DOCTOR WHO |like to hear the sound with TARDIS in ear headphones…?

Entertainment earth -Doctor who – Tardis in ear head phones

Given that you love watching “Doctor who” then you also love listening to the audio books aswell its either from a CD or download from iTunes… then you might like this “Doctor Who Tardis in ear head phones” .. It’s partition in half so gives you also the look that you’ve wearing Jewelry… With a flat surface so it fit very to implaced in your ears…they also comes in “a Red Dalek“ Adipose” also in given that if you want to left alone to listen to your music its “ the Weeping Angel” ..  The Doctor who series headphones comes out in October 2014 this year..

STAR WARS | Your Bounty Hunter Ring…?

Esty – Paul Michael Design- the bounty hunter ring

Given that you’re a Bounty Hunter and you just scored in getting Han Solo in Carbonite from Cloud city… Then this ring is for you to celebrate that event… it’s the Carbonited Han Solo encase in mounted in a carbonite unit with a rounded ring… Which is design and crafted by “Paul Michael Design” the ring is beautifully crafted in with the details of Han Solo in with the hands clasping outwards… With the side life support displays detailly using CAD to manufacture process…  One thing though the ring is in a classical designed in which will complement your wardrobe… Either you wear it as a ring or trendy wearing it as pendant with your choice of chain to accessories..

“The Bounty Hunter Carbonited Han Solo ring” comes in with in either casted material or customized to such as if you want a carbonite look with a Oxidized Sliver.. Given that you want that durability other casted material in such as in silver, gold in also in white, rose, and yellow, also for everyday wear its Platinum.. in your selected finger size in US finger sizes..

STAR WARS |your wintery Princess Leia beanie to keep your head warm…?

think geek – star wars -Princess Leia Beanie

It’s been wintery over here about few months ago… it’s been cold when showing starry stuff to crowds… and what could be great in warming up and keeping my head warm is this pretty cool ” Princess Leia Beanie” in  Knit fleece-lined brunette brown will keep you warm during the season of winter.. Especially with the buns that covers your ears warm also keeping you’re in ear headphones implaced for listening… With this Star Wars Beanies series there’s a” Darth Vader” also” Boba Flett”… will help your head keep warm during your stay in Hoth while you wait counter the Imperial forces..

DOCTOR WHO | time Lapse of the TARDIS crash landed on Parliament Square…?

On after the “Doctor Who World Tour” of which taken twelve days… Spanning across the globe… then onwards to the launch of season eight of the series in London where the first episodes takes place with a Temporal stowaway that Swallow up the TARDIS that there was some misunderstanding between the Doctor and the giant T-Rex..  As the preparations when under way… on which that location of that giant T-Rex stopping around with confused on the grounds of Parliament where it mysteriously got spontaneously combustion as it was seen miles around town in which gave the games a foot with the Doctor taking up the case Sherlockingly  … On that first of episode of season eight “Deep Breath” as that sequel from the “Girl in the Fire place” as the team” Doctor Who” assembles a work in art in progress during the early hours in the morning then onwards towards night of 22nd of August 2014 with a massive cratered Tardis crash  as they prepare for the promotional production with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. for the first episode…

DOCTOR WHO | your very own friendly DALEK night light…?

think geek- doctor who – Dalek night light

Orthough you think you have monsters under your bed… Orthough that’s just Clara giving Moral inspirational support to the young Doctor in that Barn in the episode Listen… And that Barn seen in the “Day of the Doctor” … well you Might love this “Dalek Night Light” it plugs into your wall electrical outlet… on a 110V at using a seven Watt bulb-Maximum…. So it serves up as a very low wall lighting… in which makes keeping Weeping angels at bay, also it giving comfort in during sleeping with young ones whom are scared of the dark and trying to find there around when they decidedly leaving the comforts of the bed in the middle of the night to the kitchen to get some night snacks..  it has an off on switch.. And of reasonable size of six inches high which gives you that warm nice glowing the room….

This “Doctor Who”   White Dalek night light…. Is the next best thing of having an Astrometric Droid R2D2 unit in your bedroom, like Rusty the Rebel Dalek…?

STAR TREK ONLINE | new upcoming tier six sciences experimental Starship – Dauntless Class…?

tier six sciences experimental Starship- Dauntless Classs- image source- Nell 3D

In besides of the INTEL or Intelligence tier Six Starship coming along the way in with all the Factions of the Federation, Klingons, and the Romulans… that’s been announce during the duration of three weeks of this month on “Star Trek Online”…. Is a new tier six Starship… it’s the “Dauntless… coming soon for season ten in the month of October… as addition to the operations pack in for “Delta Rising”

The Dauntless… Is a given tier six ship once you’ve captain you level to sixty.. Also its science vessel also appropriately least length as the Intrepid class… During USS Voyagers time in the Delta Quadrant year 2374, the crew met the vessel Dauntless on the notation that It gave them Slipstream. Drive, that it gave the abilities to travel faster than Warp to get to home in the Alpha Quadrant quick…  on the that story little that they discover it’s true intentions it was a trap.. to be assimilated into the collective of the Borg.. Set by Aturis… (Hope and Fear) That he believe without Species 8472- the Undine, that there won’t be any other large scale defensive measures against the Borg..  the later weeks ahead the crew of USS Voyager started to manufacture its own Slipstream Drive until it provide to premature to test as seen in the “Timeless” episode..

At the moment there’s little information about the specifications of the Dauntless class but, presumably it’s a lot more battle science harden as the Vesta Class…  but when the time come should be interesting how it holds with the Intel Science vessel.. Also wondering it’s customization as well with the physical looks. .?

STAR WARS | behind the scenes of episode seven- The Batman – Millennium Falcon …?

Over the last few weeks there’s been some interesting footage that’s been released, not by the studios whom in production of the making the 30 years after “Star Wars Return of the Jedi” but the seventh of a filming location in England where it takes place near “Pinewood Studios” in Buckinghamshire… but there’s an interesting behind the scenes where this footage takes you looking from the right side of the Millennium Falcon done by “Bad Robot Productions”.. the tour outside takes you looking through that side  at some interesting power, units, piping conduits then we make way down below  to the forward Mandibles to the below Equipment Accesses bay.. There we see in disguise as the theme score changes to the Batman with the Batmoblie.. Seen in the recent movie…also Star wars Episode seven – Untitled yet is  expected to be release screening on eighteenth December 2015…

AIR NEW ZEALAND | the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – the inside tour…?

As “Air New Zealand” departs its final decommissionment of its Boeing 747-400 fleet in during this month.. In favouring more changing times of more fuel efficient Eco-friendly variant type of Aircraft in which the Boeing 787-900 series became..  Air New Zealand started to look at the series several years ago to replace its aging fleet of B747-400’s then finding the Boeing 787 series process of having a system to combat Jet Lag with new air purification systems with improving the altitude and humidity levels…. Also with mood lighting to ease the travelling passengers into with a long haul flight…

Air New Zealand acquired hand over its first B787-900 series Dreamliner during on the month of July 2014 from the Boeing Commercial air plane company in Seattle….

There’s several multiple features in which the interior of Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner with  the larger windows… giving  more natural light into the cabin  so reducing the amount of interior lighting used during  daytime flight.. With tinted glass so to reducing the outside glare…  the interior is colour platted with two colours with  just Black and White it’s the New Zealand’ sporting uniform colour..  with more whiteness than black..

The seating is arrange in Business premiere cabin with your very own small cabin providing the seat folds out into a bed with your very own office and entertainment sections of games, TV, and movies.. Following with Premium Economy with a slight smaller arrangement then with Economy..  the seating are larger than the  traditional size with sculptured seating  to match the resting comfort each passenger..

MARVEL | 3D Deco superhero wall lights…?

think geek – 3D Deco superhero wall lights- Steve Rogers was here..

Ever want a little bit of action on your wall and something more of that wall art… and relived those scenes with “The Avengers” and “Spiderman” throughout your whole house.. ?  Well you can with some help with some” Marvel 3D Deco superhero Wall Lights” to help you too find your way around the dark.. with some Friends from Avengers like  Captain America Shield, Hulk Fist, Iron Man Hand, Iron Man Mask, Spider-Man Hand, or Thor Hammer…  Basically the wall lighting are battery powered, in either AA or AAA’s… with LED lighting so it the wall lighting units won’t get hot…. There are some special features that come with a few of them such as with the Iron Man has three way function for his glowing eyes…  They all come with a night light… With a crack sticker so giving your wall with some serious cosplay, also with a pair of screws to hold up your superhero wall lighting…


3D PRINTING | local motors- the Strati – 3D printed car…?

During this month of September 2014 at the “international Manufacturing Technology Show”…  In Chicago the state of Illinois a 3D printed electric car will be presented during the show… that Car is call the Strati… the Strati came about when “local Motors” decided to choose the final design… to 3D printed the car in which that became the Strati was chosen  out massively from the online community..

The Strati in printing took just in one print in forty four hours to print… then the rest was to add the necessaries vital components to make it to look like a car…  thinking in what Local Motors was looking for its sporty buggy and open road in nature..


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