#RocketLab #火箭實驗室 | #ThisOnesForPickering providing #LaunchServicesProgram to launch two cute educational #CubeSats #ELaNa19 #ELaNaXIX – Dedication Launch towards the late Sir William Pickering…


On 13th December 2018, Lucky number 13 or that’s the Number of the Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor or its Taylor Swift Favourite Number also its her Birthday on that day…. In which  it’s the launch of American Company – New Zealand- Auckland based Rocket Lab Carrier rocket provider in which the “#ItsBusinessTime “had provide a belated but launched second time round successfully … in which preparations for #ThisOnesForPickering has been well away on 21st November 2018 for its first stage Electron’s Rutherford engines.. For its NASA Launch services program….

The launch window for #ThisOnesForPickering Is in between the duration of 13th to 21st December 2018 from LC1- Launch Complex one at Mahia Peninsula, North Island  at Onenui Station …. Launching as part of the NASA Launch services program is this Rocket Lab’s third launching of a Educational Launch of Nano Satellites – ElaNa -19 Mission for NASA.. In which Rocket Lab is a part of the VCLS- Venture Class Launch services initiative in which is co-ordinated from NASA KSC – Kennedy Space Center..

Stage one is tested and ready to fly for our December ELaNa 19 mission for NASA’s Launch Services Program. Electron is headed to the pad next week for checkouts.

#ThisOnesForPickering Hashtag branded in honour towards one of NASA’s Founding New Zealander fathers- Doctor- Sir William Pickering whom is also the patron of previous NZSA- New Zealand Spaceflight Association in which known internationally … in which he also collaborated with among founding fathers of a 1958 NASA to build Explorer one…

The Payload – ELaNa-19 will be deployed at an altitude of five hundred Kilometers above Planet Earth, at an eighty five degree inclination from Rocket Lab’s Electron Rocket Carrier…. This is a first series of ELaNa-19 Cube Sats deploy out from a Constellation network of ten.  Within this network it’ll provide an educational learning tool backbone to whom uses the low cost platform for research, educational, investigative nature of data observational analysis collecting on Earth and Space Sciences applications and tasking’s the ELaNa-19 Constellation network communicating each other provides that provisionments..

NASA CubeSats are about to enjoy a dedicated ride to space. Electron is ready. A nine-day launch window for the NASA ELaNa-19 mission opens 13 – 21 December 2018, UTC. Lift-off from Launch Complex 1 is scheduled between:
04:00 – 08:00 UTC (13 Dec)
17:00 – 21:00 NZDT (13 Dec)
20:00 – 00:00 PST (12/13 Dec)
23:00 – 03:00 EST (12/13 Dec)

#IPhonePhotography #攝影 #月神隕石坑 | #LunaPhotography – #Copernicus #LunarCrater – A Gallery #November2018 –

Copernicus Crater- seen from a sunset Auckland New Zealand in which the Jade Rabbit is the mostly feature hall mark on the moon.

It’s currently November 2018 12th Monday in a clear early afternoon as I’m Keyboarding this post, in which a few nights ago on an intense rainy bound weekend on a 9th Friday November 2018 I was at Taylor Swift she performed awesomely capital, iconically in the rain in summery Auckland, New Zealand rain in a former circa 1980’s Commonwealth games stadium.. Mount Smart Stadium… In which later in the following week it was the second attempt of an American Company-New Zealand based Rocket lab it’s business Time launched its multiple cubeSats

Progressively during that prior that week, the moon Luna shone waxing Gibbous progressively, towards the full moon starting from the new moon, as the moon progressively with her terminator unveiling, revealing her white-grayish textured lacy cratered embroidery Qipao dress…..

Among during Waxing Gibbous moon, in which there’s a featured large crater in which in nearby the Sea of crisis- Mare Crisium, in which  in which is the Luna Crater, Copernicus …..  In which is European named after A European Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.. In which is visible with a simple pair of Binoculars, or a modest size diameter mirror in which you can see a hexagon impact crater in which is least ninety three Kilometer wide, with a depth of three Kilometers…… in which is least than twice the average length of the Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai sea bridge..  or least the twice the average length of Auckland City……  in which Apollo twelve landed in the south direction of the crater, in which.. Apollo twenty was also another proposed landing but that didn’t eventuate due to more than three quarters of NASA’s funding have been pulled to American fuel the Vietnam  War…..

Copernicus Crater in which is is least the twice the length of the Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai Bridge in which is 55 Kilometers long the Crater is least Ninety five Kilometers in Diameter.. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

Looking constantly every night, from Auckland Observatory, on some nights that been clear, with ever so teasing seductive Luna.. In revealing her white-grayish textured lacy cratered embroidery Qipao dress… With that featured crater… ever so changing in viewing uniquely new, that it’s never the same viewing experience its always new back in time least one point twenty six averagely back in time ago to least a distance of averagely three hundred thousand Kilometers from Earth

#iPhonePhotography |#火星 #Mars – 13th July 2018- The Martian #perigee for a wintery Auckland New Zealand night…

The Planet Mars current in the rising eastward in the very wintery Auckland New Zealand night skies as its experiencing a Martian sand storm in which you cans see polar ice capes.. Photographer @KevinJamesNg


During this on 13th Friday July 2018, Winterfell wintery Auckland, New Zealand month of fourth of July in between early to twenty ninth August 2018 is the Perigee for the rustic rusty red planet mars in which is current located in the constellation nearby following Sagittarius, in which three other planets are visible in the wintery night Earth’s hot tempted twin sister Venus, with two Gaseous Planets, Jupiter in Libra, in which Saturn in the constellation Sagittarius ……

Mars (6794 Kilometers Diameter) is closer to the planet earth during this Perigee season for this year in which currently it’s undergoing a massive planetary wide Martian Sand storm in which seen recent Mars movie The Martian when a massive storm undertook the Martian exploration team that suffice in Missing in Action of Astronaut Mark Watney- Matt Damon … Perigee is term when two planets, or items comes closely together.. In which is least fifty seven point six million Kilometers from planet earth on the thirty first July 2018..   In which the rusty planet becomes more rustic brilliant with its iconic details of the ice polar caps from either poles…  Apart from those two features is the massive stretch canyon scar in which you can see the outline on the Martian landscape …  of the Slight least than half the size diameter of Earth (12750 Kilometer)…

Wanting to know more given that your local in Hong Kong best to visit the Hong Kong Space Museum in which they have a Hong Kong Space Museum Observatory – Sai Kung ObservatoryAstropark in Chong Hing Water Sport Center... Or Southern Hemisphere at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome New Zealand to view the Planet Mars..

#iPhonePhotography #LunaPhotography | #Auckland #NewZealand – Wintery 26th June 2018- before the #FullMoon- A Gallery

Moon as seen previously on that month of 2018 June in first quarter with its timeless terminator lines


On a 26th June 2018, on wintery cold Winterfell  Auckland New Zealand night in which the air was frozen, cold it was as during that month it was like finding Wildlings from the North of the Wall of Westros to Hug for warmth..  During the moon of June was heading towards the Full Moon on the 28th June 2018, in which it lit up the whole night sky as it approached towards the second quarter of the moon. In which before the second quarter becomes whole, as it before it heads towards the Full moon, full Waxing Gibbous … also has it transiting in between the winter constellations of Sagittarius, Scorpio, towards the Libra then Virgo.. from early to modestly later in the night sky from east..


As the moon gathers towards the full moon, in which that form new moon towards the full moon there’s some interesting features that presented before the moon get white washed hiding its details of Cratered cased shadows of the in which those shadows stretches many Kilometers long enough to encompass any major cities on earth..

Among with before the full moon is the outlining of the craters in which during the first quarter is the line of craters in which some of the best features of a first quarter is the area where Tycho Crater is in which leading down to the Jade Rabbit in which is the Sea of Tranquillity, and Serenity in where Tranquillity is where NASA’s Apollo Astronauts landed on 20th July 1969 on the eleventh Apollo Mission in whereas Serenity is the last eighteenth Apollo mission..

In looking downwards from the from the line of where the Mare, transition from Latin is the Sea’s in where large early sections of the moon where it’s flat, where Mare Iridium in which you’ll explore some untouched regions of the moon where it’s least bombard with craters in which is excepted where there’s a large crater Copernicus is situated… among with Kepler..

#iPhonePhotography #Jupiter |#冬天的 #木星 #wintery – in a very late June 2018 #Auckland #NewZealand …….

looking from Earth in a wintery Winterfell Auckland in the constellation Libra is the planet Jupiter with one of it’s moon Io transiting..


During the month of late June 2018, Auckland, New Zealand in which is so wintery is like being in the very north of Westros at the wall with Wildlings to hug for warmth…  In the Auckland Night Skies, The wintery constellation of Libra in which…. In which nearby the one of the promenade stars in the Constellation Libra is the largest Gaseous planet in the Sol System-Solar System in which looking so crispy in a frozen light, where in wintery conditions there’s least diffraction of the path of light in a frozen medium in which gives you the best sharper image where the summery time in where the image is softer with the more diffraction..


During the month of wintery June 2018, Jupiter has been very generous with the observations of Jupiter red spot; in as it rotated from transiting then behind during the weeks…  along with other treats such as the transiting and occultation’s of Jupiter’s Galilean Moons, Io, Europa, Castillo also Ganymede…..    Among that throughout the night watching every now and then, Jupiter’s Moon path transiting…..  Among that time the Planet Mars was approaching to apogee in which is closest position towards the Planet Earth in which Mars during this time have been experiencing a massive planetary Martian sand storm… in which most of the Martian rovers sent by JPL.. Have been in hibernation since in conserving their power reserves while some with isotopic generators somehow continue their work with curiosity….