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On the 20th April 2019, on a Saturday night 2241 Beijing time, the CNSA – China National Space Administration, deployed its first third generation Belt and Road Initiative BeiDou  three IGSO Navigation Satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in which is located in the South western China in the Sichuan Province…

Marking this celebrated centennial launch, its 100th launch of the reliable CNSA-Long March 3B Carrier Rocket series in which has been launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch center. As marking for the 10th launch of this series, it’s the 44th Satellite of the BDS constellation system network in which a further eight to ten this year following of total eighteen BeiDou 3 Satellites will be deployed into an inclined Geo Synchronous Planetary Earth’s Orbit, with the remaining in a circular orbit..

During this year, the Long March 3B production has been increased from three to triple, of nine with a cycling launch schedule from sixty towards twenty one days in which due to the increase innovations of fabrication technologies that lead this turn around, in which the efficiency operation of crew decrease by three hundred towards one Hundred and fifty staff in which leading to launching the iconic Long March 3B… the constellation network provides constant communications relaying from the same continuous points… Providing data, navigationally observational communications towards the Belt and Road Initiative countries in providing that delivery is the Long March 3B Carrier Rocket ….. The Carrier Rocket Long March 3B- 3B/E plus YZ1- YuanZheng one the secondary stage, is one of CNSA’s major reliable unmanned work trucks…Manufactured in China’s ancient capital Xi’an by China…

Image Credit – Photo by Shi Xiao from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Manufactured, designed by CNSA’s network companies, CAST- China Academy of Sciences, also CALVT- China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology branch… Each BeiDou3 advance atomic clock in which it timely beats with the Rubidium Atomic clocks in which the frequency vibrations of the Rubidium atoms gives an extreme advance ultra-stable accurate timing….. BeiDou satellite network system name was inspired form the seven stars that occupied the big dipper that points towards the star Polaris, the Northern Pole Star… In which northern hemisperers navigate from also in Chinese legend it’s also the Fortress Mouth of the Tortoise gate the only entrance toward the upper domain, the gate of Heaven……  In which during the duration of 2020 the BDS constellation network would have an excess of thirty satellites servicing the provision requirement needs of the Belt and Road Initiative…..

With a coverage of the Asia Pacific region with a accuracy within ten meters that will get tighter towards as each generation innovates…in providing navigational communicational  services towards the Belt and Road initiative countries within 35 Satellite network by 2020…. in which the BeiDou Satellite Constellation system in which has been, installed since the year two thousand servicing the Asia Pacific region in the year 2012 from serving China… in which the system provides towards more than fifty countries with a total population of three billion people… Since year Two Thousand, since providing that service it helped rescuing more than ten thousand fishermen… Also provide monitoring the structural integrity of highways, pipelines, dams, bridges also various infrastructures…  As part of it Data Communications package It provide more than three hundred million smart phones in which thirty three percent of the Smart Phone market have now currently connected towards the BeiDou Constellation network..  Towards year 2020 the BeiDou Constellation system providing first rated leading services for a global services..


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Celebrating the open air spaces design in Hong Kong, The Design District Hong Kong helps you to understand the real fundamentals inspire illustrates the Authentic Culture of Hong Kong locally on a tour or a self-exploration tour with the locals that provides you an real in depth feel of Hong Kong on a grass roots level throughout its creative, innovative multi integrated level generation history…

In which that festival introductionally tour begins with open air district galleries within the districts of in between 灣仔 Wan Chai, 深水埗 Sham Shui Po, in which  Discover Hong Kong introductionally stories show case those neighbourhoods storytelling previously of the vibrant city, districts with original, traditional craftsman working in distinctive Architecturally with their own stories to tell..   In which Both Districts have their individual stories to tell from being a place of creative designs, inspiring art places in open air environments that portray in its historical street Architecture In which like  exploring Wan Chai, the House of Blues in which international known Grace Choi’s Yi Ming Oriental did her recent fashionable iconic Qipao collection presentation of her inspired elemental themes tribute to Hong Kong …

There’s two ways that you can explore, through a tour group, or through self-exploration in which adventuring on two options will give you some international known streets spots in which you can explore through the people with while photographing your moments while discovering Wan Chai or Sham Shu Po.. Through its urbanscape, design elements in the district, with its food culture..

The tours have starting point of place and time where the adventurers meet as they proceed to explore the streets in the #ddSnap with a tour guide to take you around in which one is International 2017 National Geographic Wheelock Youth photographer – instagrammer Jeremy Cheung in which tours done in segments of Cantonese, Mandarin, English starting point of Fleming Road Garden, Wan Chai..  There’s Other Walks #ddStory – Discovering the Stories Behind Local Design and Crafts.. Discovery Wan Chai Architectural Gems and Explore City Design…  and other inbetween is in which the tours hybrids the walking tour with digital artwork integrating the past, present, the presently soon future….

Hong Kong Space Museum – Tsim Shan Tsui.

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong after a short two year duration of renovations at the Hong Kong Space Museum located in at 10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong in which leading up towards two hundred exhibits from One Hundred in which consisting on Thirty two million Hong Kong Dollars (USD 4.1 Million- NZD 8.2 Million) in which re-open on 25th April 2018… in which the displays are made more interactive than the ones that was previously exhibited in which gives the visitors more an understanding about space sciences, Astronomy with more interactive, animated exhibits …

Hong Kong Space Museum – Nishimura – Solar Telescope array

Is recently addition towards the Hong Kong Space Museum is the installation of a multiple array   solar scope in which is manufactured by Nishimura Co.Ltd.. In which is manufactured in Japan Kyoto… in which they do manufacture and sell extremely high graded research telescopes towards research, educationally…

Hong Kong Space Museum All Sky – Looking dome wise of Tsim Sha Tsui..


Hong Kong Space Museum – Solar Telescope Hydrogen filter..

The Solar Telescope array is installed on top of the Hong Kong Space Museum flat roof top location in which is situated on top, not on the International Iconic Dome section of the museum… The flat top location is also where they do night time starry night sky telescope viewing from … The Solar Scope array unit is composited of four telescopes, 白光影像 White Light Images,  氫α影像 Hydrogen Alpha Images, 鈣-K影像 Calcium K Images, 全天影像 All-Sky Images….  In which can be viewed live indoors at the exhibition hall through its individual large round screens.. in which shows different spectra of the sun’s surface layer the Alpha depicted the hydrogen colour of the sun, the Calcium K spectra depicts looking at the cooler layer of the sun..  In which you can view the Hong Kong Space Museums Solar Scope online as it refreshes the image.. every

In Already Tomorrow in HongKong, during the November month of 2018, in which Cathay Pacific Airways held its International known Cathay Pacific twenty four hour Hackathon annual event in which select groups of applicants where given task in performing within twenty four hours in multiples of technological solutions within twenty four hours for the Travellers.. The groups in composite of many walks of life that forms the elite group of students, professionals, also experts whom share the same love, passion for technologies also finding solutions… Cathay Pacific Airways in collaboration with Cyberport with Hong Kong International Airport also with AWS

As hosting the event the three hundred was greet by Mr Paul Loo- Cathay Pacific’s Chief Customer and Commercial Officer among with Executive Director Engineering and Technology of Hong Kong Airport Authority with Mr. George Lam Chairman of Hong Kong Cyberport..

The Hackathon roles events was to ascertain in composting teams together of five members, in Product Master- Expertise in Business and Domain Knowledge , Designer – Expertise in UI/UX and graphical Design, Developer- Expertise in software and application development..  In which three hundred people attended in compose with mentors, coaches and volunteers..  In which they interact with the staff of the Airport Authority at the Hong Kong International Airport to understand the elements insightfully into passenger flow, touch points.. In which understanding Cabin insider every day understandings of empathy day in which learning teams went onwardly to work on innovative solutions… As taking a break in between is Yoga class to strengthen their refreshness in mind… As the night progress teams work onwardly till night finding that unique solutions…. In which leading towards the top four teams in streaming their ground breaking solutions pitching ideas towards final judging panel…  there was winners in three groups inbetween Professional, Student, also special Prizes..

Recently almost about a few months ago on January 2019, Cathay Pacific Airways did an incredible storytelling romantic story telling of two people adventuring in the neighbourhood districts of Seattle, Sleepless in Seattle as one from Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong in needing a break from working in Seattle..  Which he decides to adventure into Seattle from Hong Kong in which takes off from 31st March 2019 on board Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus 350-900 on Flight CX 858.. In which he meets up with the girl whom was on his flight in the café…

As celebrating Cathay Pacific Airways first Direct flight towards Seattle Cathay Pacific commemorations Celebrate that flight on the Airbus 350-900 CX 858, with awarding the passengers with first flight certificates with @Dear Jane.. In which Hong Kong’s grudge rock group Dear Jane was onboard to commemorate where their inspiration music comes from in which heading towards Seattle to do a recording of their musical album project…. Passengers were still excited it’s the first one…  As part of the first flight exhibition, a model of Seattle city, in which the city has some interesting sea views..

In coming back from Seattle towards Hong Kong Cathay Pacific CX 857, nonstop wise happen on the 1st April 2019, in which celebrated the eighth flight from Untied States connecting Seattle to Hong in which during before boarding the flight there was a traditional Chinese ceremony with various festivities…  In which the passengers were given memorabilia of the first direct flight event…   before departing for Hong Kong..

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