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During the week of Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, of late January Xinhua News Reporter张扬 Zhang Lang Reporter interviewed China- People’s Republic of China, CNSA China National Space Administration – CMS China Manned Space first Takionaut Major General of the People’s Liberation Army In October 2003, Yang became the first person sent into space by the Chinese space program. This mission, Shenzhou 5, made China the third country to independently send humans into space. He is currently a vice chief designer of China Manned Space Engineering.

No matter how grand and flying the imagination, there can always be traces in reality. When I sat in a movie theatre and felt the Chinese-style science fiction of “Take the Earth to Wander”, the value choices and wisdom presented there had a surprisingly similar core of thought to the space story told by China’s first Takionaut Yang Liwei. . I don’t know if you are as curious as I am, what has Yang Liwei been doing for the past 20 years after completing the mission of Shenzhou Five? During the 21 hours of his space roaming, what details we don’t know? In his eyes, what is the biggest change in the 30 years of manned spaceflight? Look for the answer in #张扬Dialogue

Yang Liwei, male, Han nationality, was born on June 21, 1965 in Suizhong County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, a major general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and a super Takionaut. In 1987, he graduated from the Air Force Aviation University of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with a bachelor’s degree [39] ; in January 2009, he graduated from Tsinghua University with a doctorate in management [28] . He is currently a member of the 13th and 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy chief designer of China’s manned spaceflight project….      

He has successively served as the deputy director of the China Takionaut Research and Training Center, the deputy commander-in-chief of the Takionaut system of the manned space engineering, the alternate member of the Central Committee, and the director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office. The first generation of astronauts trained by China is the first person in China to enter space. Yang Liwei flew safely for 1,350 hours in the former Air Force. 

At 9 o’clock Beijing time on October 15, 2003, Yang Liwei entered space for the first time on the Shenzhou 5 spacecraft carried by the Long March 2F rocket, which symbolized a big step forward for China’s space industry and played a milestone role.

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Rocket Lab pre checking preparations for a launch for a late February 2019 for an Untied States Department of Defense – DARPA R3D2 experimental Low Earth Orbit Communications Satellite

Currently on 14th February 2019, that’s Valentine’s Day is the preparations of for upcoming launch of An American – New Zealand based Carrier Rocket company Rocket lab in which it’s preparations for a Department of Defense from the United States Government in which is bound to be launched from the eastern coast of North Island New Zealand from its Mahia Peninsula Launch complex one launch for the late February calendar.. in which it’ll be position in a LEO –Low Earth Orbital position from Rocket Lab Electron Rocket 

Rocket Lab logo patch for the R3D2 DRAPA – United States Government Department of Defense

DARPA’s Radio Frequency Risk Reduction Deployment Demonstration (R3D2) is a one hundred and fifty kilogram experimental satellite in which once deployed it’ll open up its foldable dish like antenna like a Chinese bamboo silk umbrella, like with gold mesh shell that dedicated in broadcasting and receiving communications with a Tissue Thin Kapton membrane film shell once open out towards a 2.25 meter diameter …  as it ‘s main manufacturer contractor is Northrop Grumman the contractor in which is currently working behind schedule of the NASA’s James Webb Telescope the daughter of the HST-Hubble Space Telescope..

Singular Payload of the Rocket Lab Electron carrier rocket is the United States government DARPA- R3D2 LEO -Low Earth Orbit experimental communications satellite … with deployable a Tissue Thin Kapton membrane film shell dish antenna….

The R3D2 is design provisionments of experimentally of utilizing the survivability of its dynamics of its Tissue Thin Kapton membrane film shell Antenna in which the other manufacturer partnership with MMA Design also Trident Systems providing the software defined radio systems, with Blue Canyon Technologies providing the Satellites bus or chassis it’s built out from.. Other provisionment of the R3D2 is to streamline the internet communications in orbit also creating other innovative variants for Low Earth Orbit communications from this first case also from learning from this experimental platform..

#iPhonePhotography #LunaPhotography | #Auckland #NewZealand – Wintery 26th June 2018- before the #FullMoon- A Gallery

Moon as seen previously on that month of 2018 June in first quarter with its timeless terminator lines


On a 26th June 2018, on wintery cold Winterfell  Auckland New Zealand night in which the air was frozen, cold it was as during that month it was like finding Wildlings from the North of the Wall of Westros to Hug for warmth..  During the moon of June was heading towards the Full Moon on the 28th June 2018, in which it lit up the whole night sky as it approached towards the second quarter of the moon. In which before the second quarter becomes whole, as it before it heads towards the Full moon, full Waxing Gibbous … also has it transiting in between the winter constellations of Sagittarius, Scorpio, towards the Libra then Virgo.. from early to modestly later in the night sky from east..


As the moon gathers towards the full moon, in which that form new moon towards the full moon there’s some interesting features that presented before the moon get white washed hiding its details of Cratered cased shadows of the in which those shadows stretches many Kilometers long enough to encompass any major cities on earth..

Among with before the full moon is the outlining of the craters in which during the first quarter is the line of craters in which some of the best features of a first quarter is the area where Tycho Crater is in which leading down to the Jade Rabbit in which is the Sea of Tranquillity, and Serenity in where Tranquillity is where NASA’s Apollo Astronauts landed on 20th July 1969 on the eleventh Apollo Mission in whereas Serenity is the last eighteenth Apollo mission..

In looking downwards from the from the line of where the Mare, transition from Latin is the Sea’s in where large early sections of the moon where it’s flat, where Mare Iridium in which you’ll explore some untouched regions of the moon where it’s least bombard with craters in which is excepted where there’s a large crater Copernicus is situated… among with Kepler..

#iPhonePhotography #Jupiter |#冬天的 #木星 #wintery – in a very late June 2018 #Auckland #NewZealand …….

looking from Earth in a wintery Winterfell Auckland in the constellation Libra is the planet Jupiter with one of it’s moon Io transiting..


During the month of late June 2018, Auckland, New Zealand in which is so wintery is like being in the very north of Westros at the wall with Wildlings to hug for warmth…  In the Auckland Night Skies, The wintery constellation of Libra in which…. In which nearby the one of the promenade stars in the Constellation Libra is the largest Gaseous planet in the Sol System-Solar System in which looking so crispy in a frozen light, where in wintery conditions there’s least diffraction of the path of light in a frozen medium in which gives you the best sharper image where the summery time in where the image is softer with the more diffraction..


During the month of wintery June 2018, Jupiter has been very generous with the observations of Jupiter red spot; in as it rotated from transiting then behind during the weeks…  along with other treats such as the transiting and occultation’s of Jupiter’s Galilean Moons, Io, Europa, Castillo also Ganymede…..    Among that throughout the night watching every now and then, Jupiter’s Moon path transiting…..  Among that time the Planet Mars was approaching to apogee in which is closest position towards the Planet Earth in which Mars during this time have been experiencing a massive planetary Martian sand storm… in which most of the Martian rovers sent by JPL.. Have been in hibernation since in conserving their power reserves while some with isotopic generators somehow continue their work with curiosity….

#iPhonePhotography #Saturn #土星 | June 2018 #Auckland #NewZealand – Saturn in a wintery following #Jupiter..

…… in which through a modest Telescope you can see the outlines of the Cassini divisions of Saturn’s Rings…. Looking averagely one billion Kilometers, Averagely One hours back in time from Earth- Photographer @KevinJamesNg


On a very Antarctica frosty Winterfell cold wintery Auckland New Zealand Night early  June 2018 skies, in which as looking towards eastern section of the night sky is the Constellation Libra in which the largest Gaseous Planet Jupiter is in… Nearby is the Wintery indicator is the Constellation Scorpio where it’s the opposition as to the Summery Constellation Orion…..

Currently at the moment situated is the Secondary largest gaseous ring Planet is Saturn -土星 – located currently at nearby the constellation Sagittarius…… in which through a modest Telescope you can see the outlines of the Cassini divisions of Saturn’s Rings…. Looking averagely one billion Kilometers, Averagely One hours back in time from Earth…  You can see the Galilean Moons of Saturn, Titan, and Hyperion the two commonly seen… the two seen repeating ever so Occultation then Transiting seen from Earth’s perspective…… the Planet Saturn share the same characteristics in with the millions of Hurricanes at its timeless extremities with its bands showing but softer in caramel fudge pastel hues colours with violent wind velocities greater than the velocities of Sound..