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Cathay Pacific is rewarding unsung heroes, Christmas Makers whom worked so hard throughout the years humblingly in behind the scenes in which you least expected throughout the years in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong…. As Cathay Pacific Curates the humbling stories…..

In which those Humbling Stories, one of many like of  Hong Kong lighting designer Mister Terence Wong – Owner of a decorative lighting Company,  whom creates artfully in using decorative lighting to paint the night, illuminating city’s landscape in which crafting those lights in messages also .. Creating those decorative lights is not an easy task, but challenging as he remembers the 1997 Hong Kong Handover back to mainland China where lighting installations were a bit different back then in installing lights with a hammer, tighten the installations with hands.. Terence Wong works throughout the holidays where its Christmas it’s working ordinary day as he can’t leave work, that means Terence can’t leave Hong Kong has he self-employed  with a company of others that’s dependent on him..

Also a waitress- Juan who’s delicate to her work in being responsible of delivery and serving dishes to awaited customers as during Christmas time whenever she sees a customer whom dressed up as Santa Claus for the festive season she’s feels so overjoyed, happy.. They work hard without nothing to complain about that hard work does pay off surprisingly humbling as the guest are happy she’s happy also

Another part of sets of untold unsung stories is a younger sister, house maid whom worked in faster paced life Hong Kong for four years, in which she also takes care of her elders sister children in helping her out.. .. Working all the time she very seldom travel or…as she travels she wants to travels with her family of four together  as she wanting to be home soon to see her son in which when her son see her they’re overcome with reunion joy..

Cathay Pacific invites you nominate whom deservingly someone whom deserves hardworking humblingly in rewarding them giving free tickets to Christmas Makers on Cathay Pacific Social media page on Facebook…..     


During the Month of November 2017 mid way through it’s the construction of the Airbus next generation First Beluga XL, in which is structurally complete with its forward cargo door installed during midway of that month in which the first Beluga XL was in construction from December 2016… Currently there’s five Airbus 300-200 series Beluga’s in the Airbus aircraft part transportation fleet in which they bring all the aircraft fabrication parts from Europe then transport those parts into the Airbus Toulouse French Assembly factory plant in which the process is on a regular flight to meets the assembly aircraft construction schedule…..  As new next generation Airbus aircraft are getting larger in width also in length wise to accommodate more passenger aircraft capacities, newer construction of Aircraft parts cargo are required to meet those needs..

Started in construction on December 2016 reaching, there’s something exciting in the works of “Airbus” in its aircraft construction assembly line in Toulouse, France as incoming part from different European partnerships, in processing phase of assembling the next generation of the Airbus 300-200 Beluga XL, in which in its current fleet there are five in service providing the essential components transportation to Airbus Toulouse in the final phase of assembly of Aircraft..  The current Beluga is based around the Airbus 300-200 series, in which heavily modified to accommodate the carrying various aircraft fuselage in sections to the assembling points….

The Beluga is a baseline inspirationally from the Boeing carrier aircraft the Super Guppy in which provided the transportation of aircraft fuselages to Airbus in its early days. As Aircraft sections grew in size a larger, powerful aircraft is need to transport the parts..  Currently the core components airframe of the aircraft has been structurally reinforced.. In which was done in December 2016 the process will takes twelve months to modified to complete into the daughter of the Beluga in during that duration the airframe is constructed in Airbus  building L34…  then later the installments of mechanical, engineering, electrical systems impendent.. then it’ll be tested in 2018, certified then operations in 2019, to carry an whole set of Airbus 350 WXB Wings.. as the current Beluga is based on the Shorter A300 jetliner, the Beluga XL is based form the longer version of A330-200 in which accommodate more space to carry..

Made in New Zealand -Electron ‘Still Testing’ at Rocket Lab LC-1

On Monday 11th December 2017 New ZealandRocket Lab is set to launch its second attempt of its Home grown, Made in New Zealand of its Electron Rocket launch from its launch complex one at Mahia Peninsula in at starting launch window of 1430 to 1830 hours New Zealand time in which that time translate towards 0830 to 1330 hours Hong Kong Time……

One of the Payloads that’s involve with the Still Testing launch is the CubeSats- micro satellites in which are two imaging Earth Dove satellites for Planet, also paired with a Spire dual weather reconnaissances Lemur 2 satellites in which will be used to data observationally collect of weather information analysis also provisionment for assisting of marine vessel traffic monitoring … the various payloads are launched from Made In New Zealand, Auckland Made Electron Carrier Rocket in which the main fuselage of the rocket is composite of Carbon fibre , powered by those home grown clustering 3D printed Rutherford Engines in similar design heritage that can be founded to those of the China National Space Administration Long March series carrier rockets, as to of the  ROSCOSMOSESA’s  Soyuz or Known SpaceX Falcon nine reusable Carrier Rocket..

As to the previous terminate launch “it’s a test” its provided more leaning experiences for the adaptive changes for what’s need from the last launch as there was a communications miscommunications of that launch in provide more what’s need to overcome those barriers..

During the proceedings towards public safety of the launch there will be road closures as to Marine shore boundary closures as to Aircraft Airspace no fly zones..

As to due to weather conditions that didn’t match up with Rocket Lab’s launch Criteria in which also during that time the NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Administration collaboration ISS- International Space Station was in closely directly in its launch path.. in which hopefully the part two of “Still Testing” will commerce on Tuesday 12th December 2017 on the same time with twenty four hour recycle..


Currently In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – there’s numerous major infrastructure projects going on currently in future proofing Hong Kong, one is the continuous public transportation world leader MTR Hong Kong Corporation- construction… that construction is the Shatin to Central Link Project is the cross Harbour tunnel of Victoria harbour in which will be operational ready by year 2021 least..

As part of the construction process is the immersed tube technique that’s developed for the Cross Victoria the fourth in which the first three is in between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island  in which between the Central to Tusen Wan also from Hong Kong –Central to Tung Chung Line.. The Third is in between the north Point to Yau Tong connection… In which the fourth is Hung Hum towards the Admiralty in which connects to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center… in which journey time is least than five minutes.. in which currently the line is eighty percent complete with phase one..

In construction of the Victoria Harbour Tunnel that runs inbetween Hung Hum also Admiralty is five steps in in the immersed Tube Tunnel Construction, in which starts out in fabrication yards in former Shek O Quarry in which has been transformed into the Tunnel  construction yard of pre-cut Tunnels units are prefabricated in Shek O….. Each of the eleven unit’s pre cased measuring in 160 meters with each of twenty three thousand tonnes…  Once final constructed the Dam in which they are constructed in is floated in making its way towards the Victoria Harbour dredging site… As the fabrication site is flood to allow the transportation of the eleven units with fleet of tug boats towards its destination construction site in which the Victoria Harbour’s seabed is previously prepared as the tunnels make way around the Hong Kong Island towards temporary mooring site in which is located in Tseung Kwan O making it’s Temporary seven point five Nautical Miles.. In which each unit have Surveying towers with integrated floating Platoons in which the eleven units are connected together with the reinforced structural protection to securing the tunnel in which they placed with at least than five centimeters deviation with precision ….

The Shatin to Central linkage to Hong Kong..  Does comes with environmental Geographical constraints, as it transported through typhoon shelters in Causeway bay with careful planning and execution is required it is carefully constructed..


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – there’s numerous major infrastructure projects going on currently in future proofing Hong Kong, one is the continuous public transportation world leader MTR Hong Kong construction…. In which one MTR Lines is in between Shatin to Central linkage project in linking the upper Eastern parts of New Territories- Hong Kong in which currently sits at eighty percent complete in expected to be running by mid-2019 …. Even though Hong Kong is known for its iconic megatroplis towering skyline towers landscape also Hong Kong below is massive network of underground tunneling of connecting integrated labyrinth mazes in which connects the city region to transport millions of commuters around dense city skyscrapers, while under the that skyscraper city is there are many people working hard to make the city greater..

Under those skylines of skyscrapers is a massive Shatin to Central linkage in progress to near completion is an underground maze in which is undergoing a round the clock construction…  in which the Shatin to Central link is consisting in two parts… In which part one runs between Tai Wan and Hung Hom…  Part two runs in between Hung Hom to Admiralty in which links to the Hong Kong  Convention and Exhibition center’s substation in Wan Chai then onwards to Admiralty,,,,

Some of the linkage section components tunneling construction is utilizing the Tunneling Boring Method in which MTR Hong Kong has been world leaders in innovating new technologies in engineering transport transportation to commercial also residential designs , construction, management  in which the innovative Boring tunneling works gives it innovative advantages, with an intensive massive  vertical shaft   is constructed excavation of launching shaft and retrieval shaft with carefully crafted with military grade like GPS precision facilities with way points to connect to it targeting site in which the boring tunneling journey starts at Fenwick Pier Street ……once the excavation/ retrieval site is constructed with Boring tunneling machine in together like assembly of a massive unit  in which measuring at one hundred meters in lengthy with weight of six hundred tonnes with tunneling diameter of seven point for meters it begins to boring into its target path  excavating and assembly it tunneling walls at the same time instantly fabricating the tunnel lining helps to reinforce the tunnel structure also minimizing impacts of surround buildings..

During the boring process it removes the debris through a sealed conduit in which it boring tunnels through many highly dense neighbourhoods   from To Kwa Wan Station negotiating around also facing and overcoming oncoming complications as construction process begins on main roads also public facilities also overcoming a ever complex geological structure of Hong Kong in which with constant monitoring of soil conditions. …. During the process it helps to minimizing the impact of the communities through the control lessening of sound pollution, also dust…  during the construction there will be five more stations along the Shatin to central in which from Hin Keng, Kai Tak, Sung Wong, To Kwa Wan towards the Hong Kong Exhibition Center .. In which connecting west to east Hong Kong New Territories which passengers can travel more conveniently from Shatin towards western rail line finally connecting at Tuen Mun ….

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