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During this year’s Doctor Who- Christmas Special 2017, it’s the time tell 12th Doctor- Peter Capaldi  12th  story in which he’s been slowly halting his regeneration process for quite some time… in which this time during the Christmas special that regeneration process will take over has he halts once more time.. He his revisited by his/ her original Doctor past – David Bradley – As the twelfth comes visit his past   there’s something wrong with time, as time is suspended itself in critical moment during world war two.. In where an officer broke through that frozen time in which played by Doctor who Writer Mark Gatiss….. As those three investigates though with intrigued situations along the way.. they met up with Pearl Mackie with Bill Potts the Pilot whom may have answered the assisting call from both Doctors..  In which there’s once interesting part as the TARDIS flies away with one flaming window plane of one door is the introduction of the 13th Doctor – Jodie Whittaker the Female Doctor... In which previous Doctor’s Storyline before that the before the name of the Doctor, The Doctor was previously a girl in the beginning…….

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