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On very clear winters Monday 12th February 2018 CNSA- China National Space Administration, has successfully launched the one of its hard working iconic Long March 3B Carrier Rocket.. From one of its many launch facilities, one of its facilities is the XCLC- Xichang Satellite Launch Center in which situated in northwest of Xichang, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan….with a previous visit from China’s President Xi Jinping from last Saturday 10th February 2018 in giving them good luck and well wishes on their hard work..

Launching from at launch complex two at 1303 Hours in the afternoon in Beijing standard time, in which in which the twins, pair of the two BeiDou 3 Navigation Satellite System, in turn it’s the third launch of that type of satellite network..  BeiDou satellite network system name was inspired form the seven stars that occupied the big dipper that points towards the star Polaris, the Northern Pole Star… In which northern hemisperers navigate from also in Chinese legend it’s also the Fortress Mouth of the Tortoise gate the only entrance toward the upper domain, the gate of Heaven..

The Carrier Rocket Long March 3B- 3B/3 plus YZ1- YuanZheng one the secondary stage, is one of CNSA’s major unmanned work trucks…Manufactured in China’s ancient capital Xi’an by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation…….Launching, carrying the two payloads BeiDou 3- BDS3-M3/ BDS3-M4 in which are designed as a Navigation Satellite in which both are placed in MEO- Medium Earth Orbit in which are in two thousand Kilometers around the planet Earth.. each launch of the BeiDou Satellite carries a forwarding generation from the previous pairs, in which has greater advancement with greater newer generation of time keeping clocks, that of BeiDou two and three with their Rubidium atomic Clocks..  With a coverage of the Asia Pacific region with a accuracy within ten meters that will get tighter towards as each generation innovates…in providing navigational communicational  services towards the Belt and Road initiative countries within 35 Satellite network by 2020….

The Launching format of the Long March 3B is just as the same as the Space Shuttle launch complexities in which SpaceX Falcon Heavy recently launched form its twenty year leased NASA-KSC iconic Launch Complex 39A…

#iPhonePhotography | #LunarEclipse2018 #Supermoon #Auckland- Under an extremely blanketed clouded out Cyclone Fehi late night to early morning unstarry skies- A Gallery

February 9, 2018

On a in between almost midnight 31st January – Very weathering clouded extremely clouded out Auckland- New Zealand in bracing for an impending Cyclone Fehi that’s bound arrived in the later hours till midnight on the 31st January to 1st February 2018 in which the event of the Auckland Lunar Eclipse event of the Luna Rosa ended unobserved till four ending in the morning…  From the anticipated Supermoon that’s risen over the hills of One Tree looking towards north eastern direction that slight over right of the summit of one tree hill, in which a mass of crowds have gathered  at the back of Auckland Observatory- Stardome for the courtyard telescopes with a great team of volunteers whom operate them..  as the mass of crowds gather with their photographing camera equipment with their picnic blankets keeping warm throughout the night also the unexpected early hours morning …..

As the Supermoon rises from behind the hill embankments of One Tree Hill, in which the moon is closes towards the Planet earth in its elliptical orbit calling it Apogee, as the apogee moon rise from the horizon the image of the moon is magnified due to the heavy thick Atmospheric layering at the horizon in which increase the image of the moon, than from as it moves towards a higher angle of in the night sky in which it reduced magnification due to the thin atmosphere layer ….. As on the on the other side of hemisphere in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Space Museum staging various events around Hong Kong one of many in nearby in Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon Park, also Sha Tin also in Central on Hong Kong Island, with very great clear viewing  weather conditions than of Auckland..

the crowds awaits in the Cyclone Fehi Auckland cloudy night skies a the courtyard telescopes at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome

During that onwards towards midnight it the building up of cyclone Fehi clouds started to concentratingly to nomadically increase only to have slightly teasing selectively of viewing the moon as it transition from the earth shadows umbra starting the cast on the Luna Shadow slowly, as it was gate crashing the moments of looking transiting moon,  towards the Luna Rosa.. In which as it gathered upwards to that moment it wasn’t possible to watched as the rain decide to gate crash the event.. Nor to photograph even further… like packing your troubles in that  first  Yosemite night time campfire scene from Star Trek V- The Final Frontier where Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy’s, Captain Spock camping trip was interrupted ….

On afternoon Thursday, first of March 2018 it’s the ULA-United Launch Alliance … Launching from on Central Perk’s Phoebe Buffay New York afternoon evening Time’s at 1702 Hours Eastern Standard Time.. Ten Kilometers from the NASA-KSC’s iconic Launch Complex 39A,  is launching from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is the Atlas V 541 configuration rocket..

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, arriving last year at NASA- Kennedy Space Center during the last quarter 2017, transported on US Air Force C-5- Super Galaxy cargo aircraft… in which was transported prepare towards the United Launch Alliance Vertical Assembly building SLC-41- Space Launch Complex 41… in which is vertically assembled with all the components together..  in which it’s previous sister GOES-R in which was launched November 2016..

NOAA –National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGOES-S Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-S is a series of second out of four satellites that’s dedicated for the NOAA‘s next generation series of advance weather satellites in which the series will be placed in Geo Stationary orbit in which it’ll be rebranded from GOES-S to GOES-17 in which it’s data observation collection provisionment is to analysis with its sophisticated sensing instrument installations detecting lighting, Solar imaging and space weather monitoring.. Also it provisions real time observational data to asses in almost real time of extreme weather events of thunderstorms, tornadoes, Typhoons-cyclones-hurricanes and flash flooding… also other variants of hazards that comes as fogging, dust storms, volcanic eruptions and forest fires..


On a clear winters Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon at 1500 hours Eastern time, in which SpaceX have complete successful maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy.. Launching with hard earn working captivation from a cheering team in waiting for the launching from the iconic NASA-KSC Launch complex 39A in which launched the mighty Saturn V Luna Rocket towards, the Moon also the STS-Space Transportation System –Space Shuttle program..

Orthough the  Expected launch was to occur at 1330 Hours Eastern Standard Time it was belayed for least an hour later due to Weather conditions that didn’t met the Launch Criteria it went ahead without any arising Falcon Heavy issues to the at 1500 Hours Eastern Standard Time..  In which the weather meet the launch criteria for a ninety percent favourable later… In which the Launch was a go… in preparations for the launch, FAA certification was required, acquired for the launch due to the new nature of the launch format in which fitting formatting to same Space Shuttle Program format…  As the launch window came to an almost closed…..

During the webcast it was hosted by of panel of four, Lauren Lyons-Flight Reliability Engineer, Michael Hamersley- Materials Engineer, John Insprucker- Principal Integration Engineer, also Brian Mahlstet- Automation Software Engineer.  As the launch sequence continues with the cheering energise team as John described his colleagues… as they explained it, in which Lauren described the launch as a non-customer launch flight due to it was only a test flight… in which the main payload Easter eggs was Elon Musk’s Tesla electric powered Cherry Red Roadster with a new driver known Mannequin named Starman in a SpaceX’s new generation satin white EVA suit that’s designed for the Dragon Module.

Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon – SpaceX Successfully launches the powerful rocket the Falcon Heavy from the iconic NASA-KSC’s launch Complex 39A…..

As it journeys towards the Planet Mars in an into a precessing Earth-Mars elliptical orbit around the sun with fellow driver Starman there’s another part of the Payload is the a celebrated SpaceX plate, Lasered printed with all the staff from SpaceX, also Space hardware grade storage device that’s design to withstands the toughest roughest harsh conditions of space.. .. Apart of this it’s interesting to see how the Starman’s Eva Suit would fair in space…. It’s also important during the flight duration critical data collection is critical learning, modifications towards any onwards Falcon Heavy flight..

least ten minutes after the lift off from NASA-KSC’s Launch Complex 39A is the landing simultaneously of the side stage one core at landing Zone one and two at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station..

The two side Falcon Nine Reusable Cores was previously flight proven in. One launched the Thaicom 8 satellite in May 2016 and the other supported the CRS-9 mission in July 2016 With twenty eight Merlin MD-01 Engines, Stage one with three Falcon nine reusable cores sharing the total combine thrust of twenty seven Merlin Engines with the second stage of one.. Lifting off from the Iconic Historic Launch Complex 39A, in which lifting off with five million pounds of thrust.. In which reaching towards three minutes the two supporting side Falcon Nine Reusable cores detaches in which landing simultaneously back ten Kilometers from its initial launching launch Complex 39A point … with the crowds cheering.. in the background landing together at Landing Zone one and two at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base-Station into seven minutes and fifty eight seconds..   in which while the central core detaches from the second stage into three minutes and twenty four seconds landing back on the off then descending onto a yet to be determine Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “ Off Course I Still Love You….”  As it landed moments later visual communications was interrupted…  As the Test launch flight conclude not just yet there was a following slight slivering coverage as Starman was traveling around the Planet Earth toward the path towards Mars in the background on Earth blasting out to the tunes of the late Great late 20th – early 21st  century pop musician David Bowie – Is there life on Mars- in which was the inspirational premise tune to the BBC’s year 1970’s in between 2000’s drama of a conscious time travelling British police detective Sam Tyler – Life On Mars..

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