#TOMBRAIDER | #LaraCroft- Alicia Vikander – The movie – The Trailer


What’s your name…? “Lara…. “Surname?……” ….Croft…”


Screening on 16th March 2018 is the adventuring stories of what’s to come on the Young Lady Lara Croft- Alicia Vikander- before called the Tomb Raider, in which she is set out on finding her long lost father Lord Richard James Croft – Dominic West, in archaeology quest for longevity, in a remote unforgiving island with it’s dangerous dark secrets, with its dangerous recent inhabitants of sorts- in which her father has been missing for very quiet some time…in which she inherited her Father’s Household also Croft Holdings..

Lara teams up with her friends, in which to uncovered where her father’s where about she goes through his study notes, in which   to the island in which has many gaming elements in which she learns how to survive through the roughness in learning her environment in fasting to make tools, weapons, collecting as she goes like in  movie hallmarks signature of the Square Enix- Crystal Dynamics, recreation of her origins story- in which also can be seen in the Rise of the Tomb raider also her previous gaming environments as to the first reboot also the second.. In which the group Trinity is involved who seeks to obtain the artifact which it’s located in Tomb of the Mother of Death…as to the Angelia Jolie’s illuminate group….

Given that you have adventuring with Lara Croft just recently and previous past, you’ll see, a lot of storyline elements as to storyline elements from the game also the previous two with the Oscar awarding Actress, Director Angelia Jolie role as Lady Lara Croft in with the same storyline premise with the Daughter and Father relationship, as she learns why he’s missing she learns more about him in that relationship builds up in which presumably the next reboot movie will be focus on Daughter and Mother relationship as it thinking this one build up to the next..  Watching at the ending of the Trailer Lara becomes the Tomb Raider with the iconic Heckler & Koch USP Match, with the matching bikers jacket in which was in the Jolie Tomb raider with the braid pony tail tied hair,  in which she becomes more than the legend, livingly..

#TOMBRAIDER |#LaraCroft- Alicia Vikander- The movie – teaser trailer

Tomorrow on 20th September 2017 New Zealand, it’s the release of the prequel of Tomb Raider trailer, in which the actual screening in set to be release on 16th March 2018, in which has the movie hallmarks signature of the Square Enix- Crystal Dynamics, recreation with the game elements as Lady Lara Croft – Alicia Vikander goes in search of her beloved lost father Lord Richard Croft- Dominic West..  In which the prequel goes into the exploring the storylines of a much younger Lady Lara Croft, in search for the truth of behind of her father’s disappearances, given this is straight after her mother passing some years back as a younger child also the story before she became known as the Tomb Raider as the first remake of the game demonstrated that on her adventuring on a ship named Endurance that got ship wreck on mysterious island that’s is full of historical to present with her antagonists the pirates whom she faced whom reside on this island that appeared to have dangerous dark past ..

This is the third Tomb Raider film in which, the previous premise was based, the two first was based after the what became her, featuring United Nations UNICEF Ambassador- Oscar awarding  Actress, Director Angelia Jolie…  Looking at the Teaser, it has many elements from the game with extreme intense realism as the gaming characters, environmentally texturing goes seemingly that they take many drawn experiences also game-playing notes game wise…


#MARVEL SQUARE-ENIX | #RESEMBLE- #AVENGERS Project announcement…..

“They say the time heroes are over …. That you’re different you’re dangerous… But I know the Truth… The World always needs Heroes.. Just need to #RESSEMBLE…..”

This coming next few years in the launch of 2018, there’s an interesting assemble of collaborations together in with “Square-Enix” “Crystal Dynamics- Eidos” also with “Marvel Entertainment” the team that brought you the Final Fantasy series, Lady Lara Croft- Tomb Raider, also the team that brought the Avengers… also as part of the collaboration process Lauded Deus EX Developer Eidos-Montreal..

The Partnership is on a multi- year, Multi-gaming partnership within the collaboration, the gaming which is set to be release on the 2018, will be based on iconic elements of the films, from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, also other iconic characters adventures of the various Avengers films in which with original story telling in giving the intense immersive content also as with downloadable new stories to come..

STAR WARS- #GOROGUE ONE- CONTEST | Chapter one – Tell your two minute story…

 “Aren’t you guys a little short to be Stormtroopers?”….. Jyn Erso..

LucasFilms is running a Star Wars Story contest currently at the moment starts off in 30th September 2016 in which you and your friends whom win will go into attention of “A Star Wars Story- Rogue one” also a tour towards LucasFilms in San Francisco in which will be screen on the cinematic large screen… Of your team two minute rouge one premise video.. Also the visit of Rancho Obi-Wan…

In this we see one storyline very smart stop motion clip inspired from Rogue one where the imperials have lost the construction manual instructions of how to build a Death Star in question where a massive search is underway… that’s including Stormtroopers from all sorts of various sizes.. Sent across the galaxy until they went to a Farmers Market in Jedha where Jyn Erso is sent to retrieved the instruction of how to build a Death Star.. Finding it in market place labelled “Top Secret –imperial building instructions”   as finding Diego Luna negotiating for what’s in that labelled case.. Then the chase begins of whom can capture it in a Lara Croft – Indiana Jones type market chase scene with a bit of Death Star Trench run  premise to it…

In this this two minute clip features most of the new installments of merchandising form the film from Lego to Hasbro collaborated with a creative team Tongal and fans featuring the new merchandising …. The contest runs through till 21 October 2016. For more about the GoRogue one contest here..

TOMB RAIDER | Rise of the tomb raider… the legend within…


This coming weeks to the E3 Xbox premiere briefing on 15th June 2015, is the release of the second reboot edition of Lady Lara Croft’s adventures… in this we explores the Legends that makes her.. in this ‘The rise of the Tomb Raider”  we see the much stronger Lara.. as in the previous first episode.. as this trailer plays out, it reminds me of the first one where Lara explores the caverns.. that we see all that back when  in 1996…

It should be thinking  interesting to see how very similar to the 1996 first edition to the second edition where the premise of adventuring into that first scene chapter into that cave where in later with wolves and killer bats and that T-Rex..

The trailer is incredibly detail in shows the intensity of the how is Lara is becoming that legend and we getting to know her as sharing the experience moments together…  adventuring with Lady Lara Croft the Tomb raider  is on various gaming platforms..