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As part of the Age of Discovery storyline after the is the Mirror of Discovery on Star Trek Online, in which during that’s celebrating with its ninth year anniversary is the Georgiou Class in which is the daughter of the Walker Class Exploration cruiser– USS Shenzhou that Captain Philippa Georgiou command in just before the pre cursor towards the Klingon War, the Battle of the Binary Stars….in which we see some of the storylines from Star Trek Discovery..

Towards currently today it’s the daughter of the Walker Class, in which has all the hallmarks of that class the hull, the nacelles arrangements, the new design elements are inspired by the Excelsior class in which the saucer section, in which having a frontal long rectangular deflector dish section, in with a frontal below cargo, hanger section design that only could be found on the excelsior hanger…. Among is the lower torpedo launcher section in which resembles like Miranda class, instead with the dual launcher it quad on both sides…  in which to have the look of the Georgiou Class, is in the Discovery operations bundle in which gives you that Georgiou Class dress looking attire..


Flying in around combat also in non combat she displays a very highly maneuverabilities, in which is very high, in which vantages in a rapid responding range  is with its turn rate with its plus five weapons power, Shields, Engines, Auxiliary.. With the smaller narrow sleek streamline warp nacelle it gives more of a turn rate in which evasive manoeuvres with be your advantage point in recharging, increasing your beam array arc in which that turn rate gives you more advantage to set the torpedoes range either in scatter follies or direct sonic shockwave.. …..

The Georgiou Class- Walker Class is lovely elegant ship, in which is this class is comparative towards to being a Star-Odyssey Class girl that I am….. Weapon console skillset is comparative with five forward and three rear weapons consoles in which gives combination in which it doesn’t handle dual or quad cannons but a triple set of cannons also dual torpedo launchers in the forward with three sets of turrets gives a an all-encompassing defensive posture when attacking giving you the best advantage points of the ship with evasive manoeuvres..  It’s recommend to install subsystems warp core that can give you a boost with a plus five power to its subsystems in keep your ship internal systems functioning in providing support towards to the major systems…

Ship system wise its multiple purpose ship with three tactical and sciences, five engineering, ship modifications Bridge Officer Stations: one Lieutenant Commander Tactical, one Ensign engineering/Intelligence, one Commander engineering, one Lieutenant Commander Science, one Lieutenant Universal/Pilot ….

The Georgiou Class – Walker Class – tier six light Exploration cruiser

Faction: Federation and Federation allies

Tier: 6

Availability: Lobi Store (Federation and Federation allies)

Required Rank: Rear Admiral (Level 40)

Hull Strength: 1.325 (39,750 at level 40, 45,713 at level 50 and 53,000 at level 60)

Shield Modifier: 1.15

Fore Weapons: 5

Aft Weapons: 3

Device Slots: 4

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Ensign Engineering/Intelligence, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science, 1 Lieutenant Universal/Pilot

Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science

Base Turn Rate: 10 degrees per second

Impulse Modifier: 0.15

Inertia: 40

+5 Power to All Subsystems

Console – Universal – Obfuscation Screen

Cruiser Command Array

Command – Strategic Maneuvering

Command – Shield Frequency Modulation

Command – Weapon System Efficiency

Command – Attract Fire

Starship Mastery Package (Cruiser)

Absorptive Plating (+Kinetic and Physical Damage Resistance)

Rapid Repairs (+Regeneration)

Enhanced Plating (+Energy and Radiation Damage Resistance)

Armored Hull (+Max Hull Hit Points)

Vulcan Hello (Starship Trait)


Rocket Lab pre checking preparations for a launch for a late February 2019 for an Untied States Department of Defense – DARPA R3D2 experimental Low Earth Orbit Communications Satellite

Currently on 14th February 2019, that’s Valentine’s Day is the preparations of for upcoming launch of An American – New Zealand based Carrier Rocket company Rocket lab in which it’s preparations for a Department of Defense from the United States Government in which is bound to be launched from the eastern coast of North Island New Zealand from its Mahia Peninsula Launch complex one launch for the late February calendar.. in which it’ll be position in a LEO –Low Earth Orbital position from Rocket Lab Electron Rocket 

Rocket Lab logo patch for the R3D2 DRAPA – United States Government Department of Defense

DARPA’s Radio Frequency Risk Reduction Deployment Demonstration (R3D2) is a one hundred and fifty kilogram experimental satellite in which once deployed it’ll open up its foldable dish like antenna like a Chinese bamboo silk umbrella, like with gold mesh shell that dedicated in broadcasting and receiving communications with a Tissue Thin Kapton membrane film shell once open out towards a 2.25 meter diameter …  as it ‘s main manufacturer contractor is Northrop Grumman the contractor in which is currently working behind schedule of the NASA’s James Webb Telescope the daughter of the HST-Hubble Space Telescope..

Singular Payload of the Rocket Lab Electron carrier rocket is the United States government DARPA- R3D2 LEO -Low Earth Orbit experimental communications satellite … with deployable a Tissue Thin Kapton membrane film shell dish antenna….

The R3D2 is design provisionments of experimentally of utilizing the survivability of its dynamics of its Tissue Thin Kapton membrane film shell Antenna in which the other manufacturer partnership with MMA Design also Trident Systems providing the software defined radio systems, with Blue Canyon Technologies providing the Satellites bus or chassis it’s built out from.. Other provisionment of the R3D2 is to streamline the internet communications in orbit also creating other innovative variants for Low Earth Orbit communications from this first case also from learning from this experimental platform..

Remembering from the last time that Cathay Pacific Airways adventure through the streets of Bangkok in which their iconic cabin crew staff pick their favourite places, eateries in food culture adventuring in which Cathay Pacific cabin crew member Starlet featuring Starlet … well this case  it’s Taipei’s turn in showcasing their food culture .. Featuring Phoebe Miu – a Photographer, Professional Auditioner….

 Phoebe introduces the iconic Taipei city dishes also eateries to the must eat from the most expensive beef noodles… firstly it’s breakfast in which its Soy Milk King- Da’an District  which they cook in the most traditional breakfast dishes with deep fried bread sticks in which is named Youtiao or common known as the Chinese Doughnut…. Which is wrapped around in Shao Bing or wrapped scrambled eggs with various assortments of vegetables in which to company is the Salty soybean soup….

Onto the next adventure, is Ay-Chung- Wanhua District in which they sell only one type of meal – Flour Rice Noodle.. in which you could dress it up with various of source garnishes in between Garlic, Chilli, Vinegar in which the both soup is so delicious in which as shrimp creamy based with a soft silky noodles… in which another eatery  is Jin Feng- Zhong Zheng District in which they’re known for the iconic Braised pork rice dishes..  in which that Taiwanese most expensive beef noodles in which is price at Niu Ba Ba, – Neihu District, in where their beef is sourced from all over the world from Australia also the United States- in which this dish is call the Presidential Beef Noodle in which is price at ten thousand Taiwanese dollars … in which adventuring in Taipei you can’t miss the famous Bubble pearl milk bubble tea – Chung Shui Tang- Songshan District in which claims to invent bubble tea..

Following into evening Taipei night food culture takes on a different adventure with the Tonghua Night Market- Da’an District in which as the amazing street stall food, in which one dish to try is the Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang in which sausage wrapped in Bao, the second is the Peanut Brittle Ice Cream Spring Roll… in which is a perfect way to end the day..


On 5th February 2019, launching from AirbusAriane Space launch Spaceport, French Guiana -Guiana Space Center in which it’s the first launch for the year 2019 launch calendar in launch this time the Ariane five Carrier Rocket in which this marks the one hundredth and third launch Ariane five in its series… among with that series is the seventieth with the Ariane five ECA variant …

Launching from the Guiana Space Center, at six in the evening at Kourou local time… is two main satellites from two different countries, India also Saudi both are manufactured by Lockheed Martin in collaboration with ISRO- India Space Research Organisation...  in which are both designed as Telecommunications – Communications Satellites..  And placed in GEO- Geo Stationary Orbit with a 250 Km pedigree attitude orbit, with an apogee attitude of 35,786 Km an inclination of three degrees…

The GSAT-31 Telecommunication satellite provisionments with a operational duration of sixteen years on the Ku Band frequencies , developed by the ISRO- India Space Research Organisation, in which the provisions of the satellite provides bridging a flat structure internet provisions towards the people of India in also developing a structure of pursuing a science, planetary explorationary research…

The Secondary payload is a HellaSat 4 also a telecommunications Satellite – manufactured by Lockheed martin Space, in which its provisionments is to  the people of Kingdom of  Saudi ,  in which also providing communications range for the Middle east, South African and European region- … providing that communications frequency in the Ka Band ..  In which the Ku Band is for the provisionments of providing DTH-Direct to Home Content to a market size of three million homes in which that part operations is control by a Greek-Cypriot Satellite Operator..

Cathay Pacific Airways is coming out with some interesting original travelling tips..  Previously In Bangkok in where Starlet –Cathay Pacific’s Flight Attendant  where we left off making new friends,  with highly adorable Huskies True Love Café in Bangkok in which those new friends are retired show dogs.. In which featuring Starlet- Cathay Pacific’s Flight Attendant … In which the Café can be reached from the least thirty minutes from the centre of Bangkok….  In this time adventuring Starlet adventures through the intriguing Bangkok neighbourhoods… in sampling the local Bangkok food culture through visiting the floating markets Damnoen Saduak  In which marketer sell their wares on the river channel also with floating takeaways boats with Bangkok bowl noodles cooked up in the floating takeaways canoes…. As the night becomes with the heat cooling down with various selective flavours of Thai Milk bubble tea at Cha Bar- Bangkok

As you adventuring around the streets of Bangkok in time to relax with a Thai Massage from Sarpuri Thai Spa after that head towards with Bangkok with watching the sunset from Vertigo and Moon bar... with the sunset settling down on the Bangkok landscape with an intriguing cocktails, with an appetite for food adventure why not a snack tour, at China Town in with lots of local interesting local food culture to tease your food plattle..

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