#StarWars | #Stardust #StarWarsRebels Highlighting from season one to three- the story of the Ghost that will lead to the Death Star Plans on Scarif..


As the building up to A Star Wars Story-Rouge one also towards A New Hope is the story of a group of individuals whom band together as part of a formidable Alliance that will eventually collapsed the Imperial, Galactic Empire in which within the follow five years following in which one part the story that leaded to the Rouge one is which the story of the Ghost and its Crew –Star Wars Rebels in which how their story lead from Lothal…..  To the battlements to the planet Scarif in which to assist the Team Jyn Erso in attempting to obtain the plans of the Death Star in an interesting way.. in which later in the storylines of the crew of the Ghost was to help to establish a base for the Alliance in which was latterly founded in Yavin IV..

The storyline of the Ghost starts with growth of has Ezra Bridger – Taylor Gary  grown into the person that’s he into also the new family that belongs too as he tries to find his parents or what happened to them..  As the series grows we get the see the behind the scenes of how the Rebellion grows and unites within assembling of the multiples of factions of rebel cells in one collective caused also from a help from the insider a person name Fulcrum whom appears to be Alexsandr Kallus-David Oyelowo ( Danny Hunter-BBC Spooks) …

As the rebellion grows they obtain, the counter rightfully fighter vehicles in order to counter Imperial forces to battlement in a guerrilla type warfare to weaken the Imperial forces on a massive scale season four in which set to screen on 16th October 2017 will be the final installment in which takes them to a new dangerous level on Lothal in it takes them towards the A Star Wars Story –Rogue to the place on assisting to recovery plans of the Death Star on Scarif..

STAR WARS | REBELS- official -extended preview…?

On October 2014 a new team is formed on an excursion on Lothal, as the crew of the Ghost are in position to heist some interesting cargo… with using some tricks up their sleeves using creating a diversion.. In a world where strict cargo are to be examine with restriction.. in this a young teen boy, Ezra notices the prize in waiting but, also his not quite sure about his instinct telling him that he notice a guy whom is Jarrus a surviving  Jedi renegade..  Surviving of what left of his order in which the chronological of the premise at in between episode three and four…  as The Sith has taken over… Jarrus sense the young boy Ezra… as both had in mind of obtaining the cargo through tricky means..  Both sides obtain in procurement as they race out from Lothal… with their loot… From the imperial stormtroopers…  Seemingly that Jarrus and Ezra share the same common trait…

“Star wars Rebels” will be screen one hourly on the Disney Channel on the Disney XD channel globally..