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On a New York- Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida 11th November 2019 Day- 0956 AM. Eastern Standard Time…..  It is the launching of SpaceX reusable Carrier Rocket, the reused Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket in which is launching from SLC-40 Space Launch Complex 40 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station… in which the parts were recycled from previous missions..

Previously the First stage has been a part of Falcon Heavy Nine that was previously supported the Iridium Seven, SAOCOM 1A, Nusantara Satu mission.. The Payload flaring is the fairing was previously flown on Falcon Heavy’s Arabsat-6A mission earlier this year of launch calendar 2019…

Following this after eight minutes and twenty four seconds after lift-off in which, land onto landing drone ship  Of Course I Still Love You… in which is station berth off shore Atlantic Ocean.. After deploying the Starlink constellation sixty satellites at an attitude of two hundred and eighty Kilometers above earth.. After deployment the engineers, SpaceX engineers will conduct data reviews to ensure all Starlink satellites are operating as intended. Once the checkouts are complete, the satellites will then use their onboard ion thrusters to move into their intended orbits…. Approximately 45 minutes after lift-off, SpaceX’s two fairing recovery vessels, “Ms. Tree” and “Ms. Chief,” will attempt to recover the two fairing halves..


“….Starlink Communications Constellation network of part two provides SpaceX is developing a low latency, broadband internet system to meet the needs of consumers across the globe. Enabled by a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink will provide fast, reliable internet to populations with little or no connectivity, including those in rural communities and places where existing services are too expensive or unreliable. Since the most recent launch of Starlink satellites in May, SpaceX has increased spectrum capacity for the end-user through upgrades in design that maximize the use of both Ka and Ku bands. Additionally, components of each satellite are 100% demisable and will quickly burn up in Earth’s atmosphere at the end of their life cycle—a measure that exceeds all current safety standards…

Starlink is targeted to offer service in parts of the U.S. and Canada after six launches, rapidly expanding to global coverage of the populated world after 24 launches. Additional information on the system can be found at starlink.com

#SpaceX #FalconNineReusable | #CRS18 – #CommercialResupplyServices- resupplying the veteran #ISS #InternationalSpaceStation with a non-traditional landing…

On a New York Wednesday 24th July 2019…. It’s the launch of the SpaceX Reusable Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket in which is launching its eighteenth Commercial Resupply Services Mission known term CRS-18, launching from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station- Florida.. on 1824 hours Eastern Date Time – EDT in which during the flight of the launch, nine minutes after the launch the reusable payload Dragon module  in which that payload module will makes it connection point to the very aged  ISS –International Space Station…..in connection on Friday to complete the resupplying…  In that connection it’ll dock at the Harmony section with geocentric orbit at low earth with an inclination of 51.6 Degrees…

CRS-18- Dragon Module has been used previously in CRS Six mission in 2105 April , 2017 December during the flight of CRS-18  the first staging of Falcon Nine Reusable will make a landing onto to a non-traditional landing  onto  LZ One- Landing Zone One at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station- Florida ….. in which traditionally landings have been on off shore Drone ships stationary berth in between east and west coast of California and Florida……

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On Wednesday New York Time 15th May 2019, it’s the return launching of the SpaceX reusable Carrier Rocket the reliable tow truck the Falcon Nine Reusable in which had been used previously on 2018 September on the Telstar 18 Vantage mission, also the Iridium eight mission on 2019 January..

Launching SpaceX from afar from the NASA’s KSC launch complex, launching from Cape Canaveral Airforce Base SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 at launch window at 1000 Hours Hong Kong Time, or From 2230 Hours EDT- Eastern Daylight time …. In which returning the primary stage – the tow truck the Reusable Carrier Rocket the Falcon Nine Reusable returns to the Landing Drone ship “Of Course I love you” Landing at eight minutes and seventeen seconds after lift-off.


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The Starlink  Sixty  Clustering Satellites deployment set to be placed in at an attitude at 550 Kilometers above from one hour and two minutes after lift-off…  in which reaching towards the target attitude from 440 Kilometers above earth in which from there they will reach towards their 550 Kilometer under their own propulsion system..

“……In light of today’s tonight launch of the SpaceX Starlink mission it was postponed due towards the weather conditions did not meet the launch criteria check list due to the high velocity winds in the location of the launch complex in which it the next launch will be on the same time 2200 EDT window on 16th May 2019 New York TIme 17th May 2019 from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air force Base…..”


The Provisionments of Starlink sixty cluster satellites in a constellation network performs a low latency connection with a high velocity bandwidth broadband servicing in planetary coverage…. Each system features the hall marks of dragon heritage design with a weight of 227 Kilograms.. In which each of the cluster Starlink Satellite contains Hall Thrusters powered by Krypton. Integrated into that system is with a cluster of instruments of Startracker Navigation system, that allows Space X to position its satellites with a high degree of precision.. Also the satellites are capable of tracking on-orbit debris in making self-awareness to make its decision to move to avoid collisions.. Therefore allowing continuous communications and coverage..



As to the second launch was postponed due towards a software patch upgrade- update  that happen on that day, night in which occurred during the 17th of May 2019.. SpaceX tweet out.. “Standing down to update satellite software and triple-check everything again. Always want to do everything we can on the ground to maximize mission success, next launch opportunity in about a week.”  in which this time it’s the third time launch of that launch in which is launching on 23rd May 2019 from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40…. Launching time of 2230 Eastern Date Time, New York time.. or at 1000 Hours Hong Kong Time,…. 

#SpaceX | #FalconNine #GPSIII #SOV1 – A non-traditional launching of #F9 #CarrierRocket for the third times a Charm for #ChristmasEve ….

SpaceX | FalconNine GPSIII SOV1 – A non-traditional launching of F9 Carrier Rocket for the third times a Charm for Christmas Eve ….

On a 23rd December 2018 New York also Florida , it was the non-traditionally launching of the Space X Falcon Nine, its second attempt due to the first attempt on the previous day it launching conditions didn’t meet launch criteria conditions in which the weather wise that’s closely approaching Cape Canaveral Air force Station began to be unfavourable.. As it approached Cape Canaveral Air force Station’s SLC 40 – Space Launch Complex 40, in which is least ten Kilometers away from the least than twenty years lease of NASA KSC’s LC39A- Launch Complex 39A…..

The 23rd December, launch is the final launch of the SpaceX launch scheduling calendar for the year.. In which an extremely busy one is head for the preparations of Commercial Crew program towards the ISS- International Space Station in which is set to be decommission in year 2025 due to systems and aging of the station ferrying on the New manned next generation block five Dragon reusable module with solar panels that decorative on its main propulsion module ….

Hosting today‘s launch is Michael Andrews, Space X Supply Chain – Siva Bharaadvaj – Integrations and Test Engineer….. This launch when without any arising issues, it launched like wearing a silk slip dress easy to wear……. Launching at on a Morning wintery New York –Florida Sunday at 0851 Eastern Standard Time with a very narrow twenty six minute launch window… This Launch is a Non-traditionally one in which due to the nature of the United States Air force Lockheed Martin GPSIII SOV1 Satellite payload,  in which is an United States Global Positioning System in which its provisionment is to high velocity data communications of Positioning, navigational, and time keeping services, in providing support towards its National Defense goals .. apart from being a National Defense satellite  of being soon to be a thirty one Satellite constellation … in which it’s has Anti Jamming abilities in which a part of the NSS- National Security Space requirements.  In which this payload’s launch is deployed into high elliptically orbit, also its large payload mass forgoing of the tradition of first stage landing…

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On the 22nd  of July 2018, on a clear dark east coast Cape Canaveral Air Force Station night, Launching from SLC-40- Space launch Complex 40 is the launch of SpaceX new variant block five Reusable Falcon Nine..  The launch criteria for the night went without any issues. In which it launched on it available window of that Sunday at 1150 EDT-Eastern Date Time  in which a following back up if arises it be the following day on the on the same launch timing window..

launching from SLC 40 Cape Canaveral Air force station is the new block five variant SpaceX falcon nine reusable ..

The Commentary of the launch, hosting by SpaceX Automation Software Engineer- Brain Mahlstedt whom hosted previously whom introducing the newly block five variant Falcon Nine in which is advance efficiency that the previously variants.. The launch when without any issues, in which it landed of the Block five Falcon Nine reusable on the Atlantic Ocean Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love you” landing on the drone ship eight point twenty nine minutes with intense climax with a night time landing with footage of the landing was interrupted then the F9 carrier rocket landed on spot…

Landing onto the Atlantic Drone ship ” Of Course I still Love you” eight point twenty nine minutes after liftoff..

The Payload is TELSTAR 19 VANTAGE- HUGHES 63 WEST– deployed thirty two minutes after launch with an interesting green glow of the secondary staging rocket engine nozzle.. TELSTAR 19 VANTAGE is a next generation of Telesat Satellites in which provides high velocity data communications to provide provisionments of various bandwidth communications with a high degree of use of intensive applications for user globally…

Deployment of the Telstar 19 Vantage in which provides high velocity data communications coverage of the American from North Canadian to South..

Located position in sixty three degrees West, into a GTO-Geostationary Orbit with an operational life cycle of fifteen years. Operated by Hughes Network Systems LLC – Hughes, catering towards the South towards the Northern American Canadian Market in providing Bell Canada’s Northwestel with HTS… The manufacturer for the Telstar 19 Vantage was provide by  satellite was built by SSL, a Maxar Technologies….