AIRBUS | A350 XWB test aircraft-MSN002- receives a special Livery…?

As the Boeing 787 is constructed majority out from carbon fibre, so it’s equal also the “Airbus” 350 XWB, being constructed out from Advanced materials as the composite materials also fifty three its airframe including its fuselage  is made from Carbon fibre reinforce polymer that is known as CFRP…

Given the celebration of MSN002, as a flight test vehicle just finished been assembled, it’s the first Airbus carbon-fibre fuselage aircraft.. in this we see one of the most complex livery signatures with various of layers in bringing out that carbon fibre black, grey and white process woven look through various template stencils, masking, and paint process like how doing the  West coast customs…Airbus’ Toulouse, France paint shop

THE HOBBIT | the battle of the five armies- official teaser Trailer…?

In this final conclusion that leading up to where the Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, as this is a story about Bilbo Baggins in “the Hobbit” as his cousin Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings, battle it out with a company of Dwarves, with Thorin Oakenshield in the previous episode struggling having to reclaim their underground Kingdom from the dragon Smaug whom is voice by Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch….  Whom in that episode begins a fiery devastating reign.. Over that sleeping fishing village city that once was heavily fortified of Lake Town…

In the conclusion Thorin becomes akin like to his father whom as he hoards.. Everything back obsession.. Sauron operating behind the war theatre, has placed his moves to send the legions of Orcs to reclaim Lonely Mountain… as the eclipse of darkness apond them, the races united the Dwarves, Elves, also Men… for Middle Earth in a moment in time fragilely thread…  The Bilbo Baggins story is foretold on “17th December 2014″


MARVEL | marvel’s agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With some seriously bloopers action…?

Looking back at the interesting moments of Team Coulson, in the “Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.LD”…. with a non-union actor, a fly in the filming of the shot scene of where Team Coulson is driving to an investigation doing the Sherlock… Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Grant Ward, Skye, Leo Flitz, plus the charming Jemma Simmons…  are outtake in several various scenes in heavily “modified Boeing C17 Globemaster”( CXD-23 Airborne Mobile Command Station)  also in their field of work throughout SHIELD .

DOCTOR WHO | the doctor puppet returns – Look! Trailer

As Doctor Who air back on the 23rd of August 2014 on seasons eight so is “The Doctor Puppet” returns on the month of August… Animated by Erin Natal, Alisa Stern Musically scored by Scott Ampleford, the Team the Doctor Puppet will be premiering “Striking Twelve on fourth of August…as this teaser trailer shows a very much brighter lighted trailer than to the “Doctor Who –new Doctor Lands- listen” trailer showing the darker mysterious side of him…

Also during Dragon Con 2014 you also meet the creators of the Puppet Doctor as they be featuring episode six “A Sign of Four” in which premieres on “The Doctor Puppet” you tube channel on 29th August…

DOCTOR WHO | season eight- the Doctor lands -listen…!

In the latest of “Doctor Who”, is this another intriguing situation is we seeing  the Tardis door open, the console in working.. with this in mind what is going on.. then we start panning upwards seeing the Doctor mediating on top of the Tardis with somewhat like Earth in the background also it’s sun.. then he speaks out “Listen..”  Thinking that could the Doctor be using his psychic networking finding an answer like how Sherlock mind Place for deduction in clues… the last time we’ve seen something like that in nature is when Harold Saxton The Master” (John Simm) having the four beats implanted in him at a very young age by President Rassilon to pull Gallifrey back in from the Time Lock from the Time war..  or he’s simply doing some serious Sherlocking..

GAME OF THRONES | season five new casting announce at Comic Con SD2014….?


As we wait for the next season of five, George R.R. Martin “Game Of Thrones” will be aired in the Northern Hemispheric season of Spring 2015… In which we get see some new characters arriving to flavor more spice into the storyline.. Also there’s one New Zealand Oscar awarding nominated Actor Keisha Castle Hughes will be playing the warrior Obara Sand… her works previously was in Jan Campion’s Whale Rider… Also George Lucas’s Star Wars “return of the Sith” as the Nabooian Queen…

The Game of thrones season five casting as follows…

Donran Martell –Alexander Siddg

Trystane Martell –Toby Sebastian

Myrcella Baratheon – Neil Tiger Free

Areo Hotah – DeObia Oparei

Yezza –Enzo Cilenti

Nymeria (Nym) Sand –Jessica Henwick

Tyene Sand – Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Obara Sand – Keisha Castle-Hughes

High Sparrow –Jonathan Pryce

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.E.I.L.D.| Agent Koenig double greets hall H…?

At Comic Con San Diego 2014, during the “Marvel Agents of Shield” panel introduction by none other than the clone Shield agent, Agent Koenig (Patton Oswalt),  as he introduce himself out of the from the SHEILD’s spotlight, then stressing out the famous Lanyard identification level pass.. and the level of shield security personal place around Hall H, then in the follow Billy his clone comes along and reprise the same sort of introduction again from this brotherly clone Sam Koenig stressing the identification Lanyard pass again so that now Director Colson with his team… In which Marvel Agents of SHEILD will return in northern hemispheric season the Fall in September 23rd 2014, on the ABC network… to begin to rebuild SHIELD once more in a fragile world that Hydra has surfaced again..

3D PRINTING | Making Yourself reliving into that Marvel Character that you want to be…?

During Comic Con San Diego 2014, at the “Marvel” Studio “3Dplus Me” Stand, there’s one pretty cool thing interestingly that you could have yourself 3D printed into your favorite Marvel Characters, with your imprinted scan Face as you sit on the opposing side of the booth.. As once 3D Systems did for 3Dme for your “Star Trek- the Original series characters”

The process takes that you sit on the opposing side of the booth, wait for slight while as the facial scan of you face getting every single possible geometrical detail in scale, and photo as it imprinted onto the scan to get the facial colour tones…the process is quite very simple..

Then you pick the Marvel Characters that you what to relive in through a selection process, then you enter your details of delivery where you want to send to..  then you see  yourself reliving been that Super Hero Character..

STAR TREK ONLINE | the Xindi- Reptilian Contortrix Escort…?


When looking at the “Xindi- Reptilian Contortrix Escort”, in which service during the 22rd century, it served as a warship for the Xindi… it was first seen and first encountered during the time when the Enterprise NX-01, while exploring the Delphic Expanse.. In the episode of “Raijin”…

Xindi- Reptilian Contortrix Escort, has the same weapons load out as the Andorian Kumari Escort with five forward plus two after.. in which the Xindi- Reptilian Contortrix Escort could can be equipped with dual cannons,  so in mind it’s frontal assault ship given that you equip with one torpedo launcher, with cannons in forward with turrets in after.. With the full bridge tactical stations skillsets, and multiple torpedo spread..  As also this escort has a +15 power of weapons with a five tactical console modifications with that in mind it will prove you with more firing power..

Looking at its turn rate, its faster turning that the Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier of a given 17 degrees per second than the Aquatic… In which the escort size is smaller… therefore turning your ship while weapons recharge out from cool down…  in sense it’s basically an Engineering and Tactical shipgiven that you could utilise the Lieutenant Universal into a Tactical or Engineering station..

the Xindi- Reptilian Contortrix Escort… has one unique universal Weapons platform in which that platform is a smaller version of the super weapon,  in very close fashion to the Aquarius escort from the Odyssey class..  In a way of assisting and targeting what the your targeting at with heavy rapid firing beam follies…  Given that you have the small super weapon also the cascade Resonance catalyst will give you more of an increase to you ship hulling, in weapons damage also in shield capacity..  Almost akin to the same capacity to the Kumari, the Avenger battle cruiser, and the Galaxy dreadnought with its Galaxy class set…  size wise I’m gather its least larger than the Gladius class..

  •        Faction: All
  •        Rank Required: Real Admiral / Brigadier General / Sub Admiral I
  •        Availability: Lobi Crystal Store
  •        Hull Strength: 33,000
  •        Shield Modifier: 1.1
  •        Crew: 50
  •        Weapons:  5 Fore, 2 Aft
  •        Device Slots: 2
  •        Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Ensign Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Lieutenant Universal
  •        Console Modifications: 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science
  •        Base Turn Rate: 17 degrees per second
  •        Impulse Modifier: 0.21
  •        +15 Weapon Power
  •        Can Equip Dual Cannons
  •        Console – Universal – Xindi Weapon Platform


Like to know more of your Xindi- Reptilian Contortrix Escort…?

STAR WARS | REBELS- extended trailer…..?


“This is master Obi Wan Kenobi; I regret that my report that the Jedi order and republic have fallen… our future is uncertain. But in time a new hope will emerge… “ – Obi Wan Kenobi

This is the latest installment of” Star Wars”, as the Jedi Order has been nearly exterminated, as the Galactic Empire also the Sith takes hold of the all the systems in the Galaxy has this takes place after “ The Return of the Sith”  where the remain Jedi’s are ordered into self-exile… In Rebels it’s about a group of rebels whom happen to encounter a young fourteen year old Ezra, whom survives life as a con artist… from day to day… From that encounter from the crew of “The Ghost” Ezra learns the way of the Jedi, from a renegade Jedi name Kanan Jarrus… also during the process he’s become a crew member of “The Ghost” joining with Sabine, Hera, Zeb, also Chopper..

Star wars Rebel begins on the “DisneyXD” network, this October… This year 2014… Also week get to see more Wookies…!!


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