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On a SpaceX’s California evening West coast – Sunday 7th October 2018, launching from SLC4E- Space Launch Complex 4E, from Vandenberg Air force Base….. in which this is a first attempted landing on the launched and landing on the west coast  on landing zone four, which is a previous launch complex that once launched Titian Four Rockets in which was used in Star Trek’s first Contact on first Warp ship flight  developed by Team Zephram Cochrane….

SpaceX -SAOCOM1A Mission | with a brand new FalconNineReusable- Launching the Argentine Microwaves Observation Satellite….

Launching from Launching Complex 4E, in which 1921 Los Angeles Time-PDT… in which Thomas Praderio a SpaceX Firmware Engineering… Who have been hosting this round on commentary the SAOCOM1A Mission explains about the mission in which the twelve minutes will be deployed after launched time… The launch without any arising issues of the new block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket… in which have numerous modifications from its previous generation…

The SAOCOM1A Mission is operated by satellite is operated by Argentina’s Space Agency- CONAE the National Commission on Space Activities forms a constellation SAOCOM1A SAOCOM1B … is a high communications Navigational, Emergence and response Data Analysis Satellite in which provides support towards other constellations networks towards ASI- Italian Space Agency also ESA-European Space Agency, With mission duration of five years in providing assistances… in providing communications Navigational, Emergence and response Data….

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