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On a Wednesday clear spring Morning 0733 Hours Beijing time, 16th May 2018 North West China … with the successful launch of a Home grown China’s first private Space Company One Space –China… Launching Chongqing Lianjiang Star Carrier rocket travelling up to an attitude of 273 Kilometers at Mach five – at velocity of six thousand Kilometers per hour, holding its presenting trajectory for 306 seconds till it was out of fuel in which launching its first successful flight of the OSX Carrier rockets in which is design to launch micro –cube satellites into low earth orbit or towards Sub –Orbital flights…  in which One Space-China is the first Private Company to be license to launch its series of Carrier Rockets.. in its testing launch, the company has develop a rapid carrier rocket turn around process in which it aims to launch smaller cube Satellites into sub orbital positions..

As the Animation show its featured core rocket as it is the OSX Carrier Rocket series in which comes with multiple design payload flaring in which is design for different payload specifications… the OSX Carrier rocket is primary a Solid Rocket Motor, in which is likewise design like the Space Shuttle SRB- Solid Rocket Boosters.. That provides the additional propulsion…. Built with a Home grown manufacturing guidance avionics systems also with ground base assistance to guide its trajectory into towards its target trajectory Position…  in this the OSX is only the first among with its Carrier Product line with the further development of the OS-M1, OS-M2, and then OS-M4 to handle launch heavier payloads into orbit… with the CNSA – China National Space Administration Long March Carrier Rocket series as its inspiration …

Under Construction yet to be opening in the Californian, Los Angeles Summer 2019 at Disneyland Resort in late fall 2019 Calendar is the Disney’s Park largest expansion also reconstruction, with that expansion of the Park, Star Wars themed, as tittle Galaxy Edge.. Theme on the Star Wars Universe, in which it’ll put the guest into the center of their own unique adventuring stories in being in the action of all events as you either take to become part of the Rebellion or the Imperial Empire…. With two themes the Millennium Falcon ride as you and your fellow passengers pilot the Falcon out from a sticky situation with Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers on perusing you. The other theme is more updated with the fourth trilogy is escaping from the first order…

Your living Star Wars Story first adventuring with the Millennium Falcon, landed on a remote outpost world Batuu in which is a safe haven for Smugglers, in which you explore that outpost in which with each part of the world you’ll get to explore certain types of mechanizing stores like in Universal studios for Harry Potter’s Wizarding world with different rides and attraction..  Galaxy Edge is like the massive expansion of the Star Wars ride that’s been ever so evolving into a very larger theme park… into Disney’s  Anaheim also Bay Lake Florida……


As Star WarsA Star wars Story for Rouge One in counting down towards its premiere screening there was some interesting trailers before its release screen with the use of Lego stop motion animation on with Jyn Erso and her team in finding the plans of the Death Star and its construction… in which was a series that played out how some of the scenes of Rouge One played out also Star Wars-Disney was holding your Star Wars Stories competition for Rouge One..

Yet to screen on 25th May 2018 … As for the same premise, for another Star Wars Story –Solo in bringing out the prequel premise story to what made the General Han Solo of the Rebellion, Husband to General Princess Leia and Father to Ben Solo- Kylo Ren…. In recreation in a very cute Lego animation way of how he became the Smuggler, acquiring in an interesting way of the iconic Corellian Freighter YT-1300 -Millennium Falcon from a well-known smuggler Lando Calrissian in which it was his ship he won from… knowing through a long-time friend Qi’ra – Emilia Clarke… also with the favourite 190 year old co-pilot Wookie General Chewbacca from the Clone Wars..


Host commentary for today’s launch is John Insprucker-Principal Integrations Engineer providing the launch for a Californian Tuesday 22nd May 2018 it’s the launch two payloads from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SpaceX, in which is reusing a previously used Falcon Nine Reusable in which was previous used on classified mission Zuma in which that Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket is as 1043 ……. In which is set to launch from SLC-4E Space Launch Complex 4E on 1247 Hours PDT- Pacific Date Time in which during the launch of the core primary stage falcon nine in which was previously used will not be recovered in a traditional way on a drone ship…  in which this time a marine landing attempt has been done in the past to experimentally land float and recovery to see how it survives a marine landing…

Launching from from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SLC 4E -Space Launch Complex 4E is the non traditionally launch of the Space X Falcon Nine with the sixth patchment of five Iridium six Next communications also NASA’S Grace Fo Earth Science Satellite..

There are two payloads, Grace-Fo also the next five batches of Iridium Next 6 satellites for Iridium Communications as for Grace-Fo both payloads will be deployed least eleven minutes and thirty seconds after lift-off… This is the sixth batchment of Iridium Next 6 Satellites is the series of constellation networks in the provisionments of providing high velocity next generation data communications for Certus…. In delivery of seventy five Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit in a constellation network with six as a backup service with a total eighty one in servicement providing safety communications, in which The Next Generation of Iridium 6 Next Satellites, manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, is set to replace the existing satellite networks with innovative next generation data communications provisionments with eighty one planned to orbit around Planet Earth…  in a constellation formation  in which the communication provisionments is delivering high degrees of qualities velocities real time of Data Communications in services providing for aviation, Marine time, internet Data provisions communications with terrestrial towards non and government organisations.. one of many innovations is the Aviation surveillance tracking  systems that will gives real time air traffic controls of global visibilities with ADS-B Equipped Aircraft..

As with the GRACE-FO is the collaboration with NASA/German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) GRACE Follow-On (GRACE-FO)- Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment Follow On,  in which have fifteen year duration of monitoring Earth’s mass in which it measures the high and the low mass.. In which the distance between them show the changes in the Earth’s gravitation forces in precisely measuring the changes of the Earth’s Distribution of Mass monthly mapping with the that mapping monitoring repetitive over time to assess the data observational changes to ice sheets, glaciers, sub-terrain water storage, water supplies in lakes and rivers also water sea levels with that in mind to assess this Planet Earth’s Climate in which that enrich data observation it bring massive societal benefits..


On 0528 Spring morning Beijing Time…  21st  May 2018 at the XiChang Satellite Launch Center in South West China, CNSA-China National Space Administration launched an reliable Long March 4C configuration Carrier Rocket in which is in preparations towards a later mission to Launch Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe that would land on the Dark Side of the moon in which Earth’s Moon Luna is Tidally Lock one side is constant facing Earth the other side is not due to the Earth’s history it slowly gradually stop the Moons rotation..


CNSA China National Space Administration #國家航天局 | Long March 4C Carrier rocket launching relay Communications satellite Queqiao- Magpie Bridge to the other side of the Moon..

Launching from one of many CNSA-China National Space Administration launch facilities that scattered around nation…. Launching towards the Dark side of the moon in which to establishment of communication with Queqiao- Known as the Magpie Bridge in which namely relating to the Jin Dynasty story with Cowhearder and Weaver girl in which the Magpie forms a Milky way bridge to  have the lovers to meet together …..  In which is the same way for making that communications relay point with the other side of the moon with Earth…

the 24th October 2017 moon four days away from the new moon..

The launch includes two payloads one is two cube Satellites that’s launched after the Queqiao relay communication satellite….. In which to create a triangular communications network…  To communicate with the Lunar Probe Chang’e four, too study, explorationally the dark side of the moon….. During the process of the launching twenty five minutes into the flight it was the Queqiao satellite network to separate from its secondary carrier stage then transiting onwards to the dark side of the moon.. in laying the foundations of that network.. With the soon to be Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe rover.. in which later this year it enable China the first country to send a probe to soft land on the rover on the furthest side of the moon explorationally scientifically ..

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