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As Star WarsA Star wars Story for Rouge One in counting down towards its premiere screening there was some interesting trailers before its release screen with the use of Lego stop motion animation on with Jyn Erso and her team in finding the plans of the Death Star and its construction… in which was a series that played out how some of the scenes of Rouge One played out also Star Wars-Disney was holding your Star Wars Stories competition for Rouge One..

Yet to screen on 25th May 2018 … As for the same premise, for another Star Wars Story –Solo in bringing out the prequel premise story to what made the General Han Solo of the Rebellion, Husband to General Princess Leia and Father to Ben Solo- Kylo Ren…. In recreation in a very cute Lego animation way of how he became the Smuggler, acquiring in an interesting way of the iconic Corellian Freighter YT-1300 -Millennium Falcon from a well-known smuggler Lando Calrissian in which it was his ship he won from… knowing through a long-time friend Qi’ra – Emilia Clarke… also with the favourite 190 year old co-pilot Wookie General Chewbacca from the Clone Wars..

#STARWARS #Battlefront2 | the Launch Trailer – your Star Wars story as Iden Versio….



I’ve waited thirty years for this. I still remember my last orders. The day the real war began.

―Iden Versio

Yet set to screen is the second climax of the third Star Wars trilogy is The Last Jedi, in which set to screen on 14th December 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, also in New Zealand….Aswell one month before is the release of the 17th November 2017 is Star Wars Battlefront two.. In which has move immersive content than the previous Battlefront in which you get storyline experience all three in either single or multiple players in the storylines of the iconic worlds, among the Key Characters of the Star Wars trilogies..

The single Storyline among this is that you as leader of the Inferno Squad Iden Versio – Janina Gavankar in which after several notable campaigns in which some which she served up to the moment during the Moon Endor till the her impossible happen the second Death Star was destroyed.. In which she among with the surviving imperials rebuild what’s left in resultant the First Order.. Also hunting down whom responsible for the death of her mentor Emperor Palatine… Who was killed by his own apprentice Darth Vader whom finally reverted back to Anakin Skywalker…..

#STARWARS | #TheLastJedi – Episode eight teaser- introducing- Rey’s story in becoming-discovering more than the force..

“…. The light… Darkness… the Balance there’s so much bigger that’s going on……..” – Rey – Daisy Ridley,

As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando 2017 screening on Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – 15 December 2017 is The  Last Jedi , in which a Special Loving  tribute was presented to the late Carrie Frances Fisher whom played more than the Princess- but a Jedi, General –Princess Leia Organa… As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando, presenting The Last Jedi on Rey’s Path off training in becoming a Jedi from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill whom hides in self-exclusion in where the balance of the force originally began on one of the first Jedi Temple among thousands on the Planet Ahch-To.

As Rey-Daisy Ridley begins she is first to taught to breath as she trains, in which partaking in wielding the iconic Anakin Skywalker LightSaber, in partaking  the intense training she sees the balance, in between the light also the dark side of the Force..  as she trains the Sith-Snoke- Kylo-Ren – Ben Solo are planning wonder where Luke Skywalker is residing, in which a massive onslaught by the first order is begins to investigate which he is in, they’re a match up with great resistances, from the Resistance-the Rebellion..

STAR WARS – BATTLEFRONT | Meanwhile on Hoth ……?


In this during “E3 – Electronics Expo 2015” at the Los Angeles convention center, as the upcoming awaiting “Star Wars- Battlefront” as it was developed by Dice… during the duration of E3,  it showed a very promenade point in the battle between the Rebel alliance and Imperial forces on Hoth.. as they’re track down by Darth Vader as he begins to search for Luke Skywalker on the frozen planet like Hoth..   the gameplay footage is storyline intense has you can switch sides in between the Rebellion and the Imperial Empire, also switching in between the various major characters that are in the Star Wars Universe.. looking at the footage reminds me of the other older Star Wars games I play loving it with strong epic storylines..

In this we see the evacuation of Hoth by the rebels as the Imperial Walkers approach the rebel base  the gameplay is impressive due to the Dice also you can play as a team in multiplayer in forty missions.. Star Wars Battlefield is set to be release on November 17th 2015 in most gaming platforms.. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, also on PC….

Star Wars | Gangnam Style

Somehow I accidently stumble on to this Gangnam Style with a mix of Star Wars after watching the star trek version, brilliant done by Mindy Strater “The Mindy Mouse Show” for one of  the largest Star Wars convention in Orlando, in Florida, celebrating the sixth Star Wars Celebration.  Also she does a tour of Orlando Florida Disney on her you tube channel.

You could check out her cool channel on the Mindy Strater’s Mindy Mouse Show, also on Funatics TV – Documentaries on the progressive life of the world of Dinsey.