#SpaceX | #FalconNine #GPSIII #SOV1 – A non-traditional launching of #F9 #CarrierRocket for the third times a Charm for #ChristmasEve ….

SpaceX | FalconNine GPSIII SOV1 – A non-traditional launching of F9 Carrier Rocket for the third times a Charm for Christmas Eve ….

On a 23rd December 2018 New York also Florida , it was the non-traditionally launching of the Space X Falcon Nine, its second attempt due to the first attempt on the previous day it launching conditions didn’t meet launch criteria conditions in which the weather wise that’s closely approaching Cape Canaveral Air force Station began to be unfavourable.. As it approached Cape Canaveral Air force Station’s SLC 40 – Space Launch Complex 40, in which is least ten Kilometers away from the least than twenty years lease of NASA KSC’s LC39A- Launch Complex 39A…..

The 23rd December, launch is the final launch of the SpaceX launch scheduling calendar for the year.. In which an extremely busy one is head for the preparations of Commercial Crew program towards the ISS- International Space Station in which is set to be decommission in year 2025 due to systems and aging of the station ferrying on the New manned next generation block five Dragon reusable module with solar panels that decorative on its main propulsion module ….

Hosting today‘s launch is Michael Andrews, Space X Supply Chain – Siva Bharaadvaj – Integrations and Test Engineer….. This launch when without any arising issues, it launched like wearing a silk slip dress easy to wear……. Launching at on a Morning wintery New York –Florida Sunday at 0851 Eastern Standard Time with a very narrow twenty six minute launch window… This Launch is a Non-traditionally one in which due to the nature of the United States Air force Lockheed Martin GPSIII SOV1 Satellite payload,  in which is an United States Global Positioning System in which its provisionment is to high velocity data communications of Positioning, navigational, and time keeping services, in providing support towards its National Defense goals .. apart from being a National Defense satellite  of being soon to be a thirty one Satellite constellation … in which it’s has Anti Jamming abilities in which a part of the NSS- National Security Space requirements.  In which this payload’s launch is deployed into high elliptically orbit, also its large payload mass forgoing of the tradition of first stage landing…

#ULA United Launch Alliance | #AtlasV 551 #AFSPC11 – with two payloads with a party of five Solid Rocket boosters- Mission profile…


On 14th April 2018 on a spring east coast weekend Saturday it’s the launch of the  ULA -United Space Alliance’s Atlas V 551 configuration carrier rocket launching from its SLC41 – Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in which the current payload is a that sits on top of the mightily Atlas V rocket with five Supporting SRB’s in supporting the launch of two payload Satellites.. in which the launch of the ADSPC-11 window opens at 1913 hours Eastern Daylight Time..

The two payloads satellites are designated by the Air Force Space Command – AFSPC-11 in which is multi-manifested mission in which the forward satellite is a CBAS- Continuous Broadcasting Augmenting SATCOM- Satellite in which is place in Geo Stationary Orbit in provisionments of high velocities of Data Communications support to ground combatant commanders and upper tier of command … also its other provisionments is to provide multiple arrangements of relaying communications in between its network..  In which its operations operator is the Air Force Space Missile Systems Center..

The rear Payload is the EAGLE –ESPA Augment GEO Laboratory Experiment in which is also including for the launch… Given the five solid rocket boosters that the long payload faring stage is also the eighth in the Atlas V 551 configuration that’s that capable of lifting almost four tonnes into Geo Stationary Orbit in which is powered by those powerful RD-180 engines with the Centaur RL-10-1 Engines…

#SpaceX #GOVSAT1 | Mission highlights- launching on a non-traditional accent From Space Launch Complex 40…..

On the 1st February 2018, it’s the second attempt to launching  SpaceX Falcon nine non reusable… in which on the 31ST January’s first launch was due to the second stage sensor issue in which that got replaced.. launching was from CapeCanaveral Air Force base SLC-40 Space launch Complex 40…. In which this is a non-traditional Space X launch in which the falcon nine first stage would not be landing on landing zone one in which is adjacently ten Kilometers away nor it’ll land on off shore drone ship.. Also after three minutes after the launch  that there are reports that the falcon nine first stage splashed down intact off shore in which citing its durability of a non-recovery at sea ..as you can see during the launch pad that the first stage wasn’t repainted means it was as a non recoverable even though it splashed landed intacted..

 Second Launch Attempt from SLC 40 from a twenty four hour launching reset cycle on a very clear wintery Florida afternoon on 1625 hours Eastern Standard Time, with a two hour window that closed on 1847 hours… reusing a previous first Stage Falcon Nine rocket that was previously used on NROL -76  that launched from NASA-KSC’s iconic Launch complex 39A that launched the mightily Saturn five also the Space Shuttle-STS-Space Transportation System…..

SpaceX Falcon nine non reusable launched on a second attempt on for GOVSAT-1

The payload in question is the GovSat1 manufactured by Orbital ATK , operated by SES a Leading satellite operator.. GOVSAT 1 in which services the provisionment of Government of Luxembourg in which is provisionments roles provides the security needs addressing governmental and institutional requirements… Of securing communications and data communications in tactical theaters operations for Maritime mission for Humanitarian assistances also provides for the mobility enablement of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance- ISR…  Its current Geo-Stationary orbit positioned at 21.5 Degrees with an operating distance of 36,000 Kilometers above the equator.. it broadcasting dedicated communications  coverage within Europe, Middle East, Africa also Atlantic and the Indian ocean..

#ULA – United Launch Alliance | # AtlasV #SBIRSGEO- Flight 4 – Detecting and first to see- Mission Profile-

On an East Coast Time in which on New York Gossip Girl Thursday 18th January 2018 at an opening window forty minutes Launching time of 1932 Hours East of, is the Launch of ULA-United Launch Alliance from Cape Canaveral Air force Station from Space Launch Complex SLC 41 is the launch of the Traditional reliable Atlas V 411 configuration rocket powered up by those might RD-180 Engines.. Also the secondary stage Centaur RL10A Engine… In which live broadcast of the launch will commerce on 7:32 p.m. Eastern Standard Time..

Detecting and first to see before in using advance infrared sensory Surveillance systems is the next generation of Northrop Grumman SBIRS – Space Based Infrared Systems in which is set to place in Geo Stationary orbit in which using its next generation of infrared systems for missile detection in preparations before they arrived in provision as a warning system in providing missile defence, technical intelligence and battle space arena situation awareness..

#ULA –United Launch Alliance | #NROL 47- #DeltaIV – Launching from that Californian west coast Vandenberg Air Force base- #MissionProfile


Today on a very warmly Dry 27 more degrees Celsius Auckland 12th January Friday 2017,  was the launch attempt of the ULA- United Launch AllianceNROL-47 reconnaissance Satellite in which that was planned to launch on Thursday 11 January 2017, 1300 hours in which there’s as second attempt of the launch in which will occur from a twenty four hour cycle in order to ascertain a maintenance repairing issue with a ground system valve.. At the Vandenberg Air Force Base on SLC-6- Space Launch Complex -6 …. In the current weathering forecast there’s a ninety percent that’s favourable for the next launch on the west Coast Friday 12th January 2017… at the same recycling timing at 1300 Hours at West wintery coast …. In which the live broadcast will be recycle to 1240 West Coast California time..

Its current Payload is the National reconnaissance Office in which its chosen carrier rocket is the Traditional trust worthy Delta four rocket in which is manufactured by Boeing Defense and space division.. The Delta IV in a 5.2 medium plus configuration is consisting two solid rocket motors  in which has a centaur rocket engine that powers up the secondary stage that transition the rest of the payload into geo stationary orbit placement…   as this is the 36th Launch of the flight of usage of Delta four rocket..