#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #CLEPS #September 2020 | #VonKarmanCrater #LunarMission#嫦娥 #Change4 #玉兔#Yutu2 #JadeRabbit making another Luna exploration 520 Meters more #LunaExploration Summary of more than 618-day scientific with more lunar driving…..

As of 11th September 2020, The CNSA –China National Space Administration Belt and Road Initiative Lunar Mission on the One Hundred Kilometre diameter Von Karman Crater    Chang’e 4 lander and the “Yutu 2” lunar rover the Chang’e-4 lander and the “Yutu-2” lunar rover… Chang’e 4 lander and “Yutu 2” lunar rover awakened autonomously and entered the 22nd day of work] Today, the Chang’e 4 lander and “Yutu 2” lunar rover, which have been working on the back of the moon for 618 days…..

Once again Wake up independently by light, at 5:15 on September 12th and 11:54 on September 11th 2020, ushering in the 22nd day of work…..Based on data such as panoramic camera stitching images and DOM images, the “Yutu-2” lunar rover will drive toward the basalt or impact crater area with high reflectivity during the 22nd day of the month. The current detection point is about 83m from the nearest impact crater, and there is a degenerated impact crater with a diameter of about 160m on the south side of the impact crater of the One Hundred Kilometre diameter Von Karman Crater…..

Has the exploration continues  there is a degenerated impact crater with a diameter of about 160m on the south side of the impact crater. Both locations are located to the northwest of the current detection point. The “Yutu-2” lunar rover will conduct scientific exploration of these two impact craters during the day of this month. At that time, the panoramic camera, infrared imaging spectrometer, and neutral atom detector will be turned on one after another and the moon-measuring radar will simultaneously carry out detection during driving. Related scientific results will be released in time….



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#MadeInChina #OrientalScienceFictionValley #CGTN | China’s first virtual reality theme park with a fifty three meter tall Battle Tech Jaeger Robot…

Open just recently first of its cyberpunk theme park kind on this year 2018 in the South-western Guizhou Province in which that province is situated in the South-western part of China.. This is the first three billion Yuan- USD 8.4 billion Virtual reality Theme Park- Oriental Science Fiction Valley – in which features a fifty three meter tall Battle Tech Jaeger Robot naming as Phantom in which he protects the theme park…

As the footage show there are fifteen theme rides as the themed in towards the 2038 as in an energy shortage world… In which the lack of resources of the planet is battled out.. Guizhou Province is also known in China’s early 20th Century history as the partaking of the Long March in the late 1930’s….. Also located in one of least fortunate provinces in which constructing the park will provide a more fortunate to the provinces economy …..also to uplifting to the province people lively hood..

As you immerse yourself in the theme park with VR Visors among with the in which they are provide by Ideal Lens.. Throughout the ride you’re as a patron riding out during the ride feel the commotion among with different pavilions there are also different themes.. Along the parks there are ninety six battle tech robots, in which equally they split in different gender female and male….. The current park size is only the phase one, in which in construction is phase two then three…

One part of the attraction is a full dome with five dimensional immersive experiences as the chairs that you sit on move along with the ride… in very similar to Universal Studios in LA with the Terminator… Majority of the Virtual Reality products are made, produced in China in which helps the local economy alive in with creativeness innovation in creating that industry

#StarWars | #Stardust #StarWarsRebels Highlighting from season one to three- the story of the Ghost that will lead to the Death Star Plans on Scarif..


As the building up to A Star Wars Story-Rouge one also towards A New Hope is the story of a group of individuals whom band together as part of a formidable Alliance that will eventually collapsed the Imperial, Galactic Empire in which within the follow five years following in which one part the story that leaded to the Rouge one is which the story of the Ghost and its Crew –Star Wars Rebels in which how their story lead from Lothal…..  To the battlements to the planet Scarif in which to assist the Team Jyn Erso in attempting to obtain the plans of the Death Star in an interesting way.. in which later in the storylines of the crew of the Ghost was to help to establish a base for the Alliance in which was latterly founded in Yavin IV..

The storyline of the Ghost starts with growth of has Ezra Bridger – Taylor Gary  grown into the person that’s he into also the new family that belongs too as he tries to find his parents or what happened to them..  As the series grows we get the see the behind the scenes of how the Rebellion grows and unites within assembling of the multiples of factions of rebel cells in one collective caused also from a help from the insider a person name Fulcrum whom appears to be Alexsandr Kallus-David Oyelowo ( Danny Hunter-BBC Spooks) …

As the rebellion grows they obtain, the counter rightfully fighter vehicles in order to counter Imperial forces to battlement in a guerrilla type warfare to weaken the Imperial forces on a massive scale season four in which set to screen on 16th October 2017 will be the final installment in which takes them to a new dangerous level on Lothal in it takes them towards the A Star Wars Story –Rogue to the place on assisting to recovery plans of the Death Star on Scarif..

#Legendary #PacificRimUprising | #JoinTheUprising against the Kaiju – join the PPDC – the trailer….

On 23rd March 2018 it’s the date of Pacific Rim Uprising..  It’s been decade since the fall the of Kaiju breach in the Pacific Ocean… In which that incident is now call the “Battle of the Breach in which those absence decade years, the Jaeger program has been constant evolving in its development as one of many the key planetary Defense systems for this planet Earth also the Solar System.. Its Call PPDC- Pan Pacific Defense Corps…

Up to now the War with the Kaiju, in which they been lying sleeping awaitingly for the right moment to strike… In the second episode the Pacific Rim Uprising sets a different story with the new Jaeger pilots whom rediscover themselves with the mentoring of the previous generations of pilots whom fought in the Breach….  The storyline continues around with two individuals… Jake Pentecost-Jake Boyega-Star Wars third trilogy.. As pilot whom lost his way until he find himself back in his own right to carry onwards his Father whom was so Legendary as a Jaeger pilot…  among helping him along is his sister, whom estranged Mako Mori- Rinko Kikuchi whom is just as equal to her brother.. As they’re the shade of their parents… As the storyline continues they’re meet up by a gifted young pilot Lambert also a hacker Amara- Cailee Spaeny- as the three meet they become an interesting team for the PPDC also featuring the second episode is directing by Steven S. DeKnight, wirtten by T.S. Nowlin also Featuring is increasingly known Chinese Actress Jing Tian- Liwen Shoa – The Great Wall as Grand General Lin Mae, with Burn Gorman, Adria Arjona and Charlie Day… as they battled out with the largest Kaiju genetically assembled on a colossal scale.. it should be interesting what’s installed for the third episode…….?

#DJI #MADEINCHINA #SHENZHEN | 中國製造 |#NewYork – USS Intrepid Exhibit – is the Sky the limit…?


Currently in Charlotte York’s Sex in the City, in New York there’s an interesting exhibit that’s currently running from 10th May to 3rd December 2017 at the USS Intrepid Museum, in which housing the Iconic test bed NASA’s Space Shuttle OV 101- Orbital Vehicle- Enterprise….  In which was named after Star Trek’s Constitution Class Starship USS Enterprise

Within the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, that is currently underway is the “Drones- is the Sky the limit?” in which exhibiting showcasing an intensive exhibits of the nostalgic artifacts of model aircraft with historical rare footage in different various media of displaying  unmanned flying machines towards its evolutionary innovative development in between from  amateurs to start-ups in such as the number one leading Drone marker start-up, that was developed, manufactured and Made in China, start up in one of many China’s Mega startups Industrial technologies Regional Cities in Shenzhen, like its sister city in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.. is DJI  in which they also be showcasing there products on how in inspiring new generation, also the previous aswell to innovating engineered and creative, start-ups,  to take the next UAV technologies to the next exponential level. In application usage agriculture, public safety, science applications, in many different levels layers of arts in film making, photography..

As part of the exhibit, DJI, there’s an educational component in teaching young children from inner city schools of teaching the physics, science of flight, also the lecturing talks of drones.. In development aerospace designs, also programming and the coding that goes integrated into it the development of drones also in aviation…

As part of exhibition, featuring Lady Gaga- Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta,’s flying dress The Volantis, also Studio XO the prototype that catering for Amazon drone delivery service that’s due to roll out soon for personalised online shopping delivery.. In which this exhibits explores the usage of drone technologies in adaptiveness, from flying cars to space explorations