#FinalFanastyXIII #SquareEnix | #Nissan Kicks featuring Louis Vuitton’s Cover girl – #Lightning- Claire Farron…….!


As previously  Lightning-Claire Farron, Square Enix and Louis Vuitton collaborates with the Series Four Collection in which was featured in last year’s run in sneak of women’s spring  2016 Collection… featuring very light fabrics, with an industrial look like it’s fashion on Cocoon… and in the fashion street scene of  Nova Chrysalis, in with of Lightning’s first look …  The creation of the first look of Lightning’s wearing her signature pink hair, with a matching leather jack with backpacking stripes jacket pockets with a leather skirt like long shorts featuring mostly of Louis Vuitton hand bags pouches and clutches……..As part of the creation women’s 2016 spring collection collaboration is by Square Enix, with Final Fantasy creator, designer Tetsuya Nomura…

 This year 2017 Claire Farron- Lightning  Campaigning is with Nissan with the introduction of their Four Wheel Drive street vehicle the Nissan _Kicks in which features most of the features of Jeep Renegades Trail Hawk Market. In this commercial featuring Claire Farron and her Brother in Law – Snow Winters as they both takes turns in driving the main streets of Shanghai or Guangzhou China or Japan….. driving to the max in which they are chased target by the Cocoon Pulse police Army… in both in a virtual world but in exchange in the real world a cute fun loving adventuring couple trying to outdo each other in there driving skillsets abilities……


“I’ve been fighting destiny for a long time now, and I’m getting good at it.”- Lightning-Claire Farron

In this is special edition of Claire Farron in Lightning Returns is a newly add on downloadable content featuring a wardrobe in which is the Lara Croft Tomb raider hero clothing… in this featured skill set addition wardrobe contains the fully reproduction of Lara’s boots, cargo pants, and top… with it you’ll get the same cosmetics of the scratches and dirt wear markings on the skin and clothing.. Weapon with survivor axe and riot shield…  the expected release date of the her new wardrobe  is on the eighteenth of January 2013… also the expected price is 400 yen..

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UNBOXING | Final fantasy 13 lightning returns- collector’s edition

As many games comes with the limited editions with additional accessories, expansion packs like when you in recently purchase Call of Duty – modern warfare two the prestige pack, in which it comes with Night Vision goggles in which surprisingly it does work..

With the Final Fantasy 13 Lightning returns, the box itself comes with some interesting awesome items, there’s first the box itself it comes with awesome box Japanese art work, also with that it comes with a beautiful illustrated art book in with is illustrated with featuring  Tetsuya Nomura and art direction of Isamu Kamikokuryo.. during the exploration of the book in it’s explores the characters of Nova Chrysalia also it’s world…  within the box itself it contains the other items containing a very durable fob watch in which makes as a very nice working functionally timeless jewelry pendant to accessories your wardrobe… fashionably. Among that is the game itself , with a DLC code…

Also the collector’s edition is available through the online stores of Square Enix for the PlayStation plus the Xbox 360

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