#SpaceX #SAOCOM1A Mission | with a brand new #FalconNineReusable- Launching the Argentine Microwaves Observation Satellite….


On a SpaceX’s California evening West coast – Sunday 7th October 2018, launching from SLC4E- Space Launch Complex 4E, from Vandenberg Air force Base….. in which this is a first attempted landing on the launched and landing on the west coast  on landing zone four, which is a previous launch complex that once launched Titian Four Rockets in which was used in Star Trek’s first Contact on first Warp ship flight  developed by Team Zephram Cochrane….

SpaceX -SAOCOM1A Mission | with a brand new FalconNineReusable- Launching the Argentine Microwaves Observation Satellite….

Launching from Launching Complex 4E, in which 1921 Los Angeles Time-PDT… in which Thomas Praderio a SpaceX Firmware Engineering… Who have been hosting this round on commentary the SAOCOM1A Mission explains about the mission in which the twelve minutes will be deployed after launched time… The launch without any arising issues of the new block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket… in which have numerous modifications from its previous generation…

The SAOCOM1A Mission is operated by satellite is operated by Argentina’s Space Agency- CONAE the National Commission on Space Activities forms a constellation SAOCOM1A SAOCOM1B … is a high communications Navigational, Emergence and response Data Analysis Satellite in which provides support towards other constellations networks towards ASI- Italian Space Agency also ESA-European Space Agency, With mission duration of five years in providing assistances… in providing communications Navigational, Emergence and response Data….

#SpaceX #Telstar19 |#Vantage – launching the reusable #FalconNine traditionally with #OfCourseIStillLoveYou – #highlights


On the 22nd  of July 2018, on a clear dark east coast Cape Canaveral Air Force Station night, Launching from SLC-40- Space launch Complex 40 is the launch of SpaceX new variant block five Reusable Falcon Nine..  The launch criteria for the night went without any issues. In which it launched on it available window of that Sunday at 1150 EDT-Eastern Date Time  in which a following back up if arises it be the following day on the on the same launch timing window..

launching from SLC 40 Cape Canaveral Air force station is the new block five variant SpaceX falcon nine reusable ..

The Commentary of the launch, hosting by SpaceX Automation Software Engineer- Brain Mahlstedt whom hosted previously whom introducing the newly block five variant Falcon Nine in which is advance efficiency that the previously variants.. The launch when without any issues, in which it landed of the Block five Falcon Nine reusable on the Atlantic Ocean Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love you” landing on the drone ship eight point twenty nine minutes with intense climax with a night time landing with footage of the landing was interrupted then the F9 carrier rocket landed on spot…

Landing onto the Atlantic Drone ship ” Of Course I still Love you” eight point twenty nine minutes after liftoff..

The Payload is TELSTAR 19 VANTAGE- HUGHES 63 WEST– deployed thirty two minutes after launch with an interesting green glow of the secondary staging rocket engine nozzle.. TELSTAR 19 VANTAGE is a next generation of Telesat Satellites in which provides high velocity data communications to provide provisionments of various bandwidth communications with a high degree of use of intensive applications for user globally…

Deployment of the Telstar 19 Vantage in which provides high velocity data communications coverage of the American from North Canadian to South..

Located position in sixty three degrees West, into a GTO-Geostationary Orbit with an operational life cycle of fifteen years. Operated by Hughes Network Systems LLC – Hughes, catering towards the South towards the Northern American Canadian Market in providing Bell Canada’s Northwestel with HTS… The manufacturer for the Telstar 19 Vantage was provide by  satellite was built by SSL, a Maxar Technologies….

#SPACEX #FalconNine |#Airbus #SES12 Mission launching from Space launch complex 40 in a non-traditionally way…


On fourth of June 2018 on an east coast New York Sunday it’s the launch of the Airbus Defense and Space SES-12  on a reused Space X Falcon Nine that from Cape Canaveral Air force Station  from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 Florida.. In which it will launch on a window during after midnight on 1229 hours Eastern Daylight time… in which the SES-12 Satellite will be deployed thirty two minutes after launch from Space Launch Complex 40 in a GTO –Geo Stationary transfer Orbit..

The Launch of the Space X Falcon Nine is a non-traditional launch due to that the Falcon nine core carrier stage won’t be landing on a drone ship it’ll won’t be recovering the core stage but it has been noted in the past Space X does marine landings to see how it experimentally performs in different various landing conditions to fine tune any missing parameters for any further modifications.. The Falcon Nine in question was previously used in OTV-5 Mission in which it was launched from the NASA-KSC iconic launch complex 39A that once launched the Mightily Saturn V carrier rocket towards the Luna Apollo missions also the STS-Space Transportation Systems – Space Shuttle program in which Space X has a twenty year lease on that launch complex to have it modified as testing platform for the Falcon Heavy also the Spaceliner-BFR-Rocket …..  To build other platforms of that type…..

The SES-12 Satellite is a high velocity data telecommunications Satellite that is manufactured by Airbus Defense and space… with an operational lifecycle that communication range of regions of from Europe, middle east towards Asia regions in which like the west of Japan, from Russia towards the Northern Southern sections of  Australian States also towards New Zealand..

The SES-12 replaces the aging NNS-6 Satellite in which the SES-12 will provide the provisionments of expansive capabilities of DTH- Direct to Home Broadcasting, VSAT Mobility also HTS-High Throughput Satellite high velocities Data Communications…..  Apart of the on-orbit manoeuvres it ulitizites electric propulsion for any orbital advantages adjustments to maximize communications range.

#SpaceX #FalconNIne| #GraceFo with #IridiumNEXT6 launching two payloads on one Carrier Rocket in a non-traditionally way …..


Host commentary for today’s launch is John Insprucker-Principal Integrations Engineer providing the launch for a Californian Tuesday 22nd May 2018 it’s the launch two payloads from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SpaceX, in which is reusing a previously used Falcon Nine Reusable in which was previous used on classified mission Zuma in which that Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket is as 1043 ……. In which is set to launch from SLC-4E Space Launch Complex 4E on 1247 Hours PDT- Pacific Date Time in which during the launch of the core primary stage falcon nine in which was previously used will not be recovered in a traditional way on a drone ship…  in which this time a marine landing attempt has been done in the past to experimentally land float and recovery to see how it survives a marine landing…

Launching from from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SLC 4E -Space Launch Complex 4E is the non traditionally launch of the Space X Falcon Nine with the sixth patchment of five Iridium six Next communications also NASA’S Grace Fo Earth Science Satellite..

There are two payloads, Grace-Fo also the next five batches of Iridium Next 6 satellites for Iridium Communications as for Grace-Fo both payloads will be deployed least eleven minutes and thirty seconds after lift-off… This is the sixth batchment of Iridium Next 6 Satellites is the series of constellation networks in the provisionments of providing high velocity next generation data communications for Certus…. In delivery of seventy five Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit in a constellation network with six as a backup service with a total eighty one in servicement providing safety communications, in which The Next Generation of Iridium 6 Next Satellites, manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, is set to replace the existing satellite networks with innovative next generation data communications provisionments with eighty one planned to orbit around Planet Earth…  in a constellation formation  in which the communication provisionments is delivering high degrees of qualities velocities real time of Data Communications in services providing for aviation, Marine time, internet Data provisions communications with terrestrial towards non and government organisations.. one of many innovations is the Aviation surveillance tracking  systems that will gives real time air traffic controls of global visibilities with ADS-B Equipped Aircraft..

As with the GRACE-FO is the collaboration with NASA/German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) GRACE Follow-On (GRACE-FO)- Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment Follow On,  in which have fifteen year duration of monitoring Earth’s mass in which it measures the high and the low mass.. In which the distance between them show the changes in the Earth’s gravitation forces in precisely measuring the changes of the Earth’s Distribution of Mass monthly mapping with the that mapping monitoring repetitive over time to assess the data observational changes to ice sheets, glaciers, sub-terrain water storage, water supplies in lakes and rivers also water sea levels with that in mind to assess this Planet Earth’s Climate in which that enrich data observation it bring massive societal benefits..

#SpaceX | next generation #FalconNineReusable launching the #BangadandhuSatellite1….. Saying #OfCourseIStillLoveYou Traditionally ……

On Tenth on March 2018, it was the first launch attempt of the new SpaceX next Generation Block five Falcon Nine reusable in which is designed towards to building the test case of the Falcon Heavy towards the BFR-Interplanetary-Spaceliner rocket… In which to have it reusable launch usage like operating like a commercial aircraft in which reduces operationally cost of manufacturing new rockets in which extending the life cycle of existing current fleet… in which increasing the rapid extreme reliable reusability of the Falcon Nine reusable fleet program..

The launch of the first attempt in which the flight controls of the Block five Falcon Nine Rocket failed to function, but as on the 11th May 2018.. the issues was repaired and tweaked out as it prepared to launch from the NASA-KSC iconic Launch Complex 39A that launched the mighty Saturn five also the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle  program… in which launching on the second attempt at 1614 hours Eastern Date Time in which to deploying Bangabandhu Satellite One.. at 119.1 Degrees East

SpaceX ‘s next generation Falcon Nine Reusable launching the Bangadandhu Satellite 1 in which today’s launch is a double first…

In thirty three minutes from the launch into GTO- Geostationary Orbit in the broadcast communication range of Bangladeshi of it first National multipurpose Satellite in dealing with 21st century communications issues from communications to weather, navigational… manufacturing of the Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is contracted to Thales Alenia Space on the Spacebus 4000B2 platform in which is operated by the BCSC- Bangladesh Communications Satellite Company Limited with its state of Art Communications facilities covering its territories also Bengal, as well as India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Indonesia.  With DTH- Direct to Home, with a VSAT Communications with the life cycle of fifteen years… The Satellite is composited of twenty six Ku Bands assisted by fourteen C-Band Transponders ….

As the launch proceed into two minutes and thirty three seconds into the launch the Block Five Falcon Nine Reusable lands eight minutes and ten seconds onto an off shore Drone ship that station in the Atlantic Ocean of the Coast of the Cape Canaveral with the crowds cheering out loud also throwing out popcorn.. It landed after its launch with some communications up link interruptions. Commentary provided Tom Praderio –Firmware Engineer of SpaceX … previous as the first attempt…  Also Lauren Lyons –Systems Certification Engineer… Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is namely Honorary after Bangladesh founding father…