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This coming weeks to the E3 Xbox premiere briefing on 15th June 2015, is the release of the second reboot edition of Lady Lara Croft’s adventures… in this we explores the Legends that makes her.. in this ‘The rise of the Tomb Raider”  we see the much stronger Lara.. as in the previous first episode.. as this trailer plays out, it reminds me of the first one where Lara explores the caverns.. that we see all that back when  in 1996…

It should be thinking  interesting to see how very similar to the 1996 first edition to the second edition where the premise of adventuring into that first scene chapter into that cave where in later with wolves and killer bats and that T-Rex..

The trailer is incredibly detail in shows the intensity of the how is Lara is becoming that legend and we getting to know her as sharing the experience moments together…  adventuring with Lady Lara Croft the Tomb raider  is on various gaming platforms..

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