Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

As for the preparation process for ”NASA” Space Launch System- constellation moon program”… There’s a test Launch in preparation in testing the Orion command module (OFT-1- Orion test flight) also its connected propulsion stage unit…  In which that test launch is on in between windowed fourth to sixth December 2014… to test flight the operations systems onboard and out of been connected to a modified Delta four heavy rocket… on testing several items on separation, avionics, heat shielding parachuting…

As for the campaigning, there’s been numerous celebrities endorsing the “I’m onboard” like Actress” Michelle Nichols” whom played Commander Nyota Uhura on Star Trek, Also you can have your “name ticketing on that first flight on Orion or the follow on Mars” you could have your name on that flight… in this Actor Colin Baker- the Sixth Doctor of Doctor Who. On board on the centric theme of Doctor who, having the Orion Command module slightly larger than the Apollo CM module inside with the Orion going through the time and space time vortex. Also telling your companions or friends about the NASA’s Orion program…with the emphasis on the the Tardis blue ….

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