#DoctorWho | #ChristmasSpecial 2017- introducing #13thDoctor – Jodie Whittaker – the regeneration from Peter Capaldi’s #12thDoctor..

There it is.. The silly old universe. The more I save it, the more it needs saving, it’s a treadmill. [Talks to the TARDIS] Yes, yes I know. They’ll get it all wrong without me. Well, I suppose, one more lifetime wouldn’t kill anyone. Well. Except me. [Talks to the next Doctor] You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s get it right. I’ve got a few things to say to you! Basic stuff first. Never be cruel, never be cowardly. and never, ever eat pears! Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise. Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind! Oh, and you mustn’t tell anyone your name. No one would understand it anyway. Except.. Except children. Children can hear it sometimes, if their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too. Children can hear your name. But nobody else. Nobody else, EVER. Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind. Doctor.. I let you go”

On 25 December 2017 London time Doctor Who – Twice upon Time we see the 12th Doctor introduces the next regeneration as he speaks towards surrendering to 13th Doctor- Jodie Whittaker as 12th Doctor Mention “I let you go…. “Has he Regenerates towards the akin wise regeneration state like the John Simm’s Master towards Michelle Gomez’s Missy the Female version of the Master…..

As thinking it was extremely experimentally long writing story arc in part of Steven Moffat also Director Rachel Talay is the Introduction of Female Doctor, in which in the past there was several elements proceeding towards the introduction of the Female Doctor… in which the latest it was the Missy-Michelle Gomez… before then it was the introduction of dangerous Galiferyain Prophecy The Hybrid the two together the Impossible girl-Clara Oswald-Jenna Coleman, in which Clara becomes alike , inheriting all the qualities of the Doctor as they become jointly as a fearsome duo..  in which before Clara there was Donna Noble – the Doctor Donna- Catherine Tate.. in during David Tenants Tenth Doctor there was Jenny his Daughter a military female clone of Doctor- Georgia Moffat in the Doctor’s Daughter….

 In this sequence the Team Moffat- Doctor Who- BBC Wales had only twenty minutes to complete filming this scene in various multiple angles in which the film the regeneration scene in which the final scene itself gives tribute towards the First Doctor – William Hartnell, in which replayed by David Bradley brilliantly as it transition from digitally widescreen film colour towards the grainy black and white 4:3 box analogue regeneration in a morphing transition… towards in which the reason why the twenty minutes is the pyrotechnics of the destruction of the TARDIS main control room as the 12th Doctor- Peter Capaldi welcomes surrendering to Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor..


#DoctorWho | #ChristmasSpecial – Twice upon Time- #TARDIS time lapse of two in construction –Introducing Thirteenth – Jodie Whitaker


As the Doctor Who – twice upon Time – Christmas Special 2017 sets on Christmas Day on the 25th December in which screens on BBC One – 1730 Hours London Time… in Twice Upon Time, which we’ll see the three The introduction of 13th – Jodie Whitaker also Doctors 12th Doctor –Peter Capaldi then the first Doctor- replayed by David Bradley in remembering William Harnell’s as the first Doctor..  Will be joining up with the current Christmas Special in a world war one premise in which Bill Potts- Pearl Mackie will be surprisingly written up in the episode with written by Steven Moffat directed by Rachel Talalay…

As the two Doctors the first and the twelfth meet up in a snowy environment in which Twelfth refuses to regenerate as the first reiterated ‘ I’m thee Doctor”  so does the two of the same of Tardis.. in this time lapse shows the construction of inbetween of first and the Twelfth TARDIS constructed at the same time.. In which should be interesting to see Jodie Whitaker’s Tardis outlook as of inside as what would her new desktop theme would be..

“Also have a very merry safe adventuring Christmas everyone as I’m Keyboarding on Christmas Day.. “

#DoctorWho | Christmas Special 2017- Two Doctors and Two #TARIDS with – Twice Upon a Time…


During this year’s Doctor Who- Christmas Special 2017, it’s the time tell 12th Doctor- Peter Capaldi  12th  story in which he’s been slowly halting his regeneration process for quite some time… in which this time during the Christmas special that regeneration process will take over has he halts once more time.. He his revisited by his/ her original Doctor past – David Bradley – As the twelfth comes visit his past   there’s something wrong with time, as time is suspended itself in critical moment during world war two.. In where an officer broke through that frozen time in which played by Doctor who Writer Mark Gatiss….. As those three investigates though with intrigued situations along the way.. they met up with Pearl Mackie with Bill Potts the Pilot whom may have answered the assisting call from both Doctors..  In which there’s once interesting part as the TARDIS flies away with one flaming window plane of one door is the introduction of the 13th Doctor – Jodie Whittaker the Female Doctor... In which previous Doctor’s Storyline before that the before the name of the Doctor, The Doctor was previously a girl in the beginning…….

#DOCTORWHO – The Pilot | Bill Potts introduction to the travelling Time And Relative Dimensions in Space ….

Doctor Who is set to screen in 15th April 2017 in which there’s one scene where the Bill Potts- Pearl Mackie is firstly introduce to the world of this university Professor whom teaches her and her class random hard-core intellectual subjects that’s not related to required course work, but she sense there’s something not right with him.. as she talks of the non-relatable course work items at hand as in various interludes, on his university desk shows various portraits of his past one in particular in which  his granddaughter Susan Foreman- Carole Anne ford.. As Bill’s introduction.. They are pursue by a liquefy metallic version of her friend somehow it terrify her as she is ushered into a box with the sign saying it’s “OUT OF ORDER” in which “let pop into my Box” in which it was previously darken room till all the TARDIS control lightens up with all the various consoles who is this Professor whom he introduce her as she stool in all previously in the darken room previously calling one of her friends about this guy then the introduction with those words as he spoken.. “Time And Relative Dimensions in Space ….TARDIS”…. in which what adventure awaits them in the episode call the Pilot..


#DOCTORWHO | #TARDIS- Matt Lucas and Pearl Mackie touring during season ten production…

As during season ten production of Doctor who arrives within a day’s time, airing on 15th April 2017 on BBC one, In which Nardole- Matt Lucas with a inbetween Matt Smith and Peter  Capaldi style look  also with her own, owning her style is  Bill Potts-Pearl Mackie as the Doctor’s newest companions, as all sets off adventurously what awaits them in with Missy’s mischief  back in the never ending storyline. As they set to explore around the TARDIS in exploring the various consoles, examine the various components of the central control console. In between its main Helm, Navigation, Diagnostics, communications, Fabrication, Mechanical integrated sections hexagonally that surrounds the time vortex column….  As they examine one part was their favourite in which was the placement section where the sonic screwdriver was presented in the last scene of the Heaven sent after the his old sonic screwdriver was misplaced in replacement with sonic wearable trendy shades..