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  Sometimes Santa Claus does have a hard time in catching up with the times towards the new found Diction and Vocabularies that every next each generation of children speak as New Zealand Children do put a twist in speaking various words in which is not easy for Santa whom is constant busy all the …

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  One of the iconic serious job roles as passengers, iconically traditionally with the airliners culture is the job role of the lolly runner that was set in tradition as flight attendants delivery the candies towards your fellow travelling passengers as they refresh also re-energized of one way of having sweets or various confectionery….before they …

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#YesterdayInAuckland | #Auckland- one Mid Late August Wintery Mission Bay – Rangitoto Island- A Gallery-

August 22, 2017


During on one weekend mid Late August 2017, One  wintery Weekend Auckland  heading to  get warmer as it headed towards the Spring season as the daylight seemingly getting warmer and longer.. Also wishing that there was no daylight savings for the summery season… As the weekend warmingly with the ample amount of daylight spreading….

wide View of Mission bay..

There’s one place in Auckland urban, in which is Mission bay, a urban beach line in which you could attend to after work, the weekend in which to escape from work, of the daily chores of home.. Mission bay sits midway along the Tamaki Drive Auckland, with a wide range of local amenities, as to a cosy neighbourhood of cafes, restaurants…  The Beach lies in the Auckland Waitemata Harbour, in which Mission bay has some key historical landmarks, Bastion Point, Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain, with a neighbourhood Gallery…

Among that it has some interesting rock formations into when Auckland’s Volcanic past with as you walk north wise of the beach you can see un sandy buried the frozen lava formations layering like a molten Scoria rock toffee formation… also in the distance is the Rangitoto Island once of Auckland’s Volcanic past in which it lies dormant for a while in the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto Island name means Bloody Sky, as it was formed over the period of six thousand years that gate crashed Motutapu Island….

wide view taken from a St Heliers – Achiles Point viewing platform on an August Weekend

It recent residences were from the IWI Ngāti Paoa until recently in the European  Colonization it housed local New Zealand residences with their make shift housing as seen along the wharf locations of the island.. Among wartime it housed World War Two to house United States troops to store mines, also barracks as a look out as to a Communications out post for war time New Zealand…..


#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland Afternoon wintery – 11- August 2017- One tree Hill – Maungakiekie- A Gallery

August 12, 2017



One tree Hill – Maungakiekie One 11- August 2017-  day  the summit is located in the heart of Auckland City New Zealand, in which it sits in between Epsom, Royal Oak, Greenlane, also Onehunga…  One Tree Hill Can be describe as an organic viewing platform like how long time ago like in Victoria Peak in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,  but without all the modern commercial amenities in which Victoria Peak has.. In which the Summit has constantly retains is organic Edwardian look with its rich colonial past as to its previous historically nature as it was once was a Fortified Pa Maori Site village in which numerous archaeological features still can be found while the present has caught it up with it past…

One winter afternoon day is the looking in between two harbours, Manukau to towards the Waitemata harbour……

Among viewing from the summit, it’s also the final resting place one of the founding fathers of Auckland Sir Logan Campbell, in which he’s rested in the same location where once the Marae- a community meeting house hall.. Among nearby is a flatbed in which is lowered is where the Pa’s Chieftain Residence once located…


Among its previous past of as great strategic viewing location for defenses, now presently it’s now a civilian kind, for the people to view organically of Auckland has a whole instead of the Inorganic view of Sky Tower in Victoria Street.. Among also its civilian use is the obelisk is the most visible Auckland Landmark in which is a memorial to the Maori People also a visual observation referencing landmark for incoming aircraft to land at Jean Batten International Airport- Auckland International Airport…..


During wartime.. World war two One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park was once a United States military barracks in which this area field was place where it’s training also a well played rugby..

Viewing from the vantage point, you can see most of the viewing range of the Waitemata harbour, towards northward of Albany- As to the southward is the rural Boundaries of Auckland, swing around that view is Thames, Coromandel….. Westward is the beyond the Waitakere’s ranges towards Piha towards the Tasman Ocean…

#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland- Managere Bridge township and the old Bridge- A Gallery-

July 31, 2017


At one time in Auckland History, a Township naming Mangere Bridge, located in the Manukau Harbour, Used to be a major suburban hub that interconnects between Mangere Bridge to the Onehunga, in which that township was busy  in up to the mid 1980’s as the final construction of the new constructed  Managere Bridge that became operational in 1983…. In which took ten years to build, to replace the previous one in which still stands today….as a recreational park, part of the Community, in where people now days used it to walk to work, school.. Recreationally fish from the Harbour, with as part of Auckland’s bicycle peddling network also is a resting spot for resting..

Before 1983, the old Mangere Bridge constructed in 1914, it was widely used to the point where bridge up to moment in 1980’s it was beyond saturation point more than Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak International Airport in Kowloon Bay   As the its replacement was still finalized in construction after a ten year stall after stall in construction due to labor disputes..  Back then driving on the old bridge in which Coronation road that lead up into the Mangere Bridge Township was intense intensified as the new bridge waits…  With one of the known traffic also it was one of the known roadways that link up travelling in from Auckland CBD towards Onehunga towards Mangere Bridge Township towards the Jean Batten international Airport- Auckland international Airport…


The old Mangere Bridge in which still stands today in which constructed during wartime 1914 in World War one and two, was design to be a wartime bridge the way how it was layout and design was to have elements of being Anti-Tank block, with some sentry towers… as a procedure the harbour also the bridge was mined for just in case.. Interesting enough the bridge itself was designed lowered as to counter any larger wartime or patrol boats from entry the mouth of the harbour…

bike riding is the now replacement of the Old Bridge in which previously serving the heavy automobiles that once saturated it’s tarmac roads..

During those times when the old Mangere Bridge was active, traffic thoroughfare through the Mangere Bridge Township was a lot more intensified than as now today… as now days the traffic is no longer through the main street of the village as it’s completely diverted through Auckland’s South-western Motorway –SH20.. As the large component of traffic is diverted the township has recently enjoyed its now provincial humbling as its thriving growing local community…..

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