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On eleventh to thirteenth of July 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in the  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in collaboration is MEHK – Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong holding  Asia’s largest Start up and innovative technology event returning back to Hong Kong is RISE in which in convention is setup in hosting the largest gathering of people in sharing their start up experiences and stories in from the largest companies, as known startups from people within and outside the industries in a three day event of networking with various numerous asspects from media, investors also attendees..

This years of 2017, the event has attracted more than twenty thousand attendees from over one hundred countries in which sixteen percent increase than to the year 2016 RISE three day event.. in which was setup by the people from Web Summit in which is Europe version of the largest technology and start up conference, in which RISE  over a three day event in Hong Kong has more than three hundred speakers with more seven hundred media journalist from all forms of media.. in which during the three day events there’s been major successes in numerous startups been funded, awarded, also some with some lessons learn of going to the next leveling ascertaining newly acquired skill sets….

On the seventh November 2017, from Arianespace on a Night time launched successfully from its Guiana Space Center- European Space Spaceport in French Guiana in which is located in South America on which took place on 2241 hours local time..  In previous launches from Arianespace It has been in combinations with its Ariane five and six also the traditional Soyuz carrier rocket…

Launching from the French Guiana Space Center- European Spaceport is the new rocket in the series is the Vega Rocket… the sleek version of its sisters. In placing this launch is the eleventh time successfully launched for this series as a moderate light launcher carrier rocket…

The Payload in question is the manufacturer contractor Thales Alenia Space; also Airbus manufactured Telecommunications- Earth observation satellite MOHAMMED VI, placed in Sun Synchronous orbit for the Kingdom of Morocco…  MOHAMMED VI, is designed provision is for landscape surveying for regional agricultural development monitoring… in which critical data analysis for the natural disasters, environmental, desertification monitoring and prevention..  Also their other provision is border and coastal surveillance…

 “Your Wing really exist- All you have to do is Fly “ – Air New Zealand

As Air New Zealand celebrates in being’s Airliner of the year of 2018, in which travelling in between cities, travelling adventuring in between Airliners share on so many multitudes of stories on so many in-depth levels.. One young passenger in which inspires Air New Zealand, in which that story starts from Nelson,  Christchurch  on a Bombardier Q300 series Aircraft towards Dunedin on Aérospatiale  ATR72 series Aircraft celebrating his birthday in which Captain Steve from Air New Zealand takes Leon with this mother Cheree around South Island in which from Dunedin a flight A320 series towards Auckland.. During Leon’s birthday Adventures he gets to learn about the Aviation industry from the control tower at Dunedin Domestic Airport towards what operationally goes around inside the flights with different types of aircraft from flight controls to that iconic Air New Zealand Lolly Runner. As his journey progresses from South Island from learning smaller aircrafts towards flying towards Jean Batten- Auckland international Airport  to looking at the larger heavier aircrafts…

A #Legend#FuturePilot…. Leon’s life journey is to become a commercial pilot for Air New Zealand, in which passion in heart is set forwarding to it also Leon’s journey reminds us all with passion from as child to adulthood anything is possible once you set your passion heart and mind working towards  your dreams..

#iPhonePhotography | 萬聖節月亮 – The 31 October 2017 #Halloween Moon – A Gallery

November 3, 2017


It was a on at night with the Halloween Phantom of the Opera Moon on the 31st October 2017 in Auckland-New Zealand in which during that that day night it was clear remarkable in which latterly the cloudy started to gate crashed from the north..  During that same day it was the eve of Halloween in east coast where Space X had currently launched the South Korean television telecommunications Satellite KoreaSat5A.. on the following day over in the west coast at California is the multiple payload launch of the SkySat also Dove Satellites in one single launch by OrbitalATK in which both launches met its launch criteria besides waiting patience for the weather..


Meanwhile on that same Halloween day, Southern Hemisphere wise at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome were running with Halloween theme night. With props of Tombstones suspended ghouls with decorative running spiders, flying bats, in which running in sessions of three Halloween thematic planetarium shows each come with Halloween loot treat swag…

Before the gate-crashing blanketing rain clouds that came rolling over from north as it ghost storyline the waxing gibbous Phantom of the opera moon in creating that Halloween look for the moon in view as the storyline the Jade Rabbit eye.. In which you can see the promenade features of the sea of the Apollo 11 landed sea of Tranquility also Apollo 17 landed  Serenity… among that the moon was moving away from the constellation Scorpio in which rising later as she headed towards the full moon- second quarter then onwards wanningly towards the New Moon..

One of the sequences of launches that follow during the eve of SpaceX KoreanSat5A in which was launched on a very clear east coast afternoon from the iconic NASA-KSC Launch Complex 39A on the 30th October 2017, Korean Television Communications Satellite.. On the following Halloween 31st October 2017 day  it’s the Orbital ATK’s Minotaur C rocket that was launched from the other side from the Californian West Coast from Vandenberg Air force Base from Space Launch Complex -SLC-576E weather wise it met the launch criteria.. in which it Launched 1437 Hours Pacific time..

From the timely launch it, accent into deployment twelve minutes after the launch deploying from its removed payload flaring, deploying six SkySat Spacecraft into one by one into Targeting Sun Synchronous orbit 500 Kilometers above Earth…  Follow on multiple piggy backing payloads is the final of deployment of four Dove Satellite Spacecraft’s into the same..

The sequences of deployments for home-grown made Californian manufactured SkySat also Dove Spacecraft operate in combinations with each other as they provide the provisionment of remote sensing of Data and Telecommunications towards non and governmental organisations business… in which this case the client was for Planet labs Inc. whom provides extremely high ultra-resolution  rich orbital imagery of Earth Terrain from orbit..

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