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As in The Force awakens, screened on 17th December 2015, in New Zealand.. With the introduction of the continuing storyline of the Skywalkers some 29 years ago in that intense battlement between the Rebellion and the remnants of what’s left of the Empire or both.. Ever since the demise of the Jedi Order..

Also “Star Wars-the Force Awakens” is the first time we see a new Droid BB-8.. Whom becomes one of the many protagonist as she or he, is on a mission akin like R2D2 with the plans of the various Death Stars designs that being built…. As Director and Writer JJ Abrams.. Watch the previous episodes of the Star Wars universe.. Abrams wanted BB-8 as real as possible like the ones in The New Hope- episode four.. When he watched Star wars for the very first time.. There were various designs of BB-8, but it came of a design drawn of a Napkin that Abrams drawn, like how the same design process when in Star Trek -First Contact… the Zefram Cochrane first warp ship was first sketch on the napkin inspired out from a Salt and pepper shaker … Then later with that concept drawings it was  leveling up the construction process of effects became as the lovable cute Co-Star that Rey- Daisy Ridley and Finn- John Boyega loves to work with…

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