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  Captain Jean Luc Picard-  USS Enterprise D – Sir Patrick Stewart “….. Attention all hands. As you know, we could outrun the Klingon vessels. But we must protect the Enterprise-C until she enters the temporal rift. And we must succeed. Let’s make sure history never forgets… the name… ‘Enterprise’. Picard out.”   To Honour …

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  Currently on Star Trek Online …..There’s been a redesign on the on the New Orleans Class, that redesign evolved into the Lafayette Class in which leaded from the inspirations of the Andromeda and Yamato class in which previously they inspirations from the Galaxy also its Dreadnought class as too from Nebula towards Sutherland class…  …

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#StarTrekOnline #Anime | #StarTrek #StarshipClasses inspired by Three Anime Characters….. #Akira #Alita # Yamato – A Gallery

July 29, 2018

Star Trek Online -Anime Inspired StarShips

アリタクラス – Alita Class

アリタクラス- ALITA CLASS … is  a Heavy escort Carrier inspired by the Anime name Alita Battle Angel Alita in which is cyberpunk action Manga Anime Character created by Yukito Kishiro in which aired as a four part episode in which aired in between 1990’s to 2014.. it latest redention is a live action movie done my creators of Avatar in which James Cameron  pinned the lead Alita- Battle Angel  – Rosa Salazar  ….

The Alita Class – A Heavy Escort Carrier is an extremely durable ship also once you tune, tweak it out towards your skillset … Given that you want to down size your carrier from a Galaxy dreadnought carrier to something smaller with still the same amount of fire power but with a little more maneuverability… like it’s older sister the Akira Class… but with larger facilities to cater for more of longer duration missions also fighting the fight as it was indented too

アリタクラス – Alita Class – inspired by Animie name Alita Battle Angel Alita in which is cyberpunk action Manga Anime Character created by Yukito Kishiro…..

Basically The Alita Class is a cannon, Turret, Torpedo Heavy Carrier Escort.. in which the size, it orientation of its design allows you to have the maximum most coverage in retaining that fire power with cannons re-charge- cooling rates to o a minimum the Alita has quite the advantage of being more Tactical/ engineering than to a science vessel… in which you can utilised the type of fighters or repairable work bee with essentials repairs…. The design inspiration looking at it comes with some element taken from the Miranda class with the look of design linage… with the saucer section as primary it major hull with the torpedo launcher that’s place on top among with the interconnecting engineering Hull with the warp Nacelles..

Alita class with a three piece set the Universal consoles of the Point Defenses systems, Torpedo point Defence systems, also the destabilized Tachyon emitters it’ll give you an increase in recharge time also Pilot bridge officers abilities… Increase in accuracy, and critical hit chance…


明クラス– Akira Class

明クラス– Akira Class is the one of the most iconic Heavy Escort carrier, the class can be describe as the older sister of the Alita Class as It was featured as part of the first strike force in encounting the Borg Cube in which was resultant the disabled USS Defiant but salvageable as seen in Star Trek First Contact ..

Akira is which a Japanese female name in which means “Bright” “Clear” in which also Akira is a also named inspired by Japanese Manga Anime Character in which telecast in the 1988, created by Katsuhiro Otomo in which set in a post-Apocalyptic world in 2019, in which Akira tells the story of a friend whom acquired certain enhance human Telekinetic abilities after an accident that eventuated threaten a military complex in a post-Apocalyptic that’s run by the underground Tokyo world… in which is very similar to Akira abilities..

明クラス- Akira Class – .. Akira is which a Japanese female name in which means “Bright” “Clear

The 464.63 meter long, built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars. The Akira Class is was featured in numerous expeditions in which was featured in the Battle of Sector 001, Dominion War, also called to arms.. The Design of the Akira was an innovative approach also going back to a single hulling approach in which similar to the Miranda class, NX Class in going for the Saucer section look approach…. With all the design of multiple of tactical systems, in  which flying the Akira-Heavy Escort carrier – is like flying a gunship- Battlecruiser….. At a modest close range with firing then moving towards the next target…  in which the ship with heavy retro maneuvering thrusters systems on each placement of the saucer section of the ship it allows it to become more maneuvering than any other class..



ヤマトクラス – The Yamato Class

ヤマトクラス – The Yamato Class– is the evolution younger sister of the Galaxy Class Dreadnought in which it’s size length is the comparative the same but it hulling design is sleeker like going from seventy style dress to a modern sleeker Chinese Oriental Qipao dress Andromeda Class Look with a bad ass sniper rifle with a bayonet at the end when it meets its opponent or unwanted company…..

As the development from the Galaxy to the Yamato, taking its name from the Japanese Anime Battleship Yamato, also from the largest world war two Battleship constructed at the financially broken Imperial Japan at the end of the war in which gotten met it’s end with the onslaught of Allied forces..

As for the inspiration for its name, inspired by the Anime series宇宙戦艦ヤマト- Space Battleship Yamato in which written by Yoshinobu Nishizaki in which aired on sixth October 1974..  in which the premise set in the year 2199 in which earth has been invade by an alien species, The Gamilas,  whom invade Earth by firing at the planet with radioactive device in result, Humanity had to resort to living in massive underground cities..  in which the inhabitants built a massive resistant force with World War two battleship relics of the past with massive modifications to counter the Gamilas.. with it iconic the wave motion gun that iconic to the Yamato look… in which that transcended towards the Yamato Class Spinal Phaser Lance..

The Younger Sister of the Galaxy Class Dreadnought the – ヤマトクラス – The Yamato Class….

The Yamato Class is like the Battle Tank is the youngest sister of  Galaxy  Dreadnought class its more bulk larger in size in hull, with a larger deflector shield dish, an a more a solid saucer section with a mean Spinal Phaser Lance that’s acts like a Sniper’s rifle with a taste of a bayonet.. When comes to Saucer separation, the Spinal Phaser Lance becomes more a dual Shot gun rifle so moving into the target would require a much closer range rather without the saucer separation…

The Tier Six Yamato Class comes without the console parts of the previous Exploration Cruisers or its Dreadnought sisters, given that you have those consoles it this case it’s those consoles will give you an advantage given without one console you won’t able to use that shot gun during saucer separation .. The ship is also a carrier with one hanger bay console for the fighters, but it also contains a saucer hanger also for other various fighter shuttle types…..

  Coming soon on Star Trek Online, into Northern Hemisphere Fall 2018 season is the new season of with a new faction in relations to the of a new faction that was introduce during the DS9 – Deep Space Nine- Victory is life in which you get to create your own Jem Hadar Character storyline …

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#StarTrekOnline #VictoryIslife | The Advance Heavy Cruiser #Excelsior Class remastered refitted with new revisited texturing- A Gallery

July 19, 2018

The Advance Heavy Cruiser -Excelsior Class remastered refitted dressed in a Type eight dress hull texturing is in which brings out the blending the softer pastel colours…

On Star Trek Online, recently remastered –revisited the Excelsior Class also its variant have been update in which it hulling looks remarkable incredible detail toward the Transwarp USS Excelsior NX-2000, Excelsior Class that was seen in the third Star Trek Movie” Search for Spock” also its’ Hulling plating was used in the Star Trek VI “The Undiscovered Country” under the captaincy of Captain Hikaru Sulu – George Takei of the NCC-2000….

There’s been many Variants of the Excelsior class revisited, in which is the USS Enterprise B in which its retrofit with new sleeker engineering hull, warp nacelles, pylon saucer configuration… for heavy extensive mission specifications in which Captain Hikaru Sulu’s Daughter captain, Captain Demora Sulu-

The Advance Heavy Cruiser -Excelsior Class remastered refitted dressed in a type seven dress hulling texturing in which is like wearing a dark work dress …. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

The recent new revisited- remastered hulling was inspired by the works of Tobias Richter whom inspired other great, brilliant artistic works used in Star Trek Online in which one of his works was the retentions of the Excelsior Class with high detail articulate resolution Aztec panelling in which brings the ship alive realistically giving that metallic texturing..

As you customise your Advance Heavy Cruiser, at the Shipyards Customisation officer nearby, there’s also new Excelsior class engineering hull in which apart there’s like a dome arboretum at the back of the rear of the Engineering hull main hanger.. There’s a new Livery in which is the Class Transwarp NX-2000 Excelsior livery used in The Search for Spock, named Regula..  As new Hulling texturing goes there’s Excelsior NX with Type 8, Type 8b…

As when I began retailoring my tier six Excelsior-Resolute variant –Advance Heavy Cruiser.. In which typically going from the Highly detail Panelling of Type seven.. Coming across with switching Type eight or eight B… The look of the ship becomes softer with feminine tones, like dressing in a coral pastel coloured pallet wrap summery dress that type of feel of texturing… Rather than the previous Hulling types of before seven in which is like dressing in a dark metallic textured dress for work in the office…  in which I love the Coral pastel hull texturing which feels very summery adaptive with the softer pastel  colours tones when colour livery the ship..

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