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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, one of many Transportation is the Buses, one of many providers is the KMB-Kowloon Motor Bus Company… whom carter the hundreds of thousands of people of Hong Kong on daily basis in recently months there’s been an lead up towards the increasing towards public transport safety with the new requirements regulations in which they renovating the newly acquired iconic double decker buses with safety belts for each passenger seating.  Another introduction is the AI – Artificial intelligences of the KMB Bus Driver bio signature health system in which the system monitors the Driver Awareness of how long has the driver has been driving around for also looking for any signs of driver working fatigue with the various sensors that have been installed around the driver’s cockpit. Keeping check with the heart rate, the facial expressions recognitions that indicated tiredness of the driver also bio signs..

As for the buses are based on a Volvo mainframe, in which the buses are out fitted with CCTV cameras that will aid the driver, with passengers safety as they arrive or departure before setting of towards the next stopping route… in which the driver can see what’s happening in on the above view screen in the driver cockpit console.. , among that within that console is protective screening just in case with differences with passengers… Along with the new the interior flooring has a new anti-slipping surface nylon in which makes you shoes to gripping onto the floor when wet…..  Among with the KMB Bus interior is more handrails with a gripping texture.. Among the stairway there’s a soft padded cushion where just in case a passenger falls their body, also head will be cushion… With the new features it’ll have sensory doors in which if a person is stuck in between that person won’t be crushed the doors automatically retract open …. With anti-skidding- ABS driving abilities in which the bus will keep its tyres on the road..

Safety is important each driver will receive a compressive intense training of getting the new buses inside out… Also in which applies towards the older fleet as they start to phase out for the new smart double decker buses… this improvement in passenger, and driver safety came about with the concerns of driver fatigue of driving longer hours in their work shift as now they’re being reduce very significantly to given drivers a more resting period for their next shift, in which also with other factors of older buses not equipped with the new next generation buses designed,


On an almost midnight 17th May 2019 launching from almost midnight at 2348 hours Beijing time, from many of CNSA 國家航天局 –China National Space Administration launch complexes is from the Xichang Satellite launch centre, Sichuan Province, located in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous prefecture.. launching is the reliable iconic Long March Carrier 3C Carrier Rocket Series without any issues..

Launching is the latest addition of the BDS-BeiDou Navigation Satellite , in which it’s the fourth in which is been sent up as BDS-2 back up Satellite also to date it’s the forty fifth satellite in the constellation network.. In which providing an extremely highly advance navigation reliable serving system…. the constellation network provides constant communications relaying from the same continuous points… Providing data, navigationally observational communications towards the Belt and Road Initiative countries…

Manufactured, designed by CNSA’s network companies, CAST- China Academy of Sciences Technology, also CALVT- China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology branch… Each BeiDou3 advance atomic clock in which it timely beats with the Rubidium Atomic clocks in which the frequency vibrations of the Rubidium atoms gives an extreme advance ultra-stable accurate timing….. BeiDou satellite network system name was inspired form the seven stars that occupied the big dipper that points towards the star Polaris, the Northern Pole Star… In which northern hemisperers navigate from also in Chinese legend it’s also the Fortress Mouth of the Tortoise gate the only entrance toward the upper domain, the gate of Heaven……  In which during the duration of 2020 the BDS constellation network would have an excess of thirty satellites servicing the provision requirement needs of the Belt and Road Initiative…..

With a coverage of the Asia Pacific region with a accuracy within ten meters that will get tighter towards as each generation innovates…in providing navigational communicational  services towards the Belt and Road initiative countries within more than 45 Satellite network by 2020…. in which the BeiDou Satellite Constellation system in which has been, installed since the year two thousand servicing the Asia Pacific region in the year 2012 from serving China… in which the system provides towards more than fifty countries with a total population of three billion people… Since year Two Thousand, since providing that service it helped rescuing more than ten thousand fishermen… Also provide monitoring the structural integrity of highways, pipelines, dams, bridges also various infrastructures…  As part of it Data Communications package It provide more than three hundred million smart phones in which thirty three percent of the Smart Phone market have now currently connected towards the BeiDou Constellation network..  Towards year 2020 the BeiDou Constellation system providing first rated leading services for a global services..


In the dedication of ensuring flight safety, is the Asia’s leading Airline Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空公司, in working behind the scenes in where ensuring working together as a team where the International iconic Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew-Flight Attendants ensuring you have a heartfelt service of a comfortable flight experience, where the Cathay Pacific’s international experienced Pilot takes you to your destination…. In that collaboration is the crew of engineers. Whom delicate in which of ensuring partaking that preparations of ensuring that your journey is a safely done, in which you’ll see them inspecting maintaining the aircraft ..

As part of the collaborative team is the Aircraft Engineer Dominic in this case he’ll be looking checking inspecting a Cathay Pacific Airbus A350- A350-900 series… “An I’m responsible for every aircraft line maintenance,  I joined Cathay Pacific  in 2001, this year is my nineteen year with the airline in which when he first joined, An Engineer told him when you release an aircraft it may be easy to sign it off in the logbook, but your signature carries a huge responsibility in which because it guarantees the safety of the aircraft and passengers , since then every time I release an aircraft, I take it as a very serious responsibility, , We’re   usually in the office an hour earlier, to check the aircraft’s parking position on the computer, also its condition in real time,  if we discover a problem we have time to get ready, So when the aircraft arrives we can immediately star repairs …. Fifteen minutes before the aircraft arrives, we’ll head out to the tarmac, to conduct a walk around check, in which making sure the area is clear of debris, so the aircraft can taxi in safely…So when the Aircraft is at a stop, we’ll place wheel chocks to prevent it from moving, Then we’ll contact the flight crew via headsets ……. “

“…..The Engineer will check the aircraft door for any damages, then we’ll gives a thumbs up for ground staff to connect the air bridge, We’ll then conduct a general visual inspection of the aircraft to check the fuselage.. Engine, wings, landing gears, also tail, to see if there are any defects…. Inside the aircraft we will first stop by the cockpit to greet the pilot… Then it’s to check the logbook register any defects, although we don’t directly serve out passengers like cabin crew… But as an engineer we have the same dedication to make sure our passengers are comfortable, that the aircraft is safe.  We’ll do our best every step of the way … “

“…….Before Take-off, the pilot and I will do individual pre departure walk around checks, Only we’re sure there’s nothing wrong then will we sign to release the aircraft…. I think being an engineer is both a rewarding and challenging job.. We need to be clam, and also be able to make quick decisions… For every flight that takes passengers to their destination safely and on time. There’s a crew silently working behind the scenes  Every time I see an aircraft that I’ve inspected and released take off safely, even when the going gets tough it all worth it …. “

On Wednesday New York Time 15th May 2019, it’s the return launching of the SpaceX reusable Carrier Rocket the reliable tow truck the Falcon Nine Reusable in which had been used previously on 2018 September on the Telstar 18 Vantage mission, also the Iridium eight mission on 2019 January..

Launching SpaceX from afar from the NASA’s KSC launch complex, launching from Cape Canaveral Airforce Base SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 at launch window at 1000 Hours Hong Kong Time, or From 2230 Hours EDT- Eastern Daylight time …. In which returning the primary stage – the tow truck the Reusable Carrier Rocket the Falcon Nine Reusable returns to the Landing Drone ship “Of Course I love you” Landing at eight minutes and seventeen seconds after lift-off.


Image result for Starlink sixty cluster satellites

The Starlink  Sixty  Clustering Satellites deployment set to be placed in at an attitude at 550 Kilometers above from one hour and two minutes after lift-off…  in which reaching towards the target attitude from 440 Kilometers above earth in which from there they will reach towards their 550 Kilometer under their own propulsion system..

“……In light of today’s tonight launch of the SpaceX Starlink mission it was postponed due towards the weather conditions did not meet the launch criteria check list due to the high velocity winds in the location of the launch complex in which it the next launch will be on the same time 2200 EDT window on 16th May 2019 New York TIme 17th May 2019 from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air force Base…..”

The Provisionments of Starlink sixty cluster satellites in a constellation network performs a low latency connection with a high velocity bandwidth broadband servicing in planetary coverage…. Each system features the hall marks of dragon heritage design with a weight of 227 Kilograms.. In which each of the cluster Starlink Satellite contains Hall Thrusters powered by Krypton. Integrated into that system is with a cluster of instruments of Startracker Navigation system, that allows Space X to position its satellites with a high degree of precision.. Also the satellites are capable of tracking on-orbit debris in making self-awareness to make its decision to move to avoid collisions.. Therefore allowing continuous communications and coverage..


As on Star Trek Online – Rise Of Discovery, the third edition of the Star Trek Discovery storyline in prelude towards how the Mirror Universe Captain Gabriel Lorca- Jason Isaac became in replacement of the prime Universe Captain  Lorca in the result of the destruction of the USS Buran in which the story line tells the story before him and Commander Ellen Landry –Rehka Sharma came about before they were assigned to the USS Discovery.. In which that story telling tells on the 14th May 2019… Leading towards a major update in which a new reputation – Discovery Legends Reputation as earn on the TFO’s –Operation Riposte, Peril over Pahvo, also Pahvo Dissention. …. In which the TFO- Task Force Operations rewards adds up in getting rewards for the new space- ground sets, new kit modules, traits, new costumes ….

Among the Rise of Discovery, is the new gain items in the brand new Discovery Legends Reputation in which give your abilities to unlock with powers, technologies used by the Star Trek Discovery series,   In which there’s a newly Mark number type specifications with Rise of Discovery storyline… In which a new revisited TFO- Task Force Operations of Defense of Starbase one, Pahvo Dissention, Peril over Pahvo also Operation Riposte in which there are new unlock rewards..

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