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SpaceX F9 Reusable Carrier Rocket | Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express- landing traditionally reading “Just Read The Instructions in delivering ride share of sixty four CubeSats in one launch from that Californian Vandenberg Coast…..

On 3rd December 2018 California west Cost , launching from the west coast California, from Vandenberg Air Force Base is the next launch of Space X’s block five next generation Falcon Nine Reusable, in which launching from SLC4E- Space Launch Complex 4E in which this launch is a traditional launch for SpaceX in which landing back on a Drone ship off the Californian pacific coast line least seven minutes and forty five seconds after the launch, launch window of on a 1032 PST Los Angeles time in which that launch window is only critically small of least half hour duration….

The SpaceX Falcon Nine Reusable that’s deploying sixty four Spaceflight SSO-A Small Sat Express mission has been reused on a previously twice supported the Bangabandhu Satellite-1 mission in May 2018 and the Merah Putih mission in August 2018……  Deploying the sixty four satellites into SSO –sun synchronous low Earth orbit in two deployment sequences, in which it is to date the largest ride sharing deployment one carrier rocket from a United Sates Private space Company..

Deploying the sixty four Small Satellites-Cube Sats are from various thirty four organisations as part of the Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission from seventeen countries U.S., Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Poland, Canada, Brazil, and India…. The Payload which it varies from Domestic, International, Governmentally, Commercials, Educational research… that represented in payload manifest of fifteen Micro Sats, forty nine CubeSats …. Within the Payload skirt flaring is uniquely designed payload stacking arrangement.. It’s the most complex deployment system yet to date..

On 28th November 2018, from the Airbus Aircraft delivery center in France Toulouse, in which celebrated China Eastern’s first Airbus 350XWB-900’s out from twenty sisters that yet to come.. in which becoming the latest operator, in another is Cathay Pacific is one of the earliest operators.. in which China Eastern is the second largest Asia carrier on the planet Earth..

The Shanghai based carrier, operates a full Airbus complement fleet of 365 airliners, that’s including 306 Airbus 320’s also with fifty Airbus 330’s series… in which the new inspiring features that China  Eastern’s new fleet of A350-900’s series, comes in with a new comfortable modern four class cabin layout format of two hundred and eighty eight seating.. The first four is first class, the 36 business seats, thirty two premium economy then towards 216 economy seating…  In which the Airbus 350XWB series also it variants can outperform the Boeing equivalent fleet series…

The Airbus 350XWB series is one of the most successful medium large wide body long range aircrafts, it’s the next generation of long haul of being a long range leader in which is translated into carbon fibre body fuselage, wings, among its fuel efficient  A350 Trent Roll Royce engines among those innovations it’s cabin interior Airspace by Airbus offering the next generation level of inflight comfort also inflight entertainment in which is catered with internet interconnectivity in which allows you to work along the long haul flights so you won’t waste time also keeping up with your family  on various socials platforms…

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, for the Wintery Season for Hong Kong city iconic lighting neonic landscape is the Hong Kong Light Pulse Festival show for 2018 calendar in ready for the festive season that ahead to bring in the Christmas with the new years of 2019… Organised by the HKTB- Hong Kong Tourism Board…… in which this festively of lights set to light up the in duration in between 29th November 2018 towards the 24 February 2019…

In which during the Pulse light festival show 2018, there’s going to be a newly winter edition redention score of the Symphony of lights that discotheque in between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon city landscape with more lighting visual effects … in which brightens up Victoria Harbour in which the festival stretches from Hong Kong Harbour central towards Tamar park where it located towards the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention center.. Among that festival you’ll see the abundances of light art installations that’s place around the interactive areas that displayed by local and international acclaimed artist… As its theme around Hong Kong iconic elements As bringing in the festive Christmas season is the Statue Square Christmas tree in North Statue Square, which located under the Harbour side decorations nearby the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong…….As the exhibitions concludes towards the new year of 2019 with massive display of fireworks that Hong Kong Iconically known for at Victoria Harbour..

Also the event is very easy to get to just take the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui towards Central Star Ferry Terminal or take any interconnecting World leading MTR Hong Kong route towards Hong Kong Central Hub Station that’s connected towards the IFC building…  or iconically the Hong Kong Tramways towards the front of the Des Voeux Central road  HSBC Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation    then making your way towards the Hong Kong Central, IFC building towards Harbour front where the Ferris wheel..

Airbus-Ariane Space Ariane five ECA modified Carrier Rocket – assembly of the payload of the KARI- Korean Aerospace Research Institute and the ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation

On the fourth of December 2018, launching from Kourou French Guiana Time, is the launching of the AirbusAirbus Space and DefenseAriane Space Ariane five ECA modified Carrier Rocket VB246 in which, is the launching of the two payloads for two Asian Space Agencies, for the KARI- Korean Aerospace Research Institute and the ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation in which they’re both dedicated for Earth Sciences with Telecommunications in mind.. In which this is the sixth Ariane five flights for the year in Airbus-Ariane Space launch calendar…

Launching Ariane five, Flight VA246 will be performed from Ariane Launch Complex No. 3 (ELA 3) in Kourou, French Guiana. In a launch window between 1737 towards 1853 hours in Kourou, French Guiana time…. In which both satellites are dedicated towards Earth Sciences and telecommunications… In where Earth Sciences is  the Study of Weather Climate Studies in remote isolated areas…

The ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation GSAT -11 is the primary satellite that’s sitting in the upper section of the payload cradle of the Ariane five ECA Carrier rocket in which below cradle is the  KARI – Korean Aerospace Research Institute  GEO- KOMPSAT-2A ….

The fifteen year old operational duration- ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation GSAT – 11 in the provisionment is to provide the internet communications to the isolated areas in the Indian region, in which also providing whom it’ll be position at seventy four degrees East in a GEO- Geo Stationary Orbit.. The GSAT -11 is the largest also the heaviest of the Satellite that’s configured with the next generation I-6K  structure, in which providing more coverage is the multi spot beam coverage over the Indian region also it’s islands..

The Second Satellite is a KARI – Korean Aerospace Research Institute GEO- KOMPSAT-2A in which will provide more for Earth Sciences, position at 182.2 Degrees East, with an operational cycle of ten years, it’s provisionment will provide the Asian pacific region to carry out Meteorological and space weather data observations in which its future twin sister GEO- KOMPSAT-2B will carry out Earth Environmental monitoring observations…. Manufactured by KARI- it’s the sixty eight Earth observation satellite ….

In the very heart of the West Kowloon Cultural Center is the placement of Cantonese, Peking Opera Xiqu Center


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in new redevelopments area of West Kowloon, nearby in the corner of Canton Road, and Austin Road West… At 88 Austin Road In which January 2019 is the official Opening of Xiqu Center in which its iconic bamboo tree forest exterior swaying in the wind within is the Center complex for entertaining, teaching Traditional Chinese Opera in various forms from Ancient to postmodern Chinese Opera in which alike the one performed in the Imperial Dynasty in the Forbidden City in Beijing..

Set to open in the West Kowloon cultural district , in which is designed by Architecture Revery Architecture  in which the project construction costing is USD 347 Million … in which orthough it resembles a romantic bamboo forest on various layers, constructed like a light box of a Chinese Lantern behind a beaded curtain in illuminating four corners of the  it Cultural Sanctuary, in which those beaded curtains can be found in traditional Chinese houses, homes, in which given if you watched  recent the most watched Chinese Drama如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace Forbidden City Palaces interior….


The Xiqu Center features, a massive grand staging interior lobby, with impressive contemporary modern timeless lines and curvilinear paths and forms. The theatre is design to be raised up in the center of the building complex impressively in the heart of the Xiqu Centre of the ground.

As below the main stage is the impressive courtyard plaza that services towards the outdoors with the Sky Gardens, among performances, it’s also a teaching, education studios- Seminar- performing arts school center as for the next generation of performers whom which continue variously exploring the Cantonese, Peking- Chinese Opera art form towards another level from traditional to post-modern..  Among the Xiqu Center is another Theatre, is aback house Tea House in which is an old ancient tradition in Chinese Theatres Hong Kong and Throughout China, likes of the Forbidden City in which serving Tea and other meal dishes while watching as the performer performs… With among is the Administration department, with various retail areas that overlooks the central courtyard…

Credited Photographer: Ducky Tse Chi-tak for the West Kowloon Xiqu Center..

Getting there is very easy, its adjacency with its Own Austin Road MTR station nearby only a five minute walk from the Austin Road station Exit F or the fifteen minute scene route from Jordan MTR Station Exit C2 or shorter with Two minutes from Express Rail Link Hong Kong West Kowloon Station (Exit G)… also there are various bus stops nearby also mini bus stops. .Parking is available at the Express Rail link at west Kowloon Station…

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