#STARWARS #DisneyParks |Announcing introducing #GalaxysEdge #YourStarWarStory….. What’s to come….

Under Construction yet to be opening in the Californian, Los Angeles Summer 2019 at Disneyland Resort in late fall 2019 Calendar is the Disney’s Park largest expansion also reconstruction, with that expansion of the Park, Star Wars themed, as tittle Galaxy Edge.. Theme on the Star Wars Universe, in which it’ll put the guest into the center of their own unique adventuring stories in being in the action of all events as you either take to become part of the Rebellion or the Imperial Empire…. With two themes the Millennium Falcon ride as you and your fellow passengers pilot the Falcon out from a sticky situation with Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers on perusing you. The other theme is more updated with the fourth trilogy is escaping from the first order…

Your living Star Wars Story first adventuring with the Millennium Falcon, landed on a remote outpost world Batuu in which is a safe haven for Smugglers, in which you explore that outpost in which with each part of the world you’ll get to explore certain types of mechanizing stores like in Universal studios for Harry Potter’s Wizarding world with different rides and attraction..  Galaxy Edge is like the massive expansion of the Star Wars ride that’s been ever so evolving into a very larger theme park… into Disney’s  Anaheim also Bay Lake Florida……

#STARWARS | #AStarWarsStory #Solo #HanSolo – live from the red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard- With a parked Corellian Freighter YT-1300 – #MillenniumFalcon in a tow away zone..

Live from Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles in which Emmy’s Awarding KTLA 5 Morning news in which Sky5 took the chance to look at a very book out street in preparations for the next installments for Star Wars a Star Wars Story –Solo premiere on 10th Thursday -May 2018 LA’s Wednesday week preparations have been underway on a closed off street in from of the iconic Kodak- Dolby Theatre and the Chinese Theatre in which house many times of the Academy- Oscar Awards..  With those instalments is the construction of the early Ralph Mcquarrie’s retention of the hero ship YT-1300 – the Millennium falcon clean, stylistically interior without the Han Solo’s modifications that came later…

Publicity world premiere screening for on the 25th May 2018… in which host sponsoring the event is Nissan Motors Company, host commentary is the crew from Star Wars Show web series – is Andi Gutirrez and Anthony Carboni in which gives you inside behind the scenes form every series elements of the Star Wars franchise ….  With the Stormtroopers and a cheering crowd from exclusive stands..

A Star Wars Story- Solo- shows prequels a New Hope Star Wars IV the first introduction of soon to be General Han Solo of the rebellion, Husband to Princess Leia Organa one of the leaders of the rebellion..  in this prequel premise the beginnings of the makings of the Han Solo  that we know today in which how he learn, taught of becoming that smuggler, also  the begging  relationship between Lando Calrissian, the legendary Wookie whom battled in the clone Wars Chewbacca.. In that relation that redefines Han Solo life is the Qi’ra –Emilia Clarke…  in which they grew up worked together..  During the production, Star Wars creator George Lucas had a massive input in creating, storyboarding the screenplay, creativeness  of the production  in which his closest friend whom Ron Howard whom both worked together in George’s Indie film American Graffiti.. The feel of the A Star Wars Story –Solo has a 1970’s atmosphere in which inspired many thematic of the production …… in which during the production of A Star Wars Story- Solo brought in many leading innovating special visual effects from ILM- Industry light and Magic.. Lucasfilms VFX  workshop division.. in creating an extra add immersive layer  storyline and story telling..

#StarWars #AStarWarsStory | #Solo- Before he was General Han Solo of the rebellion


“………You’re after something. Is it revenge? Money? Or is it something else…” Qira-Emilia Clarke


As yesterday on the 9th April 2018, it was the second trailer for the prequel story of our soon to be the Husband of Princes Leia Organa, Father of now known of turned son, Darth Vader wannabe… Ben Solo- Kylo Ren….  That’s A Star Wars Story of Han Solo… of his origins of how he became the interesting lovable antihero smuggler that we know today…In which we set to see on it’s releases on 25th May 2018…..

Within Solo storyline- it is as most Space Westerns gets set in the world where there’s no Jedi left or the very few in exile in the world where Star Wars Rebels is the beginning, in the world that Han Solo- Alden Ehrenreich grew up in which of his younger self enterprising himself with his partner in crime Chewbacca- Joonas Suotamo…  in which he’s after something else that’s going to be his home, his love in which is the Millennium Falcon- the modified Corellian freighter YT-1300 in which he won it after with a table match in between his long-time friend Lando Calrissian- Donald Glover..  In which their storyline once again meet in Bespin the Clouded City…   or first love is Qira- Emilia Clarke as they grew up together in which she share the same rough road life with her being glamorous operating with different guises

In this trailer there’s something western about this, in a western there’s always a train heist in which sets the tone for one in stealing from the imperial empire, as they contracted to do a job as they younger Solo with his fellow smugglers are warmth with a campfire in planning their heist..  The Solo Story sets the tone with as many other origin stories within the Star Wars franchise in which would like to see an actual Star Wars Rebels  in which leading up towards the third trilogy…..

#STARWARS | #TheLastJedi – Episode eight teaser- introducing- Rey’s story in becoming-discovering more than the force..

“…. The light… Darkness… the Balance there’s so much bigger that’s going on……..” – Rey – Daisy Ridley,

As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando 2017 screening on Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – 15 December 2017 is The  Last Jedi , in which a Special Loving  tribute was presented to the late Carrie Frances Fisher whom played more than the Princess- but a Jedi, General –Princess Leia Organa… As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando, presenting The Last Jedi on Rey’s Path off training in becoming a Jedi from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill whom hides in self-exclusion in where the balance of the force originally began on one of the first Jedi Temple among thousands on the Planet Ahch-To.

As Rey-Daisy Ridley begins she is first to taught to breath as she trains, in which partaking in wielding the iconic Anakin Skywalker LightSaber, in partaking  the intense training she sees the balance, in between the light also the dark side of the Force..  as she trains the Sith-Snoke- Kylo-Ren – Ben Solo are planning wonder where Luke Skywalker is residing, in which a massive onslaught by the first order is begins to investigate which he is in, they’re a match up with great resistances, from the Resistance-the Rebellion..

#StarWars #RougeOne | #AStarWarsStory – ILMVisualFX- Behind the scenes- creating Scarif and Jedha………


As Star Wars- A Star Wars Story “Rouge One” screened on 16 December 2016, in which a team of highly trained rebellion resistance pilots with various sorts of backgrounds, the rebellion resistance pilots who are skilled operating in dangerous missions in enemy lines… In this we get to see the action, the story what happened before the New Hope, where before Princess Leia actually possess the plans of the Empire Death Star Mark one, as we seen in the episode of the Return of the Sith… also it should be interesting to see how it integrated into that first scene leading up to the New hope, above Tatooine….  Where the centric lead character story on Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones a street criminal whom has an interesting history, whom becomes a rebellion solider is when she is offered a reprieved notice unless she in assisting in obtaining information about stealing the information of a massive devastating weapon The Death Star that her father was forcefully to build in order to protect his family ending it with her..

In this behind the scenes of “ILMVisualFX” we get to see the compositing of the one many Jedi Temples homeworlds in there the Imperial are mining for the KyberCrystals that makeup the key components of the Jedi also Sith LightSabers in sourcing that for the main component of the construction of the 140 Kilometres Diameter Mark One Death Star orbiting above Jedha..  Also the destructive nature as the it hyperspace drive towards Scarif in where the Death Star plans are stored along with other Imperial destructive weapons that are in construction like the second, third planetary size Death Star..  In this we see the various different layers of compositions … of using real life locations towards adding them with different layers computer Graphically elements to create that additional layer of storytelling as the Death Star starts to cover up its loose ends…