#RocketLab #ItsBusinessTime |#Electron Rocket- Launching number three- with two CubeSats… with those mighty cute #RutherfordEngines …….

It’s Business Time for American-New Zealand’s Rocket Lab launching from Launch Complex One -Mahia Peninsula


On  a very wintery Autumn Friday- 20th April 2018- between 1230 hours New Zealand Time …. It’s the third launch of the American-New Zealand Company Rocket lab’s Electron from its launch complex One, East Coast of corner of North Island New Zealand’s Mahia peninsula… As from the second launch 21st January 2018 #StillTesting it launched a reflective object The Humanity Star in which its least intensity brightness than the ISS-International Space Station also providing people to look up in the night skies for it, also providing an educational insight for the general population to look into the starry night to wonder what’s out there.. The #StillTesting One of the Payloads that’s involve with the Still Testing launch is the CubeSats- micro satellites in which are two imaging Earth Dove satellites for Planet, also paired with a Spire dual weather reconnaissances Lemur 2 satellites in which will be used to data observationally collect of weather information analysis also provisionment for assisting of marine vessel traffic monitoring….

This time with the #ItsBusinessTime it’s now launch for a fourteen day launch window in commerce to launch for Spire Global again with new payload for GeoOptics Inc. both are manufactured by Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems in which Spire Global micro satellites provisionments for imagining for weathering Data gathering also weather reconnaissance’s placing it into LEO- Low Earth Orbit in which provide marine navigational assistances….

However with RocketLab has been increasing the scale of production with it primary launch carrier rocket the Electron Rocket in which recently it been manufacturing it Rutherford engines in its Huntington Beach California operations in which that facilities manufactures the 3D printed Rutherford Engines in a scale of one hundred per year to mean launch customer demands in which Rocket Lab yet to achieve an every seventy two hour launching cycle for the micro Satellite market.. With a full constructed manufactured assemble Electron Rocket Carrier Rocket per week cycle… in way of Manufacturing Commercial Airliners Aircraft of Airbus and Boeing…  to meet the launch calendar of 2018 to 2019 year..

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