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As on Star Trek Online – Rise Of Discovery, the third edition of the Star Trek Discovery storyline in prelude towards how the Mirror Universe Captain Gabriel Lorca- Jason Isaac became in replacement of the prime Universe Captain  Lorca in the result of the destruction of the USS Buran in which the story line tells the story before him and Commander Ellen Landry –Rehka Sharma came about before they were assigned to the USS Discovery.. In which that story telling tells on the 14th May 2019… Leading towards a major update in which a new reputation – Discovery Legends Reputation as earn on the TFO’s –Operation Riposte, Peril over Pahvo, also Pahvo Dissention. …. In which the TFO- Task Force Operations rewards adds up in getting rewards for the new space- ground sets, new kit modules, traits, new costumes ….

Among the Rise of Discovery, is the new gain items in the brand new Discovery Legends Reputation in which give your abilities to unlock with powers, technologies used by the Star Trek Discovery series,   In which there’s a newly Mark number type specifications with Rise of Discovery storyline… In which a new revisited TFO- Task Force Operations of Defense of Starbase one, Pahvo Dissention, Peril over Pahvo also Operation Riposte in which there are new unlock rewards..

#StarTrekOnline #StarTrekDiscovery #星際迷航發現 | #AgeOfDiscovery #MirrorofDiscovery – #MageeClass #ShranClass – #LightpilotEscorts … It’s a small dangerously ship…….

During the Star Trek Discovery Star Trek Online –Age of Discovery-Mirror of Discovery, in which towards the Battle of Binary Stars in which precursor towards the Klingon War there was numerous classes of Starships present one was the Magee class, a small light Escort Class with an internal twin warp nacelles integrated into a saucer hull section…  In which is very closely towards the Sabre class Light Escort…  in which is very closely design like the Saber, Defiant class small with integrated warp nacelles into the saucer primary section of the ship..

Given the design look of the Magee-Shran Class it’s seems its design as a landing vessel for terrain operations with its design in nature, in which is suited as a multiple role vessel small, compact , just land also getting the mission done… then warp right out..

Design wise Translating from the Magee class towards the Sharn, in which named wise is inspired by the first Andorians. General Thy’lek Sharn of the Andorian Imperial Guard that co-founded the United Federation of Planets…..

The Magee-Shran class features five forward and two rear weapons consoles in which makes it a torpedo and dual cannon vessel but in design wise it’s also effective with beam array weapons in which the design of the ship has a massive turn rate in which allow the vessel rotate it’s beam array arcs to hit the opponent effectively in which it has plus fifteen power to weapons also plus five to engines in which a recommend engines to weapons warp core is required basically it’s an tactical ship.. in which it’s console modifications  4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science (scales with level) in which the bridge officers station seating arrangement gives that indication … The Light escort is in the class series of Pilot class series In which Captain Tom Paris likes to fly around in which Pilot escorts was introduce into the fleet…..

The Magee-Sharn Class features an Universal Console –Graviton Displacer it’s a short range weapons array in which pulling your opponent ships towards the center of the beam inflicting your opponents with massive amounts of kinetic damage also losing all sensory on you position leaving them blind for a while till you make you next move and attack in which help you hull penetration in your targets ship.. However this attack will make your ship’s turn rate slower…..  Once you’ve complete the trait system of the Magee-Sharn Class its trait is Strike from the Shadows…  among other Experimental weapons is the Hypercharged Field projector in which sending out electrical beam towards your opponents in which is inescapable but it’s effectiveness is reduced due to longer range..

Magee-Sharn light Pilot Escort –Tier six specifications –via Star trek online

Tier: 6

Faction: Starfleet and Starfleet Allies

Required Rank: Must complete the Tutorial

Hull Modifier: .95 (scales with level)

Shield Modifier: .80

Fore Weapons: 4 (scales with level)

Aft Weapons: 2 (scales with level)

Device Slots: 2

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Commander Tactical/Pilot, 2 Lieutenant Commander Universal, 1 Lieutenant Universal/Pilot, 1 Ensign Universal

Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science (scales with level)

Base Turn Rate: 21 degrees per second

Impulse Modifier: 0.23

Inertia: 80

+15 Power to Weapons, +5 Power to Engines

Pilot Maneuvers

Can Load Dual Cannons

Console – Universal – Graviton Displacer

Experimental Weapon Slot, equipped with Hypercharged Field Projector

Starship Mastery Package (Raider)

Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)

Tactical Maneuvering (+Defense)

Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)

Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Crit Severity)

Strike from Shadows (Starship Trait)

#StarTrekOnline #MirrorofDiscovery | #StarTrekDiscovery – The season nine Anniversary launch trailer – featuring #CaptainKilly #MaryWiseman #ISSDiscovery …….

Today 23rd January 2019, it’s the Star Trek Online ninth year anniversary, in which to celebrated this event is the storyline from Star Trek Discoverys Mirror Universe’s Terrain Empire story arc of “Mirror of Discovery” in which you relive those moments of Before USS Discovery NCC- 1031 entering into the moments of the ISS Discovery of Mary Wiseman’s Captain Killy‘s and her ruthless crew and reputation that her ruthless ripples in the Terrain Empire..

That ruthless reputation was constant mention in the series as the Crew of the USS Discovery discovers that when her ship was facing those final moments mystery in which was summoned into the prime universe in which lost in which was trying to battle it out against the Terrain Empire resistances, While she and her crew was on a exploration mission to the planet Pavo..  in which was critical storyline point..

As season nine draws on the 23rd January 2019, you get to explore in new ships, with new storyline encounters with an overhaul of the endeavour system, Also in which with new terrain empire wardrobe …. Module kit packs, traits ground base weapons also there’s fortune cookies tribbles too..

#StarTrekOnline #StarTrekDisovery | #MirrorofDiscovery adventure with Captain Killy- Featuring #EnsignSylviaTilly #MaryWiseman …..

As Star Trek Online- The Age of Discovery- Star Trek Discovery drawings of the prelude of the fall of starbase one, in which was fallen to the renegade Klingon Faction house – J’Ula, in which attacked a Federation Starbase that’s least one hundred Astronomically Unit from the central core of the United Federation of Planets.. In which was located in the Vulcan Sector…..  In which you storytelling moments from graduation from the Academy towards the critical final moment of the fall of the starbase..  as you graduated with Ensign Sylvia Tilly- Mary Wiseman on USS Discovery –Crossfield class a class is thirty years younger than the constitution class USS Enterprise that commanded by Captain Christopher Pike..

As the Situation draws near, on 23rd January 2018, is the second chapter involves Captain Killy – mirror Universe of Ensign Sylvia Tilly in which there’s been incursion of mirror universe incurring onto the Prime Universe.. in which you’ll journey back towards the Pahvo, in trying the understanding the missing of lost contact with the planet Pahvo also it inhabitants in which finding reconnecting with the Planet Pahvo is critically for the Vulcan Science Academy …. In which two episodes are include for the Ninth Anniversary- Para Pacem in this is titled…

As any new enhancements is the Personal Endeavour systems  in which offers daily challenges in which gives a performance boost.. Apart from that is the new Tier six Vulcan Scout Ship that was featured in series of Star Trek Discovery, in which collecting the right amount omega particles will earn that rewarding of that ship……

#StarTrekOnline #AgeOfDiscovery | #Teaser – #StarTrekDiscovery – Taking you into you into intense climax of the #BattleOfTheBinaryStars, you into the #KlingonWar – featuring Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly….


Coming soon on Star Trek Online, into Northern Hemisphere Fall 2018 season is the new season of with a new faction in relations to the of a new faction that was introduce during the DS9 – Deep Space Nine- Victory is life in which you get to create your own Jem Hadar Character storyline as much as the Agents of Yesterday  with a new Temporal agent storyline from the TOS-The Original Storyline era..

Age of Discovery– The new storyline arc takes you as you storyline your character, you, into the events during  after the Battle of the Binary Stars, in Star Trek Discovery, in which you takes you into the intense climax of Klingon war in which the Star Trek Online will be doing systems updating in line with the Discovery series.. in to the year 2265, in which your captain, you must encounter  J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, in which their names was mention in Victory of life as General Martok as he takes the Bat’leth of Kahless from the Torchbearer Ambassador Worf..


As those three determine to alter the face of the Alpha Quadrant, there’s a new officer to friend is Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly – Discovery actor- Mary Wiseman who assisting your training towards your first assignment onboard the newly minted experimental Crossfield Class USS Glenn, also trying to defend Starbase one from a rouge house of D’Ghor also exploration of the Dilithum mines of Corvan two..

As Age of Discovery storylines as you explore the episodes of defending Starbase one in you will partake as a Task Force operations , as part of two new episodes for Starfleet Cadet. New reputation systems to Tier six with rewards..

The PC Platform will have the first exploration of you exploring, and then following by the console later on Xbox One and PlayStation four….