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Kevin lives and work in Auckland New Zealand. Uber Nerdy plus-Geeky, by day also too by night it’s about astronomy at the Auckland’s Observatory . Also into gadgets, designing, researcher, sci tech, sci-fi, online gaming, fashion, fashion designing, fashion blogger for Luna Crescent, also a writer, also a writer for Elise Wasson also various timey-wimy stuff. Also can be found during the Auckland sci-fi Armageddon convention mostly every year covering the events..  among, written Post, he is an Author, writer of Elise Arwen Lorien Wasson Chronicles, as too a blogger to Luna Crescent, a fashion blog..   Kevin also a periscope broadcaster.. periscope as well, like Periscoping the Moon Luna when its around also other events, things that he encounters in his adventures through Time and Space….

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New Zealand herald – Lunar Eclipse- photo

TVNZ one news Red moon glows in rare lunar eclipse- photo

TV3 3news Luna eclipse visible to few-photo

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