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#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 | #StarTrekDiscovery – Constitution class at Starbase one.. photographer @KevinJamesNg


As seen on Star trek Discovery introduction of season two of Captain Christopher Pike Command of the  USS Enterprise , in which latterly became the flagship of Starfleet in which the name .. Also its endeavoring explorationally crew…… In which the constitution class design by Matt Jefferies, of a simple saucer hulling attached to a singular neck towards an medium short engineering hull attached with pylons with warp nacelles….  At  a length of 442.06 meters long launched commission at year 2245  seen at the year 2256….An elegant ship simply design… in which that take was done by the By the end of Discovery’s first season, the show’s art department had been reduced to a small team of Production Designer Todd Cherniawsky, Concept Artist/Illustrator John Eaves, VFX Art Director William Budge, and VFX Artist Scott Schneider. The Trek veteran of the group, Eaves, had already designed the NCC-1701-B in Star Trek: Generations and the NCC-1701-E for Star Trek: First Contact…… in which that Design seen on Star Trek Online in the leading up of the Age of discovery, Rise of Discovery, Mirror of Discovery. Then awakening series, featuring numerous cast in continuing their characters storylines of Mary Wiseman, Jason Isaac, Rehka Sharma towards Anthony Rapp…

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 | #StarTrekDiscovery – Constitution class photographer @KevinJamesNg

Over the decades years the Constitution class have undergoing numerous changes in which resultant towards a smaller ship during Captain Kirk’s time… In which numerous advancements of miniaturization, efficiency optimization in which leading up from Pike’s Enterprise from a larger ship towards a more compact ship…


The Constitution Class flying into combat is a very effective combat ship, smaller than the Crossfield Class in which gives more room to do hit and run with rapidness, in which applying its newly advance Phaser Beams Arrays of six banks with photon torpedoes in with incredible turn rate with its arrangement +10 Weapons Power, +5 Engines Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Auxiliary Power… thinking in obtaining a fleet version of the engine to weapons warp core.. In which keeping engines and weapons on charge constantly… also featuring hanger deck in which you can place your drones fighters of a which comes with a Universal Console- Reinforcing Squadrons, launching several drones of tactical flyers targeting your target with Phaser Banks , Targeting follies your target then return to refuel… in result increasing your shield capacity and Kinetic damage.. There are three tiers of Hanger Tactical flyers that you ascertain Tactical flyers- Advanced Tactical Flyers- Elite Tactical Flyers…..

Among is its Starship Trait in once reaching towards levelling up, of Polarizing lattice –Optimized Tritantium Armouring… in which is design to take on heavy extreme damage… in which sealing any transported torpedoes behind bulkheads, deploying Dot-7 Repair Drones to heal your hull, and deploying bulkheads to increase the hull resistance….

Miracle Worker Flight Deck Cruiser- Star Trek Discovery- Constitution Class

Hull Strength: 1.4 (scales with level)

Shield Modifier: 1.25

Fore Weapons: 5 (scales with level)

Aft Weapons: 3 (scales with level)

Device Slots: 4

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker, 1 Ensign Science, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal, 1 Lieutenant Universal/Command

Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science, 1 Universal (scales with level)

Base Turn Rate: 9 degrees per second

Impulse Modifier: .18

Inertia: 40

+10 Weapons Power, +5 Engines Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Auxiliary Power

Innovation Mechanic

2 Hangar bays, equipped with Tactical Flyers

Console – Universal – Reinforcement Squadrons

Cruiser Command Array

Command – Shield Frequency Modulation

Command – Attract Fire

Starship Mastery Package (Flight-Deck Cruiser)

Absorptive Plating (+Kinetic and Physical Damage Resistance)

Rapid Repairs (+Regeneration)

Quick Deployment (+Hangar Launch Recharge)

Enhanced Plating (+Energy and Radiation Damage Resistance)

Polarized Lattice-Optimized Tritanium Armor (Starship Trait)

#StarTrekOnline #MirrorofDiscovery | #StarTrekDiscovery – The season nine Anniversary launch trailer – featuring #CaptainKilly #MaryWiseman #ISSDiscovery …….

Today 23rd January 2019, it’s the Star Trek Online ninth year anniversary, in which to celebrated this event is the storyline from Star Trek Discoverys Mirror Universe’s Terrain Empire story arc of “Mirror of Discovery” in which you relive those moments of Before USS Discovery NCC- 1031 entering into the moments of the ISS Discovery of Mary Wiseman’s Captain Killy‘s and her ruthless crew and reputation that her ruthless ripples in the Terrain Empire..

That ruthless reputation was constant mention in the series as the Crew of the USS Discovery discovers that when her ship was facing those final moments mystery in which was summoned into the prime universe in which lost in which was trying to battle it out against the Terrain Empire resistances, While she and her crew was on a exploration mission to the planet Pavo..  in which was critical storyline point..

As season nine draws on the 23rd January 2019, you get to explore in new ships, with new storyline encounters with an overhaul of the endeavour system, Also in which with new terrain empire wardrobe …. Module kit packs, traits ground base weapons also there’s fortune cookies tribbles too..

#StarTrekOnline #StarTrekDisovery | #MirrorofDiscovery adventure with Captain Killy- Featuring #EnsignSylviaTilly #MaryWiseman …..

As Star Trek Online- The Age of Discovery- Star Trek Discovery drawings of the prelude of the fall of starbase one, in which was fallen to the renegade Klingon Faction house – J’Ula, in which attacked a Federation Starbase that’s least one hundred Astronomically Unit from the central core of the United Federation of Planets.. In which was located in the Vulcan Sector…..  In which you storytelling moments from graduation from the Academy towards the critical final moment of the fall of the starbase..  as you graduated with Ensign Sylvia Tilly- Mary Wiseman on USS Discovery –Crossfield class a class is thirty years younger than the constitution class USS Enterprise that commanded by Captain Christopher Pike..

As the Situation draws near, on 23rd January 2018, is the second chapter involves Captain Killy – mirror Universe of Ensign Sylvia Tilly in which there’s been incursion of mirror universe incurring onto the Prime Universe.. in which you’ll journey back towards the Pahvo, in trying the understanding the missing of lost contact with the planet Pahvo also it inhabitants in which finding reconnecting with the Planet Pahvo is critically for the Vulcan Science Academy …. In which two episodes are include for the Ninth Anniversary- Para Pacem in this is titled…

As any new enhancements is the Personal Endeavour systems  in which offers daily challenges in which gives a performance boost.. Apart from that is the new Tier six Vulcan Scout Ship that was featured in series of Star Trek Discovery, in which collecting the right amount omega particles will earn that rewarding of that ship……

#StarTrekOnline # AgeOfDiscovery |#StarTrek #Discovery – your storyline beginnings into the Klingon war of the Battle of the Binary Stars – Featuring Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Sylvia Tilly …..


On Star Trek Online – Age of Discovery As you mount your graduation from first training days at Starfleet Academy in this brings you into the Klingon war, in which you the United Federation of Planets haven’t seen the Klingon’s for least one hundred years since the first encounter with the NX-01 Enterprise under the command of Scott Bakula- Captain Jonathan Archer, on Broken Bow in which was to return a Klingon Warrior back to his home world Qo’noS in resulted return intelligence information on the Temporal Cold War..

From a century later, you storyline begins with being in the middle of the Klingon war in which brings you standing in the mist of defending the Starbase One “Downfall” in which Starbase One’s fleet was decimated by one of the Klingon Factions the House of D’Ghor during the occupation.. in which you can replay that mission during the 2409 also TOS era Captains as you replay those historical events.. Like the Battle of the Binary Stars, with many iconic storyline engagements in which you’ll engage with the Klingon J’Ula Matriarch of house of Mo’Kai, also the Sister of T’Kuvma…

She’s tough – The Walker Class – Photographer @KevinJamesNg

During those Tutorials Days in the Academy you meet Star Trek Discovery Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Sylvia Tilly, voicing her in which she’ll guide you through the academy experiences, in which you’ll helping you out in getting to know the general layout of the storyline experiences, from ground to StarShip on your first starter ship …. As you graduated from your class…. You’ll go through several engagements in which you’ll be assigned on the USS Glenn – Crossfield Class exploring the Dilithum Mines of Corvan three..  In resultant with a new redefined Task Force Operations listings.. In which features some key moments in Federation history..

During the Age of Discover there are new ships in which is the Crossfield Class Walker Class, the Europa Class in which comes in Tier six Heavy Battlecruiser Class, the 25th century version of the Nimitz Class as to of the Fleet variant the Heavy Battlecruiser..  In which that was loss during the Battle of the Binary Stars with the all hands on deck including its captain Admiral Brett Anderson,  In which the Nimitz Class –USS Europa has been the flagship, until the USS Enterprise has taken that call…  as to with starships there Discovery era bridges that fit the designs of the those ships.. With that are the Discovery era uniforms among with various ground equipment…

#StarTrekOnline #AgeOfDiscovery | #Teaser – #StarTrekDiscovery – Taking you into you into intense climax of the #BattleOfTheBinaryStars, you into the #KlingonWar – featuring Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly….


Coming soon on Star Trek Online, into Northern Hemisphere Fall 2018 season is the new season of with a new faction in relations to the of a new faction that was introduce during the DS9 – Deep Space Nine- Victory is life in which you get to create your own Jem Hadar Character storyline as much as the Agents of Yesterday  with a new Temporal agent storyline from the TOS-The Original Storyline era..

Age of Discovery– The new storyline arc takes you as you storyline your character, you, into the events during  after the Battle of the Binary Stars, in Star Trek Discovery, in which you takes you into the intense climax of Klingon war in which the Star Trek Online will be doing systems updating in line with the Discovery series.. in to the year 2265, in which your captain, you must encounter  J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, in which their names was mention in Victory of life as General Martok as he takes the Bat’leth of Kahless from the Torchbearer Ambassador Worf..


As those three determine to alter the face of the Alpha Quadrant, there’s a new officer to friend is Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly – Discovery actor- Mary Wiseman who assisting your training towards your first assignment onboard the newly minted experimental Crossfield Class USS Glenn, also trying to defend Starbase one from a rouge house of D’Ghor also exploration of the Dilithum mines of Corvan two..

As Age of Discovery storylines as you explore the episodes of defending Starbase one in you will partake as a Task Force operations , as part of two new episodes for Starfleet Cadet. New reputation systems to Tier six with rewards..

The PC Platform will have the first exploration of you exploring, and then following by the console later on Xbox One and PlayStation four….