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As today’s children that are sitting  in school today are the Mars Generation in which, in  they ‘ll will be exploring, adventuring, learning about  the Universe whether it’s in the classroom or at home with various different of design devices.. from old school books to the modern equivalent variants of computer devices … one design device in particular is the Smart Phone, in which  Lockheed Martin have brought out into the iTunes also Google play store…..

Lockheed Martin’s- Walk on Mars- Virtual Reality APP takes you on multiple challenges along the way as you  explore the Red Planet Mars on your smart phone.. As it takes you on several Martian expeditions, as your journey to Mars takes you from Earth towards locating Mars in starry night sky once locating Mars you’ll be travelling to Mars…… Exploring it’s landscape, collecting various items that it’ll assist you in surviving Mars, in which finding those items in different regions of Mars, in which will help you to learn various historical moments that Humanity have achieved, also in exploring various regions you’ll learn about the different weathering environments in which you’ll get constant weather updates from the Curiosity Rover network in the Martian Weather..

The application is educationally interactive immersive, in which it’ll take you there virtually in inspiring the today’s generation for the Mars Generation…..

After a recently delude of rain in the recents week in Auckland, New Zealand… May 2017, as the weeks progressively weather wise clearing for the remainingly teasing blankets of rain clouds seductively in revealing crystal wintery night skies… in which the Planet Jupiter with its four main Galilean Moons  Io, Europa, Castillo, Ganymede was in its progressive orbiting view as it skew one side from Occultation to transiting around it parent planet. Viewing that Autumn Wintery cold night, I could see Jupiter’s iconic signature Giant Red three Earth’s width spot, moved from the last time I’ve viewed it, as it was recently last in the center view, then now it’s on almost at the circumference rim of the Planet looking at least averagely eight hundred million kilometers also  forty Minutes ago back in time from the Planet Earth the third planet from the nearest star, the Sun… in the Solar -Sol System …….


As New Zealand has become the ninth space industry country to be commercially  soon in launching payloads into orbit,  from New Zealand  north Island west coast line in Mahia Peninsula  on from a  22nd May 2017, with the launched window at in between 0900 to 2000 hours New Zealand Time..  in which this is the first commercial company in New Zealand in joining the Space industry in the provisions of providing affordable unique launch carriers … in which in its Home-grown Uniqueness is New Zealand Made comes to  mind is Rocket Lab.. 

As the building up to the to the launch window during the 22nd of May 2017, there’s been few weather related setbacks but none of technical issues came across towards the final launch that happen on 25th May 2017, in which on a partially clouded day with the right launching environmental weathering criteria, The Launched of the Rocket Lab was initiated nicknamed “IT’S A TEST”

In the past various launch complex sites was considered in various parts of New Zealand in which gives a suited launch location Mahia Peninsula was chosen to be the newly acquired first launch complex for Rocket lab’s carbon fibre hulling rocket the Electron.. In which stands at seventeen meters long, that’s half the length of a Captain Jean Luc Picard’s Sovereign Class Captain’s Yacht in which sits at 33.5 meters long.….

The home grown Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket comes with many New Zealand made innovations, in the hulling shell of the rocket is made out from durable sleek Carbon fibre with its innovative home grown clustered Rutherford Oxygen-Kerosene 3D printed Engines in which akin to the same design linage to the Soyuz, SpaceX, Blue Origin engine clustering…. The Electron is interesting innovative it’s takes many elements of Plug and Payload in which the payload make it easier to install at the Assembly building facilities. .   then readily install on the launch complex launcher ramp on the same design elements like the Russian’s Soyuz’s, Space X in which there’s been some interesting challenges in building the launch complex from the ground up but with the team that thinks innovatively like Admiral Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen “Scotty” Scott Chief engineer of the constitutional class Enterprise they can’t go wrong..….

“.. As leaving the Chapel of Lady Penha the Bride smile thankingly delightfully again as we met together for the last time in hope wishing them well also the her groom would look after each other respectability through life together……”

My next stop for is on a  warm the clear blue skies morning is the Lady of Penha Chapel, in church in São Lourenço Macau is located on top of the Penha Hill Tops with encompassing view of Colonial Macau views  in which the church is also dedicated to The Lady Of Penha…… in which The Lady Of Penha .. Also can be found originally from France..  Located on the hill tops with a highly dense plushy neighborhood surrounding the Chapel… as driving towards there..

As driving there, with my tour guide for the day, he explains that this area is extremely popular location  for wedding photography for newlywed’s couples in which taking advantage of the iconic location in which as awesome backdrop view of the Macau Harbour..  as I was getting out of the car, in which I met two soon to be wedded  lovely couples whom was having their wedding photographs taken in which shared the same make up team in which have two photographer teams in between the two couples.. As I met one couple congratulating them, the bride dressed in an A line silk floral pattern lacy tube wedding dress.  Said delightfully thanks with a smile in return… In which providing the groom was getting ready for the shot…

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As we walk up toward the chapel, in which you could see the French, Portuguese style chapel… in which was built in 1837, in where the land was donated by the senate of Augustinians in then once sorting out the finer details the chapel was constructed in 1622 until it changed ownership from until the Augustinians was evicted out from Macau in 1837, from then it was reconstructed in within additional residence bishop wing rebuilt completely in 1935.. With that reconstruction it contains in the courtyard with the white Statue of the “Our Lady of Lourdes’s as it observes the church, also the Macau’s Harbour..

Macau’s Harbour makes a timeless wedding backdrop as with the essences of 1930’s

Having walking around the chapel, first starting around the grounds as one of the other pair of wed couples  have already started their preparations in getting their photo shot… as I walked around, I entered inside the chapel.. in which you can see the 1935 incarnation from the previous two incarnations as historically it was rebuilt….. as seeing the window stain glass window that ornate the stories of how this chapel come to be, in sense you can see, feel that rebuild through the same wooden bench seating that still remains to the day since its third incarnation rebuild of the 1930’s design elements.. It’s hard to imagine what the place was like as it was previously built, but in that reflection of third incarnation rebuild, I can see the essences how it reconstructed…

Orthough, there’s no photography allowed inside…  I can see how provincially enriched the community is around.. As leaving the Chapel of Lady Penha the Bride also the groom smile thankingly delightfully again as we met together for the last time in hope wishing them well would look after each other respectability through life together……

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My next location after finding a good tour guide from is Agencia De Viagens.- Seng Wang Limitada..   is going into the Portuguese-Macau center square in which after traveling from the Macau Harbour Terminal, in which touring around the streets, the older streets in which those days before cars, known the four wheel automobile in which.. Horses, carts, horses carriages….. as travelling, touring around in a Mobile Person Vehicle… in a brown Toyota vehicle..  The tour guide driver tells the story of the street layout, in which there are tight enough for small street cars, scooters, are very popular to get around the old streets of Macau, as I notice more scooters around in Macau than in Hong Kong patience driving behind them as we passed one of the clinics that the Founder of the Republic Doctor Sun Yet Sen work in as he prepared for laying the foundations of the Republic precursory that year 1911….

As driving pass by the clinic in which, contained various medical utensils that he used during that time, in treating his patience as seen through the museum, in the nearby small hospital that’s contain his statue within the clinics courtyard…..

As you can see the secondary door way that leading up to the other pavilion temples in which is dedicated to deities, immortals great sages, also it’s dedicated to Goddess of Mercy -Guanyin….

My next stop is the 15th century A-Ma Temple in which is locatingly in Barra Square, very near towards nearby the Maritime Museum.. In which is built in 1488 AD, in which is dedicated in to the sea Goddess, Mazu, located in Sao Louurenco, in which is which is one of Macau’s oldest temples in the Special administrative Region..  Its first western depiction is once illustrated by a English artist architect- Thomas Allom……..   in which the temple is located on the doorstep on once was a shoreline.. now that doorstep have located further out into reclaim land that once berth its native to colonially sailing ships..

When you think of  region of Macau  in which the given  inspired name for the region is inspired from the,  The A- Ma Temple, as Portuguese Sailors landed on the Peninsula, in which that name is  of the Temple of the Pavilion of the Mother..

one of the organically temples in which it is a home to an immortal whom lives within the confines of that rock..

Entering towards the Main Gate of the Temple is like stepping back in time as far back towards 1488, in which, stepping back in time where you can see, feel, smell,  the acumination of all that as I walked through the temple main gates into various ones that walking beforehand you can feel see ancient paint works still back then still tells the stories of its time as the trees that grow within the various courtyards in between Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, prayer Hall,  Hall of the Benevolence, in which is the oldest section of the Temple as it’s is a Taoist- Confucius Temple in which the only Buddhist component is the Hall Of Guanyin or known as the Goddess of Mercy…….. also it pays to donate some coinage as a token for the up keep, also that upkeep is that allows you burn incense..

One way of seeing how old the temple is through its design architectural construction, also how its constructed, in which this case of A-Ma Temple- Macau, orthough the inspirational design is Ming Dynasty based in which the early Qing Dynasty inspire adopted as you see the designs are translated into other temples of that era in Hong Kong, Cheung Chau to from the Canton Province extending all the way towards Nanking and Beijing where in the Ming Dynasty the designs are more elaborately detail in sense you can see that in time period of women clothing Chinese HanFu  dress from that era also the men aswell……

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