#RocketLab #ItsBusinessTime |#Electron Rocket- Launching number three- with two CubeSats… with those mighty cute #RutherfordEngines …….

It’s Business Time for American-New Zealand’s Rocket Lab launching from Launch Complex One -Mahia Peninsula


On  a very wintery Autumn Friday- 20th April 2018- between 1230 hours New Zealand Time …. It’s the third launch of the American-New Zealand Company Rocket lab’s Electron from its launch complex One, East Coast of corner of North Island New Zealand’s Mahia peninsula… As from the second launch 21st January 2018 #StillTesting it launched a reflective object The Humanity Star in which its least intensity brightness than the ISS-International Space Station also providing people to look up in the night skies for it, also providing an educational insight for the general population to look into the starry night to wonder what’s out there.. The #StillTesting One of the Payloads that’s involve with the Still Testing launch is the CubeSats- micro satellites in which are two imaging Earth Dove satellites for Planet, also paired with a Spire dual weather reconnaissances Lemur 2 satellites in which will be used to data observationally collect of weather information analysis also provisionment for assisting of marine vessel traffic monitoring….

This time with the #ItsBusinessTime it’s now launch for a fourteen day launch window in commerce to launch for Spire Global again with new payload for GeoOptics Inc. both are manufactured by Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems in which Spire Global micro satellites provisionments for imagining for weathering Data gathering also weather reconnaissance’s placing it into LEO- Low Earth Orbit in which provide marine navigational assistances….

However with RocketLab has been increasing the scale of production with it primary launch carrier rocket the Electron Rocket in which recently it been manufacturing it Rutherford engines in its Huntington Beach California operations in which that facilities manufactures the 3D printed Rutherford Engines in a scale of one hundred per year to mean launch customer demands in which Rocket Lab yet to achieve an every seventy two hour launching cycle for the micro Satellite market.. With a full constructed manufactured assemble Electron Rocket Carrier Rocket per week cycle… in way of Manufacturing Commercial Airliners Aircraft of Airbus and Boeing…  to meet the launch calendar of 2018 to 2019 year..

#iPhonePhotography | #LunarEclipse2018 #Supermoon #Auckland- Under an extremely blanketed clouded out Cyclone Fehi late night to early morning unstarry skies- A Gallery

On a in between almost midnight 31st January – Very weathering clouded extremely clouded out Auckland- New Zealand in bracing for an impending Cyclone Fehi that’s bound arrived in the later hours till midnight on the 31st January to 1st February 2018 in which the event of the Auckland Lunar Eclipse event of the Luna Rosa ended unobserved till four ending in the morning…  From the anticipated Supermoon that’s risen over the hills of One Tree looking towards north eastern direction that slight over right of the summit of one tree hill, in which a mass of crowds have gathered  at the back of Auckland Observatory- Stardome for the courtyard telescopes with a great team of volunteers whom operate them..  as the mass of crowds gather with their photographing camera equipment with their picnic blankets keeping warm throughout the night also the unexpected early hours morning …..

As the Supermoon rises from behind the hill embankments of One Tree Hill, in which the moon is closes towards the Planet earth in its elliptical orbit calling it Apogee, as the apogee moon rise from the horizon the image of the moon is magnified due to the heavy thick Atmospheric layering at the horizon in which increase the image of the moon, than from as it moves towards a higher angle of in the night sky in which it reduced magnification due to the thin atmosphere layer ….. As on the on the other side of hemisphere in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Space Museum staging various events around Hong Kong one of many in nearby in Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon Park, also Sha Tin also in Central on Hong Kong Island, with very great clear viewing  weather conditions than of Auckland..

the crowds awaits in the Cyclone Fehi Auckland cloudy night skies a the courtyard telescopes at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome

During that onwards towards midnight it the building up of cyclone Fehi clouds started to concentratingly to nomadically increase only to have slightly teasing selectively of viewing the moon as it transition from the earth shadows umbra starting the cast on the Luna Shadow slowly, as it was gate crashing the moments of looking transiting moon,  towards the Luna Rosa.. In which as it gathered upwards to that moment it wasn’t possible to watched as the rain decide to gate crash the event.. Nor to photograph even further… like packing your troubles in that  first  Yosemite night time campfire scene from Star Trek V- The Final Frontier where Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy’s, Captain Spock camping trip was interrupted ….

#AirNewZealand @FlyAirNZ | #AirNZXmas #MirryChristmus – A very Merry Mistake corrected by the three wise flight attendants of Air New Zealand..


Sometimes Santa Claus does have a hard time in catching up with the times towards the new found Diction and Vocabularies that every next each generation of children speak as New Zealand Children do put a twist in speaking various words in which is not easy for Santa whom is constant busy all the time in which granting wishes for all the children around the world..

In this case picking all the wishes from all the New Zealand Kiwi children, is difficult to understand as the instructions to the workshop misinterpreted the requested instructions so what Santa has to do to get clarification of the Kiwi Accent with different Vowels… Is to ascertain help from Air New Zealand’s three wise Flight Attendants to help with the communications of interpretation …. Like interpreting PuggyBank to Piggy Bank, Biscuits Ball to Basket Ball..

#MirryChristmus #AirNZXmas

#AirNewZealand #LollyRunner | one serious job role the #AirNZ ‘s Honorary flight Attendant – Lolly Runner…


One of the iconic serious job roles as passengers, iconically traditionally with the airliners culture is the job role of the lolly runner that was set in tradition as flight attendants delivery the candies towards your fellow travelling passengers as they refresh also re-energized of one way of having sweets or various confectionery….before they set course on their next adventures..   As for Air New Zealand one of the roles is the #LollyRunner, in which the flight attendants pick a special passenger whom would like help to share that unique privilege and experiences of sharing that Air New Zealand wrapped candies with that New Zealand flavors wrapped in them..    In this case some may take up the role seriously as they taken the task of preparing themselves in a boot camp on knowing their lollies like the university challenge, training like the New Zealand sliver ferns, or the rugby team the All Blacks with those efficient moves… Thinking do you really have what it takes to be an honorary flight attendant to become the lolly Runner…

#YesterdayInAuckland | #Auckland- one Mid Late August Wintery Mission Bay – Rangitoto Island- A Gallery-


During on one weekend mid Late August 2017, One  wintery Weekend Auckland  heading to  get warmer as it headed towards the Spring season as the daylight seemingly getting warmer and longer.. Also wishing that there was no daylight savings for the summery season… As the weekend warmingly with the ample amount of daylight spreading….

wide View of Mission bay..

There’s one place in Auckland urban, in which is Mission bay, a urban beach line in which you could attend to after work, the weekend in which to escape from work, of the daily chores of home.. Mission bay sits midway along the Tamaki Drive Auckland, with a wide range of local amenities, as to a cosy neighbourhood of cafes, restaurants…  The Beach lies in the Auckland Waitemata Harbour, in which Mission bay has some key historical landmarks, Bastion Point, Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain, with a neighbourhood Gallery…

Among that it has some interesting rock formations into when Auckland’s Volcanic past with as you walk north wise of the beach you can see un sandy buried the frozen lava formations layering like a molten Scoria rock toffee formation… also in the distance is the Rangitoto Island once of Auckland’s Volcanic past in which it lies dormant for a while in the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto Island name means Bloody Sky, as it was formed over the period of six thousand years that gate crashed Motutapu Island….

wide view taken from a St Heliers – Achiles Point viewing platform on an August Weekend

It recent residences were from the IWI Ngāti Paoa until recently in the European  Colonization it housed local New Zealand residences with their make shift housing as seen along the wharf locations of the island.. Among wartime it housed World War Two to house United States troops to store mines, also barracks as a look out as to a Communications out post for war time New Zealand…..