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Today on a very warmly Dry 27 more degrees Celsius Auckland 12th January Friday 2017,  was the launch attempt of the ULA- United Launch AllianceNROL-47 reconnaissance Satellite in which that was planned to launch on Thursday 11 January 2017, 1300 hours in which there’s as second attempt of the launch in which will occur from a twenty four hour cycle in order to ascertain a maintenance repairing issue with a ground system valve.. At the Vandenberg Air Force Base on SLC-6- Space Launch Complex -6 …. In the current weathering forecast there’s a ninety percent that’s favourable for the next launch on the west Coast Friday 12th January 2017… at the same recycling timing at 1300 Hours at West wintery coast …. In which the live broadcast will be recycle to 1240 West Coast California time..

Its current Payload is the National reconnaissance Office in which its chosen carrier rocket is the Traditional trust worthy Delta four rocket in which is manufactured by Boeing Defense and space division.. The Delta IV in a 5.2 medium plus configuration is consisting two solid rocket motors  in which has a centaur rocket engine that powers up the secondary stage that transition the rest of the payload into geo stationary orbit placement…   as this is the 36th Launch of the flight of usage of Delta four rocket..


As before production of any filming of a movie –television series proceeds from the pages scenes written screen play or script.. there’s a process of call Storyboarding in which is helpful I picturing the scene is transitioned from screenplay to how it should be pictured through the director’s point of view of how she or he interprets the screenplay in which angle shown to see how the scene is portrayed through the many elements of how the camera angles it required to produce the scene..  In ordering to minimized how much the scene cost per minute or hourly operationally budget wise..

In which this very cute Star Wars – The Force Awakens storyboarding Sketch anime explains the outline adventures of the main lead, in which that main lead is Rey –Daisy Ridley how she becomes the understudy of Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill as she find him in the first Jedi Temple planet of Arch-to.. as she begins to understand and learn about her past also what ‘s to come in becoming  the next Jedi Master in her own right..


Within five hours least – On seventh of January 2018 East Coast’s Gossip Girl New York time, it’s the return to launch Space X – Falcon nine on Cape Canaveral Air force Station on Space Launch Complex 40, in which on NASA-KSC’s iconic Launch Complex 39A in which Launched the mighty Apollo Mission Saturn five rockets towards the Moon for its lunar exploration also of the iconic Space Truck – STS- Space Transportation Systems – the Space Shuttle.. In which that launch Complex 39A is preparing for a maiden test flight of its younger powerful sister the Falcon Heavy as it transitions toward is even younger sister the BFR-Interplanetary – Space Airliner Rocket….

…. Launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base with a two hour window with its Traditional SpaceX launching / landing of the first stage Falcon nine reusable Carrier Rocket – B1043, eight minutes after lift-off onto landing Zone LZ-1, only a few Kilometers away from the SLC40 in which lift off begins take shape at 2000 Hours Easter Saving Time with a backup secondary launch window of the following day New York’s Tuesday eighth January 2018… with a tertiary window on ninth of January 2018 …………Lifting off with those nine clustered Merlin Engines is an unspecified Northrop Grumman Zuma Spacecraft into an approximate 51 degree inclination insertion orbit …


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s a new intermodal services at HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport in which is call SkyPier – in which provides you the various multiple level services in multiple modal transportation at Hong Kong International Airport in transfer passenger provisionments for convenient air and sea travel.. In which provides a continuous journey in between nine ports of the Pearl Delta River also Macao, in which also connecting to regions to two hundred and twenty destinations worldwide….

In which the SkyPier ferry service is for transferring passengers to ferries to Mainland also Macao towards the various ports within the Pearl Delta River.. Dongguan Humen, Guangzhou Lianhuashan, Guangzhou Nansha, Macao (Maritime Ferry Terminal), Macao (Taipa), Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Shekou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai Jiuzhou…..

As part of the service is the Airline Check in Tag Through with the introduction of the upstream service in which passengers transiting from the Pearl Delta Ports can obtain boarding passes also checking in certain ports also its best to check in which airline check in and baggage tag through to your intended destination, as long you have the right required paperwork with that in mind with a hassle free journey..

One part of the service is the Ferry Transfer in which you can obtain the Air Passenger Departure Tax (APDT) Refund… In which at arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, passengers whom arrive at cross harbour service in which onwards departure by aviation can be exempt from Air Passenger Departure Tax… in which refund ticket would be issued in when they check in at the SkyPier or at the associated ports listed in the Pearl Delta River also at Macao.. Once presenting your refund ticket at the Departure Tax Refund Desk at the SkyPier prior a same day security screening completion with the right paperwork…


On the London Christmas Day 25th December 2017, The Doctor Who – Christmas Special -Twice Upon Time  in which featured both Doctors the first and the twelfth replaying William Hartnell is David Bradley with Peter Capaldi as the storyline gears up two regenerations in the cliff hanger conclusion – we saw the introduction of the 13th Doctor – Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.. in which the destruction of the interior of the TARDIS as she regenerates from 12th towards the 13th regeneration as we saw in the transition from David Tenants towards Matt Smith’s Tardis interior, In which among to which other interior regenerations… When comes April 2018 where it starts airing we’ll see the new desktop theme… In which when it comes for another scene of the where the secondary Tardis control room is required…

As Season eleven comes to air April 2018, in where directed by Jamie Childs- Nikki Wilson Producer among, show executive runner by Chris Chibnall- Broadchurch whom placed after Steven Moffatt in which should be interesting to see what the Tardis interior of the 13th is…. As the 12th Desktop Theme is deconstructed for 13th theme that represents her in telling her story… as each Tardis interior represents each regeneration storylines..

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