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As “Space X’ starting to restart in their reusable stage rockets in lowering the operating cost of sending payloads and crew in lower earth orbit… By having retro grade system so it can land back on a designated landing pad or just in case of emergencies.. Reusable rockets or vechicles are nothing new. They were in development since the concept of replacing the Space Shuttle or STS-Space Transportation System…

With the introduction of the Delta clipper DC-X33 during the early parts of this century.. In which was a single reusable vehicle that launches up then lands under its own retro thrust then lands with own landing gear without any used of a parachute.. In this “Amazon-Blue Origin” have successfully land historically on 23rd November 2015 in West Texas launch Site.. New Shepard first stage at an altitude of 100.5 Kilometres in the air… Then safely land back onwards to a land pad under on its own guidance of thrust of New Shepard’s main engine.. With its main landing gears.. Something now that Space X now has to beat with their Falcon nine reusable this year after multiple unsuccessful tries on landing without incident… as Space tourism heats up between SpaceX and Amazon-Blue Origin.. it leaves Sir Richard Branson-Virgin Galactic in far behind now with the now shift towards to Amazon- Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk.. For a least expensive reliable option for real space tourism.. in Earth’s orbit, and beyond to the moon and further wise..


Given that you purchase all the Halo’s figures… You may find it interesting that “Sandbox” is now 3D printing your favorite Spartan, form “ 343 Industries”  Halo… with the customization with your preferences in what from selecting different articulation of poses, with various bases, Customizing your armour, the colour customization. The customization comes in three sizes, between small medium large in height… as in various poses of you in the game in which makes you remembers the gameplay… The detail of the printed Spartan is beautifully detail with every grove in the armour, the weaponry, delivery time takes between two weeks, depending on your location…  also it makes a upcoming gift for a special event excellent unique gift for that gaming partner..!


As “Star Wars Battlefront” draws near on 17th November 2015, exploring the many star wars conflicted worlds where from the Tatooine, Moon Endor to the conclusion of the Planet Jakku where we explore what happen all those 29 years ago in which lead to the build-up of what’s to come on 18 December 2015 when on the big screen” The force awakens”.. .. You are fighting as in between as the Rebel alliance- Resistance or the Imperial- First Order… Taking sides in a massive co-operative or a Multiplayer fighting to regain control of the battleground.. With various vechicles at your earned assessment of the battle…

Produced by Dice Lucuasfilm with EA with the frostbite gaming engine.. Featuring Actress Anna Kendrick in the trailer as many of the population started moving into that Obi One Kenobi force moment  in the New Hope as many disappeared  into the battlefront like how in the web series of AFK… playing the Princess Leia role.. like how in the full game that you get to customized fully what you character, species, what would look like in as a girl or a guy..


As “Star Wars- the force awakens” opens to theaters on 18th December 2015 as the preparations of the seventh episode of 29 years ago carrying on from Return of the Jedi as the rebels meet there almost last incursion of Imperial forces of a planet Jakku as it looks like a planetary junk yard even larger than Watto Junks shop back on Tatooine..

In this is addition of Bad Robot production app “Action Movie FX” in which you could create an augmented reality small little movie action scenes placing in various locations that you wish, as selecting the scene within the app and placing it in a desire location and start a five second recording at the most, then it gets exported to your camera roll or shared among with your socials..

The additions of the scene, are with the new droid on the neighborhood BB-8,  that tries to be adorable next to R2-D2, or Chopper from Star wars rebels.. also there’s other iconic scenes with the Millennium Falcon battling it out with the first order, also there’s that Hoth scene with the AT-AT Walkers also Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker doing the Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes back scenes….

The additional scenes are scenes that you pay for on you iTunes account to unlock them also the unlocked  purchases goes into 100% into a charity UNICEF fund . So have fun in creating mini five seconds movies…..!!


“Warcraft” based on “Blizzard Entertainment’s world of Warcraft” in which takes you through one off the most popular MMORPG of many besides Star trek online and Star wars the old republic…..As Warcraft takes us into that world in between the Humans and the Orcs whom world is in desolation with famine and in need of further food and resources as theirs are exhausted to survive through not least that a few seasons.. As they begin  one whom is alone Orc  and his family is challenging that survival by force.. As they also tries to struggle to survive in the realm of Azeroth.. Also challenge by humans whom fear what the orc expansion onto their lands whether it’s for peace or an all-out war between the two civilizations…  It has many characters in Azeroth whom’s strives for many things..

The world of Azeroth is beautiful as the level of detail of the Warcraft fitting the detail of armour that I love telling that story to the nearest exact detail of Orcs… as the next leveling of gaming realism also this first story should gives whom new this an introduction into what is this, and sense what’s happening in gameplay as well attracting more into the “world of Warcraft”  and living their adventures….. as to with Star trek online and Star Wars the Old republic..

As it’s also Bizzcon 2015, they releasing many more hints of what further the Warcraft movie is also set to be released by Universal Pictures directed by Duncan Jones, produced by Charles Roven.. In Theaters on 10th June 2016


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