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On the Month of June 2022 it’s International Arts Carnival 2022  featuring in Hong Kong SAR – China – People’s Republic of China in which the Hong Kong Ballet  is show casing the production Cinderella by the Hong Kong Ballet featuring with fun humour permeate this imaginative ballet of high flying fairy tale Here comes the magic spell! Hong Kong Ballet’s Septime Webre crafts a new production of Cinderella, combining virtuosic choreographer Yuri Ng’s and veteran actor Rick Lau’s daring new concept with director Ata Wong to reinterpret a classic fairy tale! With Lucas Yung as narrator and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta performing Sergei Prokofiev’s well-loved music, how does the benevolent fairy godmother get Cinderella to the palace to attend the ball? What about the comical stepmother and stepsisters? The fun-loving show is an occasion for everyone to share a laugh at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre as we ride the emotional and magical rollercoaster with Cinderella…..

Choreographer and DirectorSeptime Webre
Associate DirectorAta Wong*
Script and Original ConceptYuri Ng & Rick Lau
Principal Guest ArtistXia Jun
NarratorLucas, Yung Yin-sing
MusicSergei Prokofiev
Costume DesignerYoki Lai
Set DesignerJames Kronzer
Lighting DesignerAlbert Wong
Associate lighting DesignerBilly Chan
Live AccompanimentHong Kong Sinfonietta
ConductorYip Wing-sie

Cinderella spotted at Hong Kong Station …As part of the programme in collaboration with the World’s leading number One public Transport provider MTR Hong Kong  unveiling the magic of arts technology with Cinderella in the realm of mixed reality! Jointly curated by the International Arts Carnival and the Hong Kong Ballet, an interactive exhibition will take place at the MTR Hong Kong Station, then Hong Kong Cultural Centre, offering viewers a sneak peek into the fairy-tale kingdom. As you walk by the exhibition and mimic the images, Cinderella and other characters will come to life dancing in front of you. Using QR codes on site and links on HKB’s social media platforms, you can create your very own palace scene with AR Instagram filters.

Bring fantasy into your life! Visit this unique interactive exhibition! Be a part of this exquisitely creative encounter!

Come visit Cinderella and other characters at the interactive exhibition “Cinderella@MTR” in Hong Kong Station. As you walk by the exhibition and mimic the images, the characters from Cinderella will come to life dancing in front of you! You can also create your own palace scene with AR Instagram filters. Let’s come and enjoy a delightful MTR journey with this exquisitely creative encounter curated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and @HongKongBallet!

Venue: Living Art Stage, Hong Kong Station (near Entrance/Exit C)

Date: From now until 19 June

Time: 6am – 11pm


鍾意仙履奇緣嘅你記得留意喇!《下一站,仙履奇緣@港鐵》互動展覽最近嚟咗香港站,大家只要企喺裝置前面,模仿畫面入面灰姑娘同其他角色嘅形態,佢哋就會即時翩翩起舞~你仲可以試玩Instagram AR濾鏡,創造專屬宮殿場景𠻹!呢個展覽由康樂及文化事務署同香港芭蕾舞團攜手策劃,大家經過香港站記得過嚟同仙履奇緣嘅人物角色一齊玩喇~




Images and visuals are respectives of MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong Ballet

#香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #MTRHongKong #港鐵 #MARCH2021 |#Hong KongPhilharmonicOrchestra #HKPhil – Your MTR Hong Kong ride with Music in a musical collaboration…

From Friday  12TH March 2021 to Saturday 3rd April 2021, the World’s Leading Public transport provider MTR Hong Kong  MTR Corporation is collaborating with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) to launch the new “Phil Your MTR Ride with Music” campaign to provide passengers with refreshing and relaxing musical journeys with beautiful and enchanting melodies amidst the pandemic. This video features 30 members of the HK Phil with an unprecedented scene of an orchestral setup to perform the work of renowned American composer Bernstein on a train at the depot and in an MTR station after traffic hours.

More about the music in the video: BERNSTEIN – On the Town: Times Square 1944 On the Town marked Bernstein’s Broadway debut and was a hit. Bernstein defies categorisation. He possessed an abundance of gifts and was equally noted as a composer, conductor, pianist, educator and humanist…. Two key actors, Resident Conductor Mr Lio Kuokman and Concertmaster Mr Jing Wang from HK Phil, shared their feelings on this collaboration.

A unifying element in his music, whether for the Broadway stage or the classical concert hall, is the vivid theatricality that gives it its distinct flair.

Passengers will hear five familiar music written by four renowned classical music composers including Dvořák, Mozart, Shostakovich and Wagner and performed by the HK Phil when they enter station concourses.


樂曲資料如下: 伯恩斯坦《錦城春色》:時代廣場1944 《錦城春色》是伯恩斯坦第一齣百老匯劇場作品 。伯恩斯坦既是作曲家,又是指揮家、鋼琴家、教育家以及人文主義者。 無論是為百老匯舞台寫作也好、為古典音樂廳寫作也好,都有一個元素貫穿所有作品:「劇場性」。正是活靈活現的「劇場性」,令伯恩斯坦的音樂帶有獨特的魅力。

Images and visuals are of from the MTR Hong Kong  MTR Corporation Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil)

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #CNSA – #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #香港 #香港太空館 #国家航天局 | #HongKongSpaceMuseum #HongKong Students doing #Taikonauts- Chinese Astronaut training – the real right Stuff class 2018 …

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, a group of Hong Kong selected class of 2018- thirty junior high school students in becoming aspiring-inspiring   Taikonauts-Chinese Astronauts in which they got to experience of what life of an Taikonauts life is   Astronauts in an educational trip during the 2017 year.. in which during that year which Our Hong Kong Foundation  INNOTECH 2017 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the most featured articles is the CNSA-Chinese National Space Administration and their important  work they do in which featured the guest speaker Wang Yaping: China’s second female astronaut whom made living history as part of the crew of the Shenzhou nine crew..  In which the Chinese Central government offer Hong Kong Students in the region to take part in the soon to be first upcoming civilian Taikonaut program….. Within the decade..

Their journey takes them in meeting up with at the Hong Kong Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui next to the Hong Kong Cultural Center opposite to the famous hotel The Peninsula Hong Kong… in where there chartered transportation takes them to Hong Kong International Airport among with their families… in which they depart on Cathay Dragon-Cathay Pacific’s Domestic airliner..  From there they embark onwards towards mainland China towards where they spend visiting Beijing Aerospace city also Jiuquan Satellite Launch center in where CNSA launch their Long March carrier rocket program.. From there they did various fun team building working exercises in which constructing a rocket to launch to understand the key concepts..

They visited China Astronaut Research Training center in which located in Beijing in which they got to experience the real training of what the crews train undergoes.. as they tour through China’s Capital Beijing they got to visit NAOC-China Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences in which they got educated like how the Astronaut training undergoes also earning various merits.. As the lesson draws in they got to wear the real EVA suits that they used in space..  In which NAOC-CNSA- Astronaut Center of China’s staff assisted the students in wearing them,  Onwards they under goes the various physical training at the Environmental Control and Life Support Tech where they learning about the environmental and life support systems… in which taking real exams like as did with the training..

Among with the fun nights they got to hang around with the national hero’s key members of the CNSA staff also with the Taikonauts of the Shenzhou nine missions also the National Hero Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping… as the journeys progressive they visited various launching complexes from historic to its current in where what goes behind the scenes..

From there after days of educational fun training, it was time to head off to another destinations one of China’s previous Capitals Xian… In where the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) was establish … visiting the terracotta tomb guardians army of the fallen Qin Shi Haung also the Ming Dynasty fortress walls of the inner city in which replaced the aging Qin Dynasty fortifications ……

The key sponsors for the timeless education endeavouring experience in the selection process is the Hong Kong Space Museum,  Hong Kong Government- Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Astronaut Center of China, JSLC  in which provided the training , transportations, accommodation for all participating students.

Given that you’re interesting for the 2018 selection for the Young Spaceman Experience Camp 2019, in be held on from 27th July to 4th of August 2019 … in which local Hong Kong schools can nominate two students with the forwarding documentations forwarding date before 31st May 2019 or hand in person to the Hong Kong Space museum.. In which they will be selected by interviewing process.. Whom have a key interest in inspiring interest in astronomy and space science, and deepen their understanding of China’s space industry and Chinese culture.

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong | #CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 celebrating with #ChineseNewYear2019 #YearOfThePig Night Parade, as this very cute festive Hong Kong family demonstrates…..


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, it’s time for Chinese New year in which sets on with week’s celebration in starting off on 5th February 2019, in which is the Cathay Pacific 2019 International Chinese New Year’s Night parade starting off with massive street performances of international and local performances with spectator floats…., as this very cute festive Hong Kong family  demonstrates replicating the moments of utilising what they could find in having their own fun in replicating their parade..

 Along the streets of from Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, with an official opening at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza in which is arriving is the first float performing group arriving in Canton Road at 2030 Hong Kong time, then onwards to Haiphong Road 2050 Hours, at Nathan Road 2100 hours..  in celebrating performing groups with their unique cultures.. in which is firstly greet by the internationally acclaimed Cathay Pacific Airways crew opening up with dance moves.. in where a map of the event can be found here.. 

This year Hong Kong Chinese New Year themed uniquely Hong Kong with “Best Fortune, world Party “in celebrating the Year of the Pig…  Is celebrated with new floats from last years… In which those key sponsoring the events are portrayed floats is from Cathay Pacific Airways, Asia Tourism Exchange Centre, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Macao Government Tourism Office, Quality Tourism Services Association, China Construction Bank Corporation Limited, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Tourism Board also  Ocean Park Hong Kong

Among through the week of celebrating Chinese New year’s in Hong Kong, there is other various celebrations that with the international acclaimed iconic Hong Kong Chinese New Year fireworks at Victoria Harbour, with explosively festive than the New Year’s celebrations….. Celebrating in various parts of the Hong Kong neighbourhood district communities ….

How to get to the Cathay Pacific 2019 International Chinese New Year’s Night parade….?

To parade route along Canton Road, Haiphong Road, Nathan Road (Free viewing): using the MTR Hong Kong.. 

MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exits A, C, D and E.

MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exits J, K, L1, L3, L5 and L6.

To Spectator Stand at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui (Ticket required):

MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit L6.

Star Ferry from either Central or Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui.

To spectator seats on Nathan Road (Tickets required): HK$480/HK$450/HK$300 per person for spectator seats at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza.
HK$300 per person for spectator seats on Nathan Road. That can be first in first serve basis from the Hong Kong Tourism Board  at the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry terminal..

MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit K

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #HongKong #DiscoverHongKong #BankOfCommunicatoins– Celebrating also bringing in the #NewYearDay2019 with its international iconic spectacular fireworks and light shows ….#HongKongNewYear2019 #Livestreaming.. …

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, in bringing into the New Year Celebrations for the 2019 year on New Year Eve – 31st December 2018.. in which there’s a massive party that’s taking place in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, with celebrative fourteen million Hong Kong Dollars – USD1.8 million worth of fireworks celebrating over in between the Victoria Harbour, in between Hong Kong Island also between West to East Kowloon in which and expected thirty thousand people are to celebrate at the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui Area..   In which the events is celebrated sponsored by the Bank of Communications

During the event there will be various live streaming on many social media platforms, in which in between 2300-0040  hours- Hong Kong Time with channel 99 ViuTV, the ViuTV website, the ViuTV app and channel 331 Now TV NowDirect- Hong Kong   also another live stream from 2355-0010 Hong Kong Time- in which there are also other stations like Hong Kong TVB will be hold festive coverage with bring in the new year.. in which during the celebrating event is Brand Hong Kong- Tourism Hong Kong will be live streaming the events coverage of the Fireworks through its various social media platforms..

Celebrating from 31st December 2018, in which the shooting stars- wish you apond a star fireworks event starts in fifteen minutes intervals at 11pm, 11:15pm, 11:30pm and 11:45pm, with the fireworks main event at Midnight where with a musical fireworks.. in

In which that celebrative best advantage area point, alongside of Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in which Hong Kong Cultural Center Open Piazza also Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, across the Harbour on the Island side Central Harbourfront area, is the Central Ferry Piers nine and ten, also in front of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai….

Among that night, that day there are roads that being closure off, and patrol by the Hong Kong Police. In the surrounding areas in which road closures will start at four  at the earliest then six in the afternoon also in which its best to use the public transport to avoid the congestion like taking the World leading MTR Hong Kong transportation system