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  In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s a new intermodal services at HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport in which is call SkyPier – in which provides you the various multiple level services in multiple modal transportation at Hong Kong International Airport in transfer passenger provisionments for convenient air and sea travel.. In which provides …

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  As part of the continuing Hong Kong-SAR’S celebrations In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, is the ICBC (Asia) e-Sports and Music Festival – which in runs from fourth to Sixth August 2017…… with intense Music festivals also with a massive E-sports events at the Hong Kong Coliseum… As part of the E-sports is the …

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Before settings out onwards to the Fortaleza do Monte also Senado square… there was one place that was outside the central older neighborhooding sections of Macau square there was one site of interest it’s The Kun Lam Tong-Ecumenical Center in which sits off at 1101 Avenida de Sun Yat-sen In which is located off land …

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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #MACAU- Fortaleza do Monte Part two – the older protector whom seen it also still see it …

June 16, 2017

The Past defending it’s future..


As I enter within the walls of its fortifications, as the Fortaleza do Monte was primary in built in between 1617- 1626 on as the walls its fortifications are build fifty two meters high… in which is built on a mountain name Mount Hill.. As the construction begins its original design of the complex was to protect the local inhabitants from Pirates, local bandits in the area patrolled station wise around the fort is watch towers, the fort proved its worth in which holding of any 1622 Dutch incursion in the past..  As the fort was providing in provision in defense for the neighborhood in which later as time progressive, it was later converted in first Governor Residences during 1623 to 1470… Later wards onwards it became a police battalion for two companies 1810 towards 1841… Later onwards  taking on another form of defense, as the defense of as weather observation for Meteorological Department of Portuguese Macau in the year 1966 to 1996… from that point it slowly transition to a Museum of Macau as the relocation of the Observatory was place at Tapa..

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As walking around, in looking at the city landscape onwardly towards the accompany Macau’s island Tapa, in its distance which had the retro looking casino buildings that dates with the 1960’s Las Vegas look but with its character to its own.. In which there’s one that looks Jaded that looks like seven swords adjoining in which is the Grand Lisboa, the Design speaks out retro Las Vegas meet East in which it design by Hong Kong architects Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man in which during its day it was the tallest building 261 meters tall in which now has superseded by it 21st century counterparts as Macau becomes more maturely in its developments…

Fortaleza do Monte have stood the changes through time..

There are several parts in of Fortaleza do Monte, in which one notability outside with the defense walls in which the internal museum contains the relics that have been savage by the Ruins of St. Paul’s  in which some have been discovered within from the after the fire from that time.. Also among the exhibition is the restoration of the persons that was buried within the Crypts that was exposed after the fire as their skeletal remains restored..

the Many Portuguese cast iron cannons have stood its time beyond it’s previous owners..


Among the remains there are other relics that associated with the Church also its historical past as a fort, Governor Residences, to its final emplacement from a Meteorological Observatory to a National Maco Museum… As above wise the Fortaleza do Monte-Maco Museum, contains most of the historical elements. In which has a reflecting pond alongside the fort main building……  along with most of its retain features is the door way which open up from within towards the outside as it only has one way in also out.. in with its stairways are  design for two purposes one to carry up or down of those cast steel cannons, on the flat rail paths that helix away from also it munitions.. To the top or bellow confinement as all are ramp like paths that lead internally inward inside the fort……..

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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #MACAU- Fortaleza do Monte Part one – the older Macau landscape….

June 14, 2017

As a walkable adjacent to hill wise to the Ruins of St. Paul’s is the hill side Portuguese  fortification of, – Fortaleza do Monte in which is adjacent to only fifty meters away.. in which walking the historically steps of Mount Hill..  In which those steps aside has old as the Ruins of St. Paul Church, in which you have to be respectable in this area as you walk up wards in beginning of the steps, is also an extension graveyard crypt of the Church… also the fort provides a protection of the St. Paul’s Church below..

Walking up among those historical stone stairs in which leads up towards a modern escalator, in which midway leading towards modern visitor center in which show case along the way the historical significant of place.. In which in the center is the Maco Museum, as below the stair ways there’s a small market square space in which selling souvenirs….

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As walking onwards outside of the Fortaleza do Monte, I could see the all-encompassing view of layers of Macau city neighborhood landscape… as its history unfolds with all the cannons gunnery emplacements readiness in defending the fort also the Church of Saint Paul’s below, tactically placed to with one of its Alarming bells to signal the fort….. Looking around in the fort the main fortifications seeming the fort operations seeming it covers all sides of protecting the township below…

as looking into the distance Macau skyline transition from older traditionally to new with a crystal skyline towers..

Looking in the distance is Mainland China, across the Harbour one of heaviest patrol Harbors in the world with constant patrol boats patrolling in between sides of Macau –SAR each Border patrolling on their partaking…  as walking to one placement of the cannons looking at the older casinos of Macau, with that 1950’s retro last Vegas look… in that area where its modernized with wider roads, than the older Macau road in which was designated for horses carriages in those days, now those roads are now replaced with scooters with smaller cars to get around in with alley way streets in which you have to drive one way in which you’ll have to know the street outlining pretty well in which Google maps helps..

Looking in the distance with the Harbour channel in view this part of the city is defending within the capable outline of the cannon emplacements especially from the Harbour in those days still the Harbour also the river way…..

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