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On Star Trek Online – Age of Discovery As you mount your graduation from first training days at Starfleet Academy in this brings you into the Klingon war, in which you the United Federation of Planets haven’t seen the Klingon’s for least one hundred years since the first encounter with the NX-01 Enterprise under the command of Scott Bakula- Captain Jonathan Archer, on Broken Bow in which was to return a Klingon Warrior back to his home world Qo’noS in resulted return intelligence information on the Temporal Cold War..

From a century later, you storyline begins with being in the middle of the Klingon war in which brings you standing in the mist of defending the Starbase One “Downfall” in which Starbase One’s fleet was decimated by one of the Klingon Factions the House of D’Ghor during the occupation.. in which you can replay that mission during the 2409 also TOS era Captains as you replay those historical events.. Like the Battle of the Binary Stars, with many iconic storyline engagements in which you’ll engage with the Klingon J’Ula Matriarch of house of Mo’Kai, also the Sister of T’Kuvma…

She’s tough – The Walker Class – Photographer @KevinJamesNg

During those Tutorials Days in the Academy you meet Star Trek Discovery Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Sylvia Tilly, voicing her in which she’ll guide you through the academy experiences, in which you’ll helping you out in getting to know the general layout of the storyline experiences, from ground to StarShip on your first starter ship …. As you graduated from your class…. You’ll go through several engagements in which you’ll be assigned on the USS Glenn – Crossfield Class exploring the Dilithum Mines of Corvan three..  In resultant with a new redefined Task Force Operations listings.. In which features some key moments in Federation history..

During the Age of Discover there are new ships in which is the Crossfield Class Walker Class, the Europa Class in which comes in Tier six Heavy Battlecruiser Class, the 25th century version of the Nimitz Class as to of the Fleet variant the Heavy Battlecruiser..  In which that was loss during the Battle of the Binary Stars with the all hands on deck including its captain Admiral Brett Anderson,  In which the Nimitz Class –USS Europa has been the flagship, until the USS Enterprise has taken that call…  as to with starships there Discovery era bridges that fit the designs of the those ships.. With that are the Discovery era uniforms among with various ground equipment…

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