#SPACEX |#FalconNineReusable #CarrierRocket Launching the #EsHail2 Communications Satellite from that iconic launch complex #LC39A saying back with #OfCourseIStillLoveYou ……!

On 15 November 2018, on a clear mid-afternoon Florida day , is the launching of the SpaceX true and tried reliable next generation block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket from NASA KSC LC39A…

On 15 November 2018, on a clear mid-afternoon Florida day , is the launching of the SpaceX true and tried reliable next generation block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket.. in which during that launch its launched from a twenty year leased from NASA-National Aeronautics Space Administration’s Kennedy Space Center LC39A that’s launched the mightily Saturn five carrying the Lunar missions of Apollo.. Also the STS-Space Transportation Systems, the Iconic Space Shuttle..

Among that mid-afternoon launch, that went with any arising issues, launching at window 1546 hours Eastern Standard Time… in which commentary of the Es’ Hail two Satellite launch for today is Brian Mahlstedt – Space X’s Automation Software Engineer.. In which his Co-Host is Siva Bharadvaj- SpaceX’s Integration and Test Engineer explaining the staging components of the Falcon Nine reusable of the two staging’s that’s delivering the Telecommunications Satellite..   in which landing on an off shore Drone Ship” Of Course I Still love You “ off the Coast of Kennedy Space Center eight minutes and sixteen seconds after lift-off …

Delivering the payload is with ten powerful Merlin engines, is the Es’ Hail two Telecommunication Satellite, In which is place in GEO – Geo Stationary Orbit in which is place thirty two minutes after lift-off… in which the satellite is manufactured of a proven satellite chassis, Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) DS 2000 satellite bus, in which it provides a High Power capacity flexibility for various applications and roles, featuring Ku-Band multi-transponder Ka-band capacity…..

landing on a drone ship In which landing on an off shore Drone Ship” Of Course I Still love You “ off the Coast of Kennedy Space Center eight minutes and sixteen seconds after lift-off …

In which its designate roles is the provisionment of Data broadcasting Telecommunications for Television  for content distribution, enterprise communications also Governmental services towards the Middle East, North African region with dedication for communications growth for that region in mind..

#ULA – United Launch Alliance | # AtlasV #SBIRSGEO- Flight 4 – Detecting and first to see- Mission Profile-

On an East Coast Time in which on New York Gossip Girl Thursday 18th January 2018 at an opening window forty minutes Launching time of 1932 Hours East of, is the Launch of ULA-United Launch Alliance from Cape Canaveral Air force Station from Space Launch Complex SLC 41 is the launch of the Traditional reliable Atlas V 411 configuration rocket powered up by those might RD-180 Engines.. Also the secondary stage Centaur RL10A Engine… In which live broadcast of the launch will commerce on 7:32 p.m. Eastern Standard Time..

Detecting and first to see before in using advance infrared sensory Surveillance systems is the next generation of Northrop Grumman SBIRS – Space Based Infrared Systems in which is set to place in Geo Stationary orbit in which using its next generation of infrared systems for missile detection in preparations before they arrived in provision as a warning system in providing missile defence, technical intelligence and battle space arena situation awareness..

#Arianespace | #VA238 – The launch of the Hellas Sat – Inmarsat S EAN also GSAT-17 – Highlights-


On 28 June 2017 Wednesday  from the Arianespace CSG- Guiana Space Center, from European space port in French Guiana, it is also within  Arianespace launch of VA238 is the launch of two payloads of Hellas Sat – Inmarsat S EAN also GSAT-17 in which both will be place in Geo Stationary orbit..  The Launch took place at 1815 Hours local time….. in which this marks eightieth launch with the Ariane 5 ECA Rocket with the seventh launched this year’s calendar to date ..

During this launch, there are two payloads within one launch; it is not unusual for one launch to have multiple payloads, like in the recent SpaceX launch with the Iridium two networks… the launcher carrier rocket was on launched from an Ariane 5 ECA Rocket with two boosters…

The two main satellite contractors are hales Alenia Space, also ISRO ISAC (ISRO Satellite Centre) in which are responsible in which hales Alenia Space is constructed the Hellas Sat – Inmarsat S EAN a telecommunications satellite that offers the provisions of Direct Data of high- ultra high data video content, telecom- communications services to Europe, Middle east also South Africa..  also providing advanced Wi-Fi services for aviation..

The other is ISRO ISAC (ISRO Satellite Centre), is contractor to construct GSAT-17, in which is also a communications satellite in which provides high velocities data communications towards the Indian Consentient also providing services to search and rescue efforts..  its other instrumentations is an educationally providing broadcast on educationally science, navigations programming,

#ESA – EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY | #Arianespace #Ariane5 – VA236 – SGDC & KOREASAT-7 – Two Satellites in one launch..

On 21 March 2017, “Arianespace” is set to launch from Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, in which set to launch form the Arianne five launch complexes, the launch window of the launch is in Between 4:31 p.m. and 7:20 p.m., New York time- Between 20:31 and 23:20, Universal Time (UTC)…..

The carrier rocket, is an Arianespace Ariane five ECA – VA236, consisting with two payloads, as this launch is done with a piggy back system, in which saving cost with to payloads, in which launching two payloads is not rare, it’s been done previously with other launches with two payloads in mind in which with SGDC also KOREASAT-7 ….in which place two payloads in different altitudes.

Position at  75° West , One of two payload SGDC ( Geo-stationary Satellite for Communication and Defense) in which is contractor for the Brazilian Government-VISIONA Tecnologia Espacial S.A. in which provide communications  in providing high quality internet services,  with the provisions of  strategic communications to the Brazilian Government..  The SGDC is operated by Telebras S.A., a Brazilian telecommunication company controlled by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication also Brazilian ministry of Defense, Manufactured on the Spacebus 4000C4  heritage platform by Thales Alenia Space in Cannes, France…..

The second payload Positioned at 116° East,  is also manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, the KOREASAT SEVEN, is a series of networks of KOREASAT’s in providing broadcasting and television communications in various range of data and video communications  applications’  to the South Korea by the largest Korean network Kaat also providing broadcasting communications to Philippines, Indonesian population.  ..


ROCKET LAB – NEW ZEALAND | Launch complex nears construction completion…

During the last recent week of September 2016, a major piece of fifty ton launch complex hardware platform was constructed over the several months in the making of “Rocket-Lab” first static launch complex that was constructed in the  installation New Zealand Mahia Peninsula  in which situated outward looking towards the pacific ocean in between Art Deco Napier and Gisborne.. Making it viable safe for test or actual launching…..

The Rocket Lab static Launch Complex situated in an very unique location in which it gives two options in which it can launch various payload depending of rocket type of design, this case their current flagship the “Electron” Rocket in which can launch at payloads of 150 kilograms into orbital or Geo stationary of 500 Kilometers above Earth,  with its dual rocket stage component systems of first stage having multiple New Zealand home built clustered LOX/RP-Rutherford Engines as for the secondary payload final delivery  stage one mono engine of vacuum engine type…. As the other hulling of the rocket is made of carbon composited

The construction of the Rocket-Lab launch complex is very the same rocket delivery process as the Russian, Sea launch  also of Space X launch complex system where the rocket is deliver horizontally then to vertical positioning for ready for launch in testing in the following months..