STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating on console.

STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four.....
STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four…..

” Having Star Trek Online going from PC towards two other platforms also Xbox one, also PlayStation four with the same rich storylines contents.. it’s been growing…. ” 

With the Sixth year Anniversary of “Star Trek Online” with going from towards free to play, in which so it’s going from strength to strength.. From the get go from, the game has grown innovatively, and creatively with the abundances of connecting all the Star Trek Series, from Enterprise, The Original Series,  The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine… then having the online game transitioning from PC, towards transitioning onto two other platforms onto Xbox one, also PlayStation four..

From Console of PlayStation four, also Xbox one the get go, there’s been one point one million captains, mostly reds- Tactical, then yellow-Engineering also blue-Science with some interesting faction demographics of more of majority is Starfleet, followed by Klingon’s then Rolumans.

With Bridge officers of 2.7 Million in majority is Tactical, following wise of Engineering, Science, along with various of 119 variants of Starships types selections to choose for in your drydock or shipyard…. In regarding to console fleets there been 1,617 Fleets in service currently growing in tandem with the PC platform…… as the Star Trek Online Platform is well establish and growing, in same wise for console..

STAR TREK- BEYOND | Rihanna- Sledgehammer- USS Kelvin Timeline…..



“I join on a Dare……..”  Chris Pine’s Captain James Kirk to Karl’s Urban’s Leonard Mc’ Coy- Bones…

As Rihanna- Sledgehammer scores the music for “Star Trek_ Beyond” in which pays homage to the original timeline of “The motion Picture” as you can see the feel of the rainbow emotional haunting colours of the movie poster in relation to the Beyond emotional one, where  how would, what to do when the Captain Kirk is without the Enterprise.. also she goes how Star Trek is a massive part of her life how her father watching Star Trek inspired her in getting to know the evolving characters storylines, also its philosophical challenging issues of the 20th and 21st century that cleverly written in the series to look at the same issues then as the crew of Enterprise face them as they explore the Universe..

The homage pays to a lot of different elements of The Original Series,  when at the end it the Motion picture poster emotional feel with one episode that comes to mind when God Apollo  in a episode of “ Whom Mourns for Adonais, also as it has that Krik meet Gorn episode with the City on the Edge of forever feel…..  as you see more of each elements  of the recent incident the Klingon Moon Praxis explosively dissected due to over mining which was seen in the recent teaser for the upcoming Star Trek  original timeline series in 2017 in production..

As JJ Abrams Bad Robot Productions, Star Trek series continues in relation to the Prime Universe, I’m guessing that after this film or the next we’ll see another retrofit Constitution class, much more true to the original design in the fourth instalment with the registration of USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A , in which Beyond is Directed by Justin Lin from the iconic Fast and Furious series,  featuring Idris Elba as the antagonist.. Starring Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Karl Urban. Star Trek Beyond is coming to theatres July 22, 2016.

STAR TREK | Uhura’s clutch… something usefully during your red shirt everyday adventures…?

Think Geek – Star Trek – Uhura’s clutch


During your everyday away missions… also that you’re in the start of shore leave then wondering what to pack in for your luggage, that holding your make up. And other dailies important essentials that includes your Phaser, and a very much slimmer Tricorder…. So you could adventure during shore leave…

The “Red shirt or Uhura’s Clutch”… is pretty beautifully striking with its Starfleet red, inspired out from “Star Trek the Original Series” red dress that the female officers wear in the departments of Tactical and Engineering… Also it makes a brilliant accessory to that red Starfleet mini dress also… With its size it’s enough to last onwards for a weekend excursion. Having at 91/4 inches wide, 6 inches tall, having its depth of 2 inches… giving you enough room for essentials till the weekend..

Orthough the clutch is Starfleet red…. It makes it easy to find also with its golden zip for extra security to hold things in… Also its Starfleet’s logo zip fob when it glitter reflectively at night… when you open up the clutch it has a warm golden inner star trek inspired lining makes it easy to find things in the dark when clubbing.. With a small make up mirror embedded onto the flap of the clutch making it easier applying makeup or at the same time looking whom’s right behind you… So you duck and Phaser…

STAR TREK –FASHION| your everyday wintery The Original Series hoodie….?


THINK GEEK- STAR TREK -your every day The Original Series hoodie

This coming winter it’s cold, also snowing aswell..  Also it’s hard to see when it’s snowing with that visibility cut short if you’re wearing the darks and whites during the wintery season.. In that… Wearing bright colours will help you getting identified safely in urbanely winter snow environment when crossing the snowed in streets of your Neighbourhood…

What would help you keep warm for winter is “ Star Trek-the original series”  Brightly coloured department coloured Red- Tactical/engineering, Blue- Science, and Yellow-Command/Operations uniform hoodies in which will keep you warms with its 60% cotton/ 40% Polyester composition.. it’s comes in with a black inner so it can try to keep that body heat in that you generated, so when you don the hood, also it comes with jacket pockets so you could hang your hands in there to keep warm given that you’re not wearing gloves..  Also it looks fashionably stylist good when wearing it with in between a women and men’s suit jackets underneath as you head outdoors in the snow on an away mission from work, Besides wearing that vest or jersey… Its machine cold washable, also on tumble dry to, it best not to wash it with warm water unless you want to shrink it…

STAR TREK | your cute Cookie cutters..


Given that you love baking cookies or biscuits or that you know that someone does, and also spending time in the ships mess hall, then these are a great gifts for you or that someone whom love making cookies in form of cut out of the original series Constitution class Starship, the Phaser, the Vulcan Live long and Prosper hand, and two faction symbols, Starfleet, and the Klingon Defense Force… the cookie cutters itself are spring mounted which means it makes it out to cut the shapes.. Plus instead for the pastry sticking onto the cutter…


Like to know more where you could get your very own Star Trek cookie cutters.. from…?