AIR NEW ZEALAND | #HOWTODAD – How to fly with a baby with #AIRNZ

As “Air New Zealand” brings out Oscar awarding inflight safety videos, with various innovative storylines in like the Hobbit, lord of the rings, also this awarding “How to Dad” Tuition in various situation How to fly with a Baby in with Air New Zealand.. Inflight while given Dad the best options to how to look after his child during flight, also preparations inflight, like the early, not so early Dad, the sharing Dad, She’ll be right Dad,  The Checklist Dad.. the Sleepy Dad.. As Authored by “How to Dad” by That How to Dad Bloke… On 21st century bloke’s Fatherly advice on how to for blokes in instructionally parenting…..

CATHY PACIFIC | new on board Mobile booking App…..


“Cathy Pacific” has brought out a new simple application available on iOS also on Google play…. Cathy Pacific App features ways to book your flight simply with searching your flight then book via various payments process, as you book it gives the aircraft type that’s you’re flying on with the seating arrangements in getting your favorite seat…

As to interactive home screen, giving you information on you upcoming flight with giving you information of what to pack and not to pack on board… As the flight application gives your flight status with connecting flights with a clean simple elegant to used user interface…. It also to sign in with your Marco Polo profile to check your mileage as you goes….also it’s available in supported languages

CATHY PACIFIC | Staying in flight connected in the Air ……………….


As “Cathy Pacific” just received its brand new Airbus 350 XWB’S as with extra wide body as with the extra leg room in the economy class too, as to with the glass cockpit like how it was pioneered with the space shuttle program how the technology develops and spins off into the commercial airlines..  in this Cathy Pacific new acquired A350’s Comes with inflight internet services with  Cathy Pacific’s Wi-Fi in which you now can keep in touch with your love ones  family, friends or your socials.. in this one passenger is having fun in a challenge to see whom is higher, or king of the hill…. As one by one is friends challenge each other on WeChat, whom is high, higher as soon the last guy whom is inflight says he’s flying higher with photograph he just taken, his friends on social all say’s prove it… he calls in a smarty air stewardess to prove his case of him of having her taking a photo of him on flight to his destination..