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“…. The first time you met him- he’s funny, the second time you met him- he’s amazing,  the third time you realize he’s the most dangerous man in the universe, he said, he’s a man of peace.. but walks in War.. I’m having a time of my life…..  and wouldn’t miss it for the world.. even it Kills me…”

Bill – Pearl Mackie..  

As season ten of “ Doctor Who” set to return on 15 April 2017, with the newly introduction of Bill –Pearl Mackie the new companion to the Doctor- Peter Capaldi also in company with Nardole – Matt Lucas from the previous Christmas specials just to keep him grounded ever since when River Song passed away in that library episode..  this time from the perspective of the teaser trailer in the few episodes it’ll be from Bill- Pearl Mackie Companion perspective whom this man is that she’s adventuring with among with Nardole..  Facing on an even darker episode… given this is Peter’s Last Season as the Doctor whom casting is in question.. Either for a Female Doctor or the traditional male regeneration as we see regenerations are gender changeable in the Heaven Sent episode with the Clara’s TARDIS Dinner-restaurant at the end of the universe in honouring the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy…

“They Call it the Death Star.. But they have no but there’s a way to defeat it.. We need to capture the Death Star plans.. If there’s any Hope of destroying it….. The time to fight is now.. ! The Death Star Plans are down there… we’ll fin d a way to find them.. Rebellions are built on Hope.  “

………Jyn Erso- Stardust– Felicity Jones…….

“Star Wars- Rogue one “ A Star Wars Story is set to be in Home Theatres with many interesting interactive features, also behind  the scenes on visiting  the various sequences of screenplay process.. least than  one month on storyline Rogue one Takes place just moments hours after the Princess Leia’s diplomatic ship makes a after repairs run for the twin star-sunned planet Tatooine… In response to a race find an old family friend Jedi General Obi Wan Kenobi   before Maul does as also “Star Wars Rebels” conclude in finding General Obi Wan Kenobi… in which it may lead to also someone else to a young farm boy Skywalker..  Luke…… episode four” A New Hope”

As Rogue one takes shape on finding the Daughter of the Chief Designer of a massive hyperspace jump capable weapons station namely the Death Star….Finding Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones in which will find Galen Erso- Mads Mikkelsen in which finding the plans of the Death Star that’s been in Finalized construction for about least twenty years……in which was first discovered on a Rebellion routine reconnaissance mission as seemly stumble apond onto something large  with a massive swarms of Star Destroyers Fleet surrounding  patrolling around it…… Finding those plans on Scarif will find the Death Star weakness points among many more weakness points of interest that further Death Stars that in construction…

Star Wars – Rogue One- A Star Wars Story is set out to be released on Home Digital on 24 March 2017, Blue Ray 3D, Blue Ray DVD also on demand on 4th April 2017… .

As this early morning launch on 19th February 2016, on that second SpaceX Falcon Nine CRS-10 Commercial Resupply Service towards the ISS- International Space Station, that second attempt from that Historical Launch Pad from Cape Canaveral, on Launch Complex LC- 39A, as that launch second attempt went without any hitch, it launched smoothly as, ten minutes into the flight, on a cloudy morning.. Then separated from the secondary Dragon Resupply module…  the landing of the Falcon Nine Reusable was smooth as the main webcast shows it’s manoeuvring autonomously with ease through the various heavy layered clouds…  to Space X Landing Zone on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station…



As Round two for “SpaceX” Launch from this morning in least than four hours encountering for the International Space Station resupply in which CRS10 – Commercial Resupply Service number ten.. This is Launch is pretty Iconic, in which is launched from that Iconic Launch Pad LC 39A Kennedy Space Center, that launch from NASA- National Aeronautics Space Administration’s  Apollo Saturn V rockets  to the Space Shuttle –STS Space Transportation System..

The last launch attempt was aborted  thirteen seconds due to the second stage in which the issue on hand was the  steering in which the attempt to resolve it ran out due to the launch window allowed so the launch was aborted.. but as it launched it’ll takes up two days till the CRS-10 Dragon nine reusable will catch up with the International Space Station..

The second Launch Attempt window is target on 18 February 2016, at 0939 morning Eastern time.. in which there will be landing of the Falcon nine reusable at Space X’s landing Zone LZ-1, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station… there will be two various of Broadcast on socials, but it’ll be in two on the Hosted also the Technical webcast..

As “Space X- Falcon nine Reusable” is getting set to return to launch and return to operationally orderly  on 18th February 2017, with the return to resupply the International Space Station with the CRS-10 Tenth mission of the Cargo Resupply Servicing number ten…. In preparation for the return to service mission it’s launched from one of the most iconic Launch Pads in Space history, that very launch Pad in question is the soon to be remodelled, modified Space Launch Complex pad 39A the very one that seen the many launches from the Apollo Mission towards the Moon, among that it’s the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle programme ….but given that’s belayment there will be a backup launch  on the following day in which on the initial window if successful the Falcon nine will separate after ten minutes then meet up within two days latterly.. Also the Falcon Nine reusable will land in LZ-1 Landing Zone one at Cape Canaveral Air force Station…..  in which there will be two webcast of the event one is “the Hosted” the other is the “Technical webcast.. “

In preparations for the upcoming CRS-10 launch, numerous testing had to be done to check out any systems with its new historical launch platform modify for it’s used for the upcoming ultra and Heavy versions of Space X falcon nine variants.. One such testing is the Static test firing of the Falcon Nine’s reusable Merlin cluster Engines to see if all are in working order also its systems..  On 12th February 2017…..

The Falcon nine reusable, including its CRS-10 payload assemble in the adjacent new constructed horizontal assembly building – HIF- Horizontal integration Facility nearby the SLC-39A is railway out to launch pad among too with the TE- Transporter Erector in the same traditional….. The launch window for CRS-10 is windowed for 1001 Hours morning Eastern Standard Time, in which is 1501 hours Greenwich Time with a ground landing this time instead of a drone ship landing…

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