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Recently there’s been a new way of Aircraft inspections in which it reduces the amount of time.. In which current traditional ways of having a team of engineers of inspecting visually of every details for any fatigue, stress or imperfections along the hulling of the fuselage for in which that takes time, costing in operational time..

Airbus in collaboration with its subsidiary Testia… has developed an advance rapid approach increasing efficient way of facility visual checks also reducing downtime for an aircraft readiness also increasing the quality control of inspections of complying reports for any repairs that needs acquiring..

One major feature is the is the high resolution spectra camera in which the Testia Drone has to through scan all of the fuselage of the aircraft.. In which with the visual data it creates the outlay of the aircraft in which it creates a three dimensional model of the aircraft then within thirty minutes in which is process onto a mobile inspection unit laptop or Desktop to find any required needing to fix defects for attention…. Then it’s ready for the engineers to amend on the go…

Testia Inspection drone utilities anti-collision systems that’s while scanning in a safe distance in which once launched using its laser based obstacle anti-collision systems  in which in a distance keeping the scanning versa its three dimension model at a safe distance but also providing a consistent high quality of optical detail with the right portions..


“………You’re after something. Is it revenge? Money? Or is it something else…” Qira-Emilia Clarke


As yesterday on the 9th April 2018, it was the second trailer for the prequel story of our soon to be the Husband of Princes Leia Organa, Father of now known of turned son, Darth Vader wannabe… Ben Solo- Kylo Ren….  That’s A Star Wars Story of Han Solo… of his origins of how he became the interesting lovable antihero smuggler that we know today…In which we set to see on it’s releases on 25th May 2018…..

Within Solo storyline- it is as most Space Westerns gets set in the world where there’s no Jedi left or the very few in exile in the world where Star Wars Rebels is the beginning, in the world that Han Solo- Alden Ehrenreich grew up in which of his younger self enterprising himself with his partner in crime Chewbacca- Joonas Suotamo…  in which he’s after something else that’s going to be his home, his love in which is the Millennium Falcon- the modified Corellian freighter YT-1300 in which he won it after with a table match in between his long-time friend Lando Calrissian- Donald Glover..  In which their storyline once again meet in Bespin the Clouded City…   or first love is Qira- Emilia Clarke as they grew up together in which she share the same rough road life with her being glamorous operating with different guises

In this trailer there’s something western about this, in a western there’s always a train heist in which sets the tone for one in stealing from the imperial empire, as they contracted to do a job as they younger Solo with his fellow smugglers are warmth with a campfire in planning their heist..  The Solo Story sets the tone with as many other origin stories within the Star Wars franchise in which would like to see an actual Star Wars Rebels  in which leading up towards the third trilogy…..

It’s Business Time for American-New Zealand’s Rocket Lab launching from Launch Complex One -Mahia Peninsula


On  a very wintery Autumn Friday- 20th April 2018- between 1230 hours New Zealand Time …. It’s the third launch of the American-New Zealand Company Rocket lab’s Electron from its launch complex One, East Coast of corner of North Island New Zealand’s Mahia peninsula… As from the second launch 21st January 2018 #StillTesting it launched a reflective object The Humanity Star in which its least intensity brightness than the ISS-International Space Station also providing people to look up in the night skies for it, also providing an educational insight for the general population to look into the starry night to wonder what’s out there.. The #StillTesting One of the Payloads that’s involve with the Still Testing launch is the CubeSats- micro satellites in which are two imaging Earth Dove satellites for Planet, also paired with a Spire dual weather reconnaissances Lemur 2 satellites in which will be used to data observationally collect of weather information analysis also provisionment for assisting of marine vessel traffic monitoring….

This time with the #ItsBusinessTime it’s now launch for a fourteen day launch window in commerce to launch for Spire Global again with new payload for GeoOptics Inc. both are manufactured by Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems in which Spire Global micro satellites provisionments for imagining for weathering Data gathering also weather reconnaissance’s placing it into LEO- Low Earth Orbit in which provide marine navigational assistances….

However with RocketLab has been increasing the scale of production with it primary launch carrier rocket the Electron Rocket in which recently it been manufacturing it Rutherford engines in its Huntington Beach California operations in which that facilities manufactures the 3D printed Rutherford Engines in a scale of one hundred per year to mean launch customer demands in which Rocket Lab yet to achieve an every seventy two hour launching cycle for the micro Satellite market.. With a full constructed manufactured assemble Electron Rocket Carrier Rocket per week cycle… in way of Manufacturing Commercial Airliners Aircraft of Airbus and Boeing…  to meet the launch calendar of 2018 to 2019 year..


As part of Asia’s leading Airliner, Cathay Pacific Airways as always collaboratively with community outreach collaborative programs, one partaking with is Learning- AFAR Magazine– in which they undertaken founded eight years ago in providing travelling adventuring information guides in using various media in various platforms in which that relationship working together for the provisionment of opening adventuring exploring experiences to those least a unfortunate –undeserving students to travel aboard in which they don’t have the means to leave their neighbourhood.. In which this ten their lives would be changed growingly evolving … as the comforts zones challenge becomes their life school classroom on a Life Well Travelled……

In that collaboration Cathay Pacific Airways and AFAR magazine in the closing of the year 2017 helped out a group of ten Oakland Californian Students to travel aboard for educational adventuring experiences in handling the student’s passports travels documentations, accommodations travelling to Cambodia… also their educational GPA’s was covered and teachers recommendations..

In Traveling to Cambodia throughout eleven days they experiences in meeting interacting with the local community in helping out with local constructing volunteering projects also as they travel around their new founded experiences opens themselves to braving to newly getting out from their comfort zones in which they found as they first board their first flight on an aircraft that some never have flown before. As the new comfort zones are being challenged the Californian Oakland students share their life experiences with the local Cambodian students as they learn from each other’s cultures… In result become their own ambassadors of their newly shared cultured experiences


On Spring Afternoon Monday 2nd April SpaceX is preparing to resupply the ISS – International Space Station in which is current the Falcon nine is currently being ready for the flight ahead for the CRS 14- Commercial  Resupply Service number 14…… launching from SLC40- Space Launch Complex 40 at East Coast  this time last was the Californian West Coast.. Launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida launching window 1630 Hours Eastern Daylight Time..  in which follows a just in case window occurs at 1603 Hours Eastern Daylight Time if the first attempt did not meet the Launch Criteria commitment…..

Both Falcon and Dragon CRS MODULE are flight re certified, due previously used in previously launches of supporting CRS 12 resupply mission also the Dragon was previously used in CRS 8 resupply with the International Space Station.. As this is a Non Traditional SpaceX launch in which the carrier Falcon Nine will not be recovered with an off shore drone ship… in which due to the nature of the payload in which has critical components of research, Hardware and supplies to the International Space Station in which supporting investigative research…..

During Wednesday, once the CRS 14 Dragon is in orbit making its way to the International Space Station, it will be retrieve by the ISS’s Robotic Arm transferring supplies equipment to the station also returning materials back to the Earth after a one month duration stay docked , then leaving to re enter Earth after a five hour readiness to allow a thirty minute conventional splash down in the Pacific Ocean in where located off shore of Baja California

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