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In a local innovative noodle bar restaurant in Shanghai, in People Republic of China, in taking the next step in cooking innovatively with two robots, cooking various Ramen noodles… The two Noddle making robots named Koya and Kona resides in Daming road located in the Hongkou district..

The two noddle making robots, makes an order in ninety seconds… With the traditional ingredients of a Ramen dish such as the boiled eggs, meat, veggies and herbs and spices that garnishes the soup and noodles also the robots gets to clean after themselves in washing dishes..

The noddle making robots, cost in accordingly to “Shanghai Daily” at 154,000 USD manufactured in Japan given it’s trend in Japan the owner of the restaurant  Liu Jin said it’s the novelty that will pay it back.. At a least nine USD per bowl in which is a very modest cost for a very healthy meal also this beats instant noodles..

Tholian Meshweaver

Star trek online _ mirror universe – Tholian Meshweaver


When you think Tholian’s you think to the time when the USS Enterprise in The Original series is stuck, suspended, trapped as a group of Tholian Meshweavers, spinning an energy spiders web to trapped its prey.. also goes for the Constitution class USS Defiant in the Mirror Universe  Enterprise series..

The “Tholian Meshweaver” Tier five escort, is an interesting ship, in which is small and tough despite its smaller hulling rating base of 27,000 given that you up graded the Meshweaver to a T5-U the Hull rating increase to between 31,000 to 36,000 from levels fifty to sixty.. The Tholian Meshweaver Escort Class is essentially a cannon, turrets, torpedo ship, with beams instead of Cannons… of having four forward and three rear weapons consoles..

Despite its size, it has many advantages, it’s quick, in very much so like the Defiant, small but with a powerful heavy punch with plus fifteen in weapons power with a base turn on 17 degrees per second…  the ship is clearly a Tactical and science ship with its four Tactical, three science and two engineering..  given it one LT. Commander Tactical, One Commander Tactical, One Lt. engineering, One Commander Science..

As it’s upgrade it comes with increase in Hull rating base, with an additional Tactical console… With its abilities packaging.. Precise weapons systems, tactical manoeuvring, enhanced weapons systems, devastating weaponry… with the Meshweaver it’s best to maximised on the science consoles has it provides that defensive shielding..  also the ship is a mirror lock box ship..

The Tholian Meshweaver… specifications………via Star Trek online..

Ship Details

  • Hull Strength: 27,000
  • Shield Modifier: 1
  • Crew: 250
  • Weapons:
    4 Fore, 3 Aft
  • Device Slots: 2
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science
  • Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 3 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 17 degrees per second
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.21
  • Inertia: 70
  • Can Load Dual Cannons
  • +15 Weapon Power

When the Tholian Meshweaver Escort is upgraded to T5-U with a Starship Upgrade Requisition it gains the following improvements:

  • Hull Strength: 31,050 at level 50 and 36,000 at level 60
  • +1 Tactical Console Slot
  • Starship Ability Package (Escort)
    • Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)
    • Tactical Maneuvering (+Defense)
    • Enhanced Weapon Systems (+Weapon Damage)
    • Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Hit Chance)


Hong Kong… 1955…………

It’s a quiet night In New Territories, Hong Kong also, the buildings are brighten up in the distance from afar from the abandon village that succumb to its newly rural development neighbour that’s rebuilding after the world war two.. That end ten years ago with a lot of high rise buildings that’s taking shape, with new development an industry..

In that distance lived one remaining home, in the village with its ancient buildings intact… Orthough one home remains lighted in the center of the village, orthough also it was an very old fortress, a modest one, with it garrison walls still holding protecting the village it seems that the only residents still living there still lighting up the town

Orchid was just, getting ready to go bed after a night’s lesson of having here English tutoring her in English, her parents were out, on overseas in sorting something out, it was dark in surrounding her house, nothing that she could handle, looking over the distance in the courtyard where’s there’s a garden pond where’s its need some major needs in repairs. In that she found some lighting around where off switching on some lights that lights up the outdoor hallways, lighting up the red lanterns that been hung up since mon and dad inherit the old fortress from long time ago.. Noticing Emma, in a distance bedroom switching of her lights and in the shadow of her window screen getting ready for bed…  I started moving to my study in finishing of the notes that she writing from today’s lessons… heading back to my study after been to the kitchen, in which it modernised in the last few months before my parents headed out.. Making a cup of coffee, that it was instant coffee.. Just something quick.. just enough to make it through the night with finishing of some notes..  Orthough my grasp of  the English language is pretty good. But having Esquires  Emma  Allanach from Oxford, was pretty good, for about a year, orthough this she decidedly to extended as long summer holidays from London the last time she left it was wintery cold season, she found it here quite nice despite it been hot and humid during the summer time, but Hong Kong’s winter is manageable..




When designing and tailoring clothes for that particular client, in which offering used required measurements taking on that day.. as customized tailoring for an entrepreneurial Gentlewoman Dress or a fully Suit set the jacket, skirt, and blouse.. Or that customize intimates and she is always on the go.. … as those measurements taken it’s normally written on a sheet of paper or stored in the tailor’s database to be referenced to a static fixed shaped Dummy in construction of that Dress or that clothing or ins some case the Dummy or Mannequins has a few adjustable components that represent the customers body measurement detail..

In terms of getting the right fitted of sewing clothing.. the customer returns to the store to fit the tailor clothing haft way through.. its construction.. That could be time consuming.. in which the “iDummy “ could reduce the sewing time operationally and cost in that customed tailoring in which “Hong Kong Polytechnics University’s institute of Textiles and clothing” did that in innovating a memory form Dress Dummy of taking the customers measurement data, of using a mobile 3D scanner.. The same way of 3D printing a smaller version life cast of you.. To the actual body shape..  Also as your body grows the tailor clothing made will grow with you as you check in every now and then..  As online shopping grows and customized tailoring is a growing trend as shopping from home, from a computer, with a 3D scanning device attached like the next generations Microsoft Kinetic system gives you a more direct way of getting that clothing to customized to fit instead of changing rooms.. and knowing your style which is important.. in this process have so many advantages in getting multiple suits done from various clothing.. whether it’s that dress, suit, or intimates.



As in The Force awakens, screened on 17th December 2015, in New Zealand.. With the introduction of the continuing storyline of the Skywalkers some 29 years ago in that intense battlement between the Rebellion and the remnants of what’s left of the Empire or both.. Ever since the demise of the Jedi Order..

Also “Star Wars-the Force Awakens” is the first time we see a new Droid BB-8.. Whom becomes one of the many protagonist as she or he, is on a mission akin like R2D2 with the plans of the various Death Stars designs that being built…. As Director and Writer JJ Abrams.. Watch the previous episodes of the Star Wars universe.. Abrams wanted BB-8 as real as possible like the ones in The New Hope- episode four.. When he watched Star wars for the very first time.. There were various designs of BB-8, but it came of a design drawn of a Napkin that Abrams drawn, like how the same design process when in Star Trek -First Contact… the Zefram Cochrane first warp ship was first sketch on the napkin inspired out from a Salt and pepper shaker … Then later with that concept drawings it was  leveling up the construction process of effects became as the lovable cute Co-Star that Rey- Daisy Ridley and Finn- John Boyega loves to work with…


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