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As Airliners set to replace their older aircraft fleets for more fuel, environmental efficiency Aircraft in which can cover more range also with decrease in travelling time  efficiency…. South Korean- Asiana Airlines has been doing the same with like Cathy Pacific in fleet replacement… Asiana Airlines is Airbus twelfth A350XWB-900 series customer….. In which on 24th April 2017, have taken its delivery from Airbus Toulouse France Assembly plant… This is the First Asiana Airlines taken delivery with it’s first A350-900 following with another thirty orders…

As all the components arrive at the Toulouse France Assembly plant, assembly takes place with the fuselage then the wings, its rudder, with the fins takes shape of an aircraft once assemble it’s taken to the paint shop for livery to be painted on, layered with a strong primer coat, then the aircraft is tested   with the interior cabin installments before it sets out for its formal delivery …

As today on 25th April 2017, On Star Trek Online, the awaiting season thirteen is here, this season is call Escalation in where the three alliances-Federation-Klingon- Roluman are drawn into a middle of an on-going conflict..  As the that conflict started when the Lukari are on the onset of self-discovery of their ancient home world also the hidden coven of secrets that lies within that rediscovery…  unfortunate to that leading up to the rediscovery they are hamper by the Tzenkethi … as this conflict arises it enters into the Alpha Quadrant to close for home in the Beta Quadrant as a trail of random littered planets, As the Alliance teams up with the Lukari to rediscover what lies inside the nebula they find what mystery to their ancient past ….

As Season 13, comes along there’s new content, in which, one is a new War game PVE content in where, two sets of teams compete against each other along with NPC’s in a race to complete all the challenges, in providing the new set of challenges with the new War-game queues comes with a new set of skillsets also equipment.. also with new environments in which to complete in……


Just recently this month of early April 2017, during the first week April 2017 on about the seventh of April 2017 in the constellation Virgo, it’s been the very closest to Jupiter, during this month being very fortunate to record its closest… With its four Galilean Moons Io, Europa, Ganymede Callisto … in which from Auckland, New Zealand, the largest planet in the solar system, the gaseous planet Jupiter can been seen during the Summery and Autumn season as it rises early now as it transition towards making way for the winter night sky in which the Second largest Planet Saturn makes way transition with winter constellation Scorpio for winter.. in that fortunate I was able to capture its view during the night.. as each nights view is unique, it’s unreplicable….

As it rises from the East toward the west in the southern hemisphere, Given that you have a larger tracking or non-tracking mirror telescope among with a good set of lens to help you to magnify the image you can see the planets moons, in which you can see the define details of the layered iconic weathering stripes from the southern to its northern pole in different Neapolitan colours indicating many different layers with that in mind you’ll catch a glimpse of the giant three Earth width red spot in among the tropical equator of the planet that rotating around the planet in which its pretty nomadic depending on its period  duration that you’ll going to see it..

Located right next to the same location nearby, walkable very, walkable within a one kilometre radius from the Big guy, The Big Buddha, Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni. Is the century old more Po Lin Monastery… in which foundation wise at 1906 by three monks from Jiangsu Province in that time the latter half of an almost Imperial Constitutional Monarchy China of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1917) in which the Po Lin Monastery was built before the thirty four meters tall bronze constructed Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni monument to accompany it…

Previously known as the “Big Hut-大茅蓬 Tai Mao Pung” in which was then, onwardly the monastery got retitled in 1924 to Po Lin Monastery in which is more accommodating today…. The Temple itself is a dedication to the Goddess of Mercy, in which her story started from the Northern Song Dynasty…. Walking towards the Monastery… Looking at the structure, it has three halls, the entrance, the main Shrine Hall Buddha, the Hall of Bodhisattva Skanda in which no photography within the two halls are not allowed, however outside wise yes.. As I walk around towards the first hall, the first hall seemingly like a fortress gate hall in two levels in which is very smaller scale down version that guarded the forbidden city… , with the maroon red walls, the golden jade yellow tiles, in which the yellow tiles are in different colour tones than the ones on the Forbidden City in Beijing orthough the yellow colour roof tiles look same, but in tones there’s a slight differences where the Forbidden City is Imperial Jade yellow, in where the one’s in the Monastery it’s a slight darker tone of that Jade Yellow..

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As I entered in towards the main gate, in which is protected by four door guardians , like the ones you’ll see in Chinese traditional homes in front of their main doors gods, or guardians, also you’ve may see these four from the Chronicles of Journey to the west.. As these fours are door guardians of the gates of heaven that guard the entrance which is that massive Tortoise mouth gate… in which to ward of any unsuspecting   individuals or groups of whom may enter through like entering into border control.. In which the four Civil also Martial helps to gather good influences as for the Martial Door gods protecting against Bad Influences…

Walking through that particular hall, in which, interiority, noticing the slight intricate details as it transition from its original interior to been Art Deco modernized in which that Art Deco colour stain glass as that building trending style started to flavour in with glass instead with durable rice paper as Hong Kong was starting out to become the starting point Modern look of China……… As I walking around the hall of the four Door Gods, Guardians, looking at the craftsmanship in representing actual people in  pivotal points Chinese historical lore.. in where, Generals Shientu Yulu, Qin Shubao, Yuchi Gong in where their stories date back to the Han Dynasty……

Looking at the four Door Guardians, looking at the highly detail unmatchable craftsmanship in those days of early twentieth Century…….as the building interior changes throughout time, seen through within new coats of paint, the Art Deco stain glass window plains gives the time of periods of that change, as also with lighting fixtures also gives another aspects of stories of building changed through time.. as I walk out the front door into the from another hall to another..

Walking out from another to the inner Monastery courtyard, in which, has the mixture of two types of garden courtyard landscaping in which is in between two inspirational era’s from the Ming, Qing Dynasties as those to era’s was a majority influence for what to come as seen bring the influences from Forbidden City Beijing to the Monastery as see in that transitioning from those white marble cake layered terraces with the white rounded lotus columns.. Orthough the walls of the gated hall are of a different colour than imperial maroon red, in which painted on the walls of the Forbidden City given the different in hues, in which during the imperial days you can’t have the same colour tone of the Imperial City in which a slightly different off set tone colours …

one of the two main halls that delicate to the Buddha Bodhisattva Skanda- Precious Lotus Zen Temple

As two of the main halls that preceding is the inspired architecturally designs that’s drawn from many elements from the Forbidden City, also from the New Summer Palace especially it’s garden pavilion corridors with those cobalt blues, with jade greens painted wooden brackets, as the monastery has been famous for in crafting those wooden connecting roof brackets that’s interlocking without the use of nails. As with the walls columns hand crafted stone works of intricate dragons supporting the structure..  As at the back of the building is the delicate stone wall carvings that tell the chronicles of Buddha Bodhisattva Skanda.. Within tells glinted with golden Buddha’s that surrounds the walls that center Buddha Bodhisattva Skanda. As the center piece, while the other depictions of his chronicles are painted on the ceilings also of the walls within.. As I entered within the temple, its best to worship it as I did also notable no to take any photograph that’s within in respecting that whom is emplaced, as taken all of that moment taken in exploring every detail soaking the walled ceiling painted history from the past to now, in which the painted chronicles feels like the very inspirational ancient Chinese Paintings in most parts of Chinese Buddhist grottoes among the old Silk Road in where those style of paintings originated from….

Orthough the monastery is recent of least hundred years more, in sense it has the strong feel tugging me into back in time into an enriched moment in time… In which like visiting an older ancient  Zhou-Tang  Capital, Xian, with the Golden Goose Pagoda pulling me in where that light left 1344 light years ago from the Orion Nebula about 700 AD,  where the most powerful woman ruled the most powerful civilization on earth Middle Kingdom-Middle Earth- which is known to be China ..



The big guy- The big Buddha..

There was once a scene featured in the Movie Battleship in where, it features a massive Buddha, on top of the peak of the mountain… also it was featured in the Amazing Race as the in which that mountain is which Lantau Island at Ngong Ping 360.  In where teams arriving at night were to travel there either using various methods of Hong Kong transport to get there to reach to their way points for the next clue in going in performing for the next pit stop..

The big guy, the Big Buddha… Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni, is that particular big Buddha in which was the pit shop for the Amazing race.. in which the big guy constructed out from Bronze started from 1990, completed in 1993, 29th December, standing at a 34 meters tall built, built in a traditional design of bronze out from 202 bronze parts, in which the steel superstructure holds the numerous of parts  together..

Getting there from the cable car, in adjacent to Po Lin Monastery, closely, on an early afternoon on a fine sunny mildly cloudy misty day… getting there, walking there, I can feel its history has it unfolds before me, as the construction of the area speaks it all, as the location is fairly recently constructed in with the inspirational Ming Dynasty architectural designs as you can see from design elements from the Forbidden City in Beijing as an example in which is translated into the designs, as those design elements are translated into the Po Lin Monastery with the resembling maroon red painted walls, with the golden jade yellow roof tiles.. ..  With that in mind the location of the monastery has a very deep history orthough it been constructed at 1906 since last century within the last moments of the Qing Dynasty by three visiting monks from Jiangsu Province..

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The Big Buddha Constructed in back in the late last century, or the turn of last decade of the 20th century, in 1990, in which took a three year construction process out of 202 bronze casted pieces joined up together in within a giant 34 meter tall construction internal steel frame within, like metallically paper Mache pieces that joined up together as it face north wise like the Altar of heaven in Beijing.

Walking up there, for most people is pilgrimage of sorts, some visited because it’s there, in most cases it’s a Pilgrimage for most as on the day of my visit there was numerous people worshiping in front of the southern door in which remains to be closed, internally as you walked in noticing there’s no photography or videoing allowed due to internally it’s an memorial site for those whom are associated with the monastery, or whom wish to have their final ashes rest place en tomb there.. Among with the hundreds others whom are there also around the circumference halls of the memorial section of the Big Buddha Enclosure, in which surrounding that enclosure is a central figure Buddha or the person – Gautama Buddha in life size wooden carve out from one piece, in which the Monastery has been highly regarded known to great source of wood carving sculptures.  As I was walking around the placement is the other steps that leading upstairs, the upper level ring in where you have to pay an extra for an extra level of view..

those pilgrimage 268 steeps..

Among the thousands of people, that walk up the marble stairways, 268 steps, in which among walking up those white grayish steps, is with the three layering marble like platforms that represent the Taoist of that Chinese number three meaning underworld,  Earth, and Heaven akin to the Altar of heaven in Beijing …  among the other ring circumference is the six Devas in which place different various offerings in various forms containing various messages within those offerings in form of incense, lamp, ointment, fruit, with music within those offerings containing messages symbolically six perfections Generosity, Morality, patience, Zeal and wisdom  of .. As the Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni raise one hand in removal of affliction the other is the offering of generosity… As he sits apond a massive lotus leaves over watching with breath taking views of Lantau Island in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong……


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