STAR WARS | REBELS- extended trailer…..?


“This is master Obi Wan Kenobi; I regret that my report that the Jedi order and republic have fallen… our future is uncertain. But in time a new hope will emerge… “ – Obi Wan Kenobi

This is the latest installment of” Star Wars”, as the Jedi Order has been nearly exterminated, as the Galactic Empire also the Sith takes hold of the all the systems in the Galaxy has this takes place after “ The Return of the Sith”  where the remain Jedi’s are ordered into self-exile… In Rebels it’s about a group of rebels whom happen to encounter a young fourteen year old Ezra, whom survives life as a con artist… from day to day… From that encounter from the crew of “The Ghost” Ezra learns the way of the Jedi, from a renegade Jedi name Kanan Jarrus… also during the process he’s become a crew member of “The Ghost” joining with Sabine, Hera, Zeb, also Chopper..

Star wars Rebel begins on the “DisneyXD” network, this October… This year 2014… Also week get to see more Wookies…!!

STAR TREK ONLINE | the Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier…?

Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier


As you look back when you watching “Star Trek Enterprise” The Xindi are the many races in alliances groups of the confounding of the United Federation of Planets in the 22rd century , along with the Humans also the Vulcans…  in one of the episodes we saw the a Xindi-aquatics.. Giving assistance to the Crew of the Enterprise NX-01… by carrying transporting the Enterprise into its massive cargo hold and assisting them to Earth to destroy the Xindi super weapon  as they found out that the Guardians was manipulating the Xindi Council at the time of the height of the Temporal war..

As I could see the Tier Five- “Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier”… Its 1.8 Kilometers long… its roughly shorter than the Odyssey class, also the obelisk carrier…  The sleek aquatic design minimized the amount of coverage being attack from front on.. Looking at Bridge’s configuration it’s basically a Tactical and science ship class given that various targeting subsystems abilities, the weapons load out could be explain out also given this ship class can be equipped with dual Canons..  As it has four forward and three after weapons consoles arrangements given that you have one torpedo launcher, two forward cannons, one forward array, in with after two turrets, also one after arrays to pick off your targets as your cannons recharges from the cool down as you do some serious tanking from the sides… that’s what I was thinking of when I had a looking at the weapons load out but that may depends on your skillset..

Xindi-Mobulai Frigates

One other advantage is that it has plus ten to weapons and to Auxiliary… With that in mind you might want to get a warp core reactor that does Auxiliary to weapons to maximized your  weapons charge.. also it inertia rating is far more swifter that to the Jem ‘Hadar Dreadnought Carrier.. or to the Galaxy Class Dreadnought Carrier, but that remains to be said given to the Saucer separation which gives the ship an even more inertia in combat..

Also in as a carrier it comes with two carrier bays in which carry’s two Mobulai Frigates.. Presumably the size of the Miranda Class… With a selection of weapons load out consisting of multiple phase Biomatter Beams, Quantum torpedoes, also a Quantum mines launcher thinking this that the Mobulai Frigates are smaller than the Aquarius Escort..

With the Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier it comes with a Universal console ability, a Cascade Resonance Catalysts… it sends out a rippling amount of Kinetic energy in which resonate the hull and shield frequencies of your opponents with a kick in shock-wave in similar version of a Nadeon Detonator… in which acts to empower as a torpedo launch as a shock-wave launch detonation..


Like to know more about your Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier…?

STAR WARS | that no moon -it’s a Death Star Rug..?

thinkgeek-star wars death star rug

It’s still wintery over here and it’s this morning was three degrees Celsius… very cold enough to make by sock covered feet frozen also.. Also sometimes I read sitting down on the carpet floor… but somehow today this “Death star Rug” might do the trick in sitting down warm for the day… Given that you have a Star Wars bedroom then this will be great to sit on either reading your novels, listening to music while you do work…

The Death Star Rug is about 1.3 meters or 52 inches in diameter… and its tapestry composition is in polyester pile it quite detail to the extent it has three Tie Fighters embossed into the printed rug… Also in which is easily cleanable, but… With is size it makes a very good room to spread your legs out for comfort… wrap around in that warm comfy “Han Solo carbonite Rug”

STARK INDUSTRIES | iron man mark five suit case fuel cell… something to power up you phone too?

Given that you always wanted that “ Iron man mark five suitcase of Tony Stark”, in which has that Iron man suite… In Iron Man two… well you can..! which you can own that smaller version of the mark five suit… but stuck in its suit case form, while its main purpose to  power up your smart phone devices on mostly iPhones and some Android Devices.. Also other

As it charges your devices it can charge your iPhone five, five times over… plus you could charge two devices via two USB ports… the case is beautifully designed as it was scaly scan from the original hero movie prop from marvel..  One thing that I’ve noticed that it has a three bar charge meter… To indicated amount of charge left on the iron man suite case…

BOEING | 787-9 Dreamliner- swings and dances rehearsals for Farnbourgh 2014…?

This year at Farnbourgh Air show, should be interesting with release of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner also the Airbus, 350-XWB also the Airbus Neo series of the A320 and 330 series… in the preparations and rehearsals for Farnbourgh…   when the Dreamliner takes from the runway, it does a series of elegantly twist with a gracefully turns like how you seen Ballerinas dances to Swan Lake.. While the wings brushes the wind…  Flown by test Pilots Mike Bryan and Randy Neville… aerial footage by Wolfe air aviation LTD

STAR WARS | like to hear the sound of the force with these headphones…?

thinkgeek-street by 50- star wars headphones- first edition

Given that you love and listen to your music in between the great Opera houses in Coruscant or those tunes in Catania Band while modifying your favorite Corellian YT-1300 Freighter, then you might love these four “Star Wars on ear headphones”…  They’re the first edition collection featuring centric themes and character elements on Star Wars such as colours and feel of theme on Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, and Rebel Alliance also the Galactic Empire…

The Star Wars on ear Headphones design by “Street by 50”, professionally tune with 40mm drivers for awesome sounds, the wear of them are durable for everyday wear, also they have easily fold hinges for portable durability.. The comfort when wearing them is comforting given the oval leather speakers cushions that encompass your ear with passive Noise cancellations so you could enjoy listening to your tunes…

DOCTOR WHO | the doctor lands-into darkness……?

In this installment of this season of “Doctor Who”, season eight, this seems one of the darkest seasons yet to date with a slight Victorian edge… Looking at the trailer reminds me of Steven Moffatts darkest written work Jekyll, featuring James Nesbitt.  From  it appears seeming that the old Enemies  The Daleks, The Cybermen are back seeming that there are new ones in the making aswell in the recent line up whom would like to antagonised as casting reveal that Keely Hawes formerly from Spooks also from  the sequel from “Life on Mars”  Ashes to Ashes, as her character as Ms Dephox..

In seeming in the trailer “in darkness – The Doctor lands” seeming the Tardis has a new desktop theme, seeming that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor  has done some accessorising,  seeming added a library where the round things are in that Tardis control room, or bridge..  In this season eight, presumably it’s all about the Doctor rediscovering about himself has he asked a question to Clara Oswald “… Am I a good man..?”  She replies unsurely “…I don’t know…” thinking she’s a little bit crushed that she miss the 11th Doctor… in that the change in that companion relationship from sort of a boyfriend type to a new guy..

With this season we get to see in the first episode slated at “Deep Breath” in which is the return to Victorian London with the Patemoster Gang, Madame Vastra Jenny Flint, and the lovable Sontaran Strax… partaking the nursing the twelfth Doctor back to health presumably that the first thing that Clara remembers for looking for help… the first episode “Deep Breath” is aired on 23th August 2014 BBC one….

GHOSTBUSTERS | _ it’s 30th anniversary for the team whom drives Etco -1…?

“…Who are you going to call?”

For one week only in selected theatres, you’ll get to see the daring New York ghost busting team in restored 4k, “Ghostbusters”  in for the 30th anniversary of episode one and two.. on 29th August 2014, in which that anniversary happened to fall from on June 8th      1984,  also the Sony anniversary release edition in Blu-ray, also in the line up to the anniversary there will be new special events, anniversary merchandising… within the anniversary edition there’s new material within the Blu-ray release in 16th September 2014…..


STAR WARS | _ A death star and a couple imperial Stardestoryers spotted…? It’s winter over here…. So I can imagine what in a quite wintery  snowed in Ercsi city in that day on 29th December 2012, in Hungary, a “Youtuber Geridon” vlogged a  footage of  the Death Star orbiting around Earth and a couple of Star Destroyers arriving at the scene also showing up at Germany and started to occupying the Frankfurt international Airport.. Transforming it into “an imperial Spaceport”… to find the Rebels hiding on this planet… where the Ercsi residents just continue on their normal daily lives… Unfazed by it recent arrivals…

STAR WARS VS STAR TREK |_ the crew of the Enterprise strikes back… a dance off…?

Remember how there was a group of “five Stormtroopers” doing an alley way dance off in hip hoping twerking to a ghetto blaster blasting out  dance moves to a tune to “ Best Calls” done by Scott & Brendo- The cool guys Youtuber “ScottDW”..  Until Darth Vader interrupts them till he tell them to up there game “.. your tweaking cause a disturb in the force…”  until they decides  to train up in the process they heard some serious dance move beats down the hall till they found the dance off from the crew of the USS Enterprise.. Busting some serious moves to “Feel it”…!


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