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In the coming season nine of “Doctor Who” as 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) we discover on 19th September… More the relationship with the Doctor and his Companion, the impossible girl, Clara Oswald ( Jenna Coleman) how he’s still after two thousand years he’s still having difficulty in mingling with the humans and where Clara bridge that difficulty.. in Humanizing him.. Also the whom the Boss is it her or him both realizing each another’s skillsets they work it out as they go as Clara is growing very fond and getting  to know him more  of him progressively like how the 11th Doctor  (Matt Smith) like a boyfriend where this time with the 12th it like a Fatherly figure…..



As during the month of March 2015, in Hainan Province, Sanya City a 3D printed car made its debut on the same of equalized construction on like the “local Motors” on their 3D printed electric car… In which was presented at the International manufacturing technology show in Chicago, Illinois… in which they presented the Strati…. Also as “Local Motors” is on a ever so constant innovation of producing 3D printed Cars with your customization in mind… In this they introduce a new customization vehicle naming the “Rally Fighter”..  The way how it’s constructed is that the team at Local Motors built the mainframe chassis plus of the car from the ground up, also that including you as well at the factory floor with the General Motors power train with an automatic transmission ….. The bodywork is primary standard to the “Rally Fighter”, but highly modifiable on fiber glass…

The Rally fighter has all the modifications of the four wheel drive with the seriousness of an off road vehicle adventuring as demonstrated by “Jay Leno”… also the off road vehicle is road legal in fifty states that means adventuring off roadish  from west coast to east coast…


Renegades can be describe like Joss Whedon’s Firefly but in Starfleet with a taste of BBC’s Sherlock..  But with a larger more aggressive ship ICARUS that the Klingons think only once in retreating without Honor… Given that Paramount, did panic on the production of the reboot of Abrams Star Trek, there are several Star Trek web series out there in the making in production that have the same quality premise as the original, the two “Star Trek Axanar” and “Star Trek Renegades” that have the same qualities of making it to the big screen also to be televised hopefully with given premise like how in Marvel and DC comics are franchising super heroines and heroes story arcs.. ..

Star Trek Renegades takes place a decade after USS Voyager returns home… and many of her crew have been displace or moved on from returning home from the Delta Quadrant… during after that decade something is not right in the United Federation of Planets.. Dilithuim rich planets are disappearing also it’s the life blood of the federation as to the Klingon Empire as so at Axanar the four year war..

A team is assembled of known wanted by Admiral Chekov (Walter Koenig) reprising is role as a great grandfather to a younger Chekhov, also Admiral Turvok section 31 chief to investigate the missing Dilithuim rich planets. In this they investigated by assemble crew lead by daughter Captain Lexxa Singh, played by Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena Warrior Princess)  as they operate outside Starfleet parameters where they can not

I love the way how each characters from The original Series  and from Voyager lived on and show how Chekov and Turvok lived on from Enterprise, Voyager bridge the gap how their lives developed over the course of years….. Especially Chekov seeing a lot as Turvok did when he first assign on t USS Excelsior … This story is also Captain Lexxa Singh story how she was a captive from childhood, due to her inheritance abilities from her Father the great of Khan Noonien Singh.



Given that you love Battlestar Galatica the reboot, also the battles in between the Cylons and the twelve colonies. Then “Dreadnought” is the gameplay in becoming your own captain with various heavy vessels you battle it out with another a team … the gameplay is very similar to the playing with a fleet of BattleStars and Cylons Basestars in a massive fire fight with various vessel with very different abilities in a various environments that challenge your skill sets…  each vessel is changeable with various sets of modifications, much like the same case like the Star Ships on “Star Trek Online”  as if your ship become extremely comprise, instead of being left out from the gameplay you get to assist you team in small fighter..

“Dreadnought” development is done by Grey box, Six Foot also with Yager, as Dreadnought is in closed Beta at the moment, but on a developing gaming scale it can be just massive as League of Legends, DOTA, also as StarCraft on a gaming level, and the next in international tournaments levels given the level of intensiveness Dreadnought can bring ….

“.. I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this……” Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon)…..

This year this at “Comic Con San Diego 2015” is also the second time that NASA did panel.. What was discus about is the upcoming “The Martian” Movie… Also NASA involvement in science advisement in the development of the production of the movie also they talked about going to the planet Mars it’s exploration… also the first series of rocket vehicles that going to take us further Manned Mission wise..  Such as the Space Launch Systems, also known as the Jupiter Rocket… A successor to the Saturn V rocket vehicles… As to the panel is the Author Andy Weir.. In is discussion of story life of his novel The Martian screenplay by Drew Goddard, Directed by Ripley Scott…it a story of a Martian exploration on the planet Mars… in that exploration it Is interrupted by a Martian sandstorm and force to evacuated back home.. In turn one member is lost and crowd source of what he’s got around him to survive till a rescue is probably…  In which movie is release on 1st October 2015..



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