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In this during “E3 – Electronics Expo 2015” at the Los Angeles convention center, as the upcoming awaiting “Star Wars- Battlefront” as it was developed by Dice… during the duration of E3,  it showed a very promenade point in the battle between the Rebel alliance and Imperial forces on Hoth.. as they’re track down by Darth Vader as he begins to search for Luke Skywalker on the frozen planet like Hoth..   the gameplay footage is storyline intense has you can switch sides in between the Rebellion and the Imperial Empire, also switching in between the various major characters that are in the Star Wars Universe.. looking at the footage reminds me of the other older Star Wars games I play loving it with strong epic storylines..

In this we see the evacuation of Hoth by the rebels as the Imperial Walkers approach the rebel base  the gameplay is impressive due to the Dice also you can play as a team in multiplayer in forty missions.. Star Wars Battlefield is set to be release on November 17th 2015 in most gaming platforms.. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, also on PC….

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