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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong,….  Happening on the April 2021…  In which it’s the first time it’s held at the newly constructed awaiting young  Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon cultural district is located in 88 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong SAR – China- People’s Republic of China.. in which is A leading  world-class venue dedicated to promoting and developing Chinese traditional theatre, and nurturing local Cantonese opera and other genres of Xiqu …

 The Xiqu Centre has just recently opening its new MTR Hong Kong connection to MTR Austin Station. Visitors can take the new Exit E from the station concourse to Xiqu Centre, a more direct and easy path for you to enjoy our performances.

As you walk up from the MTR station to the Xiqu Centre Atrium, remember to check out the new boat-shaped art installation suspended from the ceiling while enjoying some free Chinese music performances. While you are here, why not experience the art of traditional Chinese theatre at the Tea House Theatre, which comes with English surtitles and an expert moderator who will give you an introduction of this unique art form. Alternatively, come enjoy a selection of Xiqu films at our seminar hall.

Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon cultural district.. in which the Grand  International Theatre also it’s the Tea House Theatre where the programmes are going to be staged in which bringing enhancing new experiences to Audiences, also the centre providing with educationally entertaining, workshops, lectures, film screenings, also meeting the cast and crew in getting know the operatically art in various genres for the general audience also public ……

Among the various events in also out house of the Xiqu Theatre, along with the stage performances comes with various many Chinese opera house from Mainland China, also from Peking opera Master North and South, China National Peking Opera Company and Shanghai Jinqjiu Theatre Company, Experimental Theatre of Liyuan Opera of Fujian, Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre, Shanghai Yue Opera group , Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera: Jingkun Theatre and Shandong Peking Opera Theatre…. Wenzhou Opera Research Institute…

During the Month of May, on the later part of the month of 2021 24th May, it was China’s Space Day also Book Day in the Occasion of People’s Republic of China, During the Occasion celebrating in eighteen cites with LandSpace –Blue Arrow Aerospace in collaboration with CITIC Bookstore, we will jointly create a theme event of “Stars, Book Sea and Unstoppable Exploration” , which will be opened in the airport and city bookstores. A two-week expedition to space travel. We invite you to pay attention to the “growth” of Suzaku Rocket and witness the upward path of space exploration…. In which the event runs through the duration of April 23 to May 5th 2021….

In collaboration together in the occasion of China Aerospace Day, the outstanding domestic private aerospace company, Blue Arrow, descended into the eighteen cities, and cooperated with CITIC Bookstore to create the theme activity of “Stars•Book Sea Explore More”, and provided professional scientific knowledge guidance. LANDSPACE蓝箭航空…… One part of the Eighteen Cities is Domestic departure cross corridor on the third floor of Shenzhen Airport T3…

The books inspires Thinking is the existence that can surpass the gravity of reality. The rocket is the existence that can overcome gravity……Aerospace technology, while breaking the distance of space, also makes the sky full of stars within reach…. In which At the event site, you can not only feel the advanced thinking of rocket scientists, but also get exquisite and interesting customized space postcards. You will also have the opportunity to witness the Suzaku 2 rocket model…. In which is the core carrier rocket among many in LandSpace reusable series..

Onwards LandSpace 蓝箭航天 One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China..   , LandSpace Blue Arrow Aerospace … located in Beijing (Zhonghang International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing as their main head office in Land Space’s headquarter, Beijing R&D Center is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in E-town…  in which they also have numerous branches in Xian Research and Development Center.. also Located Huzhou Intelligent Manufacturing center in providing testing as assemblies of the components together …

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A successful launch on 1527 Hong Kong- Beijing time on 30st March 2021 CNSA –China National Space Administration launching from one of its many launch Complexes from China used the Long March 4C – Chang Zheng 4C carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center – Inner Mongolia- China-People’s Republic of China…

In which China successfully launched the remote sensing satellite 34 by using the Long March 4C carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Empty, the satellite enters a predetermined orbit.

During that time Sanya Observation and Control Station successfully completed the remote sensing 34 satellite measurement and control mission tracking the launch  At 15:27 on April 30, 2021, China- People’s Republic of China successfully launched the remote sensing 34 satellite using the Long March 4C carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center After the rocket lifted off, the Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center Sanya Measurement and Control Station found and captured the target in time, and successfully completed the launch measurement and control mission.

         In the future, in the face of high-density space launch measurement and control tasks, the Sanya Measurement and Control Station will continue to carry out various mission preparations to provide a strong measurement and control guarantee for the development of the aerospace industry.

Remote Sensing No. 34 satellite is an optical remote sensing satellite, mainly used in the fields of land survey, urban planning, land right confirmation, road network design, crop yield estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation. It can provide information guarantee for the construction of the “Belt and Road initiative project “.

This mission is the 368th flight of the Long March series of carrier rockets…

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At 1120 Hours Morning Hong Kong Beijing Time  on a very clear 27th April  2021, China- People’s Republic of China- CNSA –China National Space Administration   Successfully launched  the Long March 6 Chang Zheng 6 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center Shanxi Province   China successfully launched the test six 03 satellite using the Long March 6 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, on 1120 on a clear Tuesday Spring Morning Day ….

Launching the Long March Chang Zheng 6 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to successfully launch the “Taijing II the 01 satellite” was sent into the predetermined orbit, and the launch was a complete success. “Taijing II 01” is a commercial satellite project customized by Beijing Weina Star Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly acquires medium-resolution optical remote sensing images on the ground. It can provide a full range of remote sensing image services for crop disaster monitoring, forestry and forest fire prevention, forestry resource investigation, environmental monitoring, geological and mineral monitoring, and mountain torrent disaster monitoring. “Taijing II 01” is also the third launch of the micro-nano star MN50 platform satellite. This satellite has further improved the reliability of the satellite based on the previous mature design. The platform continues the software-led centralized processing architecture.

The satellite integrated electronic system adopts a homogeneous cold backup architecture. When a single machine is running abnormally, it automatically switches between the main and standby machines to ensure the stable and reliable continuous operation of the satellite. The attitude control system adopts a redundant backup structure of multiple sensors composed of too sensitive, star sensitive, gyroscope, magnetometer, etc., which has extremely high reliability while ensuring satellite maneuverability and pointing accuracy. The satellite platform adopts a standardized design, which greatly shortens the development cycle and reduces the cost of research and development, and also lays the foundation for the subsequent rapid mass production of the satellite. It is reported that this mission is the fifth flight of the Long March 6 carrier rocket, and it is also the ninth satellite launched by Beijing Weina Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Also on that payload of Long March 6 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to successfully move Three main Satellites including Qilu-1, Qilu-4 and Foshan-1 were sent into their intended orbits. The mission also carried and launched 6 satellites including Zhong’an Guotong-1, Apocalypse Constellation 09, Origin Space NEO-1, Taijing-2 01, Golden Bauhinia-1, Lingque-1 D02. This mission is the 366th flight of the Long March series of carrier rocket

Other satellites onboard the rocket will be used to test technologies in satellite platform design, real-time imaging and observation, data acquisition and transmission, or to offer observations of small celestial bodies and remote sensing services. l provide east China’s Shandong Province with remote sensing services for land survey, urban construction, agriculture, forestry, energy, disaster prevention and reduction.

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During April 2021 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..  in which ever so constantly the MTR Hong Kong have been grown innovatively providing  In order to provide faster and more convenient rail services for the residents of Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China…. In which there’s a Tuen Ma Line in which has been fully in running..  The full Tuen Ma Line –TML line running approximately 56 kilometers running through twenty seven stations with six interchange stations  in which the line will be expected to be operationally on the third quarter of 2021.. is the longest railway line in Hong Kong connecting the West Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1.

Together with the commissioning of the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, three new stations, i.e. Hin Keng Station, the expanded part of Diamond Hill Station and Kai Tak Station commenced service on 14 February 2020. The remaining railway section (between Kai Tak Station and Hung Hom Station) will commence service very soon, providing efficient and convenient railway service to the To Kwa Wan and Kowloon City areas, as well as bringing new vitality to the community Networking, providing more alternatives for passengers travelling to different districts.

The Tuen Ma Line also includes a number of interchange stations which enhance connectivity with the rest of the city’s railway

Want to see the TML full line journey from Tuen Mun Station to Wu Kai Sha Station from the train captain’s point of view? Get ready for the journey! The full Tuen Ma Line -TML has entered the final stage of trial operations. To prepare for the full line commencement, we will be simulating train operations according to the full TML timetable and conducting full line train tests during non-service hours…..

Previously Trial operations for Tuen Ma Line full line commence… During this February 2021 Month of first on the Year of the Ox.. Trial operations have begun on the Tuen Ma Line to gear up for full line opening and trial run of trains during traffic hours is underway. Let’s take a ride on the new section from East Tsim Sha Tsui Station to the new Sung Wong Toi Station from the train captain’s view!

Starting from tomorrow 16th February 2021, trains will be arranged to enter the new section of the Tuen Ma Line for trial operations after they arrive at Kai Tak Station. We will have public announcements and deploy staff to remind passengers to alight from the trains at this terminal station. Meanwhile, passengers will also be arranged to board trains at Platform 2 of Kai Tak Station.

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