#StarWars | #Stardust #StarWarsRebels Highlighting from season one to three- the story of the Ghost that will lead to the Death Star Plans on Scarif..


As the building up to A Star Wars Story-Rouge one also towards A New Hope is the story of a group of individuals whom band together as part of a formidable Alliance that will eventually collapsed the Imperial, Galactic Empire in which within the follow five years following in which one part the story that leaded to the Rouge one is which the story of the Ghost and its Crew –Star Wars Rebels in which how their story lead from Lothal…..  To the battlements to the planet Scarif in which to assist the Team Jyn Erso in attempting to obtain the plans of the Death Star in an interesting way.. in which later in the storylines of the crew of the Ghost was to help to establish a base for the Alliance in which was latterly founded in Yavin IV..

The storyline of the Ghost starts with growth of has Ezra Bridger – Taylor Gary  grown into the person that’s he into also the new family that belongs too as he tries to find his parents or what happened to them..  As the series grows we get the see the behind the scenes of how the Rebellion grows and unites within assembling of the multiples of factions of rebel cells in one collective caused also from a help from the insider a person name Fulcrum whom appears to be Alexsandr Kallus-David Oyelowo ( Danny Hunter-BBC Spooks) …

As the rebellion grows they obtain, the counter rightfully fighter vehicles in order to counter Imperial forces to battlement in a guerrilla type warfare to weaken the Imperial forces on a massive scale season four in which set to screen on 16th October 2017 will be the final installment in which takes them to a new dangerous level on Lothal in it takes them towards the A Star Wars Story –Rogue to the place on assisting to recovery plans of the Death Star on Scarif..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HongKongInternationalAirport | it’s all about a very cute robot name Timmy watch out R2D2 and Chopper….!

In the recently appointees at “Hong Kong International Airport” in a very Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong… There’s a new employee, work colleague, also he’s just as Cute R2D2 or Chopper from Star Wars Rebels…. In which this robot, named Timmy applying for a job role in which …. Timmy can communicate in various languages, also Timmy likes to watches aircrafts as they come and go, also Timmy can assist people in various ways and tasks in getting around in the Airport…. Also Timmy can do almost any other social media thing like doing selfies… in during the process of the interview, the interviewer was impress so Timmy was hired for the role… to assist Passengers in Hong Kong International Airport..

STAR WARS | A fan film – the beginnings of Darth Maul..

it’s past Midnight, finding this excellent made Fan Film of the evolution of the Maul, Darth Maul in his process of becoming Darth for the Sith, as goes for the learning process of going to the Dark Side… this is a different younger Darth Maul that we see in Star Wars Rebels, in where it’s for him now, after a learning process of that the Sith order that he used be with betrayed him long time ago.. just for Darth Sidious needs…

In this it brilliant done, with VFX, and cosplay at high quality film levels.. also its excellently stage in sabre fighting where it plays a large part of the storyline that’s taking place as well the screenplay it written as well.. it’s also interesting to see that Lucas films and Disney encourages fan made films that are on produce thinking so Paramount and Viacom should do the same in adopting high quality fan films, series into its cannon…….  Production wise it’s done with T7Prproduction, written, produced, edited by Shawn Bu, Music is done by Vincent lee…….

STAR WARS – Rebels | what’s to come for season two… !


As season two for “Star Wars_ Rebels” heats up from the last time when we see team Ghost with the Rebellion as it starts to grow in size numbers to go against the Empire in preparations for the “ A New Hope’ episode four..

In this we see more of the growing understanding of the Sith as season two becomes darker than season one introduction we understand the fall of the Jedi order and its aftermath through the life that Kanan Jarrus- Freddie Prinze Jr, Ahsoka Tano- Ashley Eckstein the two of many remain Jedi’s in action or in hiding after the fall of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in the “Return of the Sith”

As the series grows darker, the three Kanan, Ahsoka, Ezra Bridger-Taylor Gray, goes into investigating into a Sith Temple in order to find a story of a legend,  and bring down its order of the Sith as they’re drawn into the investigation they find the truth of whom Darth Vader is through Ahsoka in mediation in the force as she discovers it’s her old master Anakin Skywalker whom turn to the dark side..

As into the investigation, continues there’s this cut scene where, Kanan begins to finalized this unfinished training long time ago also at the same time Ezra too into either training of the Sith or the Jedi as the interesting thing thou he holds up the same type of Lightsaber in which Kylo Ren possess, something medieval with cross design rather than a Samurai sabre design, this time with a green blade… thinking of its origins of Master Snoke whom appeared in the “The Force Awakens”

In this the Seventh Sister returns voiced by Buffy- Sarah Michelle Gellar.. As an inquisitor, also the introduction of Princess Leia Organa whom re enforces the rebellion cause personally,  it should be interesting to see the build-up of “ The New Hope”……………

STAR WARS | Rebels- Welcome to Buffy as the seventh sister unmasked….


As “Star Wars-Rebels” conclude from the point where the rebels met Darth Vader on Lothal,  Ezra Bridger’s home planet in which he’s in search of his parents after their home was raided by the Imperial Stormtroopers… as the Rebels from the Ghost, they’re met whom is Falcon is, Anakin Skywalker’s – Darth Vader’s Apprentice Ahsoka Tano.. Who is one of the leads of the Rebellion group…  In this we met the Seventh sister of the inquisitors whom is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar- Buffy the Vampire Slayer.. Jedi Hunting around the Galaxy then finding Team Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze) either trying to force them to the dark side of an exterminating way…  in this Sarah voice worked into the scenes even before she met her character in which they took her mannerism then integrated into Character in wielding that dangerous assassin look with a Ruby blade Lightsaber.….   it should be interesting to see how her Seventh sister grows, and Knowing that Ahsoka have a serious competition besides Darth Vader.. The Conclusion of Season two screens on 14th October 2015… !