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Given that you love the “Puppet Doctor” and his timey wimy adventures in Time and Space in visiting in every adventuring with his various selves with his or her trustily companions…. then you might love this stop motion animination by the “China Academy of Art” 2014 tittle Wind Snow Temple…  Done by independent artist Weng Jie creating the stop motion story …. it’s done in the most classical Chinese story play where a lone Hero Lin everso thinking dreaming of his bride his wife to be in a dream.. in a rundown Temple where is snowing  with an upcoming blizzards Where he’s unknowingly be perused by some henchmen in somewhat previous they were in battle as he  recovery dreaming of her on their marriage night..

As the henchman surrounds the hero, he discovers them, trying to elude the henchmen, as they try various techniques to elude him out into the snow blizzard field until each henchmen falls by the arrowed injured Hero… Until one the master Henchmen..  They battle it out till their last strength…till the injured Hero’s bride saved him and his love for her to find her….

Love the incredible details in the puppeteering, the clothing also the layered graphics compositions how it describe the storyboard.. And the level of detail in getting the costumes right as to the beautiful right period sets pieces right. .. Independent artist Weng Jie with his Weng Jie, Sun Wei, Liu Cheng stone, Mattei, Wu Yunqian team creating a masterful animation using fixed grid creating on martial arts scene..  as this story inspired by the Code adapted ing the “Water Margin” also the beautiful score for Wind Snow temple is Barren Landscape Wind” by Nature Sounds


“….. The force is strong in my Family.. My Father Has it… I have it… my Sister has it.… You have that Power too….. “

As Luke Skywalker spoken those words In a in a barren world akin to like Tatooine in a desert like world call thinking that they have exile themselves there, after the battle of the Moon Endor as thinking have they gone into hiding after all these 30 years has the New Republic is form out from the Rebel Alliance that is now call the Resistance akin likes to the French Resistances in World War two was shown in During the Anaheim Celebration 2015 of “Star Wars” the second trailer is release to the long awaiting fans whom attended the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in April 2015 this year…  in the long awaiting Storyline Saga of the Skywalker household… how in 30 years after “Return of the Jedi”  Also those years after the battlement of moon Endor change everything.. in between the Imperial forces dominances.. And the rebels storyline written out by Lawrence Kasdan & Abrams also directing…

In this we see a new Sleeper group the Imperial forces arising out from the ashes from their defeat and more secretly advanced than ever in a clandestine operation manner as they flee they gather to fight the  Resistances buying their time to strike the newly armoured stormtroopers and the chrome like Tie Fighters. With a new mysterious adversaries akiness to the Storm Trooper Bounty Hunter and that Sith with the Medieval like Lightsaber with those hand guards guessing that does Darth Sidious have someone in as backup.. Just in case the Sith falls..

Interesting to see the two new protagonists, Daisy Ridley’s Character Rey with John Boyega’s Finn storyline as the two meet as the conflict has brought to Rey’s home and finding Finn lost awaking in in Rey’s Desert  Home world… And seeing how there storyline pans out adventuring as those too of a very aged Harrison Ford’s Han Solo and Peter Mayhew’s Chewbacca.. Seeming either that finding themselves back home with the Millennium Falcon after seeming it’s been lost for some time or it’s being in storage…seeing that the force awaken on 18th December 2015 screening…

Apirl 2015 094

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During the months of early April Auckland, New Zealand, of between the late night heading to the early parts of the morning of fourth to the Fifth of April… The moon Luna blushed with red, as Earth cast its shadow onto the Moon…  as during the very late night entering into midnight you could see Earth’s shadow casting as seen in the Backyard of the ” Stardome- Auckland Observatory “.. also with the Edith Blackwell Winstone Telescope… . As it held the observation event also with online stream with the other stream observation from “Griffith Observatory” from Los Angeles in conjunction with “Slooh Observatory”

During that night onwards till early hours in the morning, with the crowds of Audiences from the Planetarium shows gathered around, also other’s whom just Drop by to view the never seen again event in that moment of time … the crowds assemble in viewing the event from weather wise surprising clear weather unlike the previous that had been cloudy in the past as the presenters directed of what they’ve seen in the Planetarium into the real night sky.. Then directed the crowds into view of the Telescopes operated by the wonderful volunteers whom braved the nightly morning cold..



During this month of April 2015, PROC China has been exhibiting some awesome Technology this month in a Southern City of Shenzhen, in the Guangdong province… In just on the bordering lines of next to New Territories of Hong Kong and right next to Canton Province…

During “China’s Technology Information Expo – CTIE 2015” ran from the fourth to eleventh April 2015… In the convention halls of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center… numerous technologies was exhibited….some like the utilizing the Microsoft kinetic as of consumer retailing in the form of virtual shopping for clothes that your scan body print… as you shop for your various outfits and move around to sample them so does the virtual dresses or clothes that you virtually sample around instead of going to a physical store to shop..  Also that Kinetic motion tech has been translated into education applications…

The other was the new method of “’s” Online shopping network (Ma Yun) Jack Ma’s way of paying your transaction with using your through  secured facial recognition to sign of a transaction as he introduce early this year.. Also 3D printing is another massive industry technology in which is show casting High School and University institution provides there innovations…  another is the innovation of  driverless cars or transport systems..


it’s a story decade  later that after USS Voyager have finally came home after the final confliction with the Borg Queen, from the Delta Quadrant.. in this we see a darker version of the “Star Trek” premise… In “Star Trek Renegades” the Untied Federation of Planets is in crisis, there’s a reportedly Planet is missing from the from the federation database….

Also it’s a story of Lexxa Singh played by Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena Warrior Princess) the Daughter of the Khan Noonien Singh.  Who chased Captain James T. Kirk in the Mutara Nebula (Wrath of Khan) s   , and her relationship with Mother whom have been missing and how she is finding her as Lexxa is offer by that chance as when she meet by Admiral Turvok … also Exploring the teaser, we see the premise flag of the United Federation of Planets upturn, there’s something wrong, not very right in the Federation and the Delta Quadrant.   In that  there’s something not quite right, something has Admiral Chekov pointed out a curious misinformation of a planet’s location also the Dilithuim crystals main supply trader have gone missing , turning out that someone, some entity is manipulating the affairs of the federation..

In Star Trek Renegades, Written by Tim Russ as Captain Turvok…  I could see it as a brilliantly made into a Television series also as to “Star Trek  Axanar “ as to there’s untold  stories to be told in before Captain Robert April of the Constitutional  Class USS Enterprise, also the years after Crew of Voyager’s return.. Also I love the storyline relationship between Grandfather and gran daughter of Admiral Pavel Chekov… That’s something yet to be seen in a relationship akin to Admiral Hikaru Sulu and his Daughter Captain Demora Sulu… in that needs exploring as in a next television series in the making….  The graphics are amazing done by “Tobias Ritcher” in which creating those amazing ships of the Renegades, USS Archer also of the Klingon Empire, as to of the Siphon race..



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