#StarWars #TheLastJedi | the last Jedi official trailer- intense is the light and the dark it is…


“I need someone to show me my place in all of this..” Rey- Daisy Ridley..

As Star WarsThe Last Jedi  is set out to be release out on the 15th December 2017, in which is set out to be screen on 14th December 2017 in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, also early in France on the 13th..  The trailer that’s released sets out a premise that seeming that Rey- Daisy Ridley whom becomes Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s newest Apprentice that’s seeming in the process needing to know her place in all of this conflict between the Jedi also its Darkest discipline the Sith Order.. seeming there are no more light sided Jedi’s only the grey whom knows the both side in which makes them a lot more powerful than the Sith..

Also the seeming that Snoke- Andy Serkis is on the hunt for Rey also Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill, as he pursues to end the Skywalker Household through Ben Solo- Kylo Ren- has he pursues in a massive spatial battlement in which he self-conflicted locking on target on his Mother- General Princess Leia Organa – the late Carrie Fisher…

Looking in between Rey and Luke’s relationship in between the training with his father lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker now’s its Rey’s,   seeming Luke is afraid more of Rey due to she’s becoming more powerfully than him as they both train up in the Jedi first temple on Arch-To… In which later in storyline thousands more temples spread out throughout the galaxy in which as from the last time you’ve seen Rey walking up the mountains island you discovered a Force Tree.. Learning from also from the older text of the order… also soon to be release out soon is Star Wars Battlefront two with more insight into the storylines..

#STARWARS | #TheLastJedi – Episode eight teaser- introducing- Rey’s story in becoming-discovering more than the force..

“…. The light… Darkness… the Balance there’s so much bigger that’s going on……..” – Rey – Daisy Ridley,

As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando 2017 screening on Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – 15 December 2017 is The  Last Jedi , in which a Special Loving  tribute was presented to the late Carrie Frances Fisher whom played more than the Princess- but a Jedi, General –Princess Leia Organa… As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando, presenting The Last Jedi on Rey’s Path off training in becoming a Jedi from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill whom hides in self-exclusion in where the balance of the force originally began on one of the first Jedi Temple among thousands on the Planet Ahch-To.

As Rey-Daisy Ridley begins she is first to taught to breath as she trains, in which partaking in wielding the iconic Anakin Skywalker LightSaber, in partaking  the intense training she sees the balance, in between the light also the dark side of the Force..  as she trains the Sith-Snoke- Kylo-Ren – Ben Solo are planning wonder where Luke Skywalker is residing, in which a massive onslaught by the first order is begins to investigate which he is in, they’re a match up with great resistances, from the Resistance-the Rebellion..

#StarWars #RougeOne | #AStarWarsStory – ILMVisualFX- Behind the scenes- creating Scarif and Jedha………


As Star Wars- A Star Wars Story “Rouge One” screened on 16 December 2016, in which a team of highly trained rebellion resistance pilots with various sorts of backgrounds, the rebellion resistance pilots who are skilled operating in dangerous missions in enemy lines… In this we get to see the action, the story what happened before the New Hope, where before Princess Leia actually possess the plans of the Empire Death Star Mark one, as we seen in the episode of the Return of the Sith… also it should be interesting to see how it integrated into that first scene leading up to the New hope, above Tatooine….  Where the centric lead character story on Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones a street criminal whom has an interesting history, whom becomes a rebellion solider is when she is offered a reprieved notice unless she in assisting in obtaining information about stealing the information of a massive devastating weapon The Death Star that her father was forcefully to build in order to protect his family ending it with her..

In this behind the scenes of “ILMVisualFX” we get to see the compositing of the one many Jedi Temples homeworlds in there the Imperial are mining for the KyberCrystals that makeup the key components of the Jedi also Sith LightSabers in sourcing that for the main component of the construction of the 140 Kilometres Diameter Mark One Death Star orbiting above Jedha..  Also the destructive nature as the it hyperspace drive towards Scarif in where the Death Star plans are stored along with other Imperial destructive weapons that are in construction like the second, third planetary size Death Star..  In this we see the various different layers of compositions … of using real life locations towards adding them with different layers computer Graphically elements to create that additional layer of storytelling as the Death Star starts to cover up its loose ends…

#STARWARS #ROGUEONE | #IMAX #DEATHSTAR- a Star Wars Story – more of that’s not a moon…

As the build up to “Star Wars-Rogue one” gathers up momentum screening on the 15th December 2016 in Hong Kong, in which sits on 16th December 2016 New Zealand.. in which the storyline sits out to find the Plans of the Death Star, in which was first investigate  from an random patrol squadron of  Rebellion X wing pilots, in which was reported back to the Rebellion base..

As to the rebellion investigating it lead to finding the Daughter of the chief Designer of the Death Star, Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones…. Hoping in finding her, in which will finding her father in finding the plans of a terrible weapon that’s yet to be constructed…….In that pursue of the rebellion of obtaining the plans of the Death Star is too find appropriated weakness of one of massive terrible devastating weapons ever constructed since a time long ago also that utilize the crystal remains of the fallen Jedi’s Lightsabers to energized the weapon destructive nature..

In this IMAX feature, it features more of destructive capabilities of the Death Star mark one, only 1/32nd times smaller than Earth’s Moon Luna., that’s for scale, that the Death Star Radius is least 140 Kilometers diameter…. As it tests fires it destructed nature slowly on a lighter setting to an aggressive nature onto a desert planet….. also, then Darth Vader drop by for a visit to see how everything is going. trying to make himself useful…..?


#STARWARS – #ROGUEONE |#DEATHSTAR – A Star Wars Story – The Japanese international trailer..

“Rebellions are built on Hope..  May the Force be with us…! “-Jyn Erso- Daisy Ridley


As the building up towards only least a month away on 16th December 2016 “Star Wars Rogue One- A Star Wars Story” to Jyn Eros’s story on her quest to find her father, after being forcefully abandon since her younger teenage years… she receives an interesting message from her Father whom was a Key designer in constructing the first Death Star among further two more larger ones in the process…  Also in this we see more of the storyline outcome in this extended look of this trailer that the Death Star, freshly built is test firing onto its neighbouring planet in preparations in what we about to see in “ A New Hope”  when it was targeting planet Alderaan to show case its destruction as a example of what’s to come..

As the story continues from the trailer Jyn in finding her father, she is recruited into the Rebellion along with others to retrieve the digital plans Designs of the Death Star …. Together with her newly founded group, with the rebellion as they seek to find the weakness of Death Star that her father built.. Also in the storyline Jyn Erso’s Mother presenting her with a Crystal of some sort that it looks like it’s an important component of constructing a lightsabre that Jyn is somewhat Force Sensitive interestingly that what we shall see is her mother a Jedi on self-exile after the fall of the Jedi Order..