STAR TREK- ONLINE-BEYOND | my take on the modern USS Franklin – meet USS Anne Bree Franklin…

USS Franklin- Star trek beyond- via


As you watched “Star Trek beyond” in which hit movie screens this week… when I looked at the USS Franklin it reminded me of more the NX series Starships that was seen on the Enterprise series with Captain Johnathan Archer exploring for the very first time which that exploration led towards the formation birth of the United Federation of Planets..

Looking at the USS Franklin, is like looking at the larger, bulkier harden version of the NX series Starship. The primary saucer hulling is very much tanked up, so as the NX type nacelles. As a challenge, what would a modern Star Trek online USS Franklin look like…?  Looking at the details of the Franklin… Using the various parts and components of heavy carrier escorts..  The closest version of that vessel class would be a heavy escort carrier class… Thinking using a Altai Class saucer section with the Arkia hull with Armitage nacelles in getting the stretch sleek look in which nacelles …

STAR TREK- ONLINE-BEYOND | my take on the modern USS Franklin – meet USS Anne Bree Franklin...
STAR TREK- ONLINE-BEYOND | my take on the modern USS Franklin – meet USS Anne Bree Franklin… via @kevinJamesNg


Noticing the Franklin is a small very nibble moving ship with it main form of manoeuvrability is reliant of heavy retro’s thrusters… so the best choice is using a tier six Alita heavy carrier escort class as a main platform with all forwarding cannons torpedoes and after turrets in maximizing go in quick, lock, load, fire and dive out in any battle situations..

The Alita Heavy Escort Carrier at Tier six..

Tier: 6

Faction: Starfleet

Required Rank: Vice Admiral

Hull Strength: 36,801 at level 50 and 42,668 at level 60

Shield Modifier: 0.9

Crew: 200

Fore Weapons: 4

Aft Weapons: 3

Device Slots: 2

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Pilot, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Lieutenant Universal

Console Modifications: 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science

Base Turn Rate: 15 degrees/second

Impulse Modifier: 0.2

Friction/Traction: 60

+15 to Weapons, +5 to Engines

Console – Universal – Destabilized Tachyon Emitters

1 Hangar Bay – with 1 wing of Peregrine Fighters

Can Load Dual Cannons

Starship Ability Package (Escort Carrier)

Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)

Tactical Maneuvers (+Defense)

Quick Deployment (-Hangar Pet Recharge Time)

Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Chance)


STAR TREK- AFTER BEYOND | Finding Lieutenant Janice Rand……..


Finding Lieutenant Janice Rand – Grace Lee Whitney on board the USS Excelsior NCC 2000 –


Given the passing of lovable Anton Yelchin whom re-plays one of the iconic characters in “Star Trek” lore the talent young officer Pavel Chekov of the Alternative reality off the prime universe of being the Navigator, Tactical, and Science officer of the Constitution Class USS Enterprise….  Also as to the Original Universe Admiral Pavel Chekov – Walter Koenig’s Character story is coming to a closed as in the next episode “Star Trek_ Renegades- Requiem” in which is production with most of the iconic characters from the Voyager, The Original Series, Deep Space Nine series whom reprising their characters roles….

Also it’s going to be very difficult hard to replace the lovable Anton Yelchin, as he’s ingrain in that role so much in that it’s going to take time to find someone with his calibrate in casting..  to a question why not a character replacement for the next few movie episodes…. The Character that I had in mind is then Yeoman- Lieutenant Janice Rand whom was play by the late Grace Lee Whitney… whom reprises her character in the movie “The Motion picture, the search for Spock The voyage home, the undiscovered country” also in Voyager “flashbacks” Orthough Grace has been featured in numerous episodes in the Original series days….

Lieutenant Janice Rand- Grace Lee Whitney

Orthough Grace’s character Janice was a Yeoman, also one of Kirk’s love interests… She more than that as she’s fierce fiery independent, diligent humble whom worked hard in her own right in becoming one of the finest officers on board the USS Enterprise then on USS Excelsior also her character story line haven’t been fully develop fully…… As there’s going to be more of the Star Trek Reboot movies.. it’s best to honor Grace’s memories by having in her in the officers chair that once occupy in Anton Yelchin Chekov also it good to have another promenade female character that will accompany Zoe Saldana’s Uhura on the bridge of the USS Enterprise A………

STAR TREK | Uhura’s clutch… something usefully during your red shirt everyday adventures…?

Think Geek – Star Trek – Uhura’s clutch


During your everyday away missions… also that you’re in the start of shore leave then wondering what to pack in for your luggage, that holding your make up. And other dailies important essentials that includes your Phaser, and a very much slimmer Tricorder…. So you could adventure during shore leave…

The “Red shirt or Uhura’s Clutch”… is pretty beautifully striking with its Starfleet red, inspired out from “Star Trek the Original Series” red dress that the female officers wear in the departments of Tactical and Engineering… Also it makes a brilliant accessory to that red Starfleet mini dress also… With its size it’s enough to last onwards for a weekend excursion. Having at 91/4 inches wide, 6 inches tall, having its depth of 2 inches… giving you enough room for essentials till the weekend..

Orthough the clutch is Starfleet red…. It makes it easy to find also with its golden zip for extra security to hold things in… Also its Starfleet’s logo zip fob when it glitter reflectively at night… when you open up the clutch it has a warm golden inner star trek inspired lining makes it easy to find things in the dark when clubbing.. With a small make up mirror embedded onto the flap of the clutch making it easier applying makeup or at the same time looking whom’s right behind you… So you duck and Phaser…

DOCTOR WHO- NASA | Colin Baker – I’m onboard Orion..?

As for the preparation process for ”NASA” Space Launch System- constellation moon program”… There’s a test Launch in preparation in testing the Orion command module (OFT-1- Orion test flight) also its connected propulsion stage unit…  In which that test launch is on in between windowed fourth to sixth December 2014… to test flight the operations systems onboard and out of been connected to a modified Delta four heavy rocket… on testing several items on separation, avionics, heat shielding parachuting…

As for the campaigning, there’s been numerous celebrities endorsing the “I’m onboard” like Actress” Michelle Nichols” whom played Commander Nyota Uhura on Star Trek, Also you can have your “name ticketing on that first flight on Orion or the follow on Mars” you could have your name on that flight… in this Actor Colin Baker- the Sixth Doctor of Doctor Who. On board on the centric theme of Doctor who, having the Orion Command module slightly larger than the Apollo CM module inside with the Orion going through the time and space time vortex. Also telling your companions or friends about the NASA’s Orion program…with the emphasis on the the Tardis blue ….