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On the 12th December 2022 Hour Hong- Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administration    The Chang Zheng – Long March 7 Y7 Carrier Rocket have already arrived for the Tianzhou 6 cargo spacecraft for the Tiangong China Space Station .. in which with police escort to Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Center, Hainan Province, China, People’s Republic of China..

The container transport vehicle carrying the Chang Zheng- Long March 7A Carrier rocket was transported from Qinglan Port to Wenchang Space Launch Site] Recently, the container transport vehicle carrying the Long March 7A launch vehicle was transported from Qinglan Port to Wenchang Space Launch Site. It is expected to perform a space launch mission around January 9, 2023! It is reported that the Yuanwang 21 ship will undertake the maritime transportation task!

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#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #August2022 | #ChinaSpaceStation #TiangongSpaceStation #实验舱 #文天 #Wentian #ExperimentalModule grown vegetables and cultivating rice #SpaceFarming #SpaceAgriculture..

On Hainan Province –China –People’s Republic of China…. in the district area of the Wenchang – Wenchang Spacecraft launch center in which the awesome team at one of many CNSA –China National Space Administration  that China National Space Administration…………… On 24th July 2022

After Wentian experimental module entered orbit, the status setting was successfully completed. At 3:13 on July 25, 2022, Beijing time, it was successfully connected to the forward port of 天和 Tianhe Core Module. The entire rendezvous and docking process lasted about 13 hours. . This is the first time that two 20-ton spacecraft in my country- China- People’s Republic of China have achieved rendezvous and docking in orbit. …According to the mission plan, the Shenzhou 14 Takionaut crew will then enter the Wentian experimental module….. In which finally docked in early morning time of the 25th July 2022 in with CNSA –Beijing Aerospace City in which co-ordinated the docking maneuverers have achieved rendezvous and docking in orbit.…   in which the crew of the Shenzhou 14 staying for six months in construction of the stage one of the China Space station with the additional Mengtian experimental module in which will be delivered on the October 2022 Launch Schedule calendar..

On the 29th August 2022 Plants grow in the Tiangong – China Space station. At present, the experiment of the space station in the Chinese space station is progressing smoothly. The seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana and rice cultivated in orbit germinate and grow in good condition. The follow-up will be completed. Arabidopsis and rice from seeds in the space station Experiments to the whole life cycle of seeds. Let’s take a look at the growth dynamics of Arabidopsis and rice↓↓ # Ask Tiangong# #Rice seedlings are growing well in the Chinese space station  

[Arabidopsis thaliana and high-stalk rice in the general experimental modules of life ecology in Wentian experimental cabin have sprouted and grown] On August 29, a briefing on the progress of space application of manned space engineering and advanced plant culture experiment of space station was held in the space of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Application Center and Center of Excellence in Molecular Plants are held. According to reports, as of now, the payloads of the Wentian experimental module are in good condition and work stably. The experimental unit containing the experimental samples Arabidopsis seeds and rice seeds has been installed by the astronauts into the general experimental module of life ecology in the Wentian experimental cabin. At present, the plants have sprouted and grown.

At present, the seed germination of Arabidopsis thaliana and rice has been successfully started. The Arabidopsis seedlings have grown four leaves, the tall rice seedlings have grown to about 14 cm high, and the dwarf rice is also 4-5 cm high, and they are in good growth condition. In the future, the experiments on the whole life cycle of Arabidopsis thaliana and rice in space from seed to seed will be completed. During the experiment, the astronauts will collect samples, cryopreserve them, and finally return to the ground with the astronauts for elevation, analysis ….

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#DJI #MADEINCHINA #SHENZHEN | 中國製造 |#NewYork – USS Intrepid Exhibit – is the Sky the limit…?


Currently in Charlotte York’s Sex in the City, in New York there’s an interesting exhibit that’s currently running from 10th May to 3rd December 2017 at the USS Intrepid Museum, in which housing the Iconic test bed NASA’s Space Shuttle OV 101- Orbital Vehicle- Enterprise….  In which was named after Star Trek’s Constitution Class Starship USS Enterprise

Within the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, that is currently underway is the “Drones- is the Sky the limit?” in which exhibiting showcasing an intensive exhibits of the nostalgic artifacts of model aircraft with historical rare footage in different various media of displaying  unmanned flying machines towards its evolutionary innovative development in between from  amateurs to start-ups in such as the number one leading Drone marker start-up, that was developed, manufactured and Made in China, start up in one of many China’s Mega startups Industrial technologies Regional Cities in Shenzhen, like its sister city in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.. is DJI  in which they also be showcasing there products on how in inspiring new generation, also the previous aswell to innovating engineered and creative, start-ups,  to take the next UAV technologies to the next exponential level. In application usage agriculture, public safety, science applications, in many different levels layers of arts in film making, photography..

As part of the exhibit, DJI, there’s an educational component in teaching young children from inner city schools of teaching the physics, science of flight, also the lecturing talks of drones.. In development aerospace designs, also programming and the coding that goes integrated into it the development of drones also in aviation…

As part of exhibition, featuring Lady Gaga- Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta,’s flying dress The Volantis, also Studio XO the prototype that catering for Amazon drone delivery service that’s due to roll out soon for personalised online shopping delivery.. In which this exhibits explores the usage of drone technologies in adaptiveness, from flying cars to space explorations

#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland Afternoon wintery – 11- August 2017- One tree Hill – Maungakiekie- A Gallery



One tree Hill – Maungakiekie One 11- August 2017-  day  the summit is located in the heart of Auckland City New Zealand, in which it sits in between Epsom, Royal Oak, Greenlane, also Onehunga…  One Tree Hill Can be describe as an organic viewing platform like how long time ago like in Victoria Peak in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,  but without all the modern commercial amenities in which Victoria Peak has.. In which the Summit has constantly retains is organic Edwardian look with its rich colonial past as to its previous historically nature as it was once was a Fortified Pa Maori Site village in which numerous archaeological features still can be found while the present has caught it up with it past…

One winter afternoon day is the looking in between two harbours, Manukau to towards the Waitemata harbour……

Among viewing from the summit, it’s also the final resting place one of the founding fathers of Auckland Sir Logan Campbell, in which he’s rested in the same location where once the Marae- a community meeting house hall.. Among nearby is a flatbed in which is lowered is where the Pa’s Chieftain Residence once located…


Among its previous past of as great strategic viewing location for defenses, now presently it’s now a civilian kind, for the people to view organically of Auckland has a whole instead of the Inorganic view of Sky Tower in Victoria Street.. Among also its civilian use is the obelisk is the most visible Auckland Landmark in which is a memorial to the Maori People also a visual observation referencing landmark for incoming aircraft to land at Jean Batten International Airport- Auckland International Airport…..


During wartime.. World war two One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park was once a United States military barracks in which this area field was place where it’s training also a well played rugby..

Viewing from the vantage point, you can see most of the viewing range of the Waitemata harbour, towards northward of Albany- As to the southward is the rural Boundaries of Auckland, swing around that view is Thames, Coromandel….. Westward is the beyond the Waitakere’s ranges towards Piha towards the Tasman Ocean…

#DOCTORWHO |#BBC – Children In Need – Introducing The Return of Doctor Mysterio- Christmas Special 2016- of what’s to come..

This year “Doctor Who Christmas Special” features nostalgically elements back to Colin Baker’s Doctor Who days with elements of “El Loco Doctor Mysterio’   in taking up those elements also having a comic book character include the Christmas special written by Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Ed Bazzlgette… In which it takes place in New York where this episode is like Batman and Robin premise to it… The story outline is that the Doctor teams up with an investigative Journalist- Charity Wakefield becomes a superhero like Superman, or Supergirl whom tries, save new York from an out world threat, as the Doctor returns to New York is also the place where his in-laws “The Ponds” Amelia and Rory Ponds-Williams-Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill into 1938 have been pulled out from his fix point in time by the weeping angels- The Angels Take Manhattan..  Also joining the Christmas special is Justin Chatwin whom plays Grant hence the G on the suit…

In this we see Doctor investigating some sort of chamber with some, whom pretends to be some Special agent Dan from Scotland Yard… investigating also is  reporter Lucy from the Daily Chronicles, also is Nardole- Matt Lucas into this company whom is housing secretive experiments  in where the Nancy Drew team trio are intercepted by Villain with a gun.. as the trio with surrendering hands, there are rescued by the Batman like Hero in Mark G like Supergirl’s S logo…

Among of the Christmas special, is also it’s the first time we get to see Bill- Pearl Mackie in action also a reprisal from the previous Christmas special that features the Husbands of River Song (Alex Kingston)… In which features Matt Lucas as Nardole in which seemingly he’s in one piece…