STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating on console.

STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four.....
STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four…..

” Having Star Trek Online going from PC towards two other platforms also Xbox one, also PlayStation four with the same rich storylines contents.. it’s been growing…. ” 

With the Sixth year Anniversary of “Star Trek Online” with going from towards free to play, in which so it’s going from strength to strength.. From the get go from, the game has grown innovatively, and creatively with the abundances of connecting all the Star Trek Series, from Enterprise, The Original Series,  The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine… then having the online game transitioning from PC, towards transitioning onto two other platforms onto Xbox one, also PlayStation four..

From Console of PlayStation four, also Xbox one the get go, there’s been one point one million captains, mostly reds- Tactical, then yellow-Engineering also blue-Science with some interesting faction demographics of more of majority is Starfleet, followed by Klingon’s then Rolumans.

With Bridge officers of 2.7 Million in majority is Tactical, following wise of Engineering, Science, along with various of 119 variants of Starships types selections to choose for in your drydock or shipyard…. In regarding to console fleets there been 1,617 Fleets in service currently growing in tandem with the PC platform…… as the Star Trek Online Platform is well establish and growing, in same wise for console..

STAR TREK ONLINE | The #STARTREK Temporal Summary timeline – one infographics that you need to digest…

STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek - Temporal Summary timeline
STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek – Temporal Summary timeline

Given that you’ve being living, or reliving on “Star Trek Online” then this awesome Temporal Summary infographic is one of the best so far, of explaining the various storylines, the stories Arcs, from various aspects of movies and Episodes of Star Trek that inspired the progressive events that you live in from the batten Earth of 2063 with the Zehram Cochrane of a heavy modified Titian Two Nuclear Missile converted into Earth’s first warp Ship naming the Phoenix with the Vulcan accepting that the Humans are already becoming that species , from that point of becoming with greatness in eventuality into founding the United Federation of Planets with the Captain Archer as the Co-founders…

The “Star Trek Online-Temporal Summary” shows two timelines where in the Original Prime Universe towards a point in time on a time reference with the Borg type Roluman massive freighter namely Narada, with Team Nero enters the scene in search for Ambassador Spock, in the year 2233 where he destroys a ship USS Kelvin, in creating an alternative timeline reality- The Kelvin Timeline named with  those two timelines converging in the year 2409 in where you’re currently living in when you’re starting off in your career in either faction of your choosing Federation, Klingon or Roluman affiliated factions..

Also the Temporal infographics, is colour co-ordinate in representing the various series from Star trek-Enterprise-Red, The original Series-purple, The Next Generation-Teal, Deep Space Nine- Green,  as to the Adventures of USS Voyager –Amberic yellow…  through is the Kelvin timeline in blue..  Throughout the whole events is the one you encounter is the one you live in year 2409,- White, experiencing, living the whole of the two timelines as it converges in that year….. The Original Prime Universe also The Kelvin Timeline

INFOGRAPHICS | twitter- super bowl 2014

As you were aware that the super Bowl has been on recently on 2nd February 2014 between the Broncos and the Seahawks.. In which in Seattle that Boeing had one of the their test flight article Boeing 747-8 freighters repainted in the Seahawks livery #louder with 12 man…  during the moment the pulse of the game as people tweet out on what their experience highlighting the game.. Mention each every single hashtag #SB48 between the first and second halves of the game and in between the intermission…

INFOGRAPHICS | Happy new year from Twitter…

As this planet was preparing to counting down to one of the largest rave parties on Earth to bring in the New Year of 2014, in Chinese, it’s the year of the Horse.. A team at Twitter using visual insights shows how the spread of the explosion of tweets of spreading of the hashtag #HappyNewYear from the first time zone to celebrate the New Year a (GMT + 1300 due to daylight savings time) where the time zone New Zealand is…

The visualization is created by Krist Wongsuphasawat whom is on Twitters analytic s team, he and his team created this time chart showing individual unique languages of saying celebrating “ Happy New Year”  for 2014…

Like to see the Tweeting “ happy New year”  2014 around the world… on twitters #interactive …?

For more information in ringing the new year on twitter’s blog….

Is it partly cloudy yet…?

I’ve try this weather app for quite some time now, it’s really easy to use due to the way how it’s isographically presented. It’s very simple to understand the infromationally digested. The iOS App is design in a dial clock format which makes it swiftly to see what’s going on in your current weather situation.

It’s present the day and night in either a twelve, twenty four or a whole week’s worth of weather assumption prediction forecast. In which using versus the is Device Weather App, which shows limited data of what’s going on throughout the whole day or week, with Partly Cloudy it show me the duration of the incoming rainfall precipitation, it’s density or intenseness, which is good if you decide to avoid putting laundry on the backdoor clothes hanger, then you wonder what’s a clothes hanger…? In where you could use conventionally a clothes dryer after washing.

If you into farming or sailing this will show you interesting wind force by the intensely of wind measure in Beaufort wind force scale, given farming this will determine how much spread of irrigation of spread of water spray is require to maximized . it gives you the current temperature readings in also in highs and lows, and also displayed on the clock like grid showing the different degrees of temperature thought colour. In real time it shows the current timing, on the current day, with this mind you could add different locations of cities so see what the weather , current, or a week worth, so you judge what to wardrobe when you travelling or adventuring.

like to know more about Partly Cloudly app is made in German, by Raufeir, also its source of data is gathered from Norwegian Meteorological Institute also from the Open weather map.