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國泰航空公司 Cathay Pacific –  on 22nd September 2022  with Super convenient, super worry-free, Cathay Pacific and Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Home Port held a memorandum signing ceremony in Shenzhen.  海天一客通 has a new upgrade, starting from mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, enjoying one customs clearance and one processing , Baggage is checked directly to the destination, and it is easy to unlock international travel….

HKIA -Hong Kong International Airport City Multimodal Transport Services located in the Greater Bay Area of the Guangdong Province, China- People’s Republic of China in which Hong Kong International Airport has a Sky Ferry Terminal, which provides express ferry services for transit passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy a convenient air-sea intermodal journey. The Hong Kong International Airport has thus become a veritable multimodal hub. Connecting to Numerous Destinations which is a Smart choice for a relaxing journey which connecting you Global Destinations to Hong Kong International Airport towards Mainland Macau SAR and vice versa …..

Air to sea Transfer services – Everyday a lot of travellers pass through Hong Kong International Airport during their journey From here, you can reach 190 destinations around the world, Flying via Hong Kong International Airport to continue your onward journey, SkyPier is no Doubt the gateway to the Pearl Delta River and Macau SAR, Ferry Services are offered to the nine ports in the region   Dongguan Humen ,Guangzhou Lianhuashan, Guangzhou Nansha, Macao (Maritime Ferry Terminal),Macao (Taipa) ,Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Shekou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai Jiuzhou….

Ferry Services are offered to nine ports in the Region, Firstly proceeding to the ferry ticketing counters all same day arrival passengers with valid travel document of visa can enjoy the service… Passengers using SkyPier’s which you don’t go through immigration,  intermodal service can enjoy baggage transfer without going through immigration and customs clearance …. Baggage transfer service ….. Ticket readers are locate in the E1 and E2 Transfer Areas to check the status of your baggage passengers can then board the automated people Mover and proceed to the SkyPier for Ferry Boarding… With a Fast and simple Air to Sea transfer process, Passengers are offered a hassle-free journey Transferring to and from the Pearl Delta River and Macau SAR is equally quick and convenient ….

Sea To Air Transfer Services – in which departing from the Pearl River Delta in which you can connect to the world via Hong Kong International Airport Passengers can enjoy a variety of services when using this intermodal ferry services Passengers should have Travel Document, Visa, Air Ticket. To Purchase a Ferry Ticket, all you need is Valid Travel document or visa and same day air ticket Before setting of, be sure to visit Hong Kong International Airport website to check whether your airline, offers services at SkyPier …. Upon Arriving at SkyPier , Passengers can Check in at the Airline Transfer Desk, Airlines will issue a tax refund coupon to passengers who have prepaid the Air Passenger Departure Tax.  At the Counter will Receive- Baggage Tag- Boarding pass – Tax refunding coupon. After Security checks, the departure Tax Refund Desk, is right in front of you collect your cash refund and you can head straight to your boarding gate. There are also airlines that offer check- in services at the ferry ports, Upstream Check in Services – Working together with Ferry operators and airlines Hong Kong International Airports has introduced an upstream check-in service at various ports in the Pearl River Delta and Macau SAR   …… Passengers can check in the at the Pearl River Delta, You can Check in your baggage, collect your boarding pass and tax refund coupon in one go. Then simply board your ferry to SkyPier and enjoy your pleasant journey to the airport in which upstream check in services is least than eighty minutes Minimum connection time

To Hong Kong International Airport via the top ten terminals in the Greater Bay Area- Pear Delta River .

Traveling in the Greater Bay Area – Pearl River Delta- Cathay Pacific’s multimodal transport.. services cover major cities in the Greater Bay Area, providing you with a variety of high-quality, convenient and efficient travel methods to Hong Kong International Airport, easily connecting to Cathay Pacific flights, and traveling the world.

*Multimodal transportation refers to the transportation process completed by two or more vehicles connecting and transhipping each other.

^Affected by the new crown epidemic, only the Shenzhen Shekou cruise home port has resumed the clipper service from Shekou to Hong Kong International Airport, and the rest of the multimodal transport services are still suspended.

Hong Kong International Airport has a Sky Ferry Terminal, which provides express ferry services for transit passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy a convenient air-sea intermodal journey. The Hong Kong International Airport has thus become a veritable multimodal hub.

Informational – Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways Also of Hong Kong International Airport City

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Located in the heart of West Kowloon Cultural District is the ICC – International Commerce Center  484 Tower Building the Highest tower building in Hong Kong SAR next to on Hong Kong Island IFC 416 meters tall building in Hong Kong SAR – China- People’s Republic of China is Hong Kong SAR’s newest City Park in which becoming West Kowloon Art Park District in which gives abundances show casting  of multiplies of Chinese – Hong Kong’s  local to international arts in all forms premises and genres..  

Featuring a sprawling promenade, sweeping views of the Victoria Harbour, open lawn spaces and footpaths, the Art Park is an urban oasis for recreation, relaxation and pets. From bistros and pet-friendly cafes to fine dining experiences, the Art Park offers a plethora of harbourfront dining options. A variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment options are also available here, including Freespace, a contemporary performing arts centre. Amenities include rentable SmartBikes and bottle-filling water dispensers at multiple locations.

藝術公園擁有寬闊的海濱長廊、一覽無遺的維港景緻及綠意盎然的草坪,適合與小朋友消閒休憩、跟友人愛侶歡度時光,或與寵物暢快玩樂,是集多種功能於一身的城市綠洲。 藝術公園沿海濱提供了多項餐飲美食體驗,酒吧、寵物友善餐廳、精緻奢華的高級餐廳都包羅其中。 這裏有各種室內和戶外娛樂活動選擇,包括表演藝術場地自由空間。藝術公園亦提供SmartBike單車租賃服務,並設有多部盛水式水機,讓你隨時隨地補充水分。

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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong.. Hong Kong is a paradise for food lovers, where they can enjoy gourmet foods, like Sashimi from Japan, Live lobsters from Northern America, Oysters from Australia and fine wine wines from Europe anytime … Hong Kong International Airport enjoys a strategic geographical location with its excellent connection to more than two hundred twenty destinations across the globe …. HKIA can also help transport fresh products to major regional cites through its extensive transshipment network..

To maintain freshness, HKIA provides special handling services and dedicated facilities for perishable cargo …. For example, HKIA is providing more than thirty cool dollies for seamless, temperature- controlled transportation within the airport and planning to build apron shelters at a number of ramp locations to protect perishables cargo from weather elements … In March 2019, HKIA became the first airport community in the world..  to receive IATA CEIV fresh Certification within Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals, with HACTL, Cathay Pacific Services LTD, Cathay Pacific Cargo..  Leading the ways of pioneering high handling standards for perishable cargoes ….

The Cargo terminals offer cold rooms set at different temperatures for various kinds of perishable cargoes They also have dedicated areas handling procedures, to expedited the release of perishable cargo to customers. Most of the Perishable goods will be available for pickup normally in sixty minutes after the flight arrives … the streamlined operations of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Customs and Excise Departments of Hong Kong Government Contribute to efficient handling of perishable cargo while also ensuring compliance and food safety…..HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport strives to provide high quality specialties services for perishable cargoes….

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong | #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport- Worlds leader in #AirCargo- From #InternationalCityAirport towards #InternationalAirportCity…

World’s leading International Airport City, _ Hong Kong International Airport I Cathay Pacific Airways Photographer @KevinJamesNg

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s a generation HKIA – Hong Kong International Airport whom lived grew up with throughout the twenty years of the world’s Award leading Aviation Hubs has Hong Kong transition from the old Kai Tak international Airport to the new International Airport Chek Lap Kok – Hong Kong International Airport in which is named after its Chief Architect….. In which is both international airports…

Since its hallmark opening in 1998 Hong Kong International Airport has been ground breaking trending developing as one of the world’s leading, innovating  international Hubs with a global massive diverse aviation hubs for the busiest passenger airports but also the Number one Cargo international Airport …. Also HKIA has provides a unlimited massive economic growth within and outside the Pearl Delta river… as it also imports, exports expands within the local economy of the HKIA. Also the Hong Kong region grows exponentially in connecting industries also lives also it’s the third busiest international airport with more than seventy two million passengers than it previous handle at its Kai Tak international Airport Days of twenty five million passengers..  Handling over five million tonnes of cargo and airmail yearly…

As with her storyline young Kai Tak towards Chek Lap Kok – Hong Kong International Airport- growing up with her as her aspirations looking up of becoming a Hong Kong trend setting fashion designer also an entrepreneur, start-up in which her online store depends on the inter freight communities that the Airport delivers her fashion collection to the world by e-commerce both reliant in providing that successive growth..

Air Cargo is an integral part of the Airport City Development of Hong Kong International Airport, HKIA has been ranked the world’s busiest cargo airport for nine consecutive years.. In 2018, it handled over more five point one million tonnes of Cargo.. In the Coming years we will strengthen our cargo capabilities with three strategic focuses..

1 Seizing E-Commerce Opportunities – we will capture the cross boundary e-commerce opportunities by expanding enhancing our facilities. The DHL Central Hub will increase its handing capacity by more than fifty percent…. To process express and small parcels driven by e-commerce … in which a new premium logistic centre covering five point three hectares is being built – Alibaba’s Smart Hub for Asia- Equipped with the latest technologies, it will be the third largest premium warehouse in Hong Kong..

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2 High value Cargo Hub.. Meanwhile we are targeting the high-end, High Value cargo business.. Hong Kong International Airport has been accredited by IATA CEIV Pharma Partner Airport – Pharma- Aero Strategic Airport Member also the IATA- International Air Transport Association for it’s competency in handling temperature controlled pharmaceutical products …. In early 2019, we also obtained the world’s first IATA Centre for Excellences for Perishable Logistics certification – World’s first IATA CEIV Fresh partner Airport…. In which has affirmed our capability in handling high value perishable products..

3 Enhancing Regional Cargo Services.. In we will enhance regional cargo services by developing cross boundary transhipment so as to tap the economic development in the Greater Bay Area.. “

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #HongKong #DiscoverHongKong #BankOfCommunicatoins– Celebrating also bringing in the #NewYearDay2019 with its international iconic spectacular fireworks and light shows ….#HongKongNewYear2019 #Livestreaming.. …

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, in bringing into the New Year Celebrations for the 2019 year on New Year Eve – 31st December 2018.. in which there’s a massive party that’s taking place in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, with celebrative fourteen million Hong Kong Dollars – USD1.8 million worth of fireworks celebrating over in between the Victoria Harbour, in between Hong Kong Island also between West to East Kowloon in which and expected thirty thousand people are to celebrate at the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui Area..   In which the events is celebrated sponsored by the Bank of Communications

During the event there will be various live streaming on many social media platforms, in which in between 2300-0040  hours- Hong Kong Time with channel 99 ViuTV, the ViuTV website, the ViuTV app and channel 331 Now TV NowDirect- Hong Kong   also another live stream from 2355-0010 Hong Kong Time- in which there are also other stations like Hong Kong TVB will be hold festive coverage with bring in the new year.. in which during the celebrating event is Brand Hong Kong- Tourism Hong Kong will be live streaming the events coverage of the Fireworks through its various social media platforms..

Celebrating from 31st December 2018, in which the shooting stars- wish you apond a star fireworks event starts in fifteen minutes intervals at 11pm, 11:15pm, 11:30pm and 11:45pm, with the fireworks main event at Midnight where with a musical fireworks.. in

In which that celebrative best advantage area point, alongside of Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in which Hong Kong Cultural Center Open Piazza also Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, across the Harbour on the Island side Central Harbourfront area, is the Central Ferry Piers nine and ten, also in front of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai….

Among that night, that day there are roads that being closure off, and patrol by the Hong Kong Police. In the surrounding areas in which road closures will start at four  at the earliest then six in the afternoon also in which its best to use the public transport to avoid the congestion like taking the World leading MTR Hong Kong transportation system