STAR WARS | Light Saber Sunglasses- something for summer….?


Orthough is winter over here, but its summer over at the northern hemisphere, and what a way to celebrate by wearing these pretty cool trendy Wayfarer-style sunglasses, in different coloured frames of lollypop Lightsaber blade colours blue, red, and green..  The feel of the design is comfortable in sight that it’ll shade your view in perspective while you’re wearing during the sunny days..

There’s another addition it has dual LED lighting on both arms of the glasses, in that it can be worn during the night, the batteries are easily replaceable, also it can be switch off unless you don’t want to been seen during the alley ways of Coruscant… either doing Jedi or Sith business..

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SLIDESHOW | Luna photography- it’s all about looking at April closer…. 2014

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Looking out the April night sky in Auckland and having going through the changes of out of Daylight savings, means the night sky only gets very early dark…  In this I notice that the skies are getting colder, in that the starry light is a little sharper, than to the summery nights.  Noticing from the westward view the Orion constellation is settling down early now. Looking back only a couple of weeks ago the Planets Mars and even more later Saturn rising in the East.. Having Mars only blushing Reddish more… in as it rise from the horizon..  Saturn is still an amazing sight to been seen, with its slight angled rings…

As for the moon its duration phases are quite revealing in showing the depths of the craters by the casted shadows, in itself slowly revealing its grey-ish white Luna surface… showing its city large craters.. one nice thing is when you look at edge of the moon you could see the distinctive features of height of the Luna circumference crater heights…

STAR TREK ONLINE | previously awaiting for season nine…?

“We are fighting a war on multiple fronts..! We have to consider the Borg, the Undine, the Romulans, as well the Klingon’s….”

In this we see all the leading key events that is leading to the point where the Iconians and Undine is the now the main antagonists in the upcoming seasons, as the antagonists tries to manipulate the affairs of The United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire.

As the conclusion to from an episode where you and away team uncover a mysterious ambassador from where you left of from Vulcan to investigate the a incident with the Klingon in the P’Jem system, to much a surprise the Ambassador that you pick up happens to be an Undine in an episode in of Diplomatic Orders..

In events of season eight, and eight point five, we start to see the discovery of an Iconian Gateway leading to many other Gateways, leading to the investigation of Omega particles in which is used as fuel to jump into any systems, leading to other encounters with the Voths, and the two Dyson spheres of the Solanae and the Jenolan spheres…

… in your investigative from “sphere of influence” then “A Step between Stars “ have leaded to this climax prologue ..  On the 22nd April 2014 of season nine…


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DOCTOR WHO | tardis and dalek – salt and pepper shaker..


Given that you have the Tardis Tea Pot and Cup in your collection, then this will be a must to add to. It’s a type forty Tardis and Dalek Salt and pepper shakers… Both features a in itself a sizeable size as both are least four inches tall, in that so it holds a good hold on least a month or few weeks on end on pepper or salt..  Both are quite durable itself ceramic, and features incredible detail, detailing to the phone box panel signage…  looking at both shakers they’re quite stable in which it’ll stay put on the table…


Like to know more where you could get your Tardis and Dalek salt and peppers shakers…?

WEARABLE DEVICES | google glass A Explorer story – Roy Choi

As in today of reality television  food shows remained to be the most widely watched, in has we watch and learn how these master chiefs cook their culinary delights… as I could see that it will in the presently soon that instead of a television network broadcasting out the programming, it would be the chiefs themselves  in using wearable devices using Google hangouts  such as the widely popular ChefHangouts, in giving personalised cooking lessons,  in also that you’ll learn from each other in increasing your skillset of cooking those wonderful delicious dishes..

Here we have Roy Choi, founder of Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, he’s well widely known internationally for this unique food truck movement, in this Roy is part of the Glass Explorer moment.. And demonstrating his culinary skills, and using the search, record and share for something delicious for St. Patrick’s Day on creating a collective fusion of food but keep it to the heart…


Like to know more about Glass explorer, also to Kogi food truck where about also to his socials, on Roy plus Kogi...?

DOCTOR WHO| one way of keeping warm for winter…?

one warm TARDIS Laplander beanie – from think geek


It’s nearly winter becoming over here, and there two things that may help you to keep warm from top to feet… first we star of with the Tardis beanie, also it’s a Laplander to keep your head warm.. Especially adventuring outdoors, the Laplander comes with the usual features look of the Tardis, but it comes lantern type white Pompom, and slides to warm up your ears also,

Doctor who K9 Slippers- from Thinkgeek

As to the feet, keeping you warm indoors is the Doctor Who K9 Slippers, it fairly cute and warm so it’ll stop from feet getting cold, during the wintery days and nights while warming up next to a warm fire place telling those Gallifreyan adventuring stories…


Like to know more where you could get your warm Tardis Laplander beanie and those warm K9 Slippers…from Thinkgeek?

COSPLAY | Lightning-Claire Farron- Alannah Pearce

Adventuring Cosplaying Lightning is Alannah Pearce, this is her second time doing cosplay, cosplaying as the leading character in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy of Lightning also know to her sister Serah, as Claire Farron.. As it’s her main only quest to save her sister Serah, and only family and in good company of friends…  Also Lightning-Claire Farron is one of my Favorite Protagonists…

In this Alannah explains how she got all the pieces together the Blazefire Gunblade, the  standard Guardian corps uniform, also in this she explains how she constructed the wired paper Mache the green metallic pauldron over her left shoulder.. Also Lightning’s Guardian Corps full length boots..  the blue eye contacts,  the pink hair, also it became a learning experience for what to do next in the next cosplay..

At the end the rewarding results are pretty cool. With excellent photo shot of photographer Chris Volk, also with the vlogging of the whole process is her Friend Rory…

As you could see more of her brilliant work on either on her socials, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube.. also her Portfolio 

PLAYLIST | game of thrones and social zones…!

As HBO’s Game of Thrones starts out a little just about now or screened previously before only a few hours ago on 6th April 2014… For the season four… As the conclusion spells out for that the White Walkers are back… in this Hoot suite celebrated did one for the social realms… Dragonstone uniting all socials kingdom realms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus also with other social kingdom realms..  As it with the real thrones between the kingdom realms of Kingslandings, WinterFell, Riverlands, The Rock, plus other seven kingdoms…


Also like to know more about HBO’s Game of thrones… and the reason why Hoot Suite made “Social winter is coming” ..?

DOCTOR WHO |tributing those wonderful nine years of Who- between 2005 to 2014.


Found this brilliant fan made composition of all the years of Doctor Who between 2005 to 2014 tributingly to the 9th, 10th, 11th to the 12th presently to Doctor Regeneration, complying the best moments of four current ones from a You Tuber “TheFallofTheEleventh” .…. Interesting enough thinking he missed John Hurt’s War Doctor… event though he was the Warrior generation after Paul McGann’s movie Doctor.. And loving how they written to tie up the loses ends after Paul’s Doctor in the Planet Khan.. for the 50th Doctor Who Anniversary…

Also here are some memorable moments  between them and there companions…


Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston- “before I go, I just want to tell you are fantastic… “

Tenth Doctor David Tennant- “Trenzalore- really we need a new destination.. I don’t want to go…”

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith- “I would not forget one line of this… Not one day.. I swear.. I always remember…  When the Doctor was me… “

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi –“Just One Questions.. Do you know how to fly this thing.. !?”



GAMING TRAILERS | the elders scrolls online- the siege


In this we see a massive fortress wall in need of a siege in which in a struggle battlement to seize the Ruby Throne from the holdment of Oblivion… in this of a battle scared of place of Cyrodiil.. in this Tamriel in before of being devastated…. Also Team Molag Bal has claim the Imperial city as a trophy.. here we see they trying all means to created that massive gaping hole to gain an advantage..


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