#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #February2022 |#西昌衛星發射中心 # XichangSatelliteLaunchCenter – the first Snowfall of the #YearoftheTiger – Chinese Painting of snowy white Blossoms glittering the mountainous landscape in motion.

On the 22nd February  2022   in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China Hong Kong –Beijing Time on a New Chinese Lunar New Year celebrating the Year of the Tiger in which Snowy blossoms glittering the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province….  Painting the blossoms snow of the forest trees with a misty landscape… in which previously This mission is the 405th flight of the Long March series of carrier rockets of Chang Zheng Long March 3B carrier rocket successfully launched the communication technology test satellite No. 9 at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The Aerospace Science and Technology Group’s last launch in 2021 was a success.

On which on the year markings of 2022, Sichuan Province In the early morning of December 30th, 2021, the second station of the Xichang launch site of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center successfully launched the communication technology test satellite No. 9. This station completed the 100th launch mission and became the four largest in China The first station in the launch site to break through 100 launches, setting a new record of 8 launches per month and 55 launches per year for China’s aerospace industry. In the 100 years since the founding of the party, the 100 launches once again demonstrated People’s Republic of China’s altitude, China’s speed, and China’s miracle.​​​ .  China Aerospace Super 2021 successfully concluded in Xichang. In 2022, please rest assured that the party will make the country extremely exponentially  stronger, and the Xichang launch site of the center will work hard and will not wait to build a powerful aerospace country and build a world-class aerospace launch site……..

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#iPhonePhotography #LunaPhotography | #Auckland #NewZealand – Wintery 26th June 2018- before the #FullMoon- A Gallery

Moon as seen previously on that month of 2018 June in first quarter with its timeless terminator lines


On a 26th June 2018, on wintery cold Winterfell  Auckland New Zealand night in which the air was frozen, cold it was as during that month it was like finding Wildlings from the North of the Wall of Westros to Hug for warmth..  During the moon of June was heading towards the Full Moon on the 28th June 2018, in which it lit up the whole night sky as it approached towards the second quarter of the moon. In which before the second quarter becomes whole, as it before it heads towards the Full moon, full Waxing Gibbous … also has it transiting in between the winter constellations of Sagittarius, Scorpio, towards the Libra then Virgo.. from early to modestly later in the night sky from east..


As the moon gathers towards the full moon, in which that form new moon towards the full moon there’s some interesting features that presented before the moon get white washed hiding its details of Cratered cased shadows of the in which those shadows stretches many Kilometers long enough to encompass any major cities on earth..

Among with before the full moon is the outlining of the craters in which during the first quarter is the line of craters in which some of the best features of a first quarter is the area where Tycho Crater is in which leading down to the Jade Rabbit in which is the Sea of Tranquillity, and Serenity in where Tranquillity is where NASA’s Apollo Astronauts landed on 20th July 1969 on the eleventh Apollo Mission in whereas Serenity is the last eighteenth Apollo mission..

In looking downwards from the from the line of where the Mare, transition from Latin is the Sea’s in where large early sections of the moon where it’s flat, where Mare Iridium in which you’ll explore some untouched regions of the moon where it’s least bombard with craters in which is excepted where there’s a large crater Copernicus is situated… among with Kepler..

#iPhonePhotography #Jupiter #木星 | 14th June 2018 #Auckland #NewZealand – Jupiter #moon #Io making transiting from an Occultation……

… Apond that looking closer one of four of Jupiter’s largest Galilean Moons is Io… Was transitionally gone behind Occultation the large Gaseous Planet then emerging towards transiting as it travelled making its way to orbiting in front of the Planet viewed from Earth…
Photographer @KevinJamesNg

On a very cold frosty Antarctica Auckland New Zealand 14th June 2018 night sky, in which was a very clear night with no warmth insulated by the clouds that was not where to be seen. In the indention open caverns slopes of Auckland Observatory at One Tree Hill…  With frozen light during the wintery night skies giving the sharpest definition images as than to summery nights with softer images…

As wintery Auckland, in the constellation Libra in which can be seen in the location front of the Constellation Scorpio, is an starry object, that’s averagely forty minutes ago, averagely eight hundred million Kilometers away from the planet Earth.. During that night Jupiter’s iconic three Earth width red spot was located on the other side, only leaving the millions of Hurricanes at its timeless extremities with its bands showing instead… Apond that looking closer one of four of Jupiter’s largest Galilean Moons is Io… Was transitionally gone behind Occultation the large Gaseous Planet then emerging towards transiting as it travelled making its way to orbiting in front of the Planet viewed from Earth…

#iPhonePhotography | 冬月 #winter #moon – Before the #FullMoon – 5th August 2017-


On a wintery frozen 5th August 2017 Auckland – New Zealand night just before the Full moon, the Moon was heading into its ninety percent Waxing Gibbous in which, in the following proceeding days there was a Partial Lunar Eclipse in motion on in between the seventh, eighth of August 2017 as seen in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong webcast by the Hong Kong Space Museum morning of Seventh to Eighth- Tuesday of August 2017…..  As the Moon Luna was motioning through towards the Full Moon, as it was in the abundances in-between Constellations of Libra, Scorpio also closely nearby the wintery Planet Saturn, in which viewing through a very good telescope you could see is Galilean Moons Dione, Titan, Hyperion orbiting around its parent ringed gaseous planet Saturn averagely one light hour ago, averagely one billion kilometer away from Earth, that Elliptically orbits around the Sun..

As there are much to see of the Moon Luna, as she reveals her cratered lacy embroidery A-line Wedding dress in which that Tapestry embroidery woven to tell more of the storylines of the Jade Rabbit, the stories of NASA’s Apollo Mission on Tranquility also serenity also how much a modest impact of Tycho created a an immeasurable aftermath timeless impression on the surface on the moon..  Among just before the full moon you can see the outline Luna Circumferences cratered silhouettes edges….

#iPhonePhotography | 冬天木星-#Jupiter winter misty ‎Friday, ‎4 ‎August ‎2017 – four main large Galilean Moons

On a very misty wintery Friday, ‎4 ‎August ‎2017 Auckland-New Zealand, the wintery night skies was frozen clear, in which was frozen clear still on that night till the wintery mist came along…The Planet Jupiter in which is settling down very early west wise towards the Waitakere’s Piha Beach direction.   Throughout in the winter season as the season progressives settling down early…. In which the planet Jupiter is in the night sky is located in the Bodice of the Constellation of Virgo… At that time the four main large Galilean Moons Io, Europa, Castillo, Ganymede… Was located in one side of the of the averagely 800 million Kilometres away from Earth… in which given that you’re texting your girl-boyfriend it’ll take least averagely 40 minutes for the text messaging to be send.. Yes the Speed of light in space is Dial Up in space…. So you can imagine missing out watch streaming…. And you think its broadband…

During the night, on the westward wise in which in winter constellation it’s the Scorpio also Sagittarius with the wintery moon as it progressive towards the full moon…