacific Boarding Pass to Asia was treated with treats, also spot prizes as to the previous successful fifth Campaign was in the city of Dublin…. As one guest won a spot prize to Hong Kong… The sixth Campaign was in collaboration with The Infatuation, A great blog site for finding your perfect restaurant, in various United Sates Cities, also located in London….  Videography is provided by Mattodom….

During the Sixth Cathay Pacific’s Boarding Pass to Asia is that you can save up to USD100 with promotion code LAXASIA in which that promotion codes expires till 31st July 2018…

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, during the month of July 2018 it’s been the twenty year anniversary for the world leading innovative Hong Kong International Airport in which celebrating that day on the Sixth of July 2018, is Cathay Pacific’s also Cathay Dragon crew iconic flash mob dancing among with the HKIA’s staff, and well known artist celebrating the anniversary with mass of crowds of passengers in HKIA’s terminal.…

Twenty year Anniversary that’s co-relates is the anniversary of the MTR Hong Kong Airport express that transport countless passengers from MTR’s Hong Kong Island Central Hub in the IFC building in where you can check into your flight also your luggage before your flight at HKIA MTR Hong Kong Central’s delicate  Airport Express… In which you can check in  with every  regularly ten minutes train services, taking you and your check in luggage on least than twenty four minutes train flight time  towards your destination terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport…

The Airport Express train comes with innovative packages such as airliner comfortable seating that features in China made Bullet trains with free Wi-Fi, charging stations services that’s located in your seating in which you can either work, relax, or keeping up with your socials,  while transiting towards the HKIA aircraft terminals…..

On 6th July 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, HKIA  Hong Kong International Airport celebrated its twentieth year anniversary in its lobby in which Cathay Pacific also celebrated it with its world known iconic flash mob dances around known global events ….  In which they flash mob during the Chinese New Year celebrations along the Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui as the Chinese New Year celebrations continues in various Hong Kong Shopping mega Malls also other key destination international airports…..

That day it was live stream on Socials celebrating the 20th Anniversary event,   the Crowds, passengers of Hong Kong International Airport were greet met with excitement as Crew of Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and among with the HKIA staff performed with local Artist with many iconic musical covers, as the iconic flash mob dances… in with end they celebrated with the birthday tunes with Birthday Cake..  Happy Birthday 20th Hong Kong International Airport with many endeavoring innovating decades, centuries to come in being the world leading Airport hubs…

From 1998 Hong Kong International Airport has been ground breaking trending developing as one of the world’s leading, innovating  international Hubs with a global massive diverse aviation hubs for the busiest passenger airports but also the Number one Cargo international Airport …. Also HKIA has provides a unlimited massive economic growth within and outside the Pearl Delta river... as it also imports, exports expands within the local economy of the HKIA. Also the Hong Kong region grows exponentially in connecting industries also lives also it’s the third busiest international airport with more than seventy two million passengers than it previous handle at its Kai Tak international Airport Days of twenty five million passengers..  Handling over five million tonnes of cargo and airmail yearly..

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