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Hong Kong Television TVB Actor 張衛健- Dicky Cheung reprise his Chinese Cantonese Dialect voice role for Sheriff Woody ….

Currently in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Your Toy Stories about to come to life in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon….  Harbour City, in which the next Chapter of Team Woody returns to the screens in in Hong Kong 11th July 2019, in which in collaboration with Harbour City, Disneyland Hong Kong, Pixar in collaboration with Harbour City in Joining together with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, Bo Peep along with meeting people in promoting the fourth film in a Carnival in between 29th June towards August 2019.. In which during the carnival there will be many events with challenging games activities with pop up stores catering the activities

In the leading up towards Toy Story Four is the cultural language exchanges, in which during the post-production of translating from English towards the Chinese- the Cantonese Dialect, in which among previously before TVB actress and actress reprise their translation Chinese -Cantonese voice …

In which during the post-production process, they had fun in creating this mini documentary in spot guessing a certain feature of an character in which turn out to Hamm the Pig..  In which during the post-production the Hong Kong Television TVB voice over cast noticed throughout the series of Toy Story is transcending multiple generation story in which encompass the past, current then next generation as the Toys have a new story with the next younger generations as they pass onwardly to a new owner..

The Hong Kong Television TVB Chinese language Cantonese Dialect voice over Cast

張衛健 Dicky Cheung-  聲演 胡迪

劉青雲 Sean Lau –  聲演 巴斯光年

謝安琪 Kay Tse 聲演 牧羊女寶貝

Donald 聲演 阿得

 Coming Soon on September 2019 Doctor Whoon The Edge of Time , is a new member of Team TARDIS in which is you exploring with The Doctor among with her Team in a Virtual Reality headset game that’s played with the PlayStation VR, also with the Oculus… ….. As you adventuring with the Doctor you’ll find as she was thrown through at the end of time also at the end of the universe as you begin to search for her…

 Exploring with the team in which you’re armed with a Sonic Screwdriver with a curiosity of adventure exploration you adventure with problem solving skills that make you think when you encounter puzzles … in which you encounter with classic and new monsters in which during adventuring you find the doctor to help to stop the Daleks and others in destroying the fabric of reality. In which stopping a powerful virus that threatens to tear reality apart as you pilot the TARDIS to recover the time crystals that can repair the reality of time in which leading towards the repair of the universe…..

The Doctor Who – The Edge of Time, is based inspired on the Doctor Who series, in which is played on the Playstation VR, also Oculus in collaboration with Steam VR, VIVE …. In which is developed by publisher Playstack and developed by Maze Theory..

As this year previously In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, at the world leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation.. in nearby Tsim Sha Tsui, MTR Hong Kong’s West Kowloon it was the grand opening of the High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express in which connects towards many destinations in Canton province within the Greater Bay Area also towards the Capital Beijing… One of many cities it connects towards is Guangzhou is Canton Province Capital… from the traditional three to four hours train time reducing with the modern High Speed Rail, least than forty eight minutes.. In which makes easier for those whom live across the border in between Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to work, visit, or educationally daily without having to travel by aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport…The station’s design has won several awards including a Golden Winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category of A’ Design Awards 2016-2017 and a Gold Winner of the Best Futura Mega Project, MIPIM Asia Awards 2015.

In its first introduction promoted by TVB’s presenter-actress Jacqueline Wong, In which showing the numerous features of the construction of the Station Hub itself also the features of the Vibrant Express Bullet trains, also the effectiveness of having a high speed connection in which between the Greater Bay Area of whom work live inbetween the Greater Bay region… in which going to the Mainland, in which you have another travel option, The High Speed Rail.  The High Speed Rail Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, in which connects towards with fifty eight stations in the mainland in which some destinations are without interchanges. In which with frequent Train services for the Guangzhou –Shenzhen Hong Kong High Speed Rail in which seventeen pairs of trains a day connecting long haul destinations with a high quality of frequent and punctual services that get you destinations reliably …. In which you can adventure further with the National high speed network…

Starting planning out your journey with the high speed journey, in which there are two types of ticketing- Tickets…….  Cross Boundary Tickets are for travelling towards and from wards Hong Kong in a travelling situation from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station towards Guangzhounan Station… The other Ticketing is Mainland Domestic Tickets are for travelling like for example from Xi’anbei Station to and back Zhengzhoudong Station….

Planning your cross boundary journey is to best to check train frequencies and ticketing information on the MTR Hong Kong Website High Speed Rail page Or download the High Speed Rail Mobile App, in which you can stay tuned in real time with the latest information … after you finished planning, it’s time to purchase your ticket… in which your High Speed Rail has a Real Name ticketing policy.. in which includes Personal Identity documents _ Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents( Home Return Permit) _ PRC Peoples Republic of China Residents Identity Card,_ PRC Exit / Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macau_ Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Province Residents_ Foreign Passports recognized by the PRC Government..  In which this will provide identification for Verification at the Time of Purchase also for any after Sales Service.. Such as Ticketing alterations and refunds..

You can purchase cross boundary tickets between twenty eight or thirty days in advance through various ticketing channels with various payment methods at the Ticketing counter or the Ticketing machine at the West Kowloon Station, in which the machines accept Home Return Permit second generation PRC Resident Identity cards.. or collect tickets on line when booking thirty days in advance through the online ticketing, Tele-Ticketing also Ticketing Agents at the West Kowloon Station when collection of your ticket is best to present your original ID Documents  for each traveller’s ticketing , giving that you change your plans of travel you can request a ticketing alteration or a refund before the cut of time without any applied service charges each ticket can be changed in which its best to read the terms and conditions on the website at a onetime alteration for the departure date, time, class of travel . Given that if you need to cancel your trip… You may request a partial ticketing refund, in which that partial refund is inbetween 50 to 95 percent…  the earlier the refund in which the higher the refund amount… Given if you want a rail connection on the Mainland, you can purchase mainland Domestic Tickets from the ticketing counters operated by an authorised Agent at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station in which handling fees applies for ticketing service at the agent…..

How to get towards West Kowloon Station, getting to West Kowloon Station is very easy, there are numerous Footbridges, subways that connect towards the station,  like a four minute walk to the West Rail line Austin Station, twelve minute walk to Tung Chung Line, Airport Express Line Kowloon Station.. In which also it connections with the Kowloon MTR Station as well to Elements.. in finding the pathway is just to follow the orange bold logo, icon in with directions points take you there.. Besides taking the MTR… You can take a Taxi, Bus, and Mini Bus, also there are other transport options available, the Airport Express Free Shuttle bus K1 between Hung Hom and Jordan and Kowloon Station…. Also there are five hundred parking spaces with a station car park Pick up- Drop Off…  Getting towards West Kowloon Station accessible is very comprehensive, making a very convenient location for travelers.


Before taking off on your high speed Journey, head towards the Ticketing Concourse, going through Ticketing and ID inspection in which is located at Ticketing Concourse on level B1….  then you’ll go through the first tier gates for a baggage and security check… then completing the Hong Kong transit the Mainland Entry and exit formalities in one go with the Hong Kong – Mainland Clearance Procedures at the Departure Concourse at B3..  Then procedure towards the waiting area at the departures concourse, in which boarding gates will be closed five minutes before departure, in which entering the secondary tier gates towards the platform an board the train..  in which there are baggage allowances for each child is ten kilograms, for each Adult twenty kilograms, in which total dimension of each piece cannot exceed 130 cm suitcase..  Also beware of the prohibited items in trains also the general area of the Station and railway premises..

Upon boarding the train, remember to stow your baggage properly for a safely and pleasant journey, in which baggage racks are available in every compartment, also you can place your baggage above you seat, also finding your seat is located to the printed ticket accordingly also listen to any announcements, electronic displays that will provide you information of arrivals, and safety guidelines along the way… If you have any assistance inquiries contact the crew on board before leaving the train remember to take your personal belongings with you …..

MTR Hong Kong – West Kowloon Station

Travellers taking the Guangzhou –Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail may come across mainland trains or known as High Speed Trains- The Vibrant Express in which has eight coaches, it has various facilities available, depending your ticketing class tier, the first class comes with headphones among with the other classes tier that you have bring your own headphones….. With Music and in Train television entertainment, along with power socket, with free WiFi… among is free Hot Water in which providing that you bring your own cup or bottle…  Wheel Chair area is provided, with accessible washrooms…… The basic crew of the train comes with a driver, purser, passenger attendants, also an on board engineer ….

MTR Hong Kong – High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express West Kowloon Station.

The take the Vibrant Express check the train schedule on the MTR Hong Kong Website High Speed Rail page or High Speed Rail Mobile App…The High Speed Rail journey is more than just a ride the Hong Kong West Kowloon station building itself plays an vital role with shopping, also with the stunning outdoors scenic open space architecture inside outside with international awarding international art murals…..

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong…… In an already tomorrow world’s leading international airport hub. Hong Kong International Airport.. Has numerous number of Airport Facilities and services in which are spread across numerous locations around the ever so expanding International Airport City..  in which the HKIA- Hong Kong international Airport is transiting towards in becoming an International Airport City..

One of the numerous Facilities and services, is free high velocity free WiFi in which you can stay connected throughout your journey ahead onwardly in checking out your socials, catching up with love ones, catching up with much need work or what other pre-emptive stuff  at the passenger terminals..   in which you can find the WiFi terminals with the @ tower signage , in which they comes with computer terminals with charging stations so you can charge up you devices ..  Giving that you have the, My Flight App in which in which sets out to help you making it easier for you the traveller on finding you around the Hong Kong International Airport, in which its newest update.. In which you can customise of how you like to interact with the app, personalising it or go for the classic look, among there staying up with the real time of departure flight status… among with many other menus it has a map of finding Airport Facilities and services ….

What to do via Hong Kong International Airport Facilities and services …

We offer free Wi-Fi throughout our passenger terminals so that you can stay connected before your flight. Follow these few simple steps to get connected:

Disable your data service to avoid roaming charges

Select “#HKAirport Free WiFi”

Launch your internet browser and enter a valid website address

The login page will appear, click “Agree and Continue” after reading the terms and conditions

You’re connected! Enjoy the free Wi-Fi

For more information or support, please refer to our leaflet or call our service hotline at +852 2188 7799.

Those without laptop computers or mobile devices can access the internet on one of the 94 desktop computers at 36 locations on the Departures Level of Terminal 1 and the Midfield Concourse. At the North Satellite Concourse, the Internet Zone on the Departures Level has six desktop computers with free broadband access….

In the spring of Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong 26th March in China 27th March 2020 is the release of Disney’s story version of Mulan played by international Legendary Chinese Mainland Actress Crystal-Liu Yifei, prizing the role of Goddess –Grand General Mulan- Crystal Liu Yifei in which she once lived at the time of year circa 500 AD about two hundred years before the middle of the Tang Dynasty… in which she lived in between the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) and Southern or later to Sui Dynasty ….  In that Disney Story of Mulan rendition is their version story foretold of the from elements from the Disney Animate version… the Disney ….

The Disney storyline version of the Mulan rendition from their animate movie from which the teaser trailer has all the hallmarks from the animated movie without the dragon Mushu, in which hopefully this isn’t a musical, in which is a live action translation of the animated… the Disney storyline synopsis is of when the country, empire is in the brink of war with the collection of  Nomadic tribes from the North of the Border in which it’s been on going,  in which infringing on the trade routes that’s known as the Silk Road the connection terrain trading route in between East meeting West that of known as Europe that been..

花木蘭 Goddess Grand General mulan is dressed in Army HanFu -Han Dynasty Military Standard issue uniform without the armour..

As the war in between Imperial empire continues, more further replacements of the  Imperial Dynasty Army is need for an on-going war campaign… in which the Emperor of that time decrees that the eldest male, or one Male from the family Must serve the Imperial Army.. In which the only male whom makes the grade is Hua Mulan’s youngest brother… But Mulan’s Father says he’s too young… in which he takes his son’s place as previously as he was a General, in which Mulan’s grandfather is also one to in the real life version… As this film explores two sides of her the one is the good daughter whom filial piety towards her parents take shape as she decides to become the other in replacing her ill aged father in which sets off as enlisting as Hua Jun .. In disguised as a man for twelve long years of campaigning in combating defeating successfully the northern nomadic tribes back in learning from each other from her comrades also from her father and grandparents….From the years of campaigning she embracing her true potential finding her inner strength as person also as a solider towards honoured General- Grand General…

Disney version of Mulan , as Mulan is prepared by a match maker in which she is deciding this isn’t my life like this.. as she dressed in Han Dynasty Tang Dynasty clothing with to excessive of the make up..

花木蘭 Goddess Grand General mulan serial bow arrow archery in instantly reloading for the next target ….

In which the real life Goddess Grand General Mulan with the military rank of an Empress was grant that tittle even though she decide to decline the official posting as she explains that her parents, grandparents also her siblings is the most important also it’s long while from her family in which the Emperor understands filial piety, family is important, in which the rank she kept even in just in case..  during the Tang Dynasty, the first Emperor issue an imperial decree in which Grand General Mulan tittle is levitated towards a high level grant as Goddess, in which a massive temple is built to honour her, her life in which most of the first hundred years of Tang Dynasty is inspired by her life stories..  In which the real Mulan was a very wealthy self-made Entrepreneur on of the most wealthy girls in the village city township as she own her seamstress company in tailoring clothes for her respective patrons customers.. In which as you read during the Ballard of Mulan.. she purchases a Warhorse, today that’s like purchasing a Bentley of the lot instantly and armouring her warhorse …  in which also her Martial Arts is incredible as she is educated to the highest extend humble taught by her father and grandfather whom was both noted Generals during the dynasty… in which like of her younger sister and brother.. Her name was given by her parents in whom there was Mulan Magnolia flower, in which Magnolia trees bloom with flowers in front of her home… As Hua Mulan, Fa Mulan translated to  Flower Magnolia … in real life she didn’t have a relationship nor of being married her only love relationship was filial piety, towards her parents, grandparents also her siblings…. She was very virtuous in heart what she loved…

During the sequences of the teaser trailer, we can see various elements of the film, in which most of the filming production  was done in parts of scenic New Zealand in which giving that raw harshness ancient landscape of the Gobi Desert, the central plains, the Mongolian plains of  China of somewhat of that era.. In which the New Zealand landscape resembles to almost of those landscaping environments …. In which one earlier in the teaser trailer is the village home of Hua household in which Mulan lived in which is situated in Fujian Province China – People’s Republic Of China in which is known for round fortress Fujian Tulou Hakka homes, in which are called Fujian Tulou  communal Homes. Designed as with fortifications in mind to defend against bandits, or armies..

Disney version of Mulan 花木蘭 featuring legendary Crystal Liu Yi Fei as Goddess -Grand General Mulan

Directed by New Zealander Niki Caro, screen played by Lauren Hynek, Rick Jaffa, Elizabeth Martin, Amanda Silver featuring an all International Asian cast “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”…..

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