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For our pilots, flying isn’t just a job. It’s a passion

Flying for Cathay Pacific isn’t about as a job it’s about flying as a Passion as One of many Cathay Pacific’s pilots it is…Flying as a passion as One Senior training Pilot Officer , Captain Nigel Black.. In which he’s being flying for more than twenty six years for the Airline flying in between the Airbus 330’s also the Airbus 350’s joining the airline at the age of twenty one …….

Captain Nigel Black also has another passion of flying, flying Hot Air balloons in which he flies Cathay Pacific’s Balloon in between regions of the Planet Earth, in which one route is from Saga-Japan to Bristol- England in which flying the Airbus 350’s 330’s is more of a technical experience of flying in which flying Hot Air Balloons is more freely like sailing a sailing boat with an every constant relearning nature again on the go of reading the weather beforehand.. In getting the general direction of the wind where it leads, guides us where we want to goes navigating through the skies in a Sky Sailing over the Bristol bridge…  in which the moments that he travel is that “ Quality of the journey has improved every year.. and is more and more important than just getting from point A to B, I believe that enjoying the moment and enjoying the journey is a big part of  Life Well Travelled “

On north western China 17th March 2018 CNSA-China National Space Admistraton has successfully launch a Long March 2D Rocket in which was launch from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at launch Platform 94  at the LC 43  JSLC…..Launched on 0710 UTC, also it was the 268th Mission for the Long March series program…..

Launching into LEO –Low Earth Orbit It’s major payload was a remote land sensing exploration satellite to data collecting analysing for finding resources on Earth in which that satellite is LKW-4  Ludikancha Weixing four……  on the two stage Long March 2D rocket  in which was specifically designed for LEO deployment  also SSO Type Satellites  into a 654 Kilometer in altitude  in which gives the LKW-4 Satellite more capacity range of low orbiting Optically Imaging in which the design linage was based on a Hexagonally design framework as its previous sister of Jianbing ten series with the second generation of Electro- Optical imagining systems  in which was developed by the CAST- China Academy of Space Technology…..


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Trams are iconic story tellers as they untold interconnecting countless stories from the past, present to the presently soon… Hong Kong Trams or known for their Iconic name Ding Dings is the sound of their braking signalling bell in which given its name.. Brandon Li an adventurer filmmaker pays a tribute to the Hong Kong Tramway engineers whom hand crafted made in Hong Kong with passion and precession whom laying down the foundations of that storytelling in carrying 200,000 passengers averagely per daily..  In which Brandon Li who visited the workshop, inspired by the incredible craftsman- engineers pays a tribute to the Iconic people behind the scenes in creating a story that takes shape like this..

This story takes us on tram number 151 route Sharp Street Depot, in which was the previous site of the tramway depot in relocated to Sai Wan Ho, then a waiting passenger strides in unfolds her story among countless as she journeys into among travelling from east to west side of Hong Kong Island to Tramways route to where you can find dried seafood ingredients on Des Voeux road….   Also watching hearing as she- you also journeys along the trams to watch the stories of life unfolds from the morning till night..


The Geneva Class –Tier Six Command Battle Cruiser Carrier... Is a smaller compact version of the Galaxy class Dreadnought in a way they’re both relative built with heavier warp nacelles with striking lines of being over armoured The design of the Geneva class… is very well balance having dual twin heavy dreadnought like warp nacelles in which give its meaning for business.. The length size of the Geneva Class is rather little longer than the Guardian Cruiser…  Least length of 500 meter longer… is making least than the Vesta class variant length of least 650 meters…  This Starship class does have a punch but can do so much more than the Defiant…

Star Trek Online | 日內瓦 Geneva Class- Geneva Class- Photographer @KevinJamesng

Geneva Class is a Sciences centric with a bit variety of Engineering flavouring, due to the variety of the bridge console seating, giving it with one Lieutenant commander science, also given its one lieutenant Engineering, and one commander Engineering/Command composition… given that one lieutenant Universal station in which can be utilities as science station… in terms with weapons it’s a serious dual cannon torpedoes beam arrays ship.. Also the advantage given is Plus Ten on Weapons and Engine Power so… An Engine to Weapons warp core will increase defensives… also weapons power.. in which to go in get the job done move towards the next task in no messing about..

As part of the unique consoles in which can be interchange with its sister variants only, is the Tachyon Pulse platform in which its use to drain shields…   with may provide useful if you have a Bridge officer whom have that abilities to drain and weaken shields training…  even thou it has three tactical consoles.. The defensive abilities lies in the four consoles of Science and Engineering..  to re-enforce the ships shields and hull plating..  given it’s a carrier vessel, the Geneva Class is a definite replacement for the Galaxy Dreadnought, also the Armitage given with more variety of Bridge consoles,  as to the Vesta..

On a clear winters Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon at 1500 hours Eastern Time it was the launch of the Maiden flight of the Space XFalcon Heavy in which the payload of the maiden test flight wasn’t a paid client, the client was inhouse, as demonstration flight of checking what learning experiences, also what capabilities it can do beyond its design limit as they learn what is need for the next modifications….  As the Launch proceeding ten minutes in of the side Falcon Heavy side boosters landing successfully ten Kilometers from LC39A to Cape Canaveral Air force Station on landing Zone LZ one and two at the same rate.. Apart the Falcon Nine Core almost managed to meet its target on the but slipping on the side of  Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “ Off Course I Still Love You….”

As the launch of the Falcon Heavy launched successfully with any issues, in which conditions meet the launch Criteria as this launch is different than a Standard SpaceX Falcon nine reusable format.. in which the launch has taken back the SpaceX  team to relearn the Space Shuttle launch format as the Falcon Heavy’s launch format has many exactness of the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Launches procedures, in fact the Falcon Heavy is launch from two iconic giants the Lunar Apollo  also the Space Shuttle Program launching from the iconic NASA-KSC launch complex 39A in a twenty year lease as SpaceX will draw experiences to develop their own launch complex pad likeness to launch the Spaceliner-Interplanetary Rocket..

Among the Payload, It was for experimental fun with the Cherry red Tesla Roadster with Dragon nine’s EVA suit underneath is a mannequin naming Starman named after the late iconic late20th to 21st Century popular culture singer David Bowie in which featured inspired the BBC Television series Life on Mars with a time travelling back in time to 1970’s …..  Starman was put into an orbit around the Sun At max velocity Starman and the Roadster will travel 11 km/s  and travel 400 million km  from Earth… its intentions was toward Mars but it had a different road trip in mind adventuring drifting away from Earth..

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