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On 25th June 2017, is the launch from that Iconic NASA- Kennedy Space Center– Launch pad Launch Complex 39A, that Launched the Apollo Mission also the Space Shuttle Mission Known as the STS- Space Transportation Systems.. That Space X Launch is the launch of Bulgaria’s first Geo stationary communications satellite, Bulgaria Sat-one… is first in its history…  The launch is within fourteen hours. As the launch Window commerce from 1410 t Eastern Date time in the Afternoon in which thirty five minutes of the launch the BulgariaSat-1 is deployed finally… also its retaining a tradition again on landing a reusable Falcon nine first stage…. On a Drone ship ““Of Course I Still Love You’ in which will be station off shore stationary awaitingly on the Atlantic Ocean least ten minutes after the launch..

The BulgariaSat-1 is Bulgaria first Geo Stationary communication satellite….  In which was constructed contracted built SSL- Space System Loral a Palo Alto California company based on the 1300 series platforms. The Communications provisions providing various sorts of high velocity communications to south eastern regions of Europe…. In HDTV also Ultra…… the location of the BulgariaSat-1 is placed at 1.9 degrees East longitude..

In recently there’s been a new dress makeover for the Constitution class retrofit on Star Trek Online... As they steady update the feel of hull texturing of the Constitution class, as the previous one still available as type one material hulling in which they roll out two new dresses texturing the Type eight, also Type Eight B.. In which gives back to the original hull pearliest shades of bridal whites texturing that was featured in the Motion picture that progressive further into the other features of the other ships in the fleet..

The hull texturing dates back to Andrew Probert, The Constitution Class retrofit with the Pearliest bridal whites Aztec texturing.. Also with the new dressing it comes with much numerous detail changes from the older look to the Andrew Probert look, in which you can see more detailing along the saucer section sensor strip along with the engineering hulling warp core line that’s seen from the Connie’s neckline towards the engineering section….  Along with the changes are the larger windows of the Botanical Gardens in levels 21 and 20… Also with the shuttle hanger in which there was lack in detail previously now it looks more active with activities through the windows of the ship with the new windows with the original decaling there also the recreation deck windows on level six..

The new hulling dressing makeover is lovely it’s true to attention to detail with the decaling in which it soft complexion with an Aztec lacy layering…..


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, RAZER- Hong Kong just recently open a brand new Sixth  store in which it officially open on 17th June 2017, in which is located in between Shops A and D- Ground floor number one, Cannon Street Causeway Bay- Hong Kong..   The Store open on a during a pretty much Rainy day…. The crowds gathered throughout the morning till the later in the evening in with umbrellas has they waited braven the rain….. Known Razer its design, in for catering for Gamers, design by gamers to cater then required gaming computer needs for intensive gaming on so many skill set levels…  in providing  with provision of gaming equipment, gaming peripherals, accessories also it’s clothing range

As the store awaits it official opening with crowds gathering with spot prizes, whom waited with patience to see what’s install among the openings there was a Cosplaying photo contest, with a official store opening also with some celebrities professional gamers  SFV show match between UndergroundDV also Xian with later on with fan challenges also with Street Fighter challengers with other celebrities Gamers Humanbomb.. ….

Also continuing the opening celebrations #RAZERSTOREHK  from it’s opening day to 8th July 2017 you can still win a spot prize of gear all you have to do is a selfies Hashtag it with  #RAZERSTOREHK in be in to win some awesome gear..

On A very wintery cold autumn night sky in Auckland, New Zealand, that night also day of 17th June 2017 was an extremely foggy day that also fog out Auckland in particular… In which it stood there for the whole day for a moment till the Sun- the nearest star to Earth, was able to warmth up radiant wintery heat the Auckland landscape only…… That Day the foggy landscape roam over with silent in which during the later hours in the afternoon of the Manukau Harbour encompassing any possible views of story telling the night sky….

Until that night there was moments off pockets of windows to storytelling of the night sky in which the Planet Jupiter in the bodice of the Constellation of the Virgin –Virgo…  orthough it was observable through the thin layers of fog there it was in the clear window in which you could see only forty light minutes ago, least eight hundred million kilometers away from Earth as well with the tropical bands In with the many layers of intensive impressive weathering system as too among its Galilean Moons as progressively going from occultation into transiting with multiple eclipses. .

Before settings out onwards to the Fortaleza do Monte also Senado square… there was one place that was outside the central older neighborhooding sections of Macau square there was one site of interest it’s The Kun Lam Tong-Ecumenical Center in which sits off at 1101 Avenida de Sun Yat-sen In which is located off land on artificial island interconnecting with a sixty meter long causeway bridge… in which the bronze 32 meters tall Kun Lam Tong- Goddess of Mercy statute is only not facing the sea, or harbour.. In which is facing the shoreline.. In which facing the ocean will bring good luck to sailors whom traveling onwards to sea…

Arriving in the morning before setting outwards to the Senado Square walking up to in before lunch is the towards the Causeway  bridge that’s leading up towards the Ecumenical Center, in which the center serves as an educational center with a library also a moderate size convention center to house events in which of various cultures in accumulating them together..

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The Buddhist, Taoist Chinese Painting works inspired me, in how to see the many layers of different tones of painting drawn out with each every layer of brushwork brings out a story within the whole storyline.. As the different tones of colours bring life out from those painted stories on like on textures that helps to date it back on the many Buddhist cave Grottoes that can be found among the Old Silk roads in which during those time many Buddhist cave Grottoes are detailed illustrated with gorgeous carvings with paintings.. in which you could see the various elements of Buddhism and Taoism fusion together in merging many philosophies together..

A gorgeous fine late morning that radiant the – Kun Lam Tong- Temple of the Goddess of Mercy of it’s fifty bronze panels…

The Ecumenical Center, is innovated modern… in which the base of the structure is designed with a white lotus petal inspirational hall in which people can rest while rest within the round hexagon setting arrangement like in the Taoist nature … while observing the illustrations within the round ceiling walls.. With Buddhist also with Taoist inscriptions collections of art works with focusing on Buddha, Lao Tse, and Confucius…   the round walls within the Ecumenical Center walls are designed with harmony as with the them Taoist white black Ying Yang apporachment, in which the focuses on the Eight Trigram seating while observing the “Thought from both from the Occident and the Orient”….

Among the galleries inside the – Kun Lam Tong- Ecumenical Center in which marveling at the construction work on the inside also the outside with the fifty bronze casting paneling that makes up the structure like how the big Buddha is constructed at Lantau island.. The views of its surroundings of Macau Tapa island shore land with impressive adjacent bridge engineering of in between Governddor Norbre de Carvaho Bridge also it other in parallel of Pte, da Amizade in which viewing from the causeway  bridge..

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