#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 #StarTrek| #Shuttlecrafts |#奔波 #Runabout #DanubeClass #DeepSpaceNine it’s like a very small StarShip Recreational Vehicle …..

As seen introduced into the Star Trek Deep space Nine, in which as seen first introducing into the scene of the Emissary… The Runabout Shuttle is classified as a small well durable built shuttle- with multi-purpose – multi- modular design in which inter changeable modules design for various different mission specifications type.. As for Deep Space Nine in the Bajorian system its design for transportation of crew, passengers…

As its noted as the Runabout, but it’s also known as the Danube Class it’s basically equipped with six type six Phaser banks, With two micro Photon Torpedoes with a defensive Defector Shields with the basically the Warp Drive also the Impulse Engines, with a maximum warp of 4.7 …… with a length of twenty three meters.. Width of thirteen point seven meters, height wise five point four meters…

Internally it features a four seating station cockpit that serves with sharing Operations, Navigation, and flight controller, Tactical, Guidance and Navigation, Engineering, Science…  In which it serves as for short range missions… each station seating can be duplicated if one fails…

As to on Star Trek Online... Combating and piloting the Danube- Runabout Class…. Is very highly agile in which suited for the turn rates in moving around till your weapons bank recharge and recycle till the next attack.. As you gear it up with the Starship consoles arrangements in which gives you a greater abilities than the Shuttle console gearing in which its best to customized with fleet gear or your hard earn reputation store in which gives you almost gives you fleet equivalent rating equipment ……

Online at Earth Space Dock, its moderately customable with the different hulling types that interchange with a different structural look of its daughter the Yellowstone class its more heavier look variant… Has for modifications its lesser than to the Starship…However obtaining your Danube Shuttle can be obtain in various starbase through the ship vendor system operator officer in which there are fleet variants aswell too….

Tier: One Vessel

Faction: Starfleet and Starfleet Allies

Hull Level: at a Level One is 6000, level fifty above its 21600

Hull Modifier: .6

Shield Modifier: 0.5

Fore Weapons: Two

Aft Weapons: none

Device Slots: One

Bridge Officer Stations: Universal Shuttle Bridge Station seating

 Console Modifications: One Tactical, One Science, One  Engineering

Base Turn Rate: 24

Impulse Modifier: 0.20

Inertia: 100

#FinalFanastyXIII #SquareEnix | #Nissan Kicks featuring Louis Vuitton’s Cover girl – #Lightning- Claire Farron…….!


As previously  Lightning-Claire Farron, Square Enix and Louis Vuitton collaborates with the Series Four Collection in which was featured in last year’s run in sneak of women’s spring  2016 Collection… featuring very light fabrics, with an industrial look like it’s fashion on Cocoon… and in the fashion street scene of  Nova Chrysalis, in with of Lightning’s first look …  The creation of the first look of Lightning’s wearing her signature pink hair, with a matching leather jack with backpacking stripes jacket pockets with a leather skirt like long shorts featuring mostly of Louis Vuitton hand bags pouches and clutches……..As part of the creation women’s 2016 spring collection collaboration is by Square Enix, with Final Fantasy creator, designer Tetsuya Nomura…

 This year 2017 Claire Farron- Lightning  Campaigning is with Nissan with the introduction of their Four Wheel Drive street vehicle the Nissan _Kicks in which features most of the features of Jeep Renegades Trail Hawk Market. In this commercial featuring Claire Farron and her Brother in Law – Snow Winters as they both takes turns in driving the main streets of Shanghai or Guangzhou China or Japan….. driving to the max in which they are chased target by the Cocoon Pulse police Army… in both in a virtual world but in exchange in the real world a cute fun loving adventuring couple trying to outdo each other in there driving skillsets abilities……

VOLKSWAGEN | Tiquan Concept Car- the Jeep’s Grand Cherokee Competition…!


Given that you love style in Urban off roading, beside off roading in all conditions like the “Jeep Cherokee or the Grand Cherokee TrailHawk”…. then the “VOLKSWAGEN Tiquan” is the next Concept car to accessories your garage… which was featured in motor show in Frankfurt am Main from 17th -27th September 2015

Also Liking the filming location where Jeep did there Commercials on the streets of demonstrating the Jeep Cherokee Tail Hawks Performance on a modified Snowy forest Environment on the Streets of Vancouver West Coast of Canada in which have amazing forestry terrains to drive around..Where this time its VW turn for a urban feel..

The Heritage lines, from the side and rear with it soft sharp lines, it’s in between Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and the BMW X5, but the front has it unique European contemporary  VW grill Signature with its Auto bot LED Rocket projector lights…in which the rear has three dimensional glass..

Having almost the same features like the Jeep TrailHawk Range all terrain select which you could terrain adventure what environment that you’re driving at, like Lane assist, Trailer Assist, and Area View.. as of its Navigational it’s very akin to the Car net Guide and connect  also security and service..  it should be interesting how the Tiquan the Concept car perform also competes with the Jeep’s and Land Rove Range for  All Terrain vehicles..