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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, recently the world’s leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation… Has been recently issuing out new safety video on its various socials, in which safety is paramount in which in recent video, advertising they have been demonstrating in Hidden safety messages throughout its previous social media campaigns…   in which previously safety videos with safety in within the MTR Station..

As for the new Line of the West Kowloon station, safety of the line is paramount also in with tweaking the safety of the line in which recently last month of July 2018, the Hong Kong Police, with a massive three hundred police troops in a counter terrorism drill in training protecting the Hong Kong Population of citizens as part of the security safety of West Kowloon line in which adapting to other various situation that hopefully may not arise..

As part of the Station’s stringent requirements the station with its staff professionally checks on the equipment functionary of the high velocity trains that runs through toward from Hong Kong towards the Guangzhou station network then as Simon Sir with Jarvis explains the critical to details of safety procurement as they were previous visited by TVB presenter Jacqueline Wong and her older sister Scarlett Wong of the stage one Express Rail Link that runs in between Hong Kong-West Kowloon Shenzhen-Guangzhou section in which will be ready by the late third quarter of 2018 this year that will take least than forty eight minutes than the traditional three to four hours..

As parts of the various stringent safety procedures requirements is fine tuning, tweaking out with upmost safety, checking the trains inside out, like checking an airliner, also its systems also the surrounding  eco-systems……like the tracks, the electrical systems, the onboard cabin sections of the Express Rail Link bullet train also various of its eco-system.. therefore ensuring safety and comfort of the Journey..

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, recently the world’s leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation... Has been recently issuing out new safety videos on its various socials, in which safety is paramount in which in recent video, advertings they have been demonstrating in Hidden safety messages throughout its previous social media campaigns…

In various scenarios this applies to all other Subway stations globally, where the MTR Hong Kong stations have been design to accommodate towards various scenarios in minimizing or totally any counter dangerous situation that may have arisen… in which a mother pushing a pram with a child decides to make a fatal choice of taking the escalators, instead of a dedicated lift towards the lower or upper floors in where it’s safe.. Among that is the secondary situation where holding the safety rails on the escalators  and stay firmly towards one side where you can allow anyone to pass by whom are walking down or upwards the steps to the other floor.. Also do not rush when walking up as you might conclude into domino effects of other calamities.. In which of be careful of your surroundings also be mindfully too…

Recently this month then August 2018 at Airbus there’s been a new development with the Airbus 320 Neo, the introduction with the Airbus 320 Neo ACJ series in which is the next generation of Airbus 320’s design heritage……As the new Airbus ACJ 320 Neo is painted with the new golden livery in which the previous livery colour light metallic sky blue.. Is the first is the Registration G-KELT … in which should be interesting with what engine type that you would like to install…

With major advance modifications among with the modifications is the two new engine choices Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1100G-JM , or the  CFM International’s LEAP-1A – along with Sharklet™ wingtip devices… in which both engines in which provide massive degrees with fuel efficiency providing that with efficiency is its Wing tip devices as the design of the Airbus 320neo ACJ has been design with fuel efficiency and savings …..

Imagine from Airbus | A320NeoACJ |ACJ – The all new Airbus Corporate Jets – with a new golden livery from the Paint shop ……

As part of the innovation is the interior space saving, also its comfort in maxing out the interior size with twenty percent more height with sixty five percent wider within the Airbus ACJ Family.. In which accommodate more features like a family home features with spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, with office in which depends with your customisation in utilizing your style  with Airbus Airspace Cabin….One other features is the lower cabin altitude with an equivalent to an averagely of 19507.2 meters in which give passenger comfort atmosphere to almost to the same environment as they experiencing on ground altitude..    One other thing that comes out with Airbus is the innovation of standardization of the Commonality by design, as the same cockpit design share the same design with the same flight characteristics that makes a pilot transition easier high quality certification at a lower cost without going for the retraining process of a long duration relearning a new cockpit design … The new Cockpit design is enabled fly by wire.. Also there’s numerous Airbus trained pilots available than Boeing’s..


On a celebrating  6th July 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport celebrated its twentieth year anniversary in its lobby in which Cathay Pacific also celebrated it with its world known iconic flash mob dances around known global events ….  In which they flash mob during the Chinese New Year celebrations along the Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui as the Chinese New Year celebrations continues in various Hong Kong Shopping mega Malls also other key destination international airports…..

But also in that preparation, towards that day of the 20th Anniversary, there was a lot of preparation in choreographing the flash mob dances towards the select music that Cathay Pacific Airways have been iconically known for.. Also among the flash mob crowds are staff from Hong Kong International Airport..  Whom have join to celebrated that sixth July 2018 the opening day of celebration … among with that celebration with Hong Kong international Airport staff party in which festive events concerts within the HKIA..  whom dance at Terminal one Arrivals Hall with more than five hundred staff whom different Airport Companies that provides the servicement of HKIA..  as after they presented the Cup Cakes to the passengers and guest of the HKIA..

Speaking from reception of the celebrated day is Hong Kong SAR- Chief Executive Carrie Lam  in which she said that “HKIA is among our most important infrastructure. With the construction of the Three-runway System (3RS), HKIA will help ensure that Hong Kong will continue to be one of the world’s major aviation hubs amid the vast promise of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.”…… Following Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s reception is Chairman of the Airport Authority Jack So congratulated the staff of the HKIA of working hard for a successfully earned numerous awards as the world leading best International Airport also hoping for many successfully stories to come beyond those twenty years..

That day it was live stream on Socials celebrating the 20th Anniversary event,   the Crowds, passengers of Hong Kong International Airport were greet met with excitement as Crew of Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and among with the HKIA staff performed with local Artist with many iconic musical covers, as the iconic flash mob dances… in with end they celebrated with the birthday tunes with Birthday Cake..  Happy Birthday 20th Hong Kong International Airport with many endeavoring innovating decades, centuries to come in being the world leading Airport hubs…

CNSA – China National Space Administration – successfully launched a Long March 4B series Carrier Rocket for Earth Sciences- Gaofen eleven

On a very summery northern China Tuesday,  31st July 2018, the eve day before August 2018, CNSA – China National Space Administration have successfully launched a very reliable Long March 4B series Carrier Rocket from one of many CNSA’s Space Launch Complexes in which its Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Northern China’s Shanxi Province..

The 282nd flight of Launching from the Carrier Rocket, The Long March 4B, the three stages Long March launched at 1100 hours Beijing or Hong Kong Time.. Launched from Space launched Complex nine.. From the Taiyuan Satellite launch Center launching the Gaofen11 satellite into sun synchronous polar orbit by those powerful mightily four YF-20B engines..  in which provide flight time in between ten to twenty minutes.. as it making its way to delivery to position Gaofen11 satellite..


CNSA China National Space Administration – launching the Gaofen eleven Earth Sciences Satellite providing support to the Belt And Road initiative….

The Gaofen11 manufacturer is CAST – China Academy of Space Technology also in collaboration with its associate agency with CHEOS- China High Resolution Earth Observation System in which is design Built on a CAST 2000 Design Heritage Earth Sciences, in which is design for Translating Gaofen is High Resolution, also known as CHEOS- China High Resolution Earth Observation System, in which provisions in the real time observational data analysis of with high resolution multi spectra equipment imaging system in analysis for assessing environmental disaster warning, emergency response also for the protection for ecological, also providing support for infrastructure construction, transportation for various purpose of the Belt And Road initiative  …….

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