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As someone once said “… Do or do not there is no Try….” Master Yoda..

During the time of E3-2014, a new preview of Star Wars Battlefront.. in that view showing the early stages of the gameplay , and as this early footage explain by Star Wars Dice Design Director Niklas Fegraeus, gives an insight at the developmental stage where the game is going to be release during the northern Hemisphere Spring of 2015…  The Dice team behind the project when back to the same film set shooting locations where they shot the second Star Wars trilogy, from the inspired locations of Hoth to the Moon Endor… Where you pilot various vehicles in game depicting the story where you been in the very character of the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire… in this the Dice studio team situated in Stockholm Sweden went to back to original lore at Lucas Cultural Arts Museum where to get back to be inspired..

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