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星河动力空间科技有限公司 Galactic Energy-  Galaxy Power (Beijing) Space Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Block D, Aviation Technology Plaza, E-Town, and Beijing – Beijing – China – People’s Republic of China ….Galaxy Aerospace is the first private aerospace company in China to achieve successful continuous launches, the first to send commercial networked satellites into a 500km sun-synchronous orbit, and the first to master the ability to launch multiple satellites with one carrier rocket.

The Galactic Energy Pallas One  Reusable Carrier Rocket takes shape, the Carrier Rocket/ Reusable Carrier Rocket has three stages towards the first stage Reusable Carrier Rocket component powered with 350 tonnes Seven Welkin Liquid Engines with Liquid Oxygen –Kerosene with a vertical landing gears… it’s secondary stage with a sixty ton thrust with a single Welkin Liquid engines.. The third stage payload with advance liquid stage with One rocket multiple satellites –space ferry…

Visit the “智神星一号 Pallas One” reusable liquid oxygen/kerosene carrier rocket of Galaxy Energy Company. The low-orbit carrying capacity of this type of rocket is not less than 5 tons, and the low-orbit carrying capacity of the expanded bundled configuration can reach 14 tons. The design reuse times are 50 The second time, it is planned to implement the first flight into orbit in 2024. The “Kangqiong” engine is the main power device of its first stage (7 units in parallel) and second stage (1 unit). It is a new type of multiple-start variable thrust gas generator cycle liquid rocket engine. The sea level rated thrust of each engine is 50 tons (the first stage has an “Engine-out” capability), the sea level thrust of the minimum working condition is 10 tons, and the booster stage vertical descent and soft landing recovery requirements are met when the thrust is variable. It has multiple reuse and fault detection and isolation capabilities. Each engine can be reused 50 times, with ±6° swing capability, and the thrust-to-weight ratio of the engine is greater than 120.

“智神星一号 Pallas One” adopts a two-stage configuration, one of which adopts an optimized design of seven “Kangqiong-1” liquid oxygen kerosene engines in parallel (power redundancy increases reliability, repeated use reduces costs), and the ground take-off thrust Reaching 280 tons; the second stage is equipped with a single “Kangqiong-1” liquid oxygen kerosene engine, with a vacuum thrust of 50 tons.

Images and visuals are from their respectives also Galactic Energy is located in Block D, Aviation Technology Plaza, E-Town, Beijing- China – People’s Republic of China

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中国空间站 On currently on 4th August 2022, the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration   CSS China Space Station in which the Crew of the Shenzhou 14 Celebrated the one of many Chinese Valentines days in which this one is about The Qixi Festival, also known as the Qiqiao Festival, is a Chinese festival celebrating the annual meeting of Zhinü and Niulang in Chinese mythology. The festival is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunisolar month on the lunar calendar. The festival was derived from worship of the natural astrology.

The festival originated from the romantic legend of two lovers, Zhinü and Niulang,who were the weaver girl and the cowherd, respectively. The tale of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl has been celebrated in the Qixi Festival since the Han dynasty.The earliest-known reference to this famous myth dates back to over 2600 years ago…..

The general tale is a love story between Zhinü (the weaver girl, symbolizing Vega) and Niulang (the cowherd, symbolizing Altair).Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River (symbolizing the Milky Way).Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day…. now they’re together nowadays onwardly….

On 4th August 2022 the Shenzhou 14 crew sharing their stunning Earth photography of七西 in which the Stars are Brilliant, which Today spaceflight will give you cosmos level romance , a large wave of beautiful pictures of the earth from a space perspective…. –  Thousands of miles across the galaxy, fortunate to meet you ….

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On the 29th July 2022 hour in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China At early morning  2128 hours  Hong Kong –Beijing Time on an. China successfully launched Satellites using the Chang Zheng Long March 2D carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province, China – People’s Republic of China …..

The Chang Zheng Long March 2D carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province, China – People’s Republic of China ….. Chang Zheng Long March 2D carrier rocket successfully launched the satellites of Remote 35 and 03 groups At 21:28 on July 29, 2022, the Chang Zheng Long March 2D carrier rocket 65 carrier rocket was successfully launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Remote sensing 35 03 the group of satellites was sent into the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success.

The Yaogan Satellites of Remote Sensing No. 35 launched in this mission were developed by the Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Company of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group, and are mainly used to carry out electromagnetic environment detection and related technical tests.

Remote sensing 35 group 03 satellites are mainly used in scientific experiments, land and resources census, agricultural product yield estimation, disaster prevention and mitigation and other fields. The satellite is mainly used for scientific experiments, land and resources census, agricultural production estimation, disaster prevention and mitigation and other fields. This mission is the 429th flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles

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On Hainan Province –China –People’s Republic of China…. in the district area of the Wenchang – Wenchang Spacecraft launch center in which the awesome team at one of many CNSA –China National Space Administration  that China National Space Administration…………… On 23rd July  2022 The Chang Zheng- Long March 5B Yao three carrier rocket successfully launch from the  Wenchang Space Launch Site complex  According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Long March 5B Yao 3 carrier rocket that carried out the launch mission of the Wentian experimental module has completed all the research and development finalisation certification at the Factory also Wenchang Spacecraft Center…….   

At 14:22 hour clear afternoon Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time  on July 24th 2022, the Chang Zheng- Long March 5B Yaosan carrier rocket carrying the Wentian experimental module was ignited on time at China’s Wenchang Space Launch Site emission. …….About 495 seconds later, the文天Experimental Cabin – The Wentian Experimental Cabin and the rocket successfully separated and entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch was a complete success!

The axial length of the Wentian experimental cabin is 17.9 meters, and the maximum diameter of the cabin is 4.2 meters. After the solar wing was launched into orbit, the first deployment was about 6.5 meters, and the second deployment was about 23 meters in length. The Wentian experimental module is the largest single module in my country’s space station, with a launch mass of about 23 tons and a dry weight of 21.5 tons and a propellant of 1.5 tons.
The Wentian experimental module uses a rapid rendezvous and docking method to dock the space station assembly the Tiangong –China Space Station  of the small robotic arm (about 5 meters) of the Wentian experimental cabin…

From June 2022 The Expected Countdown towards the Launch of the Chang Zheng- Long March 5 Yao 3 Carrier Rocket in which is 28 Days in between late July 2022  until the Launch towards the China Space Station for the Wentian Experimental module in connecting Strengthen the mission and have the courage to innovate and make breakthroughs! Carefully prepare, organize, and implement carefully to ensure the complete success of the launch mission, and take practical actions to welcome the Party’s 20th National Congress of Victory….

Launch wise of the Chang Zheng –Long March 5 Yao 3 Carrier Rocket .

Location: China Wenchang Space Launch Site 101 Launch Station (WSLS LC101)
Mission Rocket: Long March 5 Yiyao-3 Rocket (CZ-5B Y3)
Mission Load: Space Station “Wentian” Experimental Module (WT)
Launch Window: 2022 estimated launch time in late July,
2022: Afternoon of July 24, 2022 ( be determined at 1422 hours Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time )

Previously As of May 2022 both The experimental cabin is progressing smoothly, waiting for the launch The Wentian experimental cabin to be launched in July is ready for finally and the Mengtian experimental cabin is also making corresponding preparations.

After the construction of the China Space Station is completed, the two experimental cabins will be the main working places for Takionauts in orbit. In both experimental cabins, space science experiments and technical experiments in the sealed cabin and outside the sealed cabin can be carried out. Both cabins are equipped with The load test cabinet inside the cabin and the load installation platform outside the cabin also provide support and guarantee measures such as information, power supply and heat dissipation, and can carry out experiments in various fields such as space science, space materials, space medicine and space exploration.

  The Wentian experimental module is equipped with the same Taikonauts’ living facilities as the core module, including 3 sleeping areas, 1 sanitary area, kitchen and other facilities, which can guarantee the astronauts’ life. It can also work with the core module to support the life of 6 astronauts during the rotation of the two manned spacecraft; in addition, a small robotic arm is also configured, which can be used alone or in combination with the large robotic arm of the core module. , to jointly complete the tasks of Taikonauts leaving the cabin, caring for extravehicular facilities, and patrolling. In addition, the Wentian experimental cabin is also equipped with an astronaut exit airlock. After the space station is completed, the airlock of the Wentian experimental cabin will be As the main airlock cabin for Takionauts to leave the cabin, the node cabin of the core cabin is used for other functions at this time, just as a backup; the Wentian experimental cabin also has a backup section for the core cabin to manage and control the assembly. That is to say, when the function of the core module platform fails, it can be switched to the Wentian experimental module to exercise the combined control and management functions, which can improve the reliability of the space station as a whole.

  The Mengtian experimental cabin is equipped with a cargo airlock and an outboard deployment test platform. In the future, the scientific test equipment that needs to be installed outside the cabin can be transported to the space station through a cargo spacecraft, and then the load will be sent to the outside of the cabin through the cargo airlock, and the robotic arm or Takionauts will install it on the platform outside the cabin. Realize the continuous update of the extravehicular test project.

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On the Month of June 2022 it’s International Arts Carnival 2022  featuring in Hong Kong SAR – China – People’s Republic of China in which the Hong Kong Ballet  is show casing the production Cinderella by the Hong Kong Ballet featuring with fun humour permeate this imaginative ballet of high flying fairy tale Here comes the magic spell! Hong Kong Ballet’s Septime Webre crafts a new production of Cinderella, combining virtuosic choreographer Yuri Ng’s and veteran actor Rick Lau’s daring new concept with director Ata Wong to reinterpret a classic fairy tale! With Lucas Yung as narrator and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta performing Sergei Prokofiev’s well-loved music, how does the benevolent fairy godmother get Cinderella to the palace to attend the ball? What about the comical stepmother and stepsisters? The fun-loving show is an occasion for everyone to share a laugh at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre as we ride the emotional and magical rollercoaster with Cinderella…..

Choreographer and DirectorSeptime Webre
Associate DirectorAta Wong*
Script and Original ConceptYuri Ng & Rick Lau
Principal Guest ArtistXia Jun
NarratorLucas, Yung Yin-sing
MusicSergei Prokofiev
Costume DesignerYoki Lai
Set DesignerJames Kronzer
Lighting DesignerAlbert Wong
Associate lighting DesignerBilly Chan
Live AccompanimentHong Kong Sinfonietta
ConductorYip Wing-sie

Cinderella spotted at Hong Kong Station …As part of the programme in collaboration with the World’s leading number One public Transport provider MTR Hong Kong  unveiling the magic of arts technology with Cinderella in the realm of mixed reality! Jointly curated by the International Arts Carnival and the Hong Kong Ballet, an interactive exhibition will take place at the MTR Hong Kong Station, then Hong Kong Cultural Centre, offering viewers a sneak peek into the fairy-tale kingdom. As you walk by the exhibition and mimic the images, Cinderella and other characters will come to life dancing in front of you. Using QR codes on site and links on HKB’s social media platforms, you can create your very own palace scene with AR Instagram filters.

Bring fantasy into your life! Visit this unique interactive exhibition! Be a part of this exquisitely creative encounter!

Come visit Cinderella and other characters at the interactive exhibition “Cinderella@MTR” in Hong Kong Station. As you walk by the exhibition and mimic the images, the characters from Cinderella will come to life dancing in front of you! You can also create your own palace scene with AR Instagram filters. Let’s come and enjoy a delightful MTR journey with this exquisitely creative encounter curated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and @HongKongBallet!

Venue: Living Art Stage, Hong Kong Station (near Entrance/Exit C)

Date: From now until 19 June

Time: 6am – 11pm


鍾意仙履奇緣嘅你記得留意喇!《下一站,仙履奇緣@港鐵》互動展覽最近嚟咗香港站,大家只要企喺裝置前面,模仿畫面入面灰姑娘同其他角色嘅形態,佢哋就會即時翩翩起舞~你仲可以試玩Instagram AR濾鏡,創造專屬宮殿場景𠻹!呢個展覽由康樂及文化事務署同香港芭蕾舞團攜手策劃,大家經過香港站記得過嚟同仙履奇緣嘅人物角色一齊玩喇~




Images and visuals are respectives of MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong Ballet