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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, no one does it better than Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong for the Rugby Sevens 2019, in which at Hong Kong Stadium From 5th to 7th April 2019… in that Cathay Pacific Airways comes with a special edition package including the three day events ticket with Hotel Accommodation with extra shopping discounts with other perks that’s implied with terms and conditions..  in which you can book at your localised Cathay Pacific Office or via or via App travel site..

As counting down towards one of many largest parties in Hong Kong’s calendar is the return of the Hong Kong Sevens for 2019, in which no one can party has hard as Hong Kong can… in which Cathay Pacific Airways counting down with various iconic cultural heritages of Hong Kong in which is the Internationally famous Hong Kong Egg Waffles or in this case looks like rugby balls..  That are made with the ingredients of egg among with a waffle pancake mixture then press into an egg array pan.. Been fried pan fresh it looks like eggs on a wrap in which you can have a snack… Or with desert with various ice creams … common found in the streets food stalls-stores of Hong Kong……

Tea is also one of China’s and Hong Kong Iconic beverages, in which Chinese tea in various flavourings invented in China as for medical purposes then transcended into everyday life as a traditional wellness drink for everyday life..  One place where you can find it is through of having Yum Char…  Sharing the Teas, having meetings with friends, or work colleagues… also it doesn’t require any milk or sugar..

Mahjong is one of China’s, Hong Kong past time also its traditional played like a card game, also its an iconic heritage that’s has it beginnings from the Qing Dynasty in which is a game of skill, strategy, tactics, with a high degree of chance probably.. That involves three or four players..  also it helps to form rugby tactics to win that game..

Change four- CNSA- China National Space Administration -Belt and Road Initiative partners exploring on the dark side of the moon -Van Karam Crater..

On the third of January 2019, in Beijing, China Capital held a press conference at the SCIO – State Council Information Office of China of the first time historic mission in which to land a lunar rover also a platform on the dark side of the moon… In which it’s the first country to do so… in collaboration with CNSA- China National Space Administration among with its Belt and Road Initiative partners..  in which it landed on third of January 2019, only to be launched after a previous launching from few months ago to set up communications relay network on the far side orbit of the moon to establish a continuous  communications in a figure eight pattern . Communicating with the Queqiao relay satellite with the ground operators at CNSA that was deployed a 20th May 2018 that followed on seventh of December 2018, it was Change4 time to be launched also awaiting in orbit to make the right landing spot within the Von Karman crater a 180 Kilometer diameter Crater..

The press conference held at Beijing , along with Wu Yanhua the vice administrator of the China National Space Administration and deputy chief commander of China lunar exploration program; Wu Weiren, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Sun Zezhou, chief engineer of the Chang’e-4 probe and several other experts are present to answer questions from the media.

Along with the Press conferences, there was other articles of CNSA Partnership launches that are coming along its way with the Change 6 mission is set out to be launched later 2019 calendar in which will land on the south pole of the moon. Collect samples then return to Earth for study..

departing from CHange 4 is Yutu 2 – Yutu is the name of the Jade Rabbit…. Change is the name of the Moon Goddess…

Change 5 will be on the same mission specifications like the Change 4, in which seventh mission will have the same mission specifications like the Change six, studying lunar landscape, its formation, physical composition as well the spatial environments..  Change eight mission specifications are heavier than its previous seventh… with additional studying on the surveying, experimentations to construct  the very ground work for a lunar surface research out post ……

One 11th January 2019… is the hall mark for the Iridium Satellite Constellation network completion launching from VAFB- SpaceX Space Launch Complex 4E…

On the 11th January 2019, eleventh days after the New Year that rolled in… It was the final set launching of the SpaceX reusable Falcon Nine Carrier Rocket in which also that final set is the final payload launch of the rest of the Iridium Constellation satellite network in completion of a total seventy five satellites in which it’s the final ten launching from the West Coast of the United States from VAFB- Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.. From SLC 4E- Space Launch Complex 4E,… This Launch is a traditional Launch for SpaceX, in which landing on off shore Landing Drone ship “ Just Read the Instructions” in which the East Coast is known “ Off Course I still Love You”

Commentary that day launch is John Insprucker- Space X Principle Integration Engineer …..  Launching without any arising issues towards the maximizing meeting the launch criteria… launch in 0731 Pacific Standard time  in which the morning launch will deployed one hour after the launch..  in which the Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket used is the block five, in which was used previously on the Telstar 18- Vantage mission that was launched on 18th September 2018..


The Next generation of Iridium Satellites constellation is set out to replace the existing network of its communication satellite network that spread though out the planetary coverage. In replacing the whole constellation network, it’s the first it’s been done on a massive scale… which innovative new communications upgrades, instruments,  services of the Iridium Certus… the next generation of L band broadband communications for various applications of safety services, remote monitoring.. Also control of unmanned UAV also UAS also its precession tracking… other packages in Aviation tracking surveillance in real time on a planetary scale….. in which the manufacturing of the constellation is Thales Alenia Group

Cathay Pacific Airways-國泰航空公司 is always doing something constantly innovative, in which that innovation is the their direct flight towards from Already In Hong Kong directly toward Seattle –the Emerald City, in which there need not to do a stopover in Los Angeles.. In which flying Cathay Pacific Airbus 350-900 series in which Cathay Pacific is ascertaining a fleet for long haul direct flights since previously year in recently receiving most of its long haul fleet in accommodating those routes…  in which starting from 31st March 2019….  In which flights CX858 from Hong Kong towards Seattle departs on 2355 Hong Kong Time arrival at 2100  hours in days of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday…  on return it’s CX 857 departing on 0100 arriving back on Hong Kong at 0510 plus one hour Hong Kong Time on Days of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday….

In accommodating those routes there’s a story of guy name Brian, in where he was in past relationship before also releasing he’s letting go of his past, also starting up a new chapter in traveling towards the Emerald City as he rediscovery himself along the way in which booking a flight with Cathay Pacific, his co- seating partner, meeting while she was moved from watching a humorous scene with the inflight entertainment.. In which Brian is moved by her humorous reaction …. Every now and then Brian after landing in Seattle he goes in every and then check his past- Amy on his phone… in which he goes to the local urban post rustic café till he meet her again.. Then they share table together.. Till she moves towards her next appointment.. Brian follows and what’s to explore where this is going.. He asked “Every time I come to Seattle it’s for work…. Can you show me around.. ?”  In which she thinking showing him around thinking where this also going…. In which it’s the Iconic Space Needle.. Then the market Theatre Gum Wall…

As sunset settles in Seattle, they begin to venture of into Emerald City’s urban, adventuring into places that Annie takes him, Brian  as they spend time together from sunset  to sunrise… he begins to forgets about his past relationship with Amy.. Unless it reminds him from that messaging tone.. When are you coming to her wedding… He glances quick at the message.. As Annie distracts him adventuring through the Space Needle, then towards the Market Theatre Gum Wall… then they check out various bars and cafe’s spending time together, getting to know each other in which sampling craft beer, also artisanal Coffee establishment  as the sunsets starting for falls checking out the piers, and public spaces with the Seattle skyline.. Among other places they explore the historical places in Seattle at Elliot Bay Waterfront with morning coming soon with the Seattle sunrise….


In which Brian starts to falls for her in a very short moment… in which as they watched the sunrise, with the Space Needle in the foreground… Brain decides to extend his stay with Annie, enchanted by her…  Extending time of stay or rescheduling via mobile Cathay Pacific app his flight back to Hong Kong….

As Star Trek Online- The Age of Discovery- Star Trek Discovery drawings of the prelude of the fall of starbase one, in which was fallen to the renegade Klingon Faction house – J’Ula, in which attacked a Federation Starbase that’s least one hundred Astronomically Unit from the central core of the United Federation of Planets.. In which was located in the Vulcan Sector…..  In which you storytelling moments from graduation from the Academy towards the critical final moment of the fall of the starbase..  as you graduated with Ensign Sylvia Tilly- Mary Wiseman on USS Discovery –Crossfield class a class is thirty years younger than the constitution class USS Enterprise that commanded by Captain Christopher Pike..

As the Situation draws near, on 23rd January 2018, is the second chapter involves Captain Killy – mirror Universe of Ensign Sylvia Tilly in which there’s been incursion of mirror universe incurring onto the Prime Universe.. in which you’ll journey back towards the Pahvo, in trying the understanding the missing of lost contact with the planet Pahvo also it inhabitants in which finding reconnecting with the Planet Pahvo is critically for the Vulcan Science Academy …. In which two episodes are include for the Ninth Anniversary- Para Pacem in this is titled…

As any new enhancements is the Personal Endeavour systems  in which offers daily challenges in which gives a performance boost.. Apart from that is the new Tier six Vulcan Scout Ship that was featured in series of Star Trek Discovery, in which collecting the right amount omega particles will earn that rewarding of that ship……

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