#STARWARS | #AStarWarsStory #Solo #HanSolo – live from the red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard- With a parked Corellian Freighter YT-1300 – #MillenniumFalcon in a tow away zone..

Live from Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles in which Emmy’s Awarding KTLA 5 Morning news in which Sky5 took the chance to look at a very book out street in preparations for the next installments for Star Wars a Star Wars Story –Solo premiere on 10th Thursday -May 2018 LA’s Wednesday week preparations have been underway on a closed off street in from of the iconic Kodak- Dolby Theatre and the Chinese Theatre in which house many times of the Academy- Oscar Awards..  With those instalments is the construction of the early Ralph Mcquarrie’s retention of the hero ship YT-1300 – the Millennium falcon clean, stylistically interior without the Han Solo’s modifications that came later…

Publicity world premiere screening for on the 25th May 2018… in which host sponsoring the event is Nissan Motors Company, host commentary is the crew from Star Wars Show web series – is Andi Gutirrez and Anthony Carboni in which gives you inside behind the scenes form every series elements of the Star Wars franchise ….  With the Stormtroopers and a cheering crowd from exclusive stands..

A Star Wars Story- Solo- shows prequels a New Hope Star Wars IV the first introduction of soon to be General Han Solo of the rebellion, Husband to Princess Leia Organa one of the leaders of the rebellion..  in this prequel premise the beginnings of the makings of the Han Solo  that we know today in which how he learn, taught of becoming that smuggler, also  the begging  relationship between Lando Calrissian, the legendary Wookie whom battled in the clone Wars Chewbacca.. In that relation that redefines Han Solo life is the Qi’ra –Emilia Clarke…  in which they grew up worked together..  During the production, Star Wars creator George Lucas had a massive input in creating, storyboarding the screenplay, creativeness  of the production  in which his closest friend whom Ron Howard whom both worked together in George’s Indie film American Graffiti.. The feel of the A Star Wars Story –Solo has a 1970’s atmosphere in which inspired many thematic of the production …… in which during the production of A Star Wars Story- Solo brought in many leading innovating special visual effects from ILM- Industry light and Magic.. Lucasfilms VFX  workshop division.. in creating an extra add immersive layer  storyline and story telling..

STAR WARS | a surprising force for change winner…?

During the this year on the month of July 2014, “Star Wars Disney” plus United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) did an fund raising initiative where everyone could contribute and donate for a charity name for “Star Wars-Force for change” where you help out children across the globe.. Also in where you could win prizes, also the winner whom won will get to see the premiere advance screening in your hometown among with 20 friends.. Also among with the winner and guest gets to see a closed set filming of the episode seven as VIP J.J. Abrams guest.. Also meeting the cast and crew… Also partaking in the movie with a makeup also with costuming film among with the film…

Well today “Star Wars force for Change” Just announced the winner of exclusive grand prize winner whom would be partaking in the film. . His name is D.C. Barns… From Denver, Colorado… from that Barns shared a donor video… explaining his favourite moments of watching Star Wars… Shared from his Denver office… Out from thirty five years saying he had to wait in line….  Then an outburst of surprise from the crew of Star Wars for change… then saying in surprisement “…this is my new Star Wars Moment… “as he was totally stoked that in winning  expressively nearly falling of his chair..

STAR WARS | _battlefront- E3-2014-trailer_ an insight…?

As someone once said “… Do or do not there is no Try….” Master Yoda..

During the time of E3-2014, a new preview of Star Wars Battlefront.. in that view showing the early stages of the gameplay , and as this early footage explain by Star Wars Dice Design Director Niklas Fegraeus, gives an insight at the developmental stage where the game is going to be release during the northern Hemisphere Spring of 2015…  The Dice team behind the project when back to the same film set shooting locations where they shot the second Star Wars trilogy, from the inspired locations of Hoth to the Moon Endor… Where you pilot various vehicles in game depicting the story where you been in the very character of the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire… in this the Dice studio team situated in Stockholm Sweden went to back to original lore at Lucas Cultural Arts Museum where to get back to be inspired..

Star wars detours | a self-parody

This is very interesting something I found during the weekend,  a brand new animated  Star Wars series coming in airing season on 2013 in the United States, it’s a star wars self- parody comedic look on the Star Wars Universe. The premise is set during the Rise of the Empire era in between two trilogies, it is directed by Todd Grimes created by George Lucas.  The comedic parody non canon series will feature writers  from different television series inclusion from the Simpsons, family guy, Buffy the vampire slayerBattlestar Galatica also Robot Chicken.

Like to check out the series trailers of Star Wars Detours playlist ?