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On 28th March 2023國泰航空公司Cathay Pacific featured a CathayPacific Original feature film in which the Brand Original Featured film will be launched on 29th March 2023 on a When a Plane takes off again, our life returns again and the meaning of the blue sky becomes even more precious , in which many of the premises of the Cathay Pacific feature film Today I want to ask you a question: What does the blue sky mean to us?

Today I want to ask you a question: What does the blue sky mean to us?

The premises is also on Hong Kong SAR, China People’s Republic of China opening up after the long lapse of Covid 19 .. Perhaps a period of time has passed, and we have temporarily lost the sense of reality of living life. But when we took off by plane and met the blue sky again at an altitude of 30,000 feet, those stranded plans and forgotten freedom were all returned to life at this moment. Xinshixiang and 猎泰航空will launch a brand original feature film 重上云空 and it will be launched tomorrow. When the world opens up for you again, you may fly wherever you want…..

What does the blue sky mean to us? We overlook the clouds of the four seasons in the blue sky, encounter the sun rising and the moon setting, and accompany every passenger to a better future. For us, the blue sky is the vast world, the distant unknown, the returning life, and every upcoming departure. From when a grounded plane returns to the blue sky, it also means that our lives are restarted again. The blue sky carries the dreams, lives and hopes of many people. The moment we return to the blue sky is the moment when we move towards a better future.

Jointly launched by 新世界 New Era, in collaboration with Cathay Pacific the brand’s original feature film 重上云空 will be launched tomorrow 29th March 2023. When a plane takes off again, our life returns again, and the meaning of the blue sky becomes even more precious.

新世界 New Era Xinshixiang Full-platform new Internet media company and content brand – Xinshixiang was founded on the WeChat official account in 2015 , and now it has developed into a very influential new Internet media company and content brand with all platforms. The mission of Xinshixiang is to “provide spiritual strength and serve a better life” for the Chinese people. 

On the basis of a deep insight into social emotions, Xinshixiang connects users, media, celebrities, brands and other common actors, and has repeatedly created phenomenon-level events and popular events including the Good Night SMS Plan, Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Battle of Losing Books, and Buddhist Youth. Topic, deeply loved by people in first- and second-tier cities. 

新世界 New Era Xinshixiang focuses on its own channel operation and content production, and its business covers China Video, integrated marketing and MCN, IP authorization incubation, and new consumer brand management .

As one of the first track pioneers to carry out in-depth operations in the field of “Chinese video”, in October 2020, 新世界 New Era Xinshixiang has established a complete product matrix of topical micro-variety shows, topical videos, and topical short dramas, and will cooperate with the video platform, continue to devote itself to the content upgrade of China Video and the exploration of closed-loop business models.

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#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #February 2023 |#國泰航空 #Cathay #DigitalLeader #MoveBeyond flying with #CathayHackathon2022 #Hackathon: A futuristic journey of innovation and realization…

On days in between 18 October 2022  Towards  2nd November 2022國泰航空公司Cathay pacific . on Cyberport Day Cathay Hackathon 2022 was held this year in on the Year of the Tiger, in which at Hong Kong SAR, China, People’s Republic of China at Cathay Pacific City at Lantau Island International Airport, 8 Scenic Rd, Chek Lap Kok……..

In which there was 500 Applicants, 87 Teams Participated , 6 Partners to work together, with Nine Power Sessions in collaboration with Cyberport 18 October 2022 –Cyberport Day, On  19th October 2022 Smart  Airport city Authority Hong Kong,  in collaboration with AWS boot camp on the 24th October 2022, collaboration with Microsoft 25th October 2022 Microsoft Boot Camp, with HKSTP – Hong Kong Science Technology park 26th October HKSTP Day.  With Google 31st October 2022….  At Cathay in the Air on 1st November 2022, on the ground on 2nd November 2022….

Cathay #Hackathon: A futuristic journey of innovation and realization

Want to travel around the world with your pet? Need some advice about packing baggage? Aim at reducing food waste of airline meals? Young visionaries are here to revolutionize your journeys in the future!

Organised by Cathay, Hong Kong’s only aviation-themed Hackathon was successfully held. The aviation professionals from Cathay provided young technical talents with guidance grounded in real-world experiences to inspire a crop of innovative ideas and solutions to envisage the future in the sky!

As a digital leader, Cathay aims to connect our customers and the world to elevate everyone’s travel experience with modernized designs. With enormous digital capabilities, we provide thoughtful solutions in response to the needs of our customers. Every of their journeys is supplemented with modern customer care chat channels, a personalised booking flow as well as big data machine learning. From top to bottom, our strong digital culture enables us to keep up with digital trends up to the minute and generate leading-edge innovations one after another.

We are committed to creating competitive advantages to make Cathay a pioneer in the industry. As we transform our services into a seamless digital experience of contemporary and intuitive designs, we bring our customers on a simpler, easier and better journey as we fly higher and further in a brighter future.

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#Airbus #空中客車公司 | #A320Neo |#廈門航空 #XiamenAir #XiamenAirlines in the Making: First Also the inspiration to the China’s Television hit aviation Drama  #CarrierAirliner out viewing #GameOfThrones is #向风而行 #FlightToYou  #LuzhouAir #LuzhouAirlines …

On the 1st January 2023 the new Airbus A321neo aircraft with aircraft number B-32CU has officially joined Xiamen Airlines! 厦门航空First A321neo has just arrived at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, passed through the “Water Gate” that symbolizes the highest civil aviation etiquette, and officially joined the Xiamen Airlines family

Xiamen Airlines First Airbus Aircraft Entering List passing through the “Water Gate” to wash away the dust, the A321neo has officially joined the Xiamen Airlines family~ The new aircraft is expected to be officially put into commercial passenger operation in the spring of 2023. At that time, passengers will be able to experience the aircraft first on boutique routes from Xiamen to Beijing Daxing, Shanghai Hongqiao, and Chengdu Tianfu.

Xiamen Airlines has taken delivery of its very first Airbus aircraft, an A321neo in Hamburg, Germany, which is on lease from CMB Financial Leasing, making the airline a new Airbus A320neo Family operator. Xiamen Airlines’ A321neo aircraft is powered by CFM International LEAP-1A engines and configured in a high comfort two-class layout with 208 seats, with eight in Business Class and 200 in Economy. The cabin features 60 percent larger overhead bins for added personal storage.

On a Toulouse, 22 September 2022 – Xiamen Airlines has placed a firm order for 40 A320neo Family aircraft switching to Airbus for its fleet growth, making the airline the newest Airbus customer. The agreement was announced by the major shareholder China Southern Airlines to the Shanghai Stock exchange.

The A320neo Family incorporates new generation engines and Sharklets, which together deliver more than 25 percent fuel and CO 2 savings, as well as a 50 percent noise reduction. Passengers are benefitting throughout the trip from Airbus’ award-winning Airspace interior, which brings the latest cabin technology to the A320 Family. At the end of August 2022, the total number of A320neo Family firm orders reached over 8,500 from more than 130 customers worldwide.

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#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BRI #November2022 |#Tiangong #ChinaSpaceStation #Shenzhou14 #Takionauts announces soon to be next #TiangongClassroom #SpaceTeaching #SpaceTeachers Session classroom  

On the 25th November 2022 Hours Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administrationthe Tiangong –China Space Station Crew of Shenzhou 14 crew announces soon to be next Tiangong – China Space Station Tiangong Classroom of Space Teaching with your Favourite Teachers from Shenzhou 10, Shenzhou 13 towards Shenzhou 14. Takionauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe introduced at the Chinese space station: the first time they greeted and entered Wentian in orbit capsule, dream capsule; the first time to leave the capsule from the airlock of the Wentian capsule; the first time to conduct a “space lecture” in the Wentian capsule; and soon, the next “space lecture” will be on orbit for the first time. The arrival of the Takionauts trip trio… They also sent a message to the students: “Looking forward to you who have spaceflight dreams, join us to collect the light of the galaxy, depict the outline of the sun and the moon, and go to a more exciting sea of ​​stars! China Space Station, etc. You are here on a Space mission trip!”

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#MadeInChina #中國製造 #中國 |#西藏 #西藏天文馆 #TibetPlanetarium #June2022 |#Lhasa The world’s highest-altitude planetarium Observatory telescope – world’s largest refracting optical astronomical telescope ready year  2024,  – under construction, which will provide space early warning services for space activities…#TibetAutonomousRegion #China #PeoplesRepublicOfChina ….

西藏天文馆 Currently at the moment in Lhasa the region capital of Tibet Autonomous Region of China- People’s Republic of China the Construction of the world’s highest – The world’s highest-altitude planetarium, the西藏天文馆Tibet Planetarium, started construction in Lhasa on June 12. It is reported that the roof of the planetarium will be equipped with a refracting optical astronomical telescope with a diameter of 1.06 meters, which will also be the largest refracting optical astronomical telescope in the world. The planetarium has a total construction area of ​​11,571.9 square meters and is expected to be completed in June 2024. The roof of the planetarium will be equipped with a refracting optical telescope with a diameter of about 1.06 meters. This astronomical telescope will also surpass the 1.02-meter-diameter refractor telescope of the Yerkes Observatory in the United States and become the world’s largest refracting astronomical telescope. …

This one-meter-class refractor telescope can monitor variable stars, poor photometry of binary stars, and supernova monitoring. The scope of monitoring includes celestial bodies in the solar system, stars in the Milky Way, and even some nearby galaxies in the outer reaches of the Milky Way can also be observed.
In addition, in scientific research work, this one-meter-class refracting telescope will be used for space target observation, providing space early warning services for my country’s space launch activities and the on-orbit operation of spacecraft.

“Space debris and space junk are being monitored on a global scale, and this monitoring network requires a large number of space observation facilities such as telescopes to work together. The scientific goals of our one-meter-class refractor telescope also involve near-Earth detection in space. The monitoring activities of small celestial bodies and space debris are part of the entire monitoring network.” Wang Junjie said that there is no professional large-scale astronomical observation telescope in the vast Tibet area, and the space monitoring network needs to deploy monitoring equipment closely. The high-level refractor telescope is equivalent to filling the “blind area” of China’s space monitoring network. It will become an important part of the entire monitoring system. The monitoring data obtained will also be used together with the data of other monitoring facilities to calculate the space flight. The construction of the Tibet Planetarium in the orbit of the object 

The special geographical and climatic advantages of Tibet can also facilitate astronomical observations. In order to reduce the influence of atmospheric, weather and other factors on astronomical observation activities, astronomical observation facilities should preferably be located in places with higher altitudes, more sunshine and less rain, and less light pollution. The characteristics of high altitude, sunny days, low population density and high atmospheric visibility in Lhasa will be conducive to astronomical observations.

  In addition, the Tibet Planetarium after its completion will also undertake a special mission, that is, to carry out astronomical science popularization activities that are easy for the public, especially young people to participate in and accept, and popularize astronomical science knowledge through exhibitions, training, experiments, video broadcasts, lectures, etc. , to spread scientific ideas.

 ”The world’s highest-altitude planetarium, coupled with the world’s largest refracting optical astronomical telescope, will have a huge appeal to local people, domestic and foreign tourists, and astronomy enthusiasts. The scientific and cultural literacy of the public plays a unique and important role.” Wang Junjie said that he believed that the Tibet Planetarium would become a new local Internet celebrity landmark, attracting local people and global tourists to visit.

  According to the operation data of the Tibet Natural Science Museum over the years, the annual reception of the Tibet Planetarium is expected to reach more than 100,000 people, and more than 100,000 people can receive astronomical science popularization education every year.

  Wang Junjie said that in recent years, the astronomical undertakings in Tibet have been developing continuously, from the Tibet Yangbajing Observatory, the first professional observatory in Tibet, the National Astronomical Observatory, to the Ali Observatory of the National Astronomical Observatory in western Tibet. The former has a submillimeter-wave telescope in cooperation with Germany, which mainly explores star formation, organic molecules, etc. The latter is still under further construction, including gravitational wave telescopes, optical telescopes and other equipment.

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