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On a 12th Jun 2019 California OC’s 0717 Los Angles PDT- Pacific Date Time–  morning, it’s the launch of the CSA -Canadian Space Agency Canadian- RCM- RADARSAT Constellation Mission, launching from the west coast this time of Space X‘s Vandenberg Air Force Base, form California, launching from SLC-4E, Space Launch Complex 4E..  In which the launch three satellites will be deployed form the secondary stage, in least fifty four minutes after the launch…

As the deployment  of the three RADARSAT Satellites, into the deployment is the landing of the reusable Falcon Nine carrier rocket least eight minutes after lift-off, back on a non-traditional drone ship landing in which it’ll land back on Space X’s  Landing Zone 4- LZ-4… in which this a land based landing..

The currently first staging of the Space X –Falcon Nine reusable was previously used in Dragon’s first demonstration flight in March 2019, in which used again for this mission.. To deploy RADARSAT Satellites of three constellations, for Earth Sciences observation from space in which it utilised a three C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar –SAR Earth Observation Satellites…

The Manufacturer of the RADARSAT is MDAa Maxar Company… In which it’s provisionment of the constellation of the three satellites will provide Canadian also Arctic region observations of four times daily   also globally ninety percent.. also providing maritime surveillance, ecosystem and climate change monitoring, and helping disaster relief efforts. … Each satellite also carries an Automatic Identification System receiver, allowing improved detection and tracking of vessels of interest.  Also providing assists to farmers on maximising crop yields, reduction on energy consumption reduction of pollutants…. Also the second Is provide high quality resolution data on disaster relief also assisting on organize emergency response efforts and protect the local population….. .


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Happening on the 13th towards the 18th June 2019 ..  on the tenth year of the Chinese Opera Festival in Hong Kong, in which it’s the first time it’s held at the newly constructed awaiting Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon cultural district.. in which the Grand Theatre also it’s the Tea House Theatre where the programmes are going to be staged in which bringing enhancing new experiences to Audiences, also the centre providing with educationally entertaining, workshops, lectures, film screenings, also meeting the cast and crew in getting know the operatically art in various genres for the general audience also public ……

Among the various events in also out house of the Xiqu Theatre, along with the stage performances comes with various many Chinese opera house from Mainland China, also from Peking opera Master North and South, China National Peking Opera Company and Shanghai Jinqjiu Theatre Company, Experimental Theatre of Liyuan Opera of Fujian, Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre, Shanghai Yue Opera group , Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera: Jingkun Theatre and Shandong Peking Opera Theatre…. Wenzhou Opera Research Institute…..


In across the special administrative region of In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is another region nearby in the Greater Bay Area in which is one of the world’s international innovations hub leading region is Shenzhen is celebrating the region’s forty year anniversary from developing from a fishing village towards an international innovation technology leader as that region open up in the great leap forward…. in which the City of Shenzhen with its illumining light show is inspired by  Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights..

Celebrating the forty year anniversary of on 28th September 2018, tittle the “Glorious New Era” the Shenzhen Central District commission new building installations in which illuminating forty three buildings in orchestrated symphony, in which premiering with various thematically themes of the City of Shenzhen,  in which the main theme is the Glorious New Era, in which the story includes four chapters  of the Shenzhen’s landscape the mountainous also the seas , the window of reform, the capital of innovations, also the realm of harmony…..

Within the forty three building the central one is the six hundred meter tall is the Ping An Finance Center in which commands the attention also provides as the conductor in orchestra the symphony as the major landmark in conducting the urban city civic centre display with various different techniques with also intelligent control mechanisms in displaying from thematically theme form Chinese Classical Styles toward the modern Pop Culture art that painted illustrated on the buildings of forty three displays that bring in with dynamic and surrounding visually immersive viewing experiences that surrounds the whole centre civic square..


Performing “Four Chapters” to Show “Glorious New Era”

The four chapters highlight the theme of “reform and opening up”:

(1) The first chapter: the city of mountains and seas. Since the reform and opening up, Shenzhen has undergone tremendous changes from Bianbu Agricultural County to a modern metropolis. Beginning to express the mountains and the sea in a classical painting style, it is a peaceful and peaceful scene. The resurgence of the stars indicates that the times are changing and the picture rhythm is speeding up. Using the architectural light and shadow show to express the construction speed of Shenzhen, the picture sometimes enters the sea to appear active fish, and sometimes jumps out of the golden sunlight to illuminate the beautiful life.

(2) The second chapter: the window of reform. It is a wonderful epitome of Shenzhen’s historic changes and evokes common memories. Minghua round sailed into the port, the first shot of the Shekou mountain, and the sculpture of the scorpion cow, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Luohu Port, the mountain banyan tree, the Qianhai stone, etc., showing that Shenzhen stood at the forefront of reform from beginning to end. In the end, the golden Dapeng wings spread in the sky, symbolizing that Shenzhen is at the forefront of the new era, and the new journey is the best.

(3) The third chapter: the capital of innovation. Shenzhen is a city of innovation and a city with innovative genes. Gathering landmarks around the world through light and shadow, representing the global innovation elements gathered in Shenzhen. The aircraft and high-speed rail represent the convenient transportation facilities in Shenzhen. Genetic engineering, drones and robots represent the level of technological innovation in Shenzhen.

(4) Chapter 4: The Realm of Harmony. A scene in which Shenzhen people live in harmony with nature and live a better life. Through the mangroves and birds, flowers and butterflies, the beautiful ecological environment. Young people are running and dancing in the square. The children are playing and chasing on the beach. Under the blue sky and the blue sea, yachts and sailboats shuttle through, and they have a happy life scene. Finally, the fireworks rise from the ground, bloom in the air, radiate golden light, and bring together the words “Shenzhen welcomes you” to showcase the city’s vastness and eclecticism, reflecting the open and inclusive urban temperament of Shenzhen.

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, on every night at the stroke of eight in the evening the International Iconic Neonic cityScape of an ultra Megatropolis city Hong Kong lights up towards a fifteen minute Symphony of Lights, in which lights up towards in between Hong Kong Island also New Territories – Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui district side..  With massive discotech instrumentals music that been orchestral by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Featuring is from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, whom initiated to illustrate the Hong Kong Harbour installed on 17 January 2004, in which then graduate spreading towards other districts ionic buildings, from Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, West Kowloon, Hung Hom, towards Jordan…  During the show it thematically five themes Awakening, Energy, Heritage, partnership, in collaboration with Celebration..

The Symphony of lights show is the largest permanent light show in the world, besides a smaller version across another Canton province city, Shenzhen…   the participating buildings have a total installations forty seven buildings, with each carrying out with different lighting visual effects, projectors, laser, searchlights, LED Lightings..  With massive LED display screens … every now and then like during Chinese New Year there’s a special redention edition of new lighting in gearing up to celebrating the Chinese New year…  In which you can check the show out on its mobile  App to listen to it as it goes live at eight in the evening Hong Kong Time..

There are some notable places for watching..  Some key observationally Vantage Points:

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Avenue of Stars: MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit L6. Follow the signs and walk for around five minutes.

Golden Bauhinia Square: MTR Wan Chai Station, Exit A5. Follow the signs, take the skybridge to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and head for the Golden Bauhinia Square.

A favourite vantage point for viewing the show is from a boat on the harbour. Check out these harbour cruises for ideas.

On Wednesday 5th June 2019, CNSA – China National Space Administration 國家航天….. have successfully launch a sea based launched from the Yellow Sea it was launched at twelve noon on Beijing time..  launching that day is the reliable heavy modified Long March 11 Carrier Rocket … in which launching it is the first nation to launch that endeavour, beside the commercial one that was previous operating that was Sea Launch, in which has almost the same launch concept from a mobile sea platform  … in which that company was a private.. In which unfortunate became unoperational due to various conflicts among its partnership countries, United States, Norway, Ukraine …. In which fortunately that CNSA wouldn’t run into the same problems due it’s operational from one organisation…

Image credit _ China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology

There are multiple advantages of having a seaborne mobile launched platform in, which it’ll cut cost of delivery towards orbit as the given the launch is done at the equator it’ll gradually  reduce the need for larger carrier rockets to place payloads at the equator in which communications satellites , in which creating flexibilities for different types of payload launched towards form different points of latitude in which therefore lowing cost in the in providing more of the commercial gains in delivery of a payload.. Less expensive … other advantages are there are least chances of the fuselage of the launch of the rocket landing on a populous area…


As part of the payload delivery, it was a five payloads satellites that go delivered towards there orbits, in which are commercial weather satellites constellation network. Named Wind Catchers- Bufeng, working together in which providing meteorological weather data gathering of the planetary wind currents, also typhoon monitoring in providing provisions of forecasting warnings of extreme weather…  among with the five satellite constellation launch is the Jilin 03A – Earth sciences observation satellite- Changguang Satellite  Technology Corporation, in which will have least twenty satellite constellations…. Among within the payload is the Linksure Network in providing free WiFi on a planetary scale in which that constellation is complied with two hundred satellites…

 As part of the other payload is experimenting with new innovative painting coatings that applied on the carrier rocket’s fuselage in which that process could be applied in the paint coatings applied on the manufacturing of WEY brand vehicles to extend the life of the vehicles under extreme harsh conditions …  in which it’s parent brand is Great Walls Motors..

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