#STARWARS #TheLastJedi | #ANA – All Nippon Airways – Star Wars opening theme tune the passengers they sing… ?

”    スター・ウォーズ最後のジェダイ   “

As Star Wars – The Last Jedi is due to screen on the 14th December 2017 in Already in Tomorrow In Hong Kong also in New Zealand too, in which also is the second sequel towards the third trilogy of the Star Wars storyline in which the Skywalker’s household storyline is about to close for the next generation of other storylines in which has been very promenade in the last two trilogies.  As Rey- Daisy Ridley    becomes to understand herself more in which why how she ascertain the use of the Force so extremely prolific than the Grey Jedi Luke Skywalker- Mark Hamill ..  In which pushes towards her more to the balance towards the Grey… as both tries to understand more of the Darker side of the Jedi- The Sith in which Snoke portrays that influence … also the storyline is the aftermath from what left of thirty years ago from the destruction of the second Death Star from the Battle of the Moon Endor, that Rey’s storyline begins on the Planet Jakku also the destruction of the New Jedi Academy ….

As celebrating the events towards the Star Wars the Last Jedi– also is ANA- All Nippon Airways has three Boeing 777-200ER painted out in Star Wars theme liveries of BB-8, R2 D2 also the Protocol Droid C3PO…. In which the premise is set where arriving passengers arrived, ready to be boarded on their destination flight in which is in BB8 liveries.. one passenger begins to stand and starts to sing the Star Wars opening theme tune then one by one the passengers of the boarding flight begins to follow to sings until their flight arrives at their terminal gate..

#StarWars | #StarWarsDay #ANA All Nippon Airways the making that iconic theme song for #MayTheFourth –


As Star Wars the Last Jedi is set to be release out in screening  on 14 December 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong Given the that you enjoyed the sounds of Cathay Pacific’s The Sounds of Travelling well in which culminates the all the naturally organic inorganic sounds of travelling adventuring aboard, into one trendy musically score, in travelling in between Thailand, Hong Kong also to Kyoto- Japan.. In this case in In Japan during the 2016 ANA- All Nippon Airways did the culmination’s sounds of their daily operations as it sample over the duration of its day…  as an airliner, ANA in with thematically is for the Star Wars May The Fourth on 2016 year, in which three of their long haul fleet air Boeing 777-200ER’s in painted Star Wars iconic droids in liveries of the cute Astrometric droid of R2D2, the new droid on the block BB8, in two’s ….   As the events proceed with the May the Fourth, fans Cosplay in star Wars, aboard the flight also the as the exterior of the three ANA’s Boeing 777-ER’s also its cabin interior with Star Wars merchandising also collectible memorabilia .. As the flight proceed it’s flight around the city and more around the country..

STAR WARS | Battlefront- that holiday on 2015…..

Just before the official launch of “Star Wars- The force Awakens” on 17th December 2016,  Sony has done some interesting promotions in relation to “Star Wars-Battlefront” and it’s launch featuring the holidays of 2015… in this we see a guy, in an office whom needs a escapism from work, and recollecting his boyish moments in celebrating the moments in Star wars universe with his friend…. Until his friend turns up in a X-wing with others.. Looking at the squadron, all was piloted except for one.. So he takes the chance in hopping in… This own X-wing and starts battling out the imperial forces…

STAR WARS – THE FORCE AWAKENS | creating that cute Droid BB-8, next to R2D2…!


As in The Force awakens, screened on 17th December 2015, in New Zealand.. With the introduction of the continuing storyline of the Skywalkers some 29 years ago in that intense battlement between the Rebellion and the remnants of what’s left of the Empire or both.. Ever since the demise of the Jedi Order..

Also “Star Wars-the Force Awakens” is the first time we see a new Droid BB-8.. Whom becomes one of the many protagonist as she or he, is on a mission akin like R2D2 with the plans of the various Death Stars designs that being built…. As Director and Writer JJ Abrams.. Watch the previous episodes of the Star Wars universe.. Abrams wanted BB-8 as real as possible like the ones in The New Hope- episode four.. When he watched Star wars for the very first time.. There were various designs of BB-8, but it came of a design drawn of a Napkin that Abrams drawn, like how the same design process when in Star Trek -First Contact… the Zefram Cochrane first warp ship was first sketch on the napkin inspired out from a Salt and pepper shaker … Then later with that concept drawings it was  leveling up the construction process of effects became as the lovable cute Co-Star that Rey- Daisy Ridley and Finn- John Boyega loves to work with…

STAR WARS | Chopper the Astrometric Droid Backpack- always have your back…!!

entertainment earth- Chopper the Droid Backpack- always have your back…!!


If you’re a fan girl or boy of a very cute Astrometric droid name Chopper the Droid whom Met another Adorable Droid R2D2, in” Disney”“ Star Wars Rebels“  in with C3PO, in  getting information about the Imperial forces with a later in giving that Intelligence to Senator  Bail Organa….

Even though Chopper isn’t as pleasant as R2D2… but having he has a quite fun altitude when he’s Grumpy in getting things done… “The Chopper Backpack” is relativity quite fashionably practical for everyday use.. Its size is about 20 inches tall, 14 inches wide, with having a depth of 3 ½ inches… making room for books, note books, a good size laptop, with its accessories also stationary..

The Chopper Backpack is very detail showing the main features his rusty orange head, with his characterize make shift body with his cute legs…  the straps are adjustable, also it has many zip up pockets to put things in as you adventures along..