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Today 23rd January 2019, it’s the Star Trek Online ninth year anniversary, in which to celebrated this event is the storyline from Star Trek Discoverys Mirror Universe’s Terrain Empire story arc of “Mirror of Discovery” in which you relive those moments of Before USS Discovery NCC- 1031 entering into the moments of the ISS Discovery of Mary Wiseman’s Captain Killy‘s and her ruthless crew and reputation that her ruthless ripples in the Terrain Empire..

That ruthless reputation was constant mention in the series as the Crew of the USS Discovery discovers that when her ship was facing those final moments mystery in which was summoned into the prime universe in which lost in which was trying to battle it out against the Terrain Empire resistances, While she and her crew was on a exploration mission to the planet Pavo..  in which was critical storyline point..

As season nine draws on the 23rd January 2019, you get to explore in new ships, with new storyline encounters with an overhaul of the endeavour system, Also in which with new terrain empire wardrobe …. Module kit packs, traits ground base weapons also there’s fortune cookies tribbles too..

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